There is only one prime purpose for the fall of man to be allowed. And that is as stated; “Therefore I take pleasure (revel, delight, satisfaction) in infirmities (physical, or mental weakness, fragility, insufficiencies), in reproaches (embarrassments), in needs (essentials), in persecutions (injustice), in distresses (concerns), for Christ’s sake (purpose, benefit, cause); (because) when I am weak, then I am strong (by Jesus Christ)” - 2 Cor. 12:10. God is a dutiful Father with integrity that although knowing his image will make mistakes. He is there waiting for us to cry; “Abba, Father!” And with our Faithful obedience, we can enjoy Victory by God's hand so that as stated; “Not of works, lest any man should boast” - Eph. 2:9. It takes a willingness to go through the process of not only learning but more importantly embracing the nature and uncertainty of change. It takes Faith! For without this we become stale, stained, and stagnated rather than as stated; “For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.” - 2 Cor. 2:15.

The first step is to bring the Righteous light of God into the corrupted temple and to have the attitude, aptitude, and actions to as stated; “forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead” - Phil. 3:12. We must never settle for being a good Christian but work toward becoming a Righteous Christian. This starts with self-reflection; constantly measuring that against the word; the Spirit, and Jesus (God). Not Paul! Not Peter! And certainly not anyone in your church! We must only use the examples beyond reproach. For which no man can claim. Why? Human nature is such that we very rarely attain the highest standard that is set but when as stated; “shoot for eagle; we bag pheasant and don’t eat crow”. It is as Jesus tells us; “to be perfect (in the heart) as the Father is” - Matt. 5:48. 

The second step is to stop making excuses and enjoy the journey which is more important than the destination. The journey provides us the references and memories to move forward towards the next goal and then the next goal. As Jesus states; “in the world, you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” - Jn. 16:33. Get over it! The Christian can only accept as stated; “Because you love me the world will hate you” - Jn. 15:18. There is no middle ground to worm around and shy away from what being a Christian entails. For as stated; “God is not mocked” - Gal. 6:7. And just to be clear; a saved person cannot expect much sympathy from God after seeing how much His only begotten Son suffered and that He will not be disappointed by those who have taken for granted Jesus' Sacrifice. 

The third step is to judge! Don’t become confused by religious notions of Christianity and who God is and what He displayed from Genesis to Revelation as stated; “judge with Righteous judgment.” - Jn. 7:24. There is the judgment to condemn as being useless, unfit, and unredeemable as stated; “Ananias, how is it that satan has so filled your heart that you have lied to the Holy Spirit - (then) he fell down and died - (and) his wife came in, (who also conspired) to test the Spirit of the Lord - fell down at his feet and died” - Acts 5:1-11. And there is the judgment to evaluate for usefulness, fitness, and redeemability for restoration to its original design. The Christian is to judge not based on personal or shared biases but from the perspective of the word, Spirit, and Jesus (God). For as stated; “all (man) have fallen short of the Glory of God” - Rm. 3:23. This means despite our corrupted nature; by Jesus’ Blood, we have access to be in the Light of God’s Glory. Not only for His sake but ours! 

No longer can we claim to be like a Cain bringing our half-hearted efforts to the altar of Sacrifice. But as Abel; all our genuine efforts to become Christ are acceptable to God’s Throne who as stated; “sees the heart” - 1 Sam. 16:7. For what we treasure is where the heart is and what is issued by it. Just like a lampstand that is constantly cleaned, polished, and sits in view of its maker; ready to take its place for the guests attending a banquet to acknowledge its host and to light the tables of delight. So are the temples of God as stated; “You (God) prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You Anoint my head with oil (Blessings); my cup runs over (abundantly)” - Ps. 23:5.

Flush it Out - There is only a Glorious Temple of God.

This is a foreshadow of those who will take as stated; “the mark of the beast” - Rev. 13:16; thereby signifying their separation from God in unrighteousness, being unrepentant of sin choosing death rather than for life that Abel demonstrated by personal sacrifice affirming as stated; "Awake to Righteousness, and do not sin; for some do not have the knowledge of God" - 1 Cor. 15:33. Cain lived as an outsider to God's Blessing in the land, not city of Nod indicating to wander eternally or to perpetually regret, mull over, or lament as in as stated; "I (Jesus) do not know you, (not knowing) where you are from (but Nod, lukewarmness, unsaved); (therefore) depart from Me all you workers (influencers, establishers, laborers) of iniquity (twistedness, corruption, shriveled); (yours) will be (continuous) weeping and gnashing of teeth, (as) you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the Kingdom of God, and yourselves thrust (cast, rejected, discarded) out - Lk. 13:27.

Jesus was the perfect man in spirit, mind and, body! Only because He maintained an abiding regiment with the Father through the Holy Spirit. And although He was born without corruption; He subjected Himself to it before and climaxing on the cross of shame. To think that Jesus did not experience every evil force and temptation of sin as we do is naive and ignorant to the exact redemption, He paved the way and paid for with His life, death, and resurrection. For without touching every aspect of our fallen and corrupted image, there cannot be the fulfillment of the statement; “He will come back for a Glorious church” - Eph. 5:26. 

