But be encouraged that with every loss of righteousness in the world, God’s Faithfulness grows stronger soon to be revealed by His mighty hand upon all saved by and in the blood of Jesus. We can’t fail for our life is hidden in the Lord and by His Grace, we are forever embedded in God’s power and love. So when confronted by fear, rejoice and laugh at it knowing only the inheritor of the Kingdom is counted worthy to face trials and tribulations because of and for the edification of the Christ, who is in us and we in Him. Do not waste your precious time and energy on the things of the world nor think by man is victories won. Shut the gates and dwell in the Word, become and be as Christ walking in authority and peace, patiently awaiting the sound of the trumpet when all saved and sinner alike will see the Glory revealed. The world crumbles, the gates have been thrown open and the vanguard has retreated. They are in amazement to the debris that now darkens the skies. Give no ovation to these changes but only by divine revelation are we refrain with the Spirit towards the known end.

Every Victory is His as we stand fast in the Faith for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In Him was found no fear and fear itself bowed it knees to the man Jesus. This for us to be found in Him, united to the great Faith that is the God of righteousness. So, be not conformed even when your blood turn towards darkness for God knows His and your part in the Kingdom has been secured, set apart for your place and walking in of His providence. Now is the time to strengthen your foundation, make ready your abode and keep watch, looking upward from where Salvation comes. Be diligent in the Word, placing them on your heart for that’s where we are revealed. The cross before you and the world behind. Rejoice today for Jesus (you) have overcome. Walk in fortitude with the expectation of the inevitable knowing but only in a twinkle we will be with Him, never forsaken by our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Letters to the Faithful.

Letter to the Faithful
June 5, 2016.

Letters to the Faithful


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Rejoice! For this day Jesus has overcome the world. The fear that many of our Faith faces are truly spiritual real as satan orchestrates his final attempt at establishing the antichrist order. There is seen where  good is now considered evil and evil is now considered good. Where the display of unrighteous has become bolder, more defiant and unapologetic for rearing it’s ugly head. What we see and hear, challenges our Faith to hold strong and not be overcome. Never let the timidity of man circumvent the Glory to come and be displayed when we are resolute and declare our Faith. Many familiar things will be turned and we must have the courage and wisdom to let them go, only arming ourselves with the main essentials upholding everything with the Spirit.