All rituals involve toiling and demand a specific order, timing, objects, and repetitions in how it demonstrates one’s belief. There are rituals for the body, mind, and spirit. This should not be confused when we have the discipline for these areas. The prime difference is rituals are inflexible while discipline can be flexible. This is not an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp. Rituals are stagnant while discipline goes wherever one is. Rituals have a start towards an end while discipline has a start but no end. If one doesn't maintain the ritual there is lost ground but with discipline, the lost ground can not only be regained but surpassed. And lastly, rituals do not grow but with discipline; the spirit, mind, and body grow into maturity with Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding of all God have given us. Rituals keep one as a slave because of the doctrines but by Faith one becomes as stated; "sons and daughters of God” - 2 Cor. 6:18.

Before the Word became Jesus the man, there were either places of belief or journeys of Faith. And from the beginning, God declared His man was to take a journey of Faith (out of Eden) to be fruitful, to multiply, and to take dominion over all things on the Earth, just as Jesus did. But religion sought to establish and fixate their beliefs with permanence in places, buildings, and statues. And without realizing it; they limited their growth by giving more power to these structures, symbols, and motifs while the true Faith of God goes wherever He leads you as demonstrated with the Exodus of His people from the darkness of slavery in Egypt through the wilderness of purification by the Light of Truth and eventually to the Promised land as stated; “And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them Light; to go by day and night” - Ex. 13:21. Religions do not function in the darkness because they cannot see but Christianity has no fear of the darkness because by Faith; God will always lead us as stated; “I (Jesus, the Word) is the Light of the world (darkness)” - Jn. 8:12. 

When we were born into the human race we all were subjected to the religion of our family and those appointed to be our mentors like a grandfather or an aunt who were considered to have wisdom beyond their years. All religions whether traditions, denominations, and faithless ones such as atheism, and humanism are manmade and can range from spiritualism down to social norms that affect every facet of the body, mind, and spirit. This religionology of humans has been with us from the moment Adam fell as many looked for a beacon of direction. Unfortunately many saw the physical light to be more attractive even onto death as a moth to a flame rather than the enduring Light that was suppressed by carnal motives and disobedience to God. It was not until that Light was allowed to overcome the physical light of the world that God became the center of Faith in the son of Seth, Enos as stated; “then began men to call upon the name of the LORD” - Gen. 4:26. And to be clear; Jesus never promoted or coined a religion but only the Throne of God as the true Faith for Salvation.

Oct. 03, 2022.


Spiritual Awakening

The mindset of religion has only one perspective of conformity but the true Faith of God has several that point to the Truth. Examples include God only uses His people; when the Bible historical shows He uses anyone including the wicked for His purposes including Egyptians, Midianites, and Gentiles. Or that only those with a Bible diploma and appointed by elders in a church can preach sermons, and yet most of the twelve Apostles or the seventy sent out by Jesus did not have any or little formal education and recognition. Having a rigid mindset is often clouded by one’s self-imposed charters, aims, and social norms and this is why a belief system limits the connection to God who has stated we must diligently seek (study, examine, question) Him before He reveals Himself to us. A belief system is like muscle memory but true Faith is about the why, where, when, and how on every issue of the spirit, mind, and body which with God can be limitless just as His Kingdom, the ever-expanding universe, and creativity in all facets of life. And this is why evolutionists are quickly subjected to an unending whirlpool of devolution avoiding the Truth of a single source of all creation. God!

Religion and sometimes in the true Faith the possession or the lack of things determines one’s level of recognition to their peers. Those who have wealth, resources, and credentials are often more respected and attended to than those who don't have them. This is because they are given more importance than the others by the leaders of the religion and even in the Faith. It is the carnal nature of the religious mind to desire what others can do for you, your organization, and even your status by association. It is not Biblical and certainly restricts growth within a church. Many will point to Paul’s statement about the five-fold ministries but fail to recognize or ignore the qualifications for these individuals which include; must have a known and Righteous reputation and more importantly demonstrate fruit, including the Fruit and Gifts of the Holy Spirit which Paul encouraged everyone in the Body to seek the better gifts to see a more excellent way. That is; the way of Love! And as stated; “Faith works by Love” - Gal. 5:6. 