To receive Salvation and ignore, abandon, and bury the other aspects of God’s creation of our image in Him, by sin, corruption, and the grave; that is the body and mind and to some extent, the spirit does not come close to being the Glorious church Jesus intends to present to His Father in Heaven. Why? Because this Glorious church is the first Harvest of a true resurrection of a Sanctified body, mind, and spirit as stated; “we (the Body) who are alive (saved) and remain (endure) shall be caught (embraced) up together with them (the Heavenly Host) in the clouds to meet the LORD (Jesus) in the air, and we shall always be with the LORD.” - 1 Tess. 4:17. Well! Only perfected full-bodied ripe fruit will do to honor God and be reflective of His perfect work in creation before the corruption of sin tainted the Earth. Consider this! Jesus became the Sin; the Sacrifice and the Salvation in one fell swoop, all together, immediately with His unblemished Blood. He went to Heaven, not as a cursed, corrupted, contaminated man but a Glorious one. It is foreshadowed in the Old Testament. 

In the story of Abel and Cain; Adam’s first set of children. It is Abel the second-born; a shepherd that offers God the best of his flock’s harvest. While Cain; the firstborn only gives a less than the quality portion of his harvest. God demonstrates more pleasure in Abel’s offering and presentation and upon his death states; “The voice of (Abel) your brother’s blood (spirit) cries out to Me from the ground (grave)” - Gen. 4:10. For his unrighteousness, Cain receives a mark for God’s protection and becomes a fugitive and wanderer. Sounds familiar? Cain represents the fallen man who despite knowing of God and the consequences of disobedience from his parents still dishonors God in his actions becoming an outsider who no longer has any true identity and receives a mark (a judgment) as a warning to others. That one cannot expect the best of God when you give Him a pittance or deceptive effort to acknowledge Him affirming as stated; “being lukewarm I will spit you out” - Rev. 3:16. Is it interesting that Cain not only dishonors God but kills the one that honors Him and is marked for his unrighteousness. 

Many within Body are not blind and make Christ's work undeniable. Some say because they are the leaders and shepherds of the flock. Yet; God nor Jesus states this in their declarations and Paul’s guidance on the church's Body certainly does not override what is foundational to our Faith and New Covenant through Christ. God’s Spirit is for everyone regardless of any manmade limitations as stated; “God is a respecter of no one” - Acts 10:34 and “He (Jesus) is the author and finisher of our Faith” - Heb. 12:2. Paul's declaration of “I can do all things through (by, with) Christ” - Phil. 4:13 should be the Christian's banner and daily confess of Faith. What is our Faith? That as stated; “nothing is impossible with God” - Lk. 1:37. God is not withholding. It is we who are not prepared Righteously to receive all that God has given us. For Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. And as stated; “without Faith, it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” - Heb. 11:6. Jesus made this clear with the Parable of the sower. That it is the soil we lay our feet on including our actions will affect Faith for the Word to be effective as stated; "Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" - Heb. 11:1. 

Only by the good soil as stated; “word fell on good ground” - Matt. 13:8; is there a harvest. What is key here is the way we receive the good news. Be it for Salvation; be it for healing or be it for prosperity and protection. And just to be clear. It is the hearer who is in control of the ground’s soil. God designed it this way so that despite any shackle of color, family, economics, or for that matter generational curse. By one’s desires for positive Righteous change with determined Faith; anyone can overcome and be victorious in this world. History is filled with overcomers. 

Don't be upset, but one does not need to be born of the Holy Spirit to do God's work. Paul as Saul demonstrates this before the revelation of the Holy Spirit by Jesus. One can work for the right things but not be Righteous; in right standing with God. What one needs is the consistency of action as stated; “be not only a hearer but also a doer of the Word” - Jms. 1:22. Only doers position themselves to receive all that the Kingdom has to offer; including the Holy Spirit. This is seedtime harvest. An unbiased Spiritual law for all mankind. One's genuine effort goes a long way rather than just complaining, and it uses less energy. To complain about God’s seemingly lack of understanding, action or mercy is to reveal one’s state of unrighteousness because as stated; “from the heart come the issues (matter, revelation, equipping) of life” - Prov. 4:23. This can be said as; “The heart only pumps out what it is given”.

Making the body and mind healthy for Righteousness is encouraged and practically equal to making the spirit Righteous. Did you ever read of Jesus healing the spirit of a person? Jesus healed the bodies and minds of people and fed their spirits with Hope, Love, and Faith. His ministry was not single but trifold to make the whole man as God intended it to be. Whenever we who have taken Jesus’ Blood limit our effectiveness in and to the world; we as stated; “crucify Christ all over again” - Heb. 6:6. It's like an orphan who after being adopted into a family; still clings to his past heritage rather than progressing into his current family’s identity and heritage. As the saying goes; “I think therefore I am”. The more we think and act like Jesus, embracing His life and not ours; is the more the Mind of Christ is displayed to the world becoming unbiased regardless of political correctness, superficial issues, and traditions.

