The English language has become a tool that satan uses to distort our Blessing and all that God has ordained for us. It is a language that constantly grows and mutates with every generation. This distorts our communication between generations and twists and confuses our thinking on words. LOL; an acronym for “laugh out loud” is a clear example of word twisting even though for the most part harmless is only the tip of the iceberg to what lies underneath this purposeful intent to incapacitate the power and effects of words. Other clues to this twisting are taking a word standard meaning and use it for the opposite meaning.

Our image, character, and actions are largely determined by the words we take in and give out. If we accept words that defeat us, then we will have no hope but when we accept words of empowerment then we walk in Victory and Faith. Just as a child who believes the parent, we are essentially word containers that define us by others saying things about us. This is compounded by the association we keep; be it family, friends, colleagues or media. There is a saying, “birds of a feather, flock together” The only flock we should belong to is God’s flock and even then this can pose a challenge as many are still on milk rather than meat. Consider these things about Jesus and how the same apply today.

Jesus saw and accepted His purpose and calling from the Torah by hearing His prophecy over and over again (being Jewish and going to the synagogue weekly) - Is. 7:14. So much so when started His role He proclaimed the prophecy fulfilled in the synagogue to many and those who heard the same words He did, chose to stay in disbelief even though they were amazed at Jesus’ command of the Torah. - Lk. 4:16-22. The bible is our identity, but many even those saved still are in disbelief of many aspects of the Word.
Jesus did not separate from the world but engaged the worldly ways from a biblical, Spiritual and a Righteous way. He used the Words of the bible to defeat satan and establish His command over life and death and the good and evil spirits - Matt. 4. We must remember Jesus suspended His Heavenly birthright and essentially operated as mere flesh and blood (man) while satan still had authority on the earth. Now that we have been redeemed from every curse and have the Godly authority, we can do as Jesus did by His example of the Word use and His actions in Faith and Love. Yet, many Christians have not taken up their authority daily by using their words in the Righteous acts of God and still operate under the mist of satan’s deceptions which fool many into fear even though satan no longer has any ability to hurt them - 1 Pet. 5:8.

Some societies have adapted this way of expression as being cool and unique but are really blinded by satan. The word “fat” means overweight, but has been twisted to mean “hot, attractive or desirable”. A typical expression and context would be a man seeing an attractive woman says to his friend, “she’s fat man” while both smile and are wide eyed at their discovery. When we apply this to keywords regarding our health, prosperity and authority, the results will not only steal our rights but leave us with doubt and frustration. For instance taking the same word “fat”, man’s ignorance could possibly apply it in the context of, “I am fat (meaning blessed or rich)”; giving the impression of being weighed down by wealth. But the real meaning is that he is (on the way) overweight. Words are ordained vessels for life and death and for every misspoken word, we in effect defeat ourselves and hand satan our inheritance on a platter. This is essential what Adam and Eve did by accepting and acting on satan’s deception with their own misspoken words. Every significant word produces it's definition results by the level of "life force" which is faith or it's opposite, fear.

Jesus always did a “check from the neck up” of His purpose and authority. Just imagine hanging around doubt, fear, and overall pessimism all day long even though you  demonstrate the Blessing, Faith, and Word in action constantly. This is what Jesus experienced not only with His followers but also those closest to Him - Jn. 14:9, "have you been around me so long and you still don't know me". Jesus had to recluse Himself from the constant negative bombardment by spending time in prayer with God. Jesus did this to maintain His focus, purpose, and identity. Today, many Christian’s more and more are being sucked into the worldly ways by new technology, fads, and social media marketing. We have to be cautious and discipline ourselves more than ever today and even deny certain aspects of life today that are taken for granted by many. We must judge (evaluate) all our associations and with conviction separate ourselves from such deceptions even it makes us outcasts from our family, friends, and church. It is not easy for sure, as we still have a prime calling to be the light of the world. This is why Christians today must constantly review their actions, thoughts, and free will against the Word and Spirit by spending time with God through prayer and the bible. Only by this can we finish the race set before us strong and in Faith - 2 Tim. 4:7. To clarify, I mentioned the church as a possible area for deception only because any good strategy will attack from within the walls. We, the body of Christ (church) are to be vigilant of any of attempt to drive discord, disunity within the church. He, satan has done this often by creating dissension among the faithful and in the last days, it’s one of his prime methods in attacking, starting with the family thereby hindering Blessing- 1 Pet. 3:7.

God’s first act was to speak creation. He did not consider His words nor did He hesitate or retract His words. This is because words are the foundation of everything in His Kingdom and this world. This is an aspect of the Christian life which is often misunderstood or underrated as an effective tool in our daily walk. If you are zealous and want to win as God intended, then there is no option but to start speaking words of life and death.

Very few have grown up where words were used only for the building up of their character, faith and confidence. Most of us have had harsh words said to put us down and shatter the fragile image we have of ourselves. But did you know we are responsible for any words spoken to and by us? There is no loser attitude once you become a Christian and an affirmed child of God. Sure, being ignorant of the power of words as those abusing them can claim mercy and compassion from God. But once the light has been given every idle word is subjected to God’s judgement - Matt. 12:36.

May 7, 2016.

Twisted words. 

