With authority comes responsibility! As the Body of Christ, we cannot take for granted the Name that is held to such a high standard. First, in God’s Throne; then His Kingdom, and by extension; the Earth. It is a special and unique Name and requires more respect, reverence, and recognition than any other earthly title like doctor, pastor, and even president. One cannot loosely use the Name and then when trials come expect the Name to have the required authority to remedy whatever situation one has gotten themselves in. The Name has been provided to the Body for this period of Grace; especially these last days. This Grace is not the same as God’s mercy or compassion but under the provision of God’s will are these applied by His judgment as stated; “God ponders man’s ways” - Prov. 5:21. Grace delays God’s judgment not for the world, but for His chosen people and us who have claimed the Blood and Name of Jesus Christ. That provision of Grace will be measured first to each individual within the Body; then as a family; and then to the church. To put this into perspective; consider if in one’s household your child steals then by Grace, the crime may be overlooked and a delayed punishment applied based on how the child progresses to appreciate your household. But if your employee steals from you then they may be fired leaving a record of the crime. Or; because of your Righteous character, you would give them the option to resign, and even provide them a severance pay to aid them until they get another job because of previous good service or considerations for their family. That is mercy and compassion. God provides Grace because He wants His people to grow up into His image, ways, and Kingdom. His mercy and compassion are applied when we fail to heed His guidance and are unbiased and objective based on His judgment. So by using the Name of Jesus; we are either reinforcing the authority leased to us for God’s will or we are bringing to remembrance God’s promises to us within His Covenant. 

Whenever we use the Name of Jesus in doing what the disciples and apostles did is to reveal the authority and Power of the Name and God’s Glory. Yet, the Name is not limited to the miracles of the New Testament but is also for every crime against humanity from the top down from every governing body whether political or within the church as stated; “When the Righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man rules, the people groan" - Prov. 29:2. To know why the Body is to apply the Name is to know God’s character because there is no other Righteous reason for using the Name of Jesus. We don’t pray to Jesus but only to God! And by prayer and supplications, we are only reminding God of His purpose for creation in all its diversity, structure, and divinity. In other words; we don’t spill or waste the Name of Jesus over things that God has already by Blood promised in His Covenant. But with the Name above all other names we enforce, adjudicate, and declare God’s will on this Earth. And by this we reveal to the world what by the Word God declared as stated; “made in My image (ways, thinking, character)” - Gen. 1:27; and fulfilled, restored, and rejuvenated by Jesus who gave the Body His Name to do as stated; “greater things will you do because I go to the Father” - Jn. 14:12.

Flush it Out! - Jesus has left the house!  

He was, is, and will be the one who will always be needed; whether here on Earth or in Heaven. Many have sought Him; yet missed Him because they failed to acknowledge Him in all His ordained and decreed ways. Without Jesus; there is no God and without God, there can be no Jesus. Many, claiming Christianity; still remain ignorant and defiant to the Holy Trinity; where it is Jesus that is the center of it and the very linchpin that upholds God’s Kingdom. Whether saved or unsaved; we cannot do without Jesus. The Word of God! He is the advocator of all our needs and wants as well as He is the very declarations that emanate from God’s seat of sovereignty. As stated; “Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life” - Jn. 14:6.

Now, no need to panic in fear. For we all have been immature with that Name. I remember growing up and being threatened with the pain of a belt or cane to never use curse words and never to take Jesus’ name in vain as an outburst expression of anger, disappointment, or exclamation. Well, being the ‘wise guy’; I invented a new word and justified it whenever I faced having to burst out because of failing to control my flesh. I somehow convinced and trained my mind to substitute His name in those trials with the word; “Big fat”. It’s laughable now in hindsight but in many ways, it seeded the reverence for the Name of Jesus; and by the revelation of the Word; it's when we give the spirit more authority than our flesh that we walk in our Righteousness as stated; “by the flesh is death but by the Spirit, there is Life” - Rm. 8:6.

Spiritual Awakening

Apr. 05, 2022. 

Why Jesus !

