They do not fight per se but rather use tricks, threats, and subversion. And because having been stripped of God’s Glory they have lost the ability to physically fight and can only use deceit for their chaos and destruction as stated; "(the devil) withstood Me (to come to you)" - Dan 10:13. The devil did not fight but ran interference, blocking, creating a barrier to stall the Angel going to Daniel. And this is why despite knowing Jesus was the incarnate man of God; satan could only try to tempt Jesus in the wilderness and not physically kill Him but influence others to as stated; “the Jews sought to kill Him” - Jn. 7:1. It is where man has gotten the phrase; “The devil made me do it” which stems from when as stated by Eve; “The serpent deceived me” - Gen. 3:13. The devil has no teeth as stated; ‘(They will be perplexed, that); this is the man ( Lucifer) who made the Earth tremble" - Is. 14:14.​​​

Who are the dead; and why they are more dangerous than the devil and demons? The dead are not those who rest in the grave like Lazarus and other Faithful people; but are dead spirits that occupy space as we know it. These dead spirits are physically alive but Spiritually dead and are influenced and used by the devil to engage with the dead violating God’s command as stated; “avoid divination, fortune tellers, sorcerers, charmers, mediums, necromancer or one who inquires of the dead” - Deut. 18:10-11.

Who is the devil? He is not just Lucifer; the morning star; previously the master of worship. He was the conductor of many Angels that followed him. One could say he was the prime minister to a government. The definition is to imply that whenever we talk about the devil; we are also talking about all the fallen angels as a single force. They are the main infiltrators of destruction against Christians. They are covert special forces like the Navy Seals. They can operate both in the open and by clandestine methods as any leader or ambassador would in the political arena.

This is why God warns about dabbling in the dark occults and anything associated with it. The dead evil spirits require a living spirit to function in this physical world and just as a spiritualist seeks the unseen spirits to interact with that spiritual dimension for physical gains so does the devil, demons, and the dead do for unworldly gain as stated; “we fight … against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly (spiritual) places.” - Eph. 6:12. The dead things are dedicated to Lucifer; the lord of all unrighteousness, disobedience, and perversion. 

By engaging in these dark practices they are connecting with the devil including demons to know hidden things. What is a fact is that satan cannot write or see the future, but being a master of deception shows one what one seeks. Because if he was able to, then as stated; “Which none of the (fallen) princes of this world knew; for had they known it; they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory (Christ)” - 2 Cor. 2:8. This practice also can connect physical objects with these evil spirits. The most common are idols of the devil,  talismans, or carved profanities of God’s creation in man and animals; as well as dead deities which are really fallen angels masquerading as stated; “satan appears as an angel (helper)” - 2 Cor. 11:14. Have you ever seen an idol deity in the form of a plant or tree? The reason is not that vegetation doesn’t have life. It is because they are not of the same kind as people and animals which have the life force of blood. All blood is essential to engage with the unseen Laws of Life or death. This is why most pagan rituals often prefer human blood to be spilled on their altar and why abortions are an abomination that engages with the devil, demons, and the dead.

To distinguish we must understand that as stated; “and (God) breathed into (Adam’s) nostrils the breath of Life (His Spirit); and man became a living (symbol, unending, godlike) being” - Gen. 2:7. This is not blood; for all flesh is given blood to have physical life. This blood is also different from the Blood of the Lamb in Jesus Christ. Jesus was born with the tainted blood of a fallen woman and the Spirit of God; thus His blood became the Spiritual Blood because of His Righteous obedience, Sacrifice, and Resurrection as stated; “by (Adam’s) disobedience many were made sinners, so by (Jesus’) obedience many will be made Righteous” - Rm. 5:19. Only God can do this! This is why satan is so adamant about corrupting all human blood. 

The dead, both good and evil, can be summoned by necromancers; are also known as psychics, or mediums (divinators or enquires of the dead). And just to be clear; the dead can roam the Earth for different purposes; for evil - 1 Sam. 28, and for good - Matt. 27:53. God forbids this! Why? Because we do not know the future impact and are unable to control the dead when they are allowed to occupy the living environment. It's like releasing a plague or Pandora’s box. It can become a pandemic! Consider; if one raises the dead; how does one ensure they return to the grave? This is why God placed as stated; “(Lazarus) between us and you (the rich man) a great chasm (abyss, barrier, deterrent) has been set in place; so no one can pass” - Lk. 16:26. Only by the living can the dead rise. So when these evil, unrighteous, and condemned dead are risen; they often become associated with objects that the devil and demons use to enslave the unsuspecting, uninformed, and uninhibited individuals. It is not that evil is inside these objects but by association there is a connection whenever the living interact with them. 

