​​Letter to the Faithful

June 13, 2016.

Letters to the Faithful.

That victory can be short lived when faced with having to leave your sanctuary and to confront the darkness of the world. Then; take it all with you. Take all your armor with you as you venture into the world. Paul urges us to put on the whole armor of God. From the top of our heads to the soles of our feet, we are to be armed. Another way to say this, is that we are to be enclosed, encased with Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Faith, Salvation, and the Word. By enclosing around us, leaving no gap or opening in the armor we are essentially within the body of Christ. A continuous and impervious shield from the enemy. We are like Christ walking in this world where no fear can penetrate our enclosure. Today, it is easier to take with you the whole armor of God but whether by traditional or a progressive method it doesn’t benefit you until it’s put into action. We must be deliberate in enclosing our very being with the armor using every opportunity to focus on the Word of God. Every opportunity of time is critical once within the enemy’s territory. So we must use every time with wisdom. The enemy will come at you when you least expect it and is like a rat constantly gnawing to penetrate the outer husk to get at the real meat of the matter.

We must be aware of the enemy’s tactics to thwart our Christ walk. Fear of loss, pride of the heart and envy. All these seek to unsettle our peace and right standing. Be Spiritual in your outlook but practical in your actions. Know your field of engagement and do not lower your guard. The enemy sought Christ’s life vehemently. As Christ’s ambassador, we must expect attacks. So be not naive to those and what is around you. The enemy generally is not interested in out right killing you but to make you doubt the promises of God and with that coerce you to spread that doubt to others. His strategy is insidious. Christ says, “have no fear, for I have overcome the world”. When we enclose ourselves with every weapon given to us, having Christ as our insulator we will and have overcome the world. 


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Overcome! When faced with a thorn so distracting that it impedes your walk in Christ, then overcome. Grit your spirit with the Word and overcome. Every day, you leave the sanctuary of your home you must be prepared to overcome. Think of it this way. In your home is the presence of Christ because He is welcomed because you have asked Him to dwell with you. The home is fortified with the things of the Spirit. The bible is foremost in your reach and sight. There are mementos of Christ and other supporting ministries to your walk. All in the safety of your home. You have built a righteous fortress of the home and within it any attack is easily overcome by reinforcing its walls and it even gives you the confidence to retaliate against the enemy. It is victorious! 

Letters to the Faithful