How one Worships God is by personal choice. It can be quiet or it can be loud as well as with or without music and as one matures in speaking tongues one will often find that it becomes a melody onto God in Worship. Babbling is not speaking in tongues, but repeating a phase is! Speaking in tongues as outlined in the Bible is as stated; “spoke in my language” - Acts 2:8. Also, an unknown tongue can mean it is a lost language. What is clear is the speaking of tongues is specific for the exultation of the Spirit onto God and also onto the church. Many disagree with this statement. But consider two things! God is orderly, detailed, and precise. The only example of Righteous tongues speaking is at Pentecost. Jesus tells us why this became fulfilled and possible as stated; “For John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence” - Acts 1:5. To be baptized is to be immersed in a substance which water is onto the flesh as an outward sign and the Holy Ghost is onto God as an inward sign of dedication which is ratified by the Anointing according to The Covenant. Did Jesus speak in tongues? No! This is because being sinless He reflected God completely, orderly, and precisely in His spirit, mind, and body constantly. While the saved man or woman is not constant; mainly because we have not fully attained the same Spirit Jesus has whereby, He could declare; “It is the Father that does the work” - Jn. 14:10.  This is important to understand because improper speaking of tongues is an offense to God. After all, it is provided as a way to not only communicate but declare God’s intent secretly from satan who as stated; “but when they have heard (the Gospel), satan comes immediately, and takes away the word that was sown in their hearts” - Mk. 4:15. This is why careful considerations of our words in Worship, Praise, and Thanksgiving ought to be done with precision otherwise as stated; “every idle word will be judged” - Matt. 12:36. For we are as stated; "to be perfect as the Father is" - Matt. 5:48.   

The Worship of God builds one’s Faith as it concerns the body, mind, and spirit. Because it reveals the Truth as it relates to each category and corresponding associations. We can’t Worship Righteously if our body has desires for the carnal flesh. We can’t Worship Righteously when our minds are constantly thinking about other things. And we can't Worship Righteously when we have outstanding confessions of sin that restrains our spirit. We must be prepared to Worship at all times under different situations especially dire circumstances as Paul did as stated; “sang (at midnight) and the prison doors opened” - Acts 16:25. Midnight is the separation of time, the physical and spiritual activity of darkness, and the dawning of the assurance of sunlight or rather that of God's Light. It is the moment of insecurity and anxiety. That's why Worshipping is most appropriate at this junction as with all eve of trials and tribulations in the Christian life. Worshipping God is powerful and the enemy cannot stop it without our consent. And the more it becomes the norm and habit in our lives; the more we see, hear, and experience the hand of God in provisions, protections, and providence. We are called to Worship Him in Truth and Spirit; for it is as intimate as one can get because it brings us face-to-face with the mighty, marvelous, and magnificent God who deserves all the Glory of Worship.  

Flush it out! - The Worship of God is the raising of His banner in front of the enemy. 

There is something so special when we worship our God which is meant to be sacred and humbling at the same time. It's the one act by an individual or a group of like-minded people that if not careful, conscientious, and cognitive can become idol worship and it's the ultimate reason Lucifer declared; “I will be like the Most High” - Is. 14:14. For the Christian; the action of worshipping is to recognize the responsibility of the future is not in our hands but in a higher power and that we are subjected to the pleasure, benefit, and relationship of that Power. And when done right; worshipping can elevate us onto a higher plain where flesh no longer hinders us but by the spirit invested brings us to the Spirit of Truth as stated; “And he (the Angel) carried me away in the Spirit” - Rev. 21:10.

Worship is prayer and should take its format on how we pray as Jesus stated; “Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed is Your Name; Your Kingdom come; Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven; give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil” - Matt. 6:9. Jesus starts the prayer in Worship and we also ought to when we come before God in prayer, admiration, and recognition. And since Worship is identifying all that God is; it can be the only thing in one’s prayer, accolades, and prostrations. We don’t grovel, crawl, or be servile; but in Faith, Worship God in sincerity, integrity, and boldness and as stated; “God sees the heart” - 1 Sam. 16:7; and “God is not mocked” - Gal. 6:7.

Jan. 15, 2023.

A Call to Worship.