That statement alone should give the religious skeptics any doubt in Faith as to the authenticity, supremacy, and Power of Jesus. Notice; God did not say; “I (God) will crush your (satan’s) head”; but “her Seed”. A clear indicated of both a supernatural Spiritual and physical manifestation that would subdue satan’s evil, disobedience, and irreverence for God’s will on the Earth as stated; “Your (God’s) Kingdom come (established, seen, recognized) on Earth as in (same as) Heaven” - Matt. 6:10. The devil threw a stone, and God answered with a Rock as stated; “Rock of Salvation” - Ps. 62. Jesus is nothing short of being the bedrock of any Righteous work and men of God. The Body of Christ!

So why do many hate Him? As if He was something to be abhorred and disdained. There is no description such as evil, selfish, or unjust associated with His person. In fact; most outside the Body refer to Him as a prophet, a justice warrior, and a good man. But many remain jealous, indifferent, and even embarrassed about Him; His Earthly Life, and His Heavenly status. They want Him; then they don’t want Him! They mock Him; then they call out His name when faced with great distress. Many only see Jesus for selfish reasons rather than for adoration, admiration, and reverence. They place Him even at the same level as other known heroes of the destitute, lost, and suffering such as Gandhi, or Confucius. The Truth is they only see Him as an old piece of furniture left in the corner and only used when no other is available. They; to their demise fail to acknowledge Him as stated: “The Son of God” - Rm. 1:4.

It is disturbing that often when around the Body; His Name is used with so little effort, recognition, or reverence. Often trivially! When in fact, He and His Name is the writ of force in all things as stated; “Name above all names” - Phil. 2:9. The only Name of authority on Earth as it is in Heaven as stated; “All Power is given to Me” - Matt. 28:18. For when we use His Name, it is like wielding a sword by Faith for which there is no defense in the natural, but especially in the supernatural. Jesus stated this as a matter of fact; a forewarning to all those opposed to Righteousness as stated; “I (Jesus) come (to use) a sword” - Matt. 10:34. Jesus did not come to make peace but to start a battle to end the war that satan started when he invaded to kill, steal and destroy God’s foundation of Earthly Righteousness for His Glory. As stated; “Her (Eve) Seed will crush your (satan) head” - Gen. 3:15. 

A common use of His Name is in the blessing of the food we eat. We often state without Power; “And LORD, bless this food we are about to eat in the name of Jesus”. Well; if we accept as stated; “God will supply all our needs”; which includes food then shouldn’t we also acknowledge as stated; “no good thing (blessing) will He withhold from them that walk uprightly (Righteously)” - Phil. 4:19, and, Ps. 84:11, respectively. The Blessing only includes good (Righteous) things. We often pray without considering what we are saying because of social graces or a standard occurrence in these settings. This is why most often; pre-written prayers repeated over and over are not effective. An example of a more appropriate prayer might be along the lines of; “Father (God) I thank You for Your supply of this food we are about to eat and I Bless it and cover anything, not of your Righteous Kingdom with the Blood in the Name of Jesus. That’s how Jesus did it as stated; “And He (Jesus) thanked God and Blessed, gave a blessing over the food”; as recorded by the Gospels. Consider that today we may control our household gardens but not the food providers outside it. I often in public will declared a prayer like this because of the uncertainty of the current environment. Now; to be clear it is in the Faith of the Name of Jesus that the Body overcomes everything that has been cursed. But we must exercise prudence whenever the Spirit instructs us regarding certain things in this world just as Joshua was by God not to touch or take anything associated with demonic and unrighteous acts. With Jesus and His followers, they were able because of the Anointing and the associated Power of Jesus' Name, especially after Pentecost. As the Body; we must be honest about where our Faith is in the Name of Jesus.

Jesus the man did not use His name to end His prayers because by His Heavenly appointment He already had the authority and Power in His person and not His name. Now; this may sound like a contradiction but consider that it has always been accepted and practiced that in the absence of the authorized person his seal, stamp and signature are seen as equal as if the person was in front of you or an authorized person can stand in for the authority like an ambassador or diplomat. So in Jesus’ case; it was the authorized Jesus the man representing God. Because until Jesus was crucified, died, and was resurrected into His restored and new status all He did was under God’s authority, person, and Spirit as He stated; “All authority has been given onto Me (by God)” - verse; and, “I only do what the Father tells Me” - Matt. 28:18. 