As Christians no doubt we must adjust our use of technology, communications and methods of how the Word is delivered. The bible clearly predicted this and we are the generation where “instantaneous” knowledge is possible since the advancement of the internet, faster computers, and technology infrastructure. Despite these advances, we must never forget the foundations that are still necessary and built in God's system. It is called the “spoken Word” meaning as it says. This is because Faith comes by hearing and not by seeing (only). Men and women all over the world want to see miracles and acts of God to either accept or belief in God. Many have essentially put this condition on their decision to become Christians, and there are many examples where this occurred and thousands gave their life to Christ. Yet, God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and His Word state “it is better to walk by Faith rather than by sight”. When we hear things as by the inner ear, our spirit reacts to the words rather than just seeing the word. God designed us this way as a way to provide the growth for our image and our purpose. This is why we are held accountable for receiving the words spoken to us, whether by others or any form of verbal technology. God uses many signs and wonders but He also uses still today His audible voice and words.

Spiritual Awakening

God has given every man and woman free will and the choice of life or death - Deut. 30:19; to desire the good things His Kingdom offers including full health, prosperity, and His Spirit. These all started with His Words which are spoken to give us life. - Jer. 29:11, "I know the plans for you to prosper and not harm you". The Truth is that our words spoken in Faith manifest the Blessing and those spoken in fear and doubt manifest the curse; the former align with God and the latter with satan. All our words must be measured for accuracy according to their original “coining” and is our greatest weapon against the enemy and his forces. This is when we are fully engaged in Kingdom business because our words motivate us into action which with both is the atmosphere for Faith.  

Flush it Out! - Words frame our world.

Why are the words we speak so important in everything we do? After all, we are not the ones responsible for the society we live in nor am in charge or responsible for anything critical; that’s left up to the politicians, leaders, and pastors. The bible clearly states that we ought to pray (speak with words) for those whom authority has been given, not by man but by God - Rom. 13:1, 1 Tim. 2: 1-2. This can be a real challenge as some in higher offices sure can be a pain in “you know where”. God could have chosen to speak words that would destroy satan and his evil posse. But in His Wisdom; everything is about ordaining order and life. His ways always seek to empower and accomplish not one but several goals for His purpose and our benefit. Like a master chess player, His moves are never that obvious.
As God spoke life, satan spoke death in Eden with deception and it was up to our genesis to follow the creator’s example. It was doubt and fear that made Eve and Adam twist their thinking starting the battle of the words then and now in this world. Is it that simple; one misspoken word left us with a constant battle of sin, deception and anxiousness. The words we speak have specific meaning and are seeds that produce meaning and intent. For instance, we can say we love someone, but how we deliver those words can also produce despair, rejection, and long-term problems. If you examine most languages other than English, all words have a specific intent based on context and tone. In the English language (derived from other core languages), we can twist the meaning by tone, expression, intent and sound. The result is misunderstanding, confusion, and deception. Considering that English is the most common global language, we can see how satan has used this for his devious plans.

God does not waste words, nor did Jesus and we ought not to - Matt. 5:37 says, “let your yes be yes and no be no, anything else is from the evil one”. Today, because of years of misunderstood social graces and babbling thinking from sociologist on what humans must do to be civilised has led to political correctness and defined our interactions with each other. A Christian we must drop all these “theories” and look to God, Jesus, and the Word as how and why we speak and express a certain way that aligns with the creator’s original intent. Consider three examples from the bible.

In the Old Testament, God used mainly prophets and chosen people to speak His will into the world. Examples include Abram whose name was changed to Abraham to give him the conviction that he would be the father of the nations. Now think as Abram, you are sitting in your tent looking out among your sheep, cattle and donkeys and you are to be the father of the nations? Then a name change takes place and every time you or someone says your name you hear the meaning of your name which is your vision; “Father on the Nations”. Your belief and conviction would soar as your mind, posture and confidence build to the point you expect it to happen anytime now - Gen. 17:5.

In the New Testament, Jesus demonstrates this accurate and protective words especially when it came to life versus the death of Jarius’s daughter - Matt. 9:24, "she is  not dead, but asleep". With Peter, He forced him to confess to negate previously misspoken words - Jn. 21:15-17. And even with the Pharisees when He was in their courts, He used selected words to speak - Lk. 22:70. Jesus showed that we must maintain control of the words we speak and only by this can we walk with full authority.

In the Post Testamant, others such as the authors of the four gospels, Paul, and James encourages us to speak with clarity and truth - Jm. 3:4, "as a ship's rudder so is the tongue"; 1 Pet. 3:10, "refrain from evil speaking"; Eph. 4:29, "no corrupt communication, only words to edify and build up". Our control of the tongue (words) is essential to being an upright and Righteous Christian having effect and efficiency. 

We are the Pre-revelation testament voices that are to continue speaking God’s will into this world for His plans and for the Kingdom to fully operate and manifest in our lives and the world. - Dan. 2:44, "set up a Kingdom never to be destroyed". He, satan will do all he can to prevent this but we know by the Word; God has already secured His and our Victory over life and death. We are all called to be part-takers of His divine work and each can play a part whether on milk or meat. Words are essential for life, teamwork and setting the vision required to win and take ground from the enemy. Some have been deceived by technology thinking this is now the way of the Christian life and God’s Word.