The demons are not the devil! They are like spies or operatives that have embedded themselves for erosive destruction, confusion, and death. They operate in plain sight but remain hidden! Jesus tells us they are a different kind. You see, satan knows he cannot destroy God’s creations directly. He can only mutate them from their specific design of creation. He does this by influence! That’s what the devil does! In reality; by biological technology! To alter God’s design into his design. Hence; as stated; “the sons of God saw that they (women) were fair (beautiful, interesting, alluring)” - Gen. 6:2. 

Often; as Christians, we fail to acknowledge the war that is going on around us in the Spiritual dimension, and that we are the ones who will shoulder the pain, confusion, and even death because of our ignorance, lack of preparation, and inaction. Especially, since we do not take our place in the frontline trenches of battles against the devil, demons, and the dead.

Every battle has those who fear, desert, and triumph in the face of adversity, doubt, and confusion. The Christian’s battles are no different, and that is why Brother Paul has stated; “Put on the Armor of God” - Eph. 6:10. The phrase “put on” is not like wearing a coat; but rather infers to “get into”, or to be assimilated together as a single entity so there is no distinction between the armor and the person; indicating one is always ready to fight the enemy.

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Spiritual Awakening

The caveat to this is one’s Faith, the Word, and the boldness required to face these dark entities as stated; “MY Grace is sufficient for you; (so by your weakness I AM strong for you)” - 2 Cor. 12:9. All of which requires Righteous actions and the Holy Spirit. Many years ago, I was constantly being tormented while I slept and it was not until I made every effort to speak the Name of Jesus consistently to this tormentor that eventually as in a dream I was awakened only to see a pale weird-looking creature on my chest staring at me with deep, depthless, dark eyes that seem to be begrudging me when suddenly it wisped away into nothing; and since then my torments stopped. Its power over me had been extinguished by the Faith, Action, and Power in the Name of Jesus.

This biological mutation between man and spiritual DNA produced the Nephilims as stated; “they were giants” - Gen. 6:4. These were the devil’s first mutation! The watcher Angels were appointed by God to observe men; but by the devil’s influence, they fell from Grace into fallen angels; not into demons. It is the dead giant spirits that became demons. This is why human mutations are being pushed today; like mutative gene therapy, and twisted self-identities including infusing non-human organisms into man. 

The devil has been influencing this reality for centuries with the human form merged with mammals and birds, displayed as icons to totems, to modern pokemon creatures, and mutated gaming creatures and humanoids. These are all known as chimeras (mixed DNA monsters). Because these demonic spirits are from these giants that were eradicated in the Flood; their mutated spirits have remained on Earth to rage through physical bodies including as stated; “send us to the swines, that we may enter (occupy, inhabit, possess) them” - Mk. 5:11. This is the prime difference between the devil and demons. Where the latter requires a physical body to operate. This manifestation also differs in how the victim responds. When the devil influences there can be moral remorse but with possessed individuals there is more defiance and resistance because they have limited or no cognitive ability. This is similar to being a zombie or when one is in an oppressive dream fully aware with all senses but unable to speak or move. That’s because a demon is attempting to coerce one’s mind. The devil can only influence when one is awake while demons can also do this while one is asleep. They are attempting to mind-melt. This is why demons must be cast out of their victims before Salvation can take root, and need to be mandated back to hell where they are incapacitated as stated; “When an unclean spirit goes out of a (possessed) man, …seeking rest, and finds none; (then) it returns to (the previous possession) … (and brings) with him seven spirits (to possess once again)” - Matt. 12:43.

Both the devil and demons often operate jointly to target specific individuals, and organizations, including a church. This coordinated attack is evident in some churches that include secular norms especially entertainment rather than God’s Righteous Spiritual presence. But some say this is trying to reach the lost especially the younger generation by being relatable. First; Jesus was unrelatable to His generation, and presented the Truth directly. Second; it is the Holy Spirit that convicts not man. And third; the Sanctuary and Altar is to be Sanctified onto God. These practices reveal satan’s insidious hand that deceives many into thinking by their efforts, gimmicks, and showmanship that sinners are saved. Hence why many backslide or renounce the Faith having no real Spiritual conviction, foundation, or Revelation. God Anoints His and so does satan! By God’s; Life is restored but by satan; these entities become dead.