We need to understand we as the Body of Christ in this world are the authorized Body of Christ because God transferred His Power to Jesus for this age of Grace; as if Jesus was standing right beside us whenever it is required to state His Name in authority. This is why there is a new and better Covenant. Because a prime difference is no one before could use the Name of Jesus as the authority to come boldly to the Throne of God but tentative could only by the feeble covering of the blood of selected, sanctified, sacrificial imperfect animals; and bow for God’s intervention as stated; “no amount of animal blood will suffice for sin” - Heb. 10:4. Only the Blood and the Name will. This representation is not without merit just like when an unconscious patient in a hospital has named someone to make the life or death decisions about their body, mind, and spirit. The burden of that representation will be with you for all eternity. Our application, Faith in the name of Jesus is under scrutiny by Heavenly witnesses as to whether we abused or Righteously appropriated His name as it was given the Godly Power to do. 

The Word became flesh! That’s how Jesus came to be. And it is how we who are of the Blood Covenant with God manifest the things that God has purposed for our lives, our community, and the country we reside in. You can’t use the Name of Jesus without a corresponding manifestation such as doubt, but more importantly Faith. The manifestation is depended on your attitude, aptitude, and action as stated; "Faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead" - Jms. 2:17. If Faith does not have the corresponding works that are attitude, aptitude and action; it is doubt. This is the difference between the Blessing of prosperity, protection, and providence; as opposed to the curse. Both of which exist unseen as the air we breathe which either is refreshing to empower us or stale to our detriment. When we call on Jesus; it is with Faith or is it with fear? Both are that unseen force of the supernatural that causes ripples in the natural. A confident use of His Name is expressed in assurance, expectation, and boldness. While in fear; it is with anxiety, complaining, and timidness. The former as an Heir of the Kingdom! And the latter; a slave. For as stated; “Now this is the confidence that we have in Him (God), that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us” - 1 Jn. 5:14. What is God’s will? To use the Name given to us! 

Jesus is the Name! Which in Hebrew is Yeshua; meaning to rescue or deliver. So in reality; when we use the Name of Jesus; we are in effect saying to God; “rescue or deliver us” from whatever we face. There is no facade or fakeness in the Name of Jesus. The entire embodiment of His Spirit, Mind, and Body is contained and expressed in His Name. Jesus! And here is the revelation! Jesus is known as the Messiah or Jesus Christ to the saved. Both these titles refer to His authority of Power, Influence, and Standing in God’s Kingdom and Throne Room. For Jesus is the Anointed One! Often referred to as; “Jesus the Messiah” or “Jesus Christ”; which in its original demographic interpretation would be understood and acknowledged as; “The Anointed Jesus”. Or in practical terms; “The authorized one”. This charge given and placed on Jesus by God transcends all realms; subjecting all others under Him as if God was in your presence.  

If God is the creator then by implication He created Jesus the Word being the Power behind the name Jesus as stated; “My Word does not return to Me void” - Is. 55:11. This speaks to the omnipresence of His Power embedded in the name Jesus. Consider, and, to be legalistic. God did not say His Son Jesus is above all names but the name Jesus is. So is the person Jesus above all other names or rather persons? Yes! To break this down is to understand that even though the name Jesus is a common name throughout different parts of the world. It is the association of His Name with the immutability, omniscience, and omnipotence of God’s person and character that is linked or we can say; “the DNA of Jesus, who is the Word”; where the Power is empowered to challenge, overcome, and defeat any other word, person, entity not only in the Earth but also in the Heavens. When God kicked Lucifer out of Heaven; He did it with Jesus; the Word.

This is important as well as critical in how as Christians we receive, offer, and use His Name to overcome and triumph over the devil, his evil spirits, and cohorts of this world. It is not just a name! But by its reverent use, it is the Power and seal of authority that cannot be trivialized by mere humanized expressions but by the inner spirit is the Power in the Name Jesus immortalized to the world and its fallen components. The Name can be equally used to heal the sick or command a car to start with Righteous Faith. And here lies the problem when using it just as a name rather than the Power contained in the Name; is by the expectation and consistency of applying the Word, Jesus. One of satan's tools is distractions; sleight of hand, and redirections. To receive the substance that is unseen by Faith is often not like a microwave but requires fortitude to stay focused on what God has already provided as stated; "Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe (have Faith) that you receive them, and you will have them" - Mk. 11:24. The key is to know our prayers must be in line with God's will express with gratitude from the heart.