A prime reason to be a Christian is to destroy the works of corruption and to replace it with the Righteousness of God as Jesus states; “Destroy this temple and I (Jesus) will raise it up again in three days” - Jn. 2:19. Jesus made this comment just before heading to the Cross about His resurrection. A fulfillment of prophecy as stated; “They have pierced My hands and feet.” - Ps. 22:16. But more than that; Jesus was ensuring that anyone who would believe in Him would have eternal life because Spiritually the precedent of destroying corruption and by His Body; a new man would be rebirthed into the Righteous Covenant established by God in the beginning and reestablished by Jesus’ perfect obedience to the Father. 

Apr. 6, 2021.


The corrupted temple.

To think that one can only go to a church service to present the spirit only is not to recognize His perfection in also the body, and mind. And that not presenting all three is like bringing a third of the turkey to a family celebration. As the host, we all certainly would be disappointed. So, would not God also be disappointed? The Christian cannot truly represent God to the world when being highly spiritual; he suffers from physical and mental ailments. For as stated; “by His stripes we were healed” -Is. 53:5. And how can we confess this and Jesus’ infallibility when for the most part we do not truly represent Him by the spirit, mind, and body. Now to be clear, this is not about Salvation but about just how brightly and steadily does your candle burns to light the darkness and remove the blindness from those lost. It's like being lost in the forest and no one can read a map or use a compass as stated; “the blind can’t lead the blind” - Matt. 14:15.

Abel who by birth is the second son and who by his blood seeks not only justice but recognition as the one who sacrificed his benefit in obedience and honor to his creator. His God! This is the foreshadow of Jesus who as stated; “made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant” - Phil. 2:6. And being murdered ultimately shed His Blood in Sacrifice because He honored God and went into the deep and dark place of hell. And by His spirit (Blood); God resurrected Him for as stated; “He (Jesus) might be the firstborn among many brethren.” - Rm. 8:29. 

Some may only interpret the story of Cain and Abel on firstfruits. On the best of your flock, seed, or earnings. Yet, as clearly stated; “the Kingdom is more than food or drink”; and “treasure what moth and rust will not eat up” - Rm. 14:7 and Matt. 6:19, respectively. So, the real question is what is God and His Kingdom all about? God is a Spirit! Yet, He put flesh, that is the man above His Spiritual Angels. God is about absolute and Righteous Truth! Yet, He allows the flesh and lies of men to work for His benefit. God has no limitations or boundaries! Yet, He wants to establish His Kingdom on the Earth to be run by man. God is omnipotent! Yet, He desires flesh to worship and honor Him. 

What God seems to be craving is to experience flesh by His Spirit as through the man, Jesus Christ. That despite being at His core; unphysical. God has ordained the physical to be His ultimate accolade of His greatest expressions through various and levels of manifestations. All to reveal His Glory! And this ultimate expression is in the temple of man as stated; “your body is the Temple of God” - 1 Cor. 6:15. God’s Righteous desire is to co-habit, abode, and interact wherever the Righteous man is. To be a partaker in men’s affairs as an individual, a family, a city, or as a nation. He wants The Tabernacle of old to be as boundless as He is with clear-cut boundaries, He has established not only for His Kingdom but for every relationship that exists on this Earth. It is the ultimate triumph for God; in His Kingdom and on the Earth! 

But for man’s fallen nature and his tedious, ignorant, and lackluster spirit. God’s vision of Eden would have been fulfilled. But God’s declarations do not fail. And as this Age comes to an end; so will God’s declaration of a new beginning to emerge as stated; “and I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth” - Rev. 21:1. God is not expecting as some say; “all you who labor and are heavily laden, and I (Jesus) will give you rest.” No! Jesus’ deliver to God of a Glorious church speaks of one that is operating in His true image of Righteousness. Not by laboring, but by the heart for His Righteousness; with His Grace covering our every struggling step. For God does not want second best or half your heart as Cain did. God wants all your heart! And by this, He wants all of the spirit, mind, and body that He created to be firstfruit to honor Him for His protection, provision, and providence as Abel did for the ultimate satisfaction and reverence of His work in man just as He did on the Sabbath for the self-recognition of resting in acknowledgment; of a job well done.

Spiritual Awakening

Yet, too many in the Body of Christ cling to a corrupted temple restraining, impeding, or defusing the Spirit of Christ. Often these individuals use their lack of perfection as the reason they are unable to perform the church’s ministries. When will we get it! It is not by our efforts but that of God’s. And all He needs is for us to use as stated; “the measure of Faith” - Rm. 12:3. That by free will we step into those areas that make us uncomfortable and by His Spirit, we change, overcome and become determined to stand on as stated; “It is the Father who dwells in Me does the work” - Jn. 14:10. It is to our lack of blessings and disappointment that; “where we fear to tread, God’s Spirit nor His Angels will go”.