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God is all-powerful and dependent! So it would be His nature to want His offsprings to be just the same as He stated; “you are gods” - Ps. 82:6. Now; before religion clouds your thinking. God is perfect and everything that emanates from Him is perfection; except due to the corruption of sin that perfection operates imperfectly. He designed us to think, operate, and administer just like Him. Hence why abiding in Jesus is very critical to succeed and win the battles before us. God will provide all one needs and wants to fight their battles because He doesn't make junk and as stated; “God is Faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able to escape, (and) bear (face) it” - 1 Cor. 10:13. But what about as stated; “God will fight for you” - Ex. 14:14. The main difference between us and God is we are flesh but He is Spiritual; but by the Blood we became Spiritually incarnate. God (His Wisdom, KNowledge and Understanding) in us! God does not possess! This is why just like Jesus, we operate by the flesh; but the Power is by God’s Spirit as stated; “the Father does the works” - Jn. 14:10.

Just like the “be all you can be” military recruitment ads and posters, that focus on the adventures of self; the picture of Salvation points to the individual’s redemptions, restorations, and repeals from a life of sin to become a Christian, and the Hopes in Jesus Christ. And like all contracts, it does not reveal the fine print on the reality of surrendering one’s life and fighting a war. We often accept and think others should fight while we remain as civilians because we are not soldiers. Yet, there are no civilians in the Christian Life, and like all armies, there are soldiers as well as warriors. Everyone has to fight! And we are no longer an Old but a New (Post) Testament Church. 

Unlike the military; the church does not provide the fledglings with basic training in how to strengthen, improve one’s skills, and mentally prepare for the battles ahead to defend, sustain, and overcome the enemies of the Christian. It is not the FAITH that is at stake; but the very Salvation that is received by the newborn person as stated; “the falling away comes first” - 2 Tess. 2:1. This is about those who have built as stated; “their house on sand that washed away when the rains came” - Matt. 7:24. A deluge of pressure is just around the corner if not already here! 

The enemy already knows the war is lost but knows many battles can be taken; because most Christians lack an understanding of how to wage a Righteous war as stated; "(God) teaches my hands to make war" - Ps. 18:1. At the start of most battles; it is usually the green, inexperienced, and unacclimatized soldiers that are injured, maimed, or die. Warriors rarely die in the early stages of any battle and are usually left standing at the end of each trial and tribulation. This is why we call them veterans.

Yet, any person can put on armor and carry a weapon of war, but without training; will be under pressure; panic, and become subjugated to what they see, hear, and feel. The devil, demons, and the dead know this! That’s why as soldiers even though one has the best and most efficient weapons to win; without mental fortitude, discipline, and tenacity that translates into knowledge, action, and confidence; most will lose against the fear of life of challenges that is orchestrated by darkness, and often by their own devices. This separates the novices from veterans.

The world can be at peace; but the drums of battles are constantly being beaten by those jealous, covetous, and hate-mongering against those under the Blessing, Grace, and Righteousness of health, provisions, and prosperity. They are all Spiritual battles in nature as stated; “the prince of the kingdom Persia withstood Me” - Dan. 10:13. Lucifer might have fired the first shot with his rebellion in Heaven; but the first battle was orchestrated by God when Eden was created; as satan and his fallen angels witnessed God’s pleasure for man over them. The devil did not know the real purpose of man, but on seeing the Glory that contained them became jealous, moving him to deceive them with vanity as stated; “You will be like God” - Gen. 3:5. He also saw how full the Garden was with lushness, growth, and fullness unlike his places of desolation, aridness, and ruin; so by envy pushed him to covet what God gave man and why as stated; “God (placed) a (Spiritual) flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the Tree of Life” - Gen. 3:24. He would also relentlessly pursue man and their offsprings with resentment to afflict loss, destruction, and death as stated; “And you (satan) shall (seek to) bruise (the man’s) heel (foundations)” - Gen. 3:15.

