Stand in unity! You the Body of Christ who is in the world but not of it. I greet you with the Love of Christ. A Love that surpasses anything that a man can fathom or express. Only the Christ is our redeemer in Love. As the Body of Christ, each one brings his or her thoughts to the body. We can bring them in our love or the Love of Christ which is the true reflection of God, the Father who is Love. Many parts of one whole. As Paul indicates as the individual parts are of the one body, so must be the Body of Christ. Do not demean each other by the world’s measurement but by Christ ways is the Body made into that unmovable force of God. We must stand in unity!

It is why we are commanded to Love with no complaint nor any friction with our brothers and sisters. All have fallen but it matters not when Love is first place in all our actions. Be mindful, Love is not weak but strong when righteousness is its reign. And if righteousness leads then so must God. By His Spirit, that dwells in us. God has things to do with the Body. These things include foremost the unity of us who are in Christ; the things that make for the unity of the Word and the things that bring in the harvest of the seeds. Every unification requires its beacon and for the faithful, it is Christ, the Word, and the Resurrection. Let not those lost derail you but with all agitation remain in the Love of Christ, knowing and standing on the life that is the Word. Be weary of the darkness, refuse it, shut it down. For by a taste are we easily lost in its allures. Support one another with righteousness, showing yourself worthy of the unity in Christ, our Savior.

God is not mocked by man’s failures but He is most wondrous in making all men succeed in their weakness. But only with unity. Make it unity in your walk today keeping at bay any dissension among you, only focusing on the greatness of God and His works for the Salvation that eventually will come to an end for this age. Harvesting where we are sent to harvest and having sowed reap in abundance knowing that with all things there is life or death by our Faith’s work. Make a new your Faith for the things of God and never let it be surpassed by the world’s facades. For we are called to be sons and daughters of God. to be the light to the world. The world is quickly filling with darkness but with no fear will we overcome its darkness. So be a light wherever you are in unity; pulling and pushing together less the evil one find places to tear into. Be the light of the world.


Letters to the Faithful.

Letters to the Faithful


Letter to the Faithful
June 26, 2016.

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