No blood but that of man would suffice to remove the offense that separated us from God. By one man’s saving or elevating his blood in fear above God, then by another’s obedience to give his blood in Faith would balance, neutralize the offense and thus reinstating God above the blood of man. The Spirit above the flesh. This is why despite the thousands of sacrificed animal blood; it would never completely restore God’s eternal relationship of Spirit because there is no equity in it. Mankind is of one kind and animals of another kind. We are made of the God kind. Fast forward to when God finds a man who is seeking Him. A man of Faith. God told Abraham to make a sacrifice saying, “Take now your son Isaac; whom you love and offer him there for a burnt offering to me” - Gen. 22:2. Remember, without Isaac; Abraham’s hope of a bloodline of nations could not be fulfilled. It is the ultimate sacrifice of literally ending Abraham’s longevity. Abraham’s obedience in Faith becomes the doorway for Jesus..

All societies have made blood key to their aspirations and yet it becomes an oxymoron for God’s Kingdom. For the blood is physical and God is Spiritual. There is no mention of blood with the creation of the first man and life was given by the Spirit of God’s breath as stated, “and (God) breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature” - Gen. 2:7. This we infer because God is Spirit and what is given to man is a part of God. This is what makes mankind in His image.

​For three years until His death, Jesus did not heed the temptations that coursed through His blood. He did this by heeding to the Spirit of God and as Jesus came into manhood at age twelve, He grew by the personal revelation received through the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding given by the Holy Spirit, gaining favor from God and man - Lk. 2:52. Another way to say this is, “Jesus gained favor from the Spirit and the blood”. In seeking Righteousness, the man’s blood comes under the authority or rather the Spirit’s presence residing in him. For as stated, “When a man's ways are pleasing to the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him” - Prob. 16:7. The word “pleasing” as in Faith and Righteousness and “enemies” as in carnal, flesh and bad blood. For who is the enemy of God who comes to steal, kill and destroy. He does this by seeking to twist the Spiritual image of God with the lust of the flesh or rather blood. This where we get “bad blood”; “blood feud” and “mixed blood”. And why the world is being deceived into DNA transmutation or we can say, “strange blood”. The world seeks identity and justification by blood but God provides this ultimately with the Blood of Jesus.

As Jesus neared His destiny to be the obedience of sacrificed blood He not only experience the full burden of this blood as in the Garden of Gethsemane where His sweat was thick like blood as stated, “His sweat became like drops of blood falling to the ground” - Lk. 22:44; but also He experienced the pain of this blood when He was beaten as stated, “His visage was so marred” - Is. 52:14; and as if to over throw or bind His spirit was crowned with thorns resulting in blood profusely emanating from His head as stated, “And they twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on His head” - Matt. 27:29. Lastly, they mocked Him with a scarlet or purple robe, significant of royal blood and lineage; of noble descent. By the world’s view, the intent was to not only spill His blood subjugating it to fear and death but also to ridicule His blood by scoffing, denigrate and disparage all His works, with the paramount show of this on the Cross. Jesus was so bloody that His Cross became drenched with His blood. Jesus’ entire presentation on the Cross and to the world was no different than that of a slaughtered animal hung for display. This was the cruel and sadistic nature of crucifixion. To demean the offender to that of an animal under the authority and law of the world. For by their carnal blood they ruled, controlled and dominated, as opposed to God that uses the fruit and gifts of the spirit. Jesus’ blood was shed on the altar of sacrifice and with it the criminal offense of sin that was rooted in His blood just the same as if Isaac's blood was sacrificed on the altar, and as stated, "He became sin" - 1 Cor. 5:21. The difference being Issac was not born of God but Jesus was and this is the spirit of it. For Adam sacrificed, surrendered his spirit to the flesh but Jesus gave His blood by surrendering to the will or rather the Spirit of God. By one man’s disobedience, sin ruled so then by another man’s obedience, the Spirit rules.

Flush it Out! - The precious Blood of Jesus.

God demanded blood for the atonement of sin. At least that’s what most religious thinking states. For only by blood can we ever quell God’s wrath for our offense? The use of blood sacrifice is not new nor did it start with God’s people but has been a part of the human condition since the beginning of mankind and has been twisted, abused and appropriated for many good as well evil things. The blood of any creature does not have the same value to the epitome of it in man. For man’s blood is the highest nature of sacrifice even surpassing the air we breathe as a necessity to the significance of mankind. The blood is both physical and spiritual regardless of race, creed or geographically placement. For by the blood is life as well as death and the unseen world yet to be realized.