This is why God created mankind. To go to war! Why didn’t God put a stop to this immediately by curtailing, and imprisoning satan, and the fallen angels? Why has He allowed so much suffering, destruction, and death? After all, as stated; “For the LORD is the great God; and the great KING above all gods.” - Ps. 95:3. Recently; my daughter got married and I did not talk about how beautiful she looked, and her future; but on my observations of how she handled growing up. That despite knowing she was going to fail by her decisions; I did not stop her but observed how she handled the disappointments life often throws. I was looking to see her take responsibility, learn, and overcome. Of course; I would step in if her decisions and actions would cost her life and lead to a path of unrecoverable distractions. That’s what God, the Father does! He knows the potential that He has given us; so as to place our and His enemy, satan; as stated; “from that time (point) waiting (on His) till (Jesus) enemies are made His (God’s) footstool” - Heb. 10:13. 

Whatever God has established; satan works to wicker for his purpose and the dead is one of his greatest scam methods; just like gateway drugs or get rich schemes; once the hooks are anchored, it is a long, painful, and arduous journey to abate and remove them. These objects are in every space of life; as well as organized, crafted, or built monuments sanctified to satan. These include sects or companies, games or wearables, and temples or gateways. Any organic matter can be associated with the dead which must be cursed, blasphemy, and declared for dark works. Contrary to what many believe; dark television and music are not the dead, but only serve as the tease to the dead. This happens when individuals become obsessed with these types of media; no different than the seven deadly sins. And therefore can be repented of. 

Obsessive behavior leads to detrimental practices which opens the door to being influenced by the dead. But to be clear; such crafty shows and music are not to be toyed with. Associating with the dead is the final indoctrination to be an apostle of satan. How the dead affects people is by association whether by physicality, proximity, or enchantment. It is almost as fatal as receiving the mark of the beast! Like an oracle of one’s desire; the dead use reins of chains; so that the devil and demons can then torment, contort, and dement by subjugation the innocent, pawns, and weak-minded. The most common signs of the dead having influence are the manifestations of perverse actions, including self-mutilations, sexual fixations, and surrealism, in different aspects of the person’s life. The dead has been one of satan’s most effective tools and requires Godly Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding to be avoided, disseminated, and placed under the Blood of Jesus. They are deadly!

We know this because in the Old Testament as stated; “the children of Israel sinned (by taking) the accursed (profane, depraved, evil) things; … so the anger of the LORD burned against (them)” - Jos. 7:1. And in the New Testament Brother Paul stated; “(Knowing) this (food) was offered to idols; (then) do not eat it” - 1 Cor. 10:27. Now to be clear; Jesus overcame the devil, demons, and the dead, as stated: “God (has made His Name) above every (other) name (so) every knee should bow (including those) things under (in) the Earth” - Phil. 2:9. As a Christian by the Anointing and Authority invested by the Blood of Jesus; we cannot only destroy but also vanquish the devil, demons, and the dead.

To be conscious of the devil, demons, and the dead; the Christian must grow from being a disciple to an Apostle of Jesus Christ! One can only be an Apostle when as stated by Jesus; “Abide in Me” - Jn. 15:4. To abide means to embody every aspect of Jesus with our spirit, mind, and body. One cannot read, and preach the Word while at the same time promote a tattoo saying; “I love Jesus”. Why? As Brother Paul states; “we are one Body in Christ'' - 1 Cor. 12:12. This means we are beholden to each other’s Salvation as stated; “make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother's way (because of a weaker Faith)” - Rm. 14:13. One cannot sing and praise God during church service, when the night before they were reveling in unrighteous behavior, and drunkenness. Why? As stated; “You are the Light of (to) the world” - Matt. 5:14. And more so to each other as stated; “And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it” - 1 Cor. 12:26. God demands His ambassadors respect His requirement of Sanctification as stated; “Shall we continue in sin (because of) Grace; certainly not! - Rm. 6:1. This is why many are disillusioned about God. Creation, and Life; because church denominations for the most part have been fooled into a war with each other and have allowed the world to influence, and politize their Sanctuaries. Yet, by definition; to denominate is to divide or name according to one’s will; to twist; just as satan does. 

Unfortunately, and historically; the Church has allowed many individuals to waver the Faith, and give themselves over to the devil, demons, and the dead all the while being a part of the Body of Christ, and ignoring the commandment as stated; “Come out from among them (sin, disobedience, depravity) and be separate; not touching what is unclean (destructive, debased, detrimental)” - 2 Cor. 5:17. And as stated; “For God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of Power and Love and a sound mind” - 2 Tim. 1:7. And after all; to stand against the devil, demons, and the dead.

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February 18, 2024.

