Letters to the Faithful


The Lord and His Grace be with you! To the body of Christ, that stands for truth and righteousness in the name of our Lord - Jesus Christ. I just love how some of the authors, especially Paul after the book of  Acts demonstrated a unity with the body of Christ by a greeting that empowers and set the stage for the Holy Spirit to move. There is nothing more powerful for change than keeping the focus on why you are doing what you are doing. So for me, putting Jesus in front of my eyes and ears daily arms me for the day ahead. And so it must be for us who are running the race keeping the prize in focus while adjusting things in our life to win.

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Letter to the Faithful

May 30, 2016.

Letters to the Faithful.

No matter how you think, change will occur and knowing this I encourage all the saints in Christ to embrace it for we have been commanded to change with the renewing of our minds as the start and towards the full transformation that awaits us as we are taken up into God’s Kingdom. Change according to the Word and seeking to embrace and put into action the fruit of the Spirit as Paul outlines. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness (submissive), temperance (control). All these we have to work on and more. Paul encourages us to yearn for meat and to come off milk, that is, in the revelation of the Word, the Kingdom and ourselves. To change is not easy but all it takes is a start, discipline, and accountability not only to man but more to God.

We all can change when we want to and let us not wait until the pain of circumstances is beyond our control, so as to allow our blessings to be fulfilled. Bit by bit we steadily change ourselves to be empowered and to empower others not for gain in this world but for the Kingdom and God's purpose in our lives. Change is not about status and those who beat their chest for recognition does not set the right example for the body. We change because it’s the righteous things to do. Run your race and not be concerned with the sidelines but in all do it for the Glory of God. God demands all who desire the Kingdom to change so He can have His way to bless us, so we can be a blessing to others. When we change and are able to give of talent, wisdom, skills and means, the Word is put into action and is more effective and sustaining because it is not from a position of weakness but of power. Change does a mind, the body and ultimately the spirit good.