God demands Righteous Worship and as often if not every moment in time as stated; “And they (Angels) do not rest day or night (praising God)” - Rev. 4:8. God is constantly being worshipped by His Angels; so why not we who are in His image. Why? Because as His image there would be no greater admiration and recognition to give God than have His people Worship Him as stated; “David; a man after God’s heart” - 1 Sam. 13:14. King David gave great examples of Righteous Worship in the Psalms which without, one cannot have the heart of and for God. David wasn’t more special in the eyes of God but by his efforts from his heart despite many sequential sins, he still became the gleam of God’s attention just as Jesus would eventually as stated; “My beloved Son” - Matt. 3:16. We all can become God’s bearer of His banner and it starts with worshipping Him. But to Worship is not the same as giving Praise nor is it Thanksgiving but as Jesus stated; “must Worship God in Spirit and Truth” - Jn. 4:24.  

At its core, the original ancient definition of Worship is to bow down, venerate, and acclaim the worthiness of God, but also, and more critically is to agree with God on everything He has declared about us, the Earth, and the Spiritual. Worship can and does take many forms and can be combined with Praises, and Thanksgiving but its purpose is to move God to keep and sustain His promises while the others are to acknowledge Him. The prime difference is our words and not our actions such as singing and dancing, although the former can incorporate the latter. Giving God His due is to be with a grateful heart, have spontaneity, and be joyous. There is no such thing as true Worship and for that matter Praising, and giving Thanks with remorse, fear, and complaining about everything that is a trial or tribulation in one’s life. We do not Worship God for things because its prime purpose is to honor His omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience.

​The words of Worship should reflect recognition, admiration, and exultation of His person, His Throne, His Kingdom, and His purpose for creation which is meant to be the greatest achievement of His will, Power, and strategies. God is the ultimate master chess player and has no weakness with the enduring heart of long-suffering, mercies, and compassion for all things under His purview and dominion. There is a lot that encompasses the Worship of God; as well as reinforces His sovereignty, nobility, and pleasure in us. When we Worship we are to be in the Spirit endorsing His title as stated; “And He has on His vesture (person, garment, enclosure) and on His thigh (the) name written; KING of kings, and LORD of lords” - Rev. 19:16. The significance and symbolism are; that He (God thru Jesus) is the ultimate person for Worship (recognition, veneration, magnification), and the title (symbol, mark, authority) being on His thigh is we are ultimately in submission to Him; because it is almost impossible to walk without the thigh muscles just as without the Spirit (God); it is futile for us to administer our ministries.

There is the Worship of God and there is the acknowledgment of a god-man because of the Righteousness reflected in them, for we are in God's image! And as much physical diversity exists in nature there is but one Spirit of God which is our heritage from creation as stated; "made in My image" - Gen. 1:27. God created everything to reflect His Light, but satan corrupted and twisted it for his darkness, for his worship; and just as the moon blocks the sun and casts a shadow on the Earth; satan's intent has been to block our Worship of God by inserting his devices between us and God. To be authentic in the Worship of God; we must know and make the distinctions of separation just as God separated the Light from the darkness. We can only do this by knowing who God is and by learning and applying His timeless principles of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding. It often troubles my spirit when churches use Old Testament rituals, organization, and hierarchy to worship God rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to free flow through the Body of Christ even though it states; “the veil was torn”; and “there was fire above their heads” - Matt. 27:51, and Acts 2:3; respectively. There is no more middle man between every human being on the planet to the Worship of God; and no ritual, tradition, or circumstance that can supplant a man's heart to Worship God as stated; "(nothing that exists physically or spiritually) shall be able to separate us from the Love of God" - Rm. 8:38. At its basic core; to acknowledge God is to Worship Him.  

It is God who is the conductor of His Worship and not us. This is why we avail ourselves to His will and Spirit because only He knows what pleases Him; otherwise, we are only toiling by our feeble efforts to Worship Him. Now; is it sensible to organize a time of Worship? Absolutely! But by the Spirit we must be willing to deviate from our regiment because as the Body; when we Worship God in unison, we are inviting Him to reveal His Spirit and His Truth to us through revelations, declarations, and prophecies. Too many churches stick to what they know and are comfortable with, as long as their congregation is satisfied. Yet; God is never satisfied and we also should not be! By our Worship of God, we are invoking His presence just as if we were sitting at His footstool in His Throne room.

