As stated; “For out of it you were taken; (because) dust you are, and to dust, you shall return” - Gen. 3:19. This is not the dirt of the ground but the atoms, protons, neutrons, and electrons that all matter (life) has. A body may be cremated but the remaining ash (bone pieces) still must break down into these prime life elements. But from this dust, as it were can come new life in the form of plants which is used in other life and so on, repeating the cycle. The man can only recycle what he has made which is the transmutation of the prime life elements. God reuses and reassigns with the original core and essence of created life. That demonstrates His superior creative Power! 

God shares and is not hung up with His power to control His creation. But man can be obsessed to become gods! The highest form of this is to recreate all of God’s creations into their image. But in reality, they will not have the core and essence of created Life. These men are using instinctive creativity to produce only abominations with the ultimate goal of transhumanism. A modern word for the Nephilims, which is the crossbreeding of different types of life or kinds for enhancing and attaining greater abilities. To be gods of their own making; therefore, not needing the true and One creator in God. 

Everything available to us has God in them. But not everything is from God. Just like all unnatural things have natural things in them; like pharmaceuticals. This is why in many Old Testament battles God instructs His people to destroy all that was made or possessed by these unrighteous peoples as stated; “But of the cities of these peoples which the Lord your God gives you as an inheritance, you shall let nothing that breathes remain alive, but you shall utterly destroy them” - Deut. 20:16. Once the enemy has incarnated, twisted, or tainted anything of God, it cannot be redeemed including man. Some say this contradicts Jesus’ Blood for Salvation. Yet, it is the man who first must confess and repent before the Blood can have any effect as stated; “do you think that they were worse sinners than all other men - I (Jesus) tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish” - Lk. 13:4. The Blood is powerful but, in some cases, it is not worth the benefit or prudence to exercise the Blood on these dark and unrighteous things such as converting a satanic temple into a church. It's simpler for destruction!

This is because such corrupted spirits are abiding in it; it requires as stated; “And at once Jesus gave them permission, (and) then the unclean spirits went out and entered the swine - and the herd ran (and) - drowned in the sea" - Mk. 5:13. You see Jesus was not showing mercy to this demonic legion but exercising Righteousness and Wisdom knowing once they were left alone in the pigs; would eventually return to possess and harass others. He knew that the pigs would die resulting in as stated; "When the unclean (corrupted) spirit is gone out of a man (possession), he walks through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none (then) return into my house (possession) from whence I came out; (and) find it empty, swept, and garnished (unprotected) (bring) seven other (demonic) spirits - and dwell there (for) worse than the first (time)" - Matt. 12:43-45. This why no compassion or mercy should be given to any unrighteous spirit as stated; "Whoever rewards evil for good, evil will not depart from his house" - Prov. 17:13.

The one question all men and women ask is; “Who is God”? It doesn’t matter whether you are Christian or some other persuasion of living; sooner or later; at least once; that question is uttered. Who is God?! Then as if the tumbling of dominions, other questions follow. Why? Where and how? But what most of us don’t realize and come to the humility of these questions is that the very notion that we seek these answers prove that God exists and is in the very nature that makes us as humans and for that matter every other life form on this planet. We cannot deny that we are intrinsically connected to God, just as the unborn is to the womb by the umbilical cord. 

Spiritual Awakening

God is understanding and measured in His response! This is different from His compassion and mercy towards us. And by our level of expectations; our Faith determines His rewards and miracles in our lives. God does not do magic! What He does are order and lessons as only a true Father does! He imparts of Himself! Before Jesus, was Abraham who by Faith abandoned all he knew and like all before Jesus faltered in that Faith to the fatal result like those who constantly complained and died before reaching the Promised Land. But with Jesus; His Faith never faltered but abided by God’s order of events and gave lessons to His followers as stated by Jesus; “Do you now believe (have Faith)?; (and) indeed the Hour is coming, yes, has now come, that you will be scattered, each to his own, and will leave (abandon) Me alone; yet I am not alone, because the Father is with Me; (and) these things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace (but) in the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” - Jn. 16:31. Jesus lived by the Law of Faith! And therefore imparted by example the Father’s desire for us as stated; “But those who wait (reverence, acknowledge, attend) on the LORD, shall renew (awaken) their strength; (and) shall mount up (be displayed) with wings like eagles (boldness, majesty, affirmation), (and) shall run and not be weary, (and) shall walk and not faint” - Is. 40:31. 

