2) God needed man to receive wisdom, knowledge and understanding of all that is Righteous in a way that they could relate to and believe. He sent Jesus, the Word. Literally, God sent His source of power, authority, and creation. By His works, Jesus instilled into the people (church) of God their Rrighteous image and empowered them for Righteousness sake. The early converts did what the chosen people did. They took the land! In this case, they freed man from the dogma of the day, setting the captives free and essentially started attacking the enemy on his own territory. The enemy, satan, now had to contend with not only God but man.

3) God needed man to establish His Kingdom as required here on earth. This is because from the first and the second; the chosen and the church respectfully; the third people (Christians) of God are called not only to continue taking the land but most of all defeat satan, putting him once and for all under the feet of Man, Jesus, and God. This is what God foretold in the garden - Gen. 3:15, “He (man) will crush your head, and you (satan) will bruise his heel.". Did you notice all satan can do is bruise the heel, while we have the right to stamp him out.

In all three arenas, there are three components required to defeat satan and his seat. The seat(s) of satan is with those in high places of laws and authority because the Christians have still not dethroned these platforms. Just like the Angel, Michael had to contend with the “prince of Persia” a seat of satan - Dan. 10:13, so must we with the seats that are within our reach. Guess what? They all are! Now, to dethrone does not mean the enemy “magically” disappear for a throne is a seat where commandments of law and ordinances are directed to be carried out. This is why in Michael’s case he was delayed because that “Persian prince” was giving direction to run interference to prevent Michael from addressing Daniel’s desires. Just like a coach giving the play to his defence team to interfere with the attacking team. What is significant here is not the delay but that the enemy, that “prince of Persia” was in a defensive posture.

​​July 9, 2016.

The Church fight.

As Victors in and for Christ, the church should be on the attack sweeping across every enemy’s foothold just like in the third instalment of the movie, “The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King” when the “spirits who were desperate for freedom from their bondage due to their betray swept across the enemy, the orcs and literally vanquished them away into a puff of air. They only did this because they believed in the “king”, his promise for peace and his leadership. We are that Spirit! The church cannot hide expecting things to happen without them being part-takers of the God’s works - 2 Pet. 1:3-4. There is another saying, “that the spines of men are strengthened when someone stands up”. Stand up to darkness in all its form and manifestation. Whether it is at the level of a country, a society or as an individual; it is all demonic. We stand and fight how Jesus did. With composure, conviction and the tools available to us with the Holy Spirit and the legions of Angels available to us. We start with the Word, have Faith and do the Spirit led actions. We must not fight at the world’s level but only at the Spirit level - 2 Corth. 10:4.

To stand against darkness from a Rrighteous perspective is not about huffing and puffing and seeing who will faint first; nor is it about destroying things, burning things or killing things. It is about as Jesus puts it, “render to Caesar what is his and to God what is His” - Mk. 12:17. For God, Himself has appointed those in authority; “The authorities that exist have been appointed by God” - Rm. 13:1; admonishing that we ought to respect and subject ourselves to these authorities. This can certainly be difficult at this time as the church we see “Christian freedoms and precepts” being cut, sliced and thrown out all in the name of freedom for all. The real thing is that we ought not to circumvent the plans of God for this age; because if this age does not pass we won’t begin the next age with all its promises. God is the master chess player with strategies that are beyond our current thought process or thinking - Is. 55:8-9, “My ways are higher than yours”.

So what is Christian to do? We are to be part-takers in His divine plans. This is what our prime example Jesus did. Jesus was the perfection of Adam and as such in all the stories regarding God’s involvement with man for His plans, there are key directions.

Spiritual Awakening

Christians need to come to this realization that we are not living in the first two arenas but are in the third moving onto the fourth arena which is the complete vanquishing of the enemy and placing the seat of God which is the New Jerusalem - Rev. 21:21. The enemy is on the run! This is why satan is referred to as a “roaring lion looking to see who he can devour” - 1 Pet. 5:8. He is desperate. No one in a position of strength runs around like a headless chicken hoping to bump into something (someone) because of fear, anxiety and death. The church needs to stop this!

The bible and history of Adam through to Jesus and beyond is all about fighting for freedom. Freedom from physical and mental enslavement. From oppression in one form or another from really the “ruler of this world, satan”, - Jn. 12:31. Jesus stated, He “came to set the captives free” - Lk. 4:18. This is the battle and yes at times it can get bloody and many will die, all for freedom sake and yes there are many countries around the world that there is the need for reform. Many become physical, vocal and even desperate for their country and individual rights to want a safe, productive and equal society. There is nothing wrong with that and as the church, we ought to be vocal and to a point physical of these concerns but never at the expense of our Righteousness. There is a saying, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” meaning you cannot possess everything and a choice has to be made. Also, another addition to this is, “if you don’t choose, then you will lose it”. The church body cannot expect to physically fight for human rights because it is not Righteous!

