Feb.. 28, 2017.


OF  Blessing.

In a world filled with trials and tribulations; there is always the need and want for the dispensation of the Blessing. The Blessing is synonymous with Grace and favor from God. For once you have taken the Blood of Christ, you automatically become a prime target for the forces of darkness.

The Blessing is opposite to the curse and is a Kingdom right for every born again believer which provides both Spiritual and physical benefits. Its administration starts the moment one becomes a citizen of God’s Kingdom and must be used to not only hold back again the tidal waves of satan’s wrath but used to fortify against his intrusions into our lives. The Blessing is broken down into blessings that manifest for our needs and wants not only for self-preservation but especially for others who have yet to achieve acceptance of their full rights of Christianity and why every Christian is called and expected to be Blessed to be a blessing to others.


The blessings from God are not biased as He causes the rain to fall both on the good and bad, but the Blessing is a Christian demand to God for His divine intervention on our behalf. The Blessing is for the Body to demonstrate God’s Power on their behalf for His Glory. We only need to walk in Righteousness. When the Jewish boys in Nebuchadnezzar’s palace were told to stop worshipping God or face death; it was the Blessing that provided them with supernatural protection in the furnace. In the same way, Jesus was able to escape from those who sought Him among the crowds and when He provided the feeding of thousands with a few provisions. The Blessing works best with Faith in God, but by God’s Grace, mercy and compassion; it does manifest to some extent for our benefit and for His purpose, regardless of our faithlessness. When the Exodus Jews complained and were faithless; they still benefitted by God’s provision of manna because God still had a purpose for them despite their disobedience. God’s purpose is the Blessing.

All men and women are to be manifestations of the Blessing for God’s Glory so that God will be exalted. God created the flesh for this purpose but through corruption, the Blessing was restrained but now by the Blood has been fully empowered in full force for those who will receive it. This empowerment works best when we are abiding, connected and rooted in and with the Word. All then it would take for the Blessing to be received and seen physically is for the Righteous Christian to declare the blessing needed or wanted. The Blessing is at our command for God’s will that all unrighteousness is under the dominion of the Body of Christ. This would have been Adam’s tool and is ours to use today.


The Blessing includes health, prosperity and peace and every variation that comes under its portfolio and many times is connected with one another. For instance, peace is a blessing that is best with prosperity but unfortunately, many religious notions cause the Body to withhold what is their full rights under the Blood of Jesus. God does not withhold any aspect of the Blessing but has placed it under our demand being only subjected to our Sanctification and Faith in the Word and God’s benefits of His Kingdom. 

God has made us “His Righteousness”; ambassadors of His Kingdom and the Blessing is to be used to promote this in all aspects of this world’s life. The Spiritual benefit of the Blessing under the Blood; is we have authority over spiritual wickedness and by it, we can declare restoration of the spirit that has been marginalized and intimidated by years of dark oppression. There is a story of a man of God who by the flesh ended up in deep depression was restored by a regiment of the Word which enabled the Blessing to work to order his brain waves so that he became cognizant with his spirit being restored to life again. The physical benefits of the Blessing are more obvious and tangible but nevertheless has a Spiritual force operating behind it. The Blessing is delivered by the Spirit of God either from the Holy Spirit or the Angels of God. Ultimately, it will be a physical manifestation for man’s benefit.



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The Blessing should never be abused nor taken for granted but seen only as God’s way of benefitting for the fulfillment of His promises to us. The blessings of the Blessing includes the Anointing, gifts of the Spirit and all forms of Righteous and good things from God. It works in conjunction with active Faith, prayer, and Revelation of the Word. The Revelation of the Word is key to increasing the potential of the Blessing. The Revelation provides a deeper understanding of God and His immutable sovereignty which builds and strengthens our foundation of Faith in His Kingdom. This confidence translates into a greater demand of the Blessing for greater and spectacle miracles of God’s Power to be demonstrated and manifested. When Moses was told by God to speak to the rock for water; he struck it because of his faith thus reducing the impact of God’s Power. Yet, Elijah placed a demand on God’s Power to first manifest three years of drought followed by rain. Elijah was able to do this because of his deep Revelation of God’s person to be exalted not just for Glory but for the people’s need to recognize Him as sovereign over all things for their benefit of the Blessing. By ignoring God, we in effect prevent our Blessing from working. Thus Jesus’ encouragement to first “seek the Kingdom” and “all will be added onto you”. The Blessing is God and cannot be separated just as the Word and Spirit cannot be from the Holy Trinity. 

When as the Body of Christ, we do not exercise the right of the Blessing; it is as if we are denying and rejecting God including what can be considered one of the best benefits of being a Christian. That God fights for His people and will supply all our needs, fulfilling every desire of our heart as long as we delight in Him, which is the pinnacle Blessing of our Faith. 

Gen. 27:28-29; Deut. 30:19; 2 Cor. 9:8; Phil. 4:7; 1 Jn. 5:18.

Letters to the Faithful.