The devil, demons, and the dead.

Now; this was not His original design when Adam was created. In Adam’s original form, he was flesh endowed with the Power of God’s Glory; hence why after the deception it states; “We were naked (exposed, vulnerable, subjected)” - Gen. 3:7. Their confidence and Faith became shaken, weakened, and timid because of their guilt from disobedience resulting in fear; and God’s Power cannot operate in a corrupted and faithless man as stated; “for he who comes to God must believe (be Faithful) that He is (I AM)” - Heb. 11:6. Adam’s unrighteous acts separated him from God’s Power and Anointing. How do we know this? God stated to them; “Be fruitful, multiply, and take dominion” - Gen. 1:28. Well; since the Garden was an utopia; Adam would have to expand the Garden into the world not by God’s Power but by his Anointing (authority) that gave him access to God’s Power as Jesus stated; “Ask and it will be given” - Mat. 7:7. This is why under the New Covenant we are granted to use the Name of Jesus to impose God’s Righteous will against the devil, demons, and the dead. Adam did not require this! But because he surrendered his birthright to the devil; Jesus had to take it back and because our current state is a fallen one; we require as stated; “My (God's) Grace (blessing, favor, support) is sufficient for you” - 2 Cor. 12:9. To be clear; Jesus’ Sacrifice and unblemished Blood is the appeasement against God’s fury for His Grace. It does not purify our corrupted blood because the effects of the curse remain in our DNA hence why as Christians we are still subjected to the curse's influences; but by Jesus’ Name and Blood, we can overcome all of them.

Unfortunately, most churches do not focus on the charges given to Adam by God. God never told us that these mandates are no longer required but as stated; “My Word does not return to Me void” - Is. 55:11. God only says things that have a purpose to be manifested. He measures His Word! Because He is that Powerful! And because He wants to operate in this physical realm He requires flesh to speak His Declarations for Him. Because words engage the Spiritual Law for manifestations. One cannot expect Faith to work by only thinking. Hence, why Jesus states; “Speak to the mountains (immovable objects like debt, death, and desperation)” - Mk. 11:23. Yet, so many in the Body only express what they have, fear, feel, and lack. The reality one sees themselves in determines what they receive by Faith. So it's logical that Faith will quicken, and is easier when one declares for the obvious things that already exist in the physical as opposed to those things that require manifestations. Often when we focus our senses on a specific physical desire; it is not unusual for these things to appear before us within a short period, even the same day; such as a red sports car which we ironically see the next day. How we apply our weapons of warfare is not the same as having them at our disposal as stated; “ I will show you my Faith by my works (substance, production, creations)” - Jms. 2:18. Faith requires action!

Before wielding our weapons we must first know our enemy. Too many battles are lost because of ineffective strategies of warfare, intelligence, and countermeasures. The enemy will fight back as fiercely as any cornered animal will. So who is the devil, demons, and the dead? They are not the same and by that deduction, they do not fight the same. When some disciples complained of their failure to cast out demons, Jesus stated; “However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting" - Matt. 17:19. The operative phrase is; “this kind (type, version, breed) ”. Yet, Jesus doesn’t immediately fast and go into deep prayer whenever confronted by the devil, demons, and the dead. This is because He trained and sustained His person for the battle as stated; “He had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterward He was hungry” - Matt. 4:1. And as stated; “and there He prayed” - Mk. 1:35. He abided in God and the Word! And regardless of His hunger; He was able to not only resist but counterattack the devil with the Word and commands of God. Consider; satan mainly attacks when we are weak, stressed, and distracted; which indicates he is not formidable. and must use subversive methods to defeat us.  

The difference between us and Jesus is the confidence in the Anointing, and our expectations of our relationship with God as stated; “this is (our) confidence, (when) we ask anything according to His will, He hears us; (so) we have the petitions that we asked for” - 1 Jn. 5:14. My daughter knows and has the confidence that whenever she has a need she just has to ask for it from me. There is no apprehension with her asking because she knows I will provide within the framework of our covenant. Whether I give it to her is by God’s Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding. Jesus may have been born to save the sinner, but He only became the Christ after receiving the Anointing and miracles followed just as we as stated; “And these signs will follow those who believe (have confidence) in My name; they will cast out demons; speak with new tongues; take up serpents; drink anything deadly, (and will not die); (and) lay hands on the sick, (so that) they will recover" - Mk. 16:17.