​Joy is a part of God. In the highest Heavens, there is only joy and is expressed through continuous Praising, Worshipping, and Thanksgiving. This is what makes the Kingdom attractive. It’s like going on an all inclusive vacation where we only expect everything to be provided for and every concern we have to be solved quickly and promptly by the hotel’s staff. So that we can be at rest and filled with joy in all things. Consider this, when Lucifer disturbed this peace and joy; God immediately kicked him out to the lower heaven. Why? He was complaining starting with God’s Throne and then spread that disgruntling to the Angels. What is God; joy, opposite to complaining which is satan. Ironically, satan then Lucifer was the “light bearer” as when joy is present, elevating one’s spirit, but became the complainer when pride took over his attitude, which is synonymous with darkness, ignorance, and gnashing of teeth which is really another metaphor for complaining with anger. God cannot operate under the principles and powers of complaining and like sin cannot be in its presence or rather have its presence before Him. So when we seek God, we must come before Him with the proper attitudes including humility, supplication, and joy. When the ancient priests were responsible for the house of God, they had to do it with joy. Now with Jesus, the body is the temple of God and should be kept with joy, for that’s where God dwells today.

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Joy is a spiritual sacrifice onto God. When we go through the motions of righteousness, we are actually insulting God; His integrity and what makes Him complete and whole. This is why Jesus was so harsh with the Pharisees and Scribes; being teachers and more importantly examples of the Word. Because rather than expressing joy, they sought empathy with long faces showing suffering, from the crowds rather than demonstrating the joy of God’s works. Did you know it’s better to tell God you are not able to have joy rather than pretend that you have. God is not a taskmaster, looking over your shoulder for laboring of any kind. He wants us to be genuine which gives Him every opportunity to reveal Himself to us. When David was going through a lot of stress, he wrote many Psalms that expressed his humanity and weakness but did what was right in God’s sight even during these dark times by expressing how much he needed joy to be restored back into his spirit. What is God ready to do, “supply all your needs” which includes also Spiritual support. This is why the Holy Spirit is here within the earthly domain. To counsel on secular and spiritual matters.

Having a deep fulfillment of joy in our lives can only bring us closer to God. This is the ultimate goal because when this attitude permeates our body, mind, and spirit nothing whether physical or spiritual manifestations will deter our Faith in God. Now, joy is not like mind control but a sincere walk in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Because we are also to shed tears for loss, even though we have Spiritual joy. We have joy in a loved one’s death knowing because of Salvation they will be in a better place, but we may weep because we are already missing their presence.  To have joy, we first start with the mind, but reside it in our hearts and spirits, for that’s where it will be most effective. Our minds are designed to interact with this world, but our hearts and spirits with God’s Heavenly places. God wants us to have the right kind of joy that is actionable, constant, consistent and steady so that He can reward us. “So that our joy will be full, complete and overflowing”.

Deut. 28:47, Ezra 6:16, Job 20:5, Ps. 51:12, Ecc. 5:20, Lk. 6:23, Rm. 15:13, Jm. 1:2, 1 Pet. 1:8, 3 Jn. 1:4.


Oct. 7, 2016.


of  Joy.

​Joy is a Spiritual force that destroys satan’s attempts to keep us away from God and have His Angels to move on our behalf. The Lord commands us to have joy at His decrees, commandments, and works. Because joy is the opposite of complaining, and it puts us at rest to what God has said, “all your needs are supplied by His Riches and Glory in Christ Jesus”. It is part of choosing life over death and indicates that we operate from our Faith and not out of fear. When we fight against spiritual wickedness; their main strategy is to make us doubt which leads to fear, confusion and even strife; which is intended for us to react with our flesh rather than simply standing on the Word. He, satan uses our flesh against us to enable his spiritual forces to work to bring into reality our worst fears. Remember, by Faith are all things are available to us because it is an invisible substance waiting for our needs and wants. We only bring these things into reality by enabling our Faith for good and bad things with the spirit. Angels are spiritual beings that have been commissioned by God to provide for our provision, protection, and destinies. The Righteous Angels are moved by our Godly Faith which includes belief, rest, and steadfastness on the promises of God; while the Fallen Angels are moved by what satan is the father of; fear, doubt, and confusion. Since Faith is that substance for good or evil needs then we must maintain a joy attitude in our stand as opposed to complaining by fear.

Joy is a weapon that is used physically as well as spiritually. We are spirits in a physical container. We determine how our container reacts to external forces. It is why Paul recommends that we think, meditate and focus on the pure, good, worthy, lovely things not only of this world but especially of God’s Righteousness. Righteousness is not only about “being in right standing” but also Righteousness is God’s very person that is reflected in His nature. God is love, goodness, protective, Fatherly, caring, magnanimous, gentle, and patient. All these things and more should give us that joy of being a heir in His Kingdom. Even secular people understand this force but refer to it as PMA - Positive Mental Attitude; another way of saying, “have Faith”; that no matter what it looks like believe that all will work out for a positive and beneficial outcome. Another saying is, “out of every adversity, comes an equal or greater benefit”. This referring to whatever is stolen; the thief having been discovered has to repay a multiplying factor of the stolen goods. God is on our side and is “watching over His Word”; to give us “peace and prosperity”; no matter what the enemy tries to do. There may be a delay or robbery of our blessing due to spiritual principles and powers, but eventually, when we act with joy in our hearts, trusting in God and His Word, we will have the Victory.

Whenever we face trials this is the one thing that tends to get lost and forgotten in the fight to maintain our Faith and Truth of the Word and promises of God. We may even sing out praises and thanksgiving outwardly but not from our hearts. The sensation of joy is a heart thing and when it registers deeply from our hearts, then no matter how things seem physical and even felt mentally; the joy we have overwhelms any fear we may be experiencing. This deep elation moves our spirits above this world and we become free from its shackles..

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