God is never short-sighted but as stated; “The LORD is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance” - 2 Pet. 3:9. What time is to God is not what time is to us which is linear. God’s timing is based on His strategies to thwart the enemy and to fulfill His Kingdom on Earth through us as it is Heaven as stated; “So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven (the sky), and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day” - Jos. 10:13. Whenever we become impatient it usually results in more problems for us as stated; “Because narrow (precise, direct, restricted) is the gate (opening, passage, conduit) and difficult (challenging, obstructive, problematic) is the Way which leads to Life, and there are few who find it” - Matt. 7:13. A narrow gate requires patience, providence, and provision for all who desire to pass through it. God is not forcing anyone! But many will not allow for the time and aptitude for this to happen. Because impatience or unfaithfulness looks for shortcuts but patience; long-suffering allows Faith (God) to resolve the issues in an ordering, organized, and timely manner that provides lessons for future problems. 

We see God’s perfect timing for the man Jesus as stated; “(And) filled with wrath - they led Him (Jesus) to the brow of the hill - that they might throw Him down over the cliff, (but, He) then passing through (slips by) the midst of them, He went His way” - Lk. 4. God created the perfect set of circumstances with distractions to allow Jesus to escape. God could have wiped the slate clean when Adam sinned and manifested Jesus right after. But what lesson and foundation of Faith would mankind learn and have to do as stated; “But without (Righteous) Faith it is impossible to please (Love) Him, for he who comes (call) to God must believe (be assured) that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently (patiently, earnestly, persevere) seek Him” - Heb. 11:6. It was the faithlessness of the first man and woman that resulted in separation from God. So, it is justice that Faith is required to be fully reunited back to God. 

​God endures! Another way to say this is; “His presence is all around us” and as stated; “But You (God) are Holy, (and) enthroned (elevated, exalted, invested) in the praises of Israel (your people)” - Ps. 22:3. This is why Jesus commanded; “I Am (Jesus) the vine, you are the branches (and) he who abides (observe, accept, persist) in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing, (so) if anyone does not abide in Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered; and they gather them and throw them into the fire, and they are burned, (but) if you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you, will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you, (and) by this, My Father is Glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples” - Jn. 15:4-11. If we as the Body of Christ cannot distinguish between evil and good; then we are not abiding in the Father’s care for us. Being called a Christian is not a label to identify a religion or a political bias. It is to do as Christ did! That’s what a disciple does. To imitate, reflect, and emulate a standard and prescription for living by the spirit, mind, and body. 

​As stated; “But if your eye (mind) is bad (dim, perverse, hopeless) your whole body will be full of darkness (and) if therefore the light (spirit) that is in you is darkness (death), how great is that darkness (unrighteousness)” - Matt. 6:23. How we perceive (interpret) the world, people, and things around us either will be seen as God’s presence or satan’s. We ought to be like Lot as stated; “For that Righteous man dwelling among them (the evil), in seeing and hearing, vexed (unsettled, disturbed, enraged) his Righteous soul (mind) from day to day with their unlawful (abomination) deeds” - 2 Pet. 2:8. Lot lived in a worst time and city than Jesus who had Roman law, order, and justice allowing the Faithful to pursue their God. God saved Lot not because he was Abraham’s nephew but because he kept and lived his Righteousness and kept His word to destroy these cities and their abominations.