It boggles the mind that some religions place such a heavy burden on what one wears as clothing from head to toe even though it is as diverse as cultures, foods, and weather. So how can one claim those types of religions are universal as God is? The style of clothing also changes with the environment, practicality, and resources. It is limited again by what is seen and not what is convicted. What matters is what the clothing represents or rather what it says about you and to others. One’s religion tells others that one is on the acceptable and narrow path of their doctrine but true Faith reveals one’s spiritual maturity. In religion, there are certain clothing that has to be worn to appease, entice, and welcome one’s so-called god. But as demonstrated by Jesus it did not matter the time, place, or crowds for the Spirit to be revealed especially with the healing of the sick including casting out of demons; and who more than likely wore torn and tattered clothing and were unhygienic. As with all religions, clothing is an outward sign of one’s belief rather than the Faith of one’s internal conviction. This is why the Pharisees could not get past Jesus' acknowledgment of the prostitutes because they only saw what their religion told them about these individuals as being unclean but by the Spirit, Jesus saw their hearts of humility, remorse, and spiritual convictions. 

In religions, it's all about appearances to your peers, priests, and gods. It is based only on fear! Fear of what your peers say about you. Fear of how the priests will condemn you. And the fear of your god punishing you. This type of appearance is really about one’s status in the church, workplace, and community. It is at best superficial to one’s belief and even to one’s Faith. Jesus spent time with those who were poor in spirit, those who mourn, the gentle, those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness, the merciful, the pure in heart, the peacemakers, the persecuted for the sake of Righteousness, and the victims of false accusations. In other words, He spent it with those who had no elite station, title, or civil authority; the least in the world’s view, and who were not the in-crowd. By focusing on one’s appearance for others is nothing but a facade of hypocrisy and speaks to one’s beliefs of the nature of that man or woman and cannot be sustained because one lie requires more lies to be built upon the previous lies, eventually toppling and exposing all deceptions planted by that individual and groups. This is why the Pharisees sought to remove Jesus by any means because their hypocrisy was being exposed by the Truth of Faith in the Word and is why Christianity is attacked and prosecuted more than any other religion. 

To keep traditions because of one’s culture, family, and even color is to literally place oneself at the doors of death. Not because these may have some significance to one’s identity but because it is a Spiritual Law. And this is the essence of religion. Which is to stick to and blindly follow a rigid set of doctrines even if it takes you over the cliff. The Bible tells us we die because of a lack of Knowledge. For Christian's; the Knowledge as provided by the Spirit of God who reveals all Truth on everything in the Heavens, in and on the Earth - Jn. 16:13. Well; if you are dependent on a set of rules then how can the Spirit get in a word to you edgewise. Now; some may say the Christian Faith is the same because of the commandments or other rules. Those outside the Faith and even some within it may come to this conclusion because of not knowing intimately the God who gave them. Under God’s intentions for mankind, the Commandments are not rules and when broken there is severe punishment, ostracization, and shame. The Commandments are obligations to observe not because of fear but because of Love for the Father who has never demonstrated a quick hand to punish the offenders but is longsuffering for their repentance. Traditions are religious in nature requiring a checklist of compliance and their curses pass to the next generation unless someone allows fresh air in. Religions tend to be quick in judgment and punishment but Christianity seeks to appreciate the person’s motives for their sin and provides the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding of such unrighteousness including repentance for reconciliation. And to be clear, Christians are authorized by the Blood to forgive any sin by our blinded fellow human beings of peer status but by Righteous indignation, we judge with the Word and Spirit those in authority over us condemning their subversions of God’s Throne, especially within the church just as the prophets have done. How do we know this? By the way, Jesus dealt with the different groups of people He addressed including the blinded, His followers, and those of religious and civil authorities.

It is also unlike a religious person who has no inner conviction and relies only on the rituals of their doctrines who will eventually succumb to their fears when these things are removed because their belief is in the seen and not in the unseen things which require Faith for the substances of this world. A case in point is when religious christians fall away because their pastor has been exposed for hidden sins. This happens because they did not build their Faith but relied on a fallen man for their beliefs. Religions require a lot of symbolism but Christianity does not! Have you noticed that Jesus tells us to remember Him by the bread and wine but not the cross? The cross which many use daily as a symbol of their Faith; praying and prostrating before it and in some cases gripping onto it for power and deliverance. And yet Jesus uses the harvest of the land as the mystery of the Spirit for our Salvation by the taking of His Body and Blood. Jesus is not only practical for our lives but more so Spiritual for our Faith as stated; “man shall not live on bread alone but by every word from God” - Matt. 4:4. 

