Letters to the Faithful.

It does not matter if the offence is based on truth or not and if it hurts then you know you are walking in your Christianity. God does not want zombies but beings that appreciate their flesh and blood with the Spirit as the guiding force. The hurt is what makes us precious because it causes us to look inward with the Spirit leading us into self-examination. It is a part of what makes us the Righteousness of God. 

Having Righteousness is not just wanting justice but is love itself. After all, God is Righteousness and Love. Wanting justice to the wrong done to us even when it comes from the least expected source, those of our Faith can create anxieties that offend our Faith itself. Hence, why Jesus stated the two greatest commandments is to Love God and your neighbor as yourself respectively. So we ought to consider our Faith first before considering the offender. It will certainly be a stab to the heart if a fellow Christian offends us in the most sensitive ways. Many thinking it’s their righteous duty to do this and they would be right but only when it’s done in Love and the facts speak for themselves and not based on innuendos and hearsay. We must not conflict our Faith, just because we think it’s the right thing to do. Righteousness and Love are in God’s top list but above all this is integrity. It is how we deal with it that matters. 

When offended it’s the low road to retaliate but it’s the high road when we take the offensive for what it is. In doing that, we take on Christ as He hung on the cross in front of all who accused Him with the worst accusation that could be laid against any person. Having no integrity and to be shamed for it! This is such a sharp knife “in the back” that it can stir up righteous indignation in our very core causing us to exclaim, “they just don’t know me!”. Yet, Jesus did not try to defend himself and regardless of this, Christ’s very blood demands us to Love so as not to devoid and put to shame His crucifixion. We honor and show our Love for Christ every time we Love those who offend us regardless of the hurt or disappointment. We just do it because all have fallen short and in the end we must have the Faith that God and Jesus know us, inside and out. 


Just do it! Many times when faced with an offence it’s difficult to do the right thing, The right thing being what God would want us to do. Coming to terms with God’s way which is ultimately love’s way can certainly be a challenge in today’s society. But we must prevail! It’s all about perspective regardless of the person that offends us with their words and sometimes their actions. Their words and actions can cut to the heart and if we don’t attend to it not only with objectivity but more so with the Love of Christ, then we may never grow and become as God and Christ would want us to.

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Letters to the Faithful


Letter to the Faithful
June 21, 2016.