This covenant is conveyed when the Holy Spirit inspired the holders (the spies) of the promise, that Rahab shows her acceptance as stated, “she tied the scarlet cord in the window” - Jos. 2:21. If this was not done there would be no covenant and the request for her salvation would not need to be fulfilled. The inspired significance of the scarlet cord is twofold for scarlet is blood and the cord, a connection or rather a lineage. It is the foreshadowing of the gentiles accepting Jesus’ Blood and receiving by adoption God’s Covenant of promises. Rahab is rewarded by God by being grafted into a family of Abrahamic blood which produces the lineage of Jesus. This is what Faith does when we submit to God purposes and become partakers of it. God seeks to reward us with benefits, both physically like Rahab’s marriage and Spiritually like Rahab’s past as a sinner being erased for a future of Heavenly promises. The Blood connects us to everything God did and will do for Israel with no prerequisite for the lineage of blood has become symbolic being law and the current, the highest form of the Covenant which is agape love. God’s love of Grace expressed in and through the Blood of Jesus.

This adoption is fully established as a statement of promise that God will be a Father to His image (children) who by Spiritual Blood are heirs to His Kingdom for all eternity. This is the distinction between the Christians and the Jews. For by Jesus’ death; He gave His blood for the world that whosoever believes in Him and the Resurrection of His Spiritual Blood will be saved. For the Jews; blood is law and Jesus did not obey the letter of the law but elevated it into the Spirit of the law. The law that by strict adherence would overshadow the Spirit and more importantly, the Blood of Jesus could not save by the law but by the Spirit and by God’s Grace and Power could. It is the Spiritual Blood of Sanctification for all who confess Jesus is Lord. Jesus elevated the blood of man back into the Spirit of God. For if Jesus was resurrected from the dead like Lazarus, there would be no Sanctification for the Christians. Lazarus died; was resurrected, only to die again, but Jesus lives because of His Spiritual Blood. For when Adam lived prior to sin; all of his body including his blood was Sanctified with the Glory as stated, "And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed" - Gen. 2:25. God's Glory coursed through their veins and surrounded their bodies.

Jesus is the second true Spirit man next to Adam. He is able to accomplish this because of the incorruptible seed of God; whereas Adam started with this by God’s breath but because his blood became corrupted by sin; all generations following would carry corrupted blood unable to create and produce a man born of the Spirit. The blood Jesus inherited from His mother Mary was tainted but by God’s Spiritual seed came under the Spirit’s authority of God’s Glory. To understand and appreciate how the Blood of Jesus overcame sin is to compare Adam and Jesus’ birth. Adam was born pure and untainted but by submitting by free will to a lower bloodline subjugated his Spiritual Glory and Blood to that authority of death. When Jesus was birthed, His spirit was in contention with the blood ruled by death. This is why Mary is special because despite carrying the sinner’s blood she like the prophets before her received Grace and God’s Spirit by her obedience in Faith. Not just obedience for gain but by the love of God as stated, “The Lord looks at the heart” - 1 Sam. 16:7. We, today, can have the same miracles in our bodies as others experienced before Jesus went to the Cross. The prime purpose of the Cross is the fulfillment of Genesis' purpose; placing sin and death under God's image of authority and reconciling disobedience to obedience with the Grace of God.

It is the reconciling of the blood and Spirit in the body, mind, and spirit of man for life. It is the key to forgiveness. Consider, the Bible does not record any true reconciliation by Adam or others until Abraham, known as the father of Faith. By this, we can say, “the father of Jesus”. God reignites the promise of Genesis by making the spirit and flesh once again under His Kingdom authority. For those who say, only with the spirit are we made in God’s image is to miss God’s intent to provide the realm of wholeness and completion that Jesus fulfilled by being the man-God sitting at the right hand of the Father and when Jesus returns, He comes as the Sanctified flesh and Spirit in Glory. Not only the Glorified Spirit but also the Glorified Blood. Oh! The Blood. The Blood of Jesus, our physical and Spiritual Salvation all rolled into one. No longer can we just adopt the Holy Trinity with speaks only to the Spirit of the Word but now perhaps; “The Holy Quadrillity”; reflecting the new Sanctified Blood (flesh) of Jesus; the God-man.

This was the intent of Genesis; that God, the Word, and Holy Spirit would be seen through man. That man would Glorify God in this Earth and place all things under the footstool of His Kingdom. Partnership for sovereignty. No different than when Earthly kingdoms appointed Earls and the like to far off realms of the king’s throne. This was done mainly with those of the same blood, of the same heritage to that of the king. The blood cannot be dismissed for the prolonging of the lineage of heritage. For the Body; Christ is Blood and we, Blood brothers of the Royal priesthood, teachers, and servants for God’s declarations and the show of His presence to a disobedient and dying world. We are Christ’s Blood banners to the world!