Yes, there are times that man is required to take physical arms to fight and protect their land, home, and families and yes, the bible does indicate that God, Himself has commanded violence. With so many conflicts around the world that use weapons of death and which require for the most part a human component, it is easily assumed that we are to fight in similar ways on the domestic landscape for laws that protect our civil liberties. We also must expect such fighting to escalate as the age draws to a close. We cannot be naive! To be clear, each member of the church must choose the Righteous way to fight, which is God’s desire and not just fight for what is right from a human, society or a countries view. As Christian’s we are commanded to have one perspective on everything and that is God’s eye.

We must acknowledge we have lost ground and continue to lose ground, only because we have not truly exercised our Righteousness in this earth. The example from the bible is in three main arenas.

1) God needed a man to re-establish His work that Adam threw away. Abraham became that foothold. As long as it took, God accomplished His plan despite the confusion, fear, and interference. The people (chosen) of God took the promise land which became a seat of righteousness for the world to see and imitate. They took the land with very little violence and bloodshed only after God paved the way. The battle was won but the enemy was still encamped against the chosen of God.

First; man is told to have dominion over everything except man. This is about controlling what happens here on earth. Adam never received physical tools to control the “lower life” of the earth; he only had the anointing and by his will he made life, set the environment and expanded God’s plans. Today, Christians have these tools for dominion which Adam had. It is the Holy Spirit. Genesis. 1:26, “let them have dominion over all”.

Many churches around the world are confused when it comes to what decision to take regarding laws, ordinances and rights. It doesn’t matter whether it is democratic, republic, communist, socialist or even for that matter a dictatorship. All have to be answerable to the God of Righteousness. That is if the church puts God first. Jesus was a man concerned not only the Spiritual things but also with the things that affect humanity; their treatment and the rights that everyone earned. He was not a political advocate but a voice of God's Holiness in everything that affected His relationship with the individual, the city and the world. How often do we the body of Christ hear or see something that is happening in our locale, country or the world that gives us grave concern for our lives and children’s liberties? Things that go against our Faith and belief in basic goodness and righteousness. It can be very disturbing and for many cause anxiety and fear to rear up. It is understandable! After all, every member of the body of Christ should not only exercise their citizen rights to determine what kind of society they live in but also they should and must exercise Righteousness in every aspect of human life. To take action is a responsibility that we all will be answerable for at the judgment seat of God. We must be prepared to fight!

Secondly; because of dominion over the “lower life”, he should have controlled satan, the serpent by casting him out of the things of God by the authority bestowed on him. Adam did not need a physical weapon to resist or even destroy satan. He only needed to obey God, because the anointing gave him the authority over all things including animals such as serpents. Today, Christians must take and use the authority as given by God and not invent their own. - Deut. 30:19 - “This day I call Heaven and earth to witness your choice for life or death”.

Thirdly, by surrendering to God Faithfulness to fulfill His promises we can have rest. There is no indication in the bible with the anointing that man must work, fight and control his environment, laws, and security. Today, the Chosen, Church or Christians are not in a different situation to those of who lived in the post-Adam, Jesus or Apostleship periods. All must let go and allow God to do what He does best. Orchestrate! Jeremiah. 29:11 - “I know the plans for you, to prosper and have peace”.

Adam only had to do these things and because he allowed “death” to make him unfaithful to the things of God, he threw away the anointing based on the threat of loss. Sounds familiar. This has always been satan’s m.o. For he comes to steal, kill and destroy; all forms of loss. The bible did not say, “satan is able to put fear on you or kill you”. That is because he has no authority for such things. He as in the garden has no control over you and only by deception; he influences you to put yourself, by your actions and by your thinking into dark places of death. With fear of loss comes anxiety which leads to confusion, conflicts, and compulsions to do something to defend what is to be lost. By not being centered in Christ, many inadvertently place themselves outside of God's Grace, protection and become exposed to satan's influence of violence, angry and impatience; all not commanded by God. It like stepping into your enemy's camp with no form of defence making you subjected to his will. This, we see more and more in the news as people fight for personal rights, freedom of equality and religious recognition. The hot debates being same-sex marriages, transgenderism in public places and the right to refuse service based on religious notions. We ought not to be surprised because we are walking in the Spirit of God and must not become over sensitive to these losses.

Jesus answered on how to address these types of concern even though He also stated that he could topple these things saying, “do you not know at My request, God will give Me Angels for My disposal” - Matt. 26:53. You see Peter became violent at the pending loss of Jesus, but he is rebuked and on top of that Jesus uses this to demonstrate how we must act, knowing that suffering and death may await us. Jesus is not circumventing God’s plans. We must accept such dark things will occur based on the timing of this age and the signs that are being given. Signs and wonders not for fear but for preparation. Preparation for those who have given themselves to the blood of Jesus and are marked as Christ followers, not figuratively but practically as Jesus demonstrated. Christians must know what they want.

Flush it Out! - The world’s way results in worldliness; by God’s way, are His promises.

The church is the representation of God’s righteousness here and is a reflection of what is in Heaven just as an ambassador is to a foreign country. As such there are rules of engagement. There is sovereignty and there is representation. What is not there is aggression, demonstration or violence. Whoa! Are we saying that a church citizen of any country should not fight for what is right for equality, for freedom, or for proper representation? The answer is in the bible.