Letters to the Faithful.

Letters to the Faithful


Letter to the Faithful.
Aug. 22, 2016.

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Do not be afraid of the world! For we are called and placed in it, so as to interact with the lost and make known the Christ in us. I know that many may find it a challenge to be in certain places where we are concerned that it may not be conducive to our Christian Faith, as most public places are secular in nature. Other places like work, theatres, and even supermarkets can make us on guard because of all the vices that occur in our very sight. We tend to be aloof, seeking companionship with those of similar minds and even Faith. Yet, Jesus did not do this and He promises He will be with us especially now as this age ends; and with the Holy Spirit, this is true. But it is also true that by our spirit is this. We are the ones who by the Spirit determine the environment we are in.

By surrendering our life to Jesus, we have become partakers of His sacrifice because we are now engrafted into His life towards the Father's will for all to be saved. We can only do this if we are in places where Jesus’ blood sacrifice can be perpetuated as Salvation for others being ignorant of darkness. It is by the Spirit are we placed to reveal Christ in us being willing and lead by the spirit toward this seed that garners Righteousness. For all Christians are called to be labors in the Father’s fields. And with effect as by Faith, do we lay the groundwork for the Holy Spirit, so as to order the steps for the Christ to be revealed.

The ground is ours if we want it, just as the promise land was for those willing to embrace it with all might of the spirit that was within them. For as the promise land filled its seekers desires it is also where having made the pass over, their minds were to be renewed which is the force that engages our spirit to the Revelation of His Holy Spirit. And having engaged are prompted towards His will.  We are to take the ground that is set before us with the spirit that dwells within us. We do this as anyone who given an army does; we command!

Everywhere we are present; the Holy Spirit wants to be there. It is by our taking dominion that ushers in the Spirit to its work. And as with all things regarding the will of God, we speak the words He gives us. If we ask Him. It like touring a home for sale, if we don’t ask, then the owner won’t show and tell. For as partners; the demand of one is to ask, the other to respond, coming to a conclusion for decisions and actions. For He will cause even your enemies to comply with you towards His promises for you and His will for all mankind. So fear not where you are sent to deliver your message of action and words, but with a giving heart and thanksgiving unto the Father, who seeing your desire is Faithful to surround you with His love and favor as a shield.