Spiritual Awakening

All other attributes of the man can be found in other creatures to some degree depending on the kind created - Gen. 1:25. This includes blood which at its basic composition is nothing more than a fluid that carries essential elements required to sustain life. It is important to note “to sustain” as opposed to giving life. The blood is really a mechanics for life but not the initiation or rather the spark of life. For those in the science environment this would be ridiculous but for the Body; absolutely, that God through the Spirit of Jesus is “the author and finisher of our Faith” - Heb. 12:2.  God sent the Word which is manifested in the man Jesus and “through Him are all things” - Rm. 11:36. This includes Faith. The Word is Spiritual and Jesus the physical manifestation of the Word and by God’s Faithfulness, He became the incarnate man. Jesus is literally the physical reality of Faith in motion. This is why He says, “I do always those things that please Him” - Jn. 8:29. How did He please Him? By being Faith in action. For as stated, “Only by Faith can we please God” - Heb. 11:6. Another way to say this is, “Only by Jesus can we please God”. For as stated, “You are saved through Faith” - Eph. 2:8; and “I (Jesus) am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” - Jn. 14:6. Without Faith (Jesus); life in God’s Kingdom is not possible. This is why religion (law) and Christianity (relationship) cannot mix. For before the law (religion) was the relationship (Spirit) of the family (Kingdom-hood). God started with a relationship in the Spirit (breath of life) but by the fallen (unspiritual) man; blood became the physical substitute for life and the appeasement to God. In the law, giving life or blood is the propitiation for sin but Jesus also gave His spirit of Faithfulness to God; a higher sacrifice for the offense of sin. This is why Jesus states, "I have not come to abolish them (the law), but to fulfill them" - Matt. 5:7.

The perspective is that blood is life to the physical (carnal; that is seen) and the spirit is life in God (Faith; that is unseen). Figuratively, Adam chose his blood over the Spirit of God resulting in later generations walking by their senses (the world) rather than by their Faith (Jesus). This is why the first murder of Abel states. “The voice of your brother's blood cries unto me from the ground” - Gen. 4:10. Well, corrupted, bad blood can't speak. God is being rhetorical. God does not say his spirit but his blood because before Jesus the spirit in man is blinded with guilt, fear, and death. Blood does not have eternal life but only the spirit. Abel’s spirit is essentially dead due to sin; God is left with carnal blood which cannot attain and receive the Spiritual Power of God. Because of the fall; all men born did not have the breath of God in them; the Spirit of God in them, but only sin blood.

Now, to be clear; all men since Adam are born with both blood and spirit. The spirit was only dormant and dominated by the blood because this wisdom, knowledge, and understanding were lost to the ancients who took the blood through feelings (carnality) as their prime mechanics to live. This is clear as there were men and women led by the Spirit as leaders, teachers, priests, and prophets before Jesus was born. These individuals through the Holy Spirit and commandments reconnected to God’s Spiritual Power by the act of Faithful obedience, while others continued disobedience leading them to death. Adam and others became lost to death because of “bad blood” due to offense (lacking the Spirit) or rather were unspiritual until Seth was born as stated, “For God, said she (Eve), has appointed me another seed” and through him, Enos was born saying, “then began men to call upon the name of the Lord” - Gen. 4:25-26. The Spirit of God started to rekindle the spark of life through man because of the need to reconcile to God, initiating the removal of the offense of guilt and fear. For with this offense we cannot, “come boldly to the Throne of Grace” - Heb. 4:16. The blood (carnal thinking) became the offense to God and to justify the Grace (return of God’s Spiritual presence); the blood had to be given up, sacrificed or renounced for life.

The Blood is complete now with Christ; not just as a physical lineage but more of a Spiritual lineage. When Adam threw away or abdicated his birth-right God ensured that Jesus’ blood as a man would be preserved but yet this blood was tainted by the inclusion of some not of Abraham through to Mary. Rahab, the person who aided Joshua to overthrow Jericho is included in Jesus’ blood as a man. She achieved this first by her free will and secondly by God’s Grace as stated, “only Rahab the harlot and all who are with her in the house shall live” - Jos. 6:17. Rahab; a gentile made a Righteous decision the moment the two spies entered her house, not because of ulterior motives like bribery but because she heard of Israel’s favor from an alien God to her. She was so convicted that on the pain of threat and death she did not heed the king of Jericho command to reveal the spies whereabouts and actually sent his soldiers on a wild goose chase. She by proxy was invited to establish a covenant.

Aug. 16, 2017.

Oh ! The Blood.

Adam’s life became death while Jesus’ death became life. Adam became a dead spirit through deception by fear, while Jesus became an alive spirit as a man through Faith by obedience. It is this Faith that overcame and puts the tainted blood under the authority of God’s Spirit. This is why the misunderstanding that it was God in the form of Jesus the man is refuted. God cannot subject Himself to sin or corruption and is why the Bible often warns the people such as Moses, Joshua to remove their sandals and take great care when in God's presence and on Holy ground if they have not been Sanctified as the Levi priests were. Jesus was exposed to corruption and sin. God had to establish a legal platform for redemption against the indictment of the law that seeks equality through subversion and not equity through Faith manifested by works. This type of works are not by labor or sweat but by the fruit of the Spirit as stated, “You shall know them by their fruits” - Matt. 7:20. Jesus’ physical birth is not equal to Adam’s but is of the same Spirit which established the foundation for defense against prosecution and ultimately triumphs over the law. The Spirit over the blood. Adam by the nature of his blood over threw the spirit of God inside him. Jesus by the Spirit of God overthrew the nature of His inherited blood. This is why as stated, “where the law failed, God sending Jesus did” - Rm. 8:3.