Having a stiff neck theology is a mind set in concrete and unchecked and unratified will lead one astray by their religion because when the Truth is revealed rather than tearing down and rebuilding from the foundation; religious minds twist the Truth to conform to the falsehoods that often have given them status, reputation, and popularity. One of these constant controversial mindsets even in Christian circles is that women were created to be in submission to men and should have no place in the church to preach the Gospel. Yet, taking the whole context of the Bible this mindset has no merit and is against God’s Word for His Spirit in women that constantly demonstrate their equitable Anointing and Power by the Holy Spirit. Another is; because God is Love; known sinners especially sexual deviants are allowed to part-take in church and even hold offices of authority; contradicting God’s clear Wisdom to alienate, disown, and restrict such demonism of His temples as with the Tabernacle's outer to inner courts, the Flood and destruction of such carnality, and Jesus' statement; “God’s house is not a den (lair, void, dark place) for thieves (unrighteousness, evil, covetousness)” - Matt. 21:13. 

Enos by his actions became the new birth of a man not in the true image of God but a corrupted form of grayness; neither of the Spirit of Light nor the spirit of the world. He was in essence a nomad seeking a place; an identity to claim as his own. And just like him; we all are nomads as stated; “I am a stranger in the Earth (and God) hide not Your Commandments (directions, precepts, substances) from me” - Ps. 119:19. Enos could only have had this desire by his innate spirit given in birth from the Light of God that quickened him to question the norms and the religions of his day. These adopted religions were because Adam, although the closest to God of any natural man did not keep his heritage but instead formulated the religion of his place, mind, and environment. We often do this as we rationalize our daily fate rather than insisting on the word of God in our lives. It took close to three hundred years from Adam to Enos before God’s Light was rekindled in a man and he became the first of many to as stated; “(to) walk by Faith and not by sight” - 2 Cor. 5:7. 

That is the prime difference between religion and the true Faith of God! Where religion is mainly based on an outward show of belief by the mind while Faith an inward conviction by the Holy Spirit. This is why Christians can’t prove their Faith to the blinded but by God’s Grace they are justified as stated; “God also bearing them witness (evidence, confirmation, legitimacy), both with signs and wonders” - Heb. 2:4. And to be clear; belief is not Faith just as facts are not Truths. Religions have a foundation of beliefs and an expression of doctrines. But the true Faith of Christianity has a foundation of revelations of the unseen as stated; “no one has seen God” - Jn. 1:18; and; “only Faith pleases (delights, acknowledges, allows) God” - Heb. 11:6. By faithlessness God is removed and by Faithfulness God is manifested! True Faith does not rely on the effort of toiling as belief does in keeping a checklist, making sure all the "I"s are dotted and all the "T"s are crossed which is the law of the curse, but as stated; “I (God) will write My laws in their hearts” - Heb. 10:16. For once saved; your spirit is rebirthed into the Spirit of God and the former norms in one’s life come under judgment by the Righteousness of God. That is conviction! This is why there can be a miracle for someone who had the belief that they couldn’t do without the vice of cigarettes or alcohol but is instantly freed from them once they are convicted that the Power of God can stop their curse of addiction. The former being an outward fear and the latter an inward conviction of Faith. One cannot claim to be a Christian if every time their world burns one’s Faith collapses from fear. This is because as stated; “(they) built their house on sand” - Matt. 7:26. Christianity is not an outer coat to put on when it gets cold but is an inner garment that maintains your core regardless of the storms of life. 

One can know the type and level of Faith in others by their avoidance of dark things which is good but is not necessarily Righteous. Why? Because Jesus never hid, avoided, or failed to face and confront both the physical and spiritual darkness. This is because when the Blood is one’s conviction such things fall away just as water off a duck’s back and as stated; “God gave us not the spirit of fear” - 2 Tim. 1:7. Now to be clear; a newborn Christian especially one mired by religion doesn’t tackle the devil on his territories but by diligence, and consistency of their Faith walk; they can once the Spirit indwells, abides, and guides their spirit, mind, and body. Because once this foundation has been achieved; facing darkness is an automation of the Armor of God with all its attributes.

Now; we all have to start from somewhere and for most, it is religion with all its trappings of rituals, clothes, appearance, traditions, mindsets, and the possession or the lack of things. Everyone who has become a part of the Body of Christ has to be willing to be led by the Spirit of God from their darkness through their wilderness of Faith to come out the other side with as stated; “the Mind of Christ” - 1 Cor. 2:16. Once this is working; all the promises of God cannot be stopped by the enemy. And even though all these trappings were never addressed specifically by Jesus except for one which is the law; we are still charged to account for them. Jesus had no problem sitting and speaking to sinners, ordinary people, and to those in authority. He did not expect anything from them nor did He make special concessions because of their poverty, wealth, or status. Because unlike the nature of Faith; religion considers all these things of greater importance than the revelation of the Righteous freedom birthright for the spirit, mind, and body. We must acknowledge that from birth we are not taught by Jesus but mainly by those who are of the fallen state and as stated; “Put off the old man” - Eph. 4:22. This is why God sees and judges us differently after the twelfth birthday which is when conception can happen and because giving and having a new life requires responsibility and different expectations just as with the 12 Tribes, 12 bread offerings, 12 Apostles, 12 gates of the New Jerusalem, and many more examples of when we transition from the world’s to God’s thinking just as from belief to Faith; and as stated; “take your cross (burdens, afflictions, markings) and follow (imitate, think like, stay with) Me” - Matt. 16:24.   

