Letters to the Faithful


Release your minds to the will of the Holy Spirit, making decisions for purity, spirituality and strength. Be the righteousness of God. We are only passing through this moment as the Lord’s day, so for us, an hour is fleeting in His eyes and will, so waste it not on things of the world but focus it on the Kingdom ways, which is love. The world requires our attention not our reverence and whenever time allows, place your eyes on things of the Lord. He is the creator and everything untouched by the curse and man; has its natural beauty. God will be there when we avail ourselves to Him. It can always be improved to dwell with the Lord more. Take stock of your life, associations of friends, time spent on other things other than feeding the Word and Spirit. Make a life worthy of being a Christian, not just in facades but truly within. Give to Him and He will give to you. Delight in God.

God is constantly waiting to dwell within us less there is some form of darkness. Let your eye gate not allow darkness to enter into the temple of God and He will be your company wherever you are even in the dark of the hour. As you sleep, rehearse His will and Word making a meditation of the heart.  Heed to the Spirit in exalting God who sits in the Heavens by your thoughts and words of righteousness, of glorifying His name with thanksgiving and praise. At times, the Spirit may prompt you to be awake, upright in bed and raising your hands and spirit to the forever God. Sometimes awake or asleep, the purpose is revealed. Do not fear, but be open in sincerity to Him. Be unified with the closest of your loved ones, supporting and encouraging each other towards the Kingdom, keeping a steadfast mind in the order of things, not of the world but only of God. Love and Honor Him. Be careful of those who only speak the word but are not doers of the word as our beloved Jesus demonstrated to us time and time again. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead!


Letters to the Faithful.

Make it your day in the Lord! To the body of Christ, be encouraged despite all the disturbing news from any form of media. Realize the last thing on your minds before going to bed whether in the day or at night is usually the first things you awake with and many times continue through the day. Paul, our brother reminds us to think only on pure and goodly thoughts. We must not allow the fear of this world to alter our attitudes of Faith and goodwill to all men; to love in all things. The Holy Spirit is always willing when we are receiving and it is by this will all men and women know Christ. Christ in me and Christ in you. 

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Letter to the Faithful

May 22, 2016.