Spiritual Awakening

How and when we recognize a moment to Worship God is depended on our outlook on life, trials, and tribulations. For in all their aspects; there is the opportunity to Worship God. The Holy Spirit will prompt us to spontaneously Worship God but we also have the ability as well to independently proclaim His Glory in our life, the Earth, and in the Spirit. There are no boundaries or limitations in our Worship. Too many in the Body wait for the Sunday service to Worship and by religion, the Worship of God has been reduced to the church’s choir and the pastor’s initiations. God does recognize the church’s Worship but He listens to the individuals worshiping Him because that’s how He determines His Grace, Power, and Blessings. These are not automatic just because one attends a church or listens to their pastor. We may be associated with a specific church but we belong to God!   

The Worship of God is a celebration of what He has done, and what He intends to do. Because it is mainly meant to be fluid just like one’s personal life, workplace, and church. We don’t Worship God today for His creation in the beginning; but we acknowledge the past as proof of His involvement in the affairs of men, His purpose for our well-being, and the expectations He has declared as stated; “I (God) know the plans for you” - Jer. 29:11. And we don’t Worship because we are happy from things or people. We ought to Worship and be joyous in the manner and attributes of God as stated; “Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God” - Ps. 90:2. True and Righteous joy climatizes us into His singularity, unity, and the tranquility of being in God’s presence, heart, and Spirit. It is to be holistic wellness in its manifestation! 

​Man has always been given the need to worship something higher than themselves. It's part of the reason God placed the Trees of Knowledge and Life in the Garden. Both are representations of God. And both would have been accessible if obedience to God was done. Why did God deny the Tree of Knowledge and not the Tree of Life? Because it represents power, control, and self-sufficiency. Its fruit was the ultimate test in man to be worshipped as stated; “God knows they will be gods” - Gen. 3:5. To be worshipped is an innate trait given by God not for unrighteousness but for the desire to Worship Him in Righteousness. When we desire something that another processes naturally it is meant to do two things for us which is to be a witness of our character in mind and spirit. First; it is to bring us to a place of admiration and second to humble us. It is not meant for lust, jealousy, or covetousness. Because who doesn't want recognition? And for those who say they don’t because they are introverts. This is anti-God because one cannot be shy, insecure, and timid which are all opposed to how God designed and created you regardless of the fall as stated; "I (man) was born of evil" - Ps. 51:5. We cannot allow the corrupted flesh to determine how we Worship, honor, and represent God especially after receiving Jesus' Blood for our redemption, repentance, and restoration. That is why we elevate ourselves to Worship in Spirit and Truth; and not by our body, mind, and spirit.

Worship is personal! And although it is by default to God it is really to the Father who yearns for our acceptance of His Love in all that concerns us. This is why if by doubt we are not worshipping Him because His decisions for our lives today are final; because it foretells our future. We may think and desire to have great wealth and influence which is our heritage but until He decides, we have to be content with our lot without compromising our Worship of Him. It is not because He withholds these things. It is because we are not at the mature level required to receive them. When we look to Jesus. It took close to twenty years before God released Him to start His great ministry. And compared to Him our lives are more complicated and full with many distractions. This is why we are in the Age of Grace. 

We can only look to Jesus as the perfect man and by His action, attitudes, and attributes; all of which doesn’t reflect what the world and religion say is acceptable to be a Christian. Now; to be clear. We all have character flaws that need Righteousness and the Spirit’s attention to, as stated; “(we) are changed into the same image (reflection, character, spirit of Jesus) from glory to Glory, even as by (the inclination, direction, impressions of) the Spirit” - 2 Corth. 3:18. Paul did not represent the ideal, built, and charismatic man for his role. Moses had a speech impediment. David was scrawny when he fought Goliath. In all these and other examples of God’s people, they accomplished what God’s plan for their lives; because they had a heart to Worship God and in turn received worship in the form of admiration, respect, and recognition. This innate desire is foremost a part of our identity in Christ but also it is to bring us into the appreciation of the Worship of God as stated; “Delight (pleasure, bask, fill-up) in God and He will give the desires of your heart” - Ps. 37:4. Some may say that is heresy. To be clear, without this low form of worship or recognition; Jesus would not have been able to draw the lost, destitute, and blind to His ministry; and neither will any Christian. Jesus did not keep the worship but directed it to the Father.