Religionology has no place for those who claim to be a follower of Christ. It is a remnant of the past that only serves the past; doesn’t stabilize with the present, and has no potential for the New Jerusalem future. It keeps the only thing that is required to be Faithful stagnant when faced with the constant trials and tribulations of an evolving world. And that is the ability to change! Without change under the management of the Holy Spirit; those who became saved can remain in the dark because of not heeding the Word, Christ, and God but keeping and practicing the traditions of slavery by following blindly, not educating themselves, and not accepting their true birthright in the image of God. But by their religion, they become only empty vessels because as stated; “the word having no effect because of traditions (religions, observances, beliefs)” and; “but having not Love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal”; Mk.17:13 and 1 Cor. 13:1-3; respectively. They fail to recognize the Power that has been given to rebuke, overcome, and defeat the chains that bind them to the curses of humanism, superstitions, and carnality. 

Jesus Christ which literally means; “Anointed Deliverer” was sent by God who wanted His fallen, lost, and blinded people to be restored to the character and platform of the Righteous freedoms He gave them. No religion or deity has this claim but only indoctrinates their followers by fear to become slaves to their system of punity, and excruciating requirements without any promise of a higher Spiritual reward for the spirit, mind, and body. The true Faith promises and provides glimpses of these Spiritual rewards with supernatural miracles for the cursed body; freedom from mental slavery; and the inner joy of the spirit despite imposed pain and prosecution from others. Religions; “can’t touch this”! 

Flush it Out! - Keep yourself approved onto the LORD.

We have to consume Him for the inner conviction that is required to be an Apostle of Christ Jesus. And where is that old rugged cross? It has disintegrated into the vast nothingness of the grave! And to be clear; a disciple is only a follower but an Apostle represents Jesus as stated; “from the twelve He appointed the apostles to be sent out with authority” - Mk. 3:14. A key distinction of Power of the latter; just as boiling water or steam is to a pot of simmering hot water. We should not maintain the image of dying suffering crucified Christ on that old rugged cross; but rather the victorious risen and empowered Jesus Christ seated in Heaven and as stated; “we are seated with Him” - Eph. 2:6. Paul is not talking about disciples but Apostles! Why? Because a disciple who has not taken the Blood for its purposed authority has no gift or Power as stated; "to heal sicknesses, and to cast out devils" - Matt. 10:1. One can claim to be a Christian but their words and actions only reveal themselves to be religious. Now to be clear, having a cross or crucifix in one’s purview is not a sin nor does it retards the Holy Spirit. But giving it more adoration because of the senses is a sin. That’s idol worship! The Body in the west can learn what precious Faith is by just looking to the east where daily prosecutions occur even though the articles of Faith have been removed and destroyed. True Faith comes from our hearts and inner being where nothing can destroy it and more importantly as stated; “God sees the heart” - 1 Sam. 16:7.

Recently, on social media; a prolific content poster stated that women are not Apostles because there was no clear statement in the Bible. After explaining the nature of God’s character and even quoting as stated; “God is no respecter of persons” - Rm. 2:11. He took offense and texted a tirade indicating I shouldn’t respond on the topic anymore. I replied anyway to his claims and posted for his consideration as Paul stated; “Junia (June), my countrymen and my fellow prisoners, who are of note (recognized, worthy, elevated) among the Apostles, who also were in Christ before me.” - Rm. 16:7. Almost immediately he removed all the texts on this subject and stopped posting on other topics and persons. One can have the knowledge of the Word but not the character of it and as stated; “every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit” - Matt. 7:16. Jesus is not talking about good social works but Righteousness! 

That one integral characteristic is available to all which frees and enables the Holy Spirit to move more naturally avoiding man’s religious control of the church, congregations, and Gifts which is normally done by a top-down hierarchy rather than elevating all even though it is as stated; “the veil was torn” - Matt. 27:51. We can’t claim to be Christ if our views of others are dependent on what they bring to the table but rather should be for any member in the Body; what we can multiply to others just as Jesus did with the feeding of those of any status who were seeking the Truth. Jesus never demanded anything from any of His followers but served with exacting considerations of their needs from a Righteous perspective.