God is not a megalomaniac (a distorted ego), or is wasteful and has placed the wonders of this world within reach so that we can find Him in them as stated; “He has made everything beautiful in its time (and) also He has put eternity in their (men) hearts, except that no one can find out (discover) the work (methods) that God does from beginning to end” - Ecc. 3:11. God is the greatest of all the wonders that we can experience. The natural world uncorrupted by man reflects God and is a point of contact with Him. One cannot observe the variety and the details of life on this planet without looking to the Heavens. The Universe. This cannot be said for the things man has made. No one drives a car, lives in their home, or uses their cell phone with a thought about God. They cannot find His beauty in them. That’s because they have not been given the gene of eternal life. That is the core or essence of God. Which is the unadulterated fulfilled Life! 

God is! That's the very answer He gave to Moses; stating; “I AM, that I AM” - Ex. 3:14. Well; if we are honest; that doesn’t help much. We are so designed that we need more substance to hold on to; to use our senses to determine exactly what is before us like the peculiar color and texture of things, the sleekness of a car, or the sharpness and beauty of rugged rock formations. And without realizing it; we are admiring the very nature of God by our senses. This act was God’s first instruction to Adam. To use his senses to determine what was before him as stated; “(God) brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them; and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof” - Gen. 2:19. To put it simply; God is the ultimate designer and His creations yearn to reflect His creativity. 

First things First! God is first a Father to all of us. As a Father, He does what all good and Righteous fathers do. He takes responsibility for His creation. What this indicates is we are of His kind in His image; and that God desires for us to reflect Him by giving us a starting chance with the Garden of Eden just like any father who helps their baby to stand or putting Lego blocks together with his helping hand. Did you notice? He did not ask Adam to name the plants but only the creations that have blood flowing through them. God is distinguishing the different life forms He created and the place they are to hold in our spirit, mind, and body. 

As the Father to all, God is connected to those of His creations that have blood which is ultimately a metaphor of His Spirit in them. Just like a prophet declaring God's Word or like the donkey speaking to Balaam - Num. 22:28. As it has been said; “blood of my Blood” or in this case; “life from My Life”. And just like everyone who has created anything; their reflection is innate in their design intending to be conveyed to all who see and experience it like a potter’s vase or an architect's design. As the Father; His intimacy is measured by His mirror reflection in His designs. As stated; “But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay, some for honor and some for dishonor; therefore if anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work” - 2 Tim. 20-21. Isn’t that great! That God wants us to His showpieces that He can brag about as stated; “Have you considered My servant (vessel) Job, that there is none like him on the Earth” - Job 2:3. God’s will for us is Righteousness before him and the more as the Father’s children, we remove all that will disappoint Him; is the more we become a mirror of Him. That’s is the highest form of honor and is what intimacy is all about. To remove all things that create a disconnect. 

A child of God can decide the outcome of the design before the creation of that design by imaginative creativity. To make a concept or a hypothesis. To create something from nothing. While an animal can only utilize what they have been given to resolve a problem by instinctive creation. To make something with available things by trial and error. Sometimes we elevate an inventor as a genius meaning, "the innate ability of superior creativity". But most inventors utilize what is before them and then by inference imagine their creation. Everyone is charged to utilize their imaginative or instinctive creativity. Imaginative creativity is like utilizing intangible natural oxygen that cannot be sensed into tangible unnatural oxygen that is seen in a liquid form. Instinctive creativity is like taking sticky tape, adding honey to it to become flypaper. This is what all DIY (do it yourself) people do. Both creative methods are forms of reflecting God.

God; our Father is always being creative with His creations. A continuous process of creation that is new, renewed, and new again. The most obvious of this is the continuously expanding universe and planets with constantly changing climates, and landscapes including the implosion and explosion of celestial bodies like supernovas and nebulas. God is not a busy body, but He is productive! And He is never slack when it comes to the details. These creations utilize patterns, evolutions, and energy. And to be clear; God does not advocate Darwin’s theory of evolution. Where a new species of life by natural selection evolves from another; thus, resulting in different species like a man from a monkey. Evolution is a part of God’s creative process. An example of this is skin color which evolves based on the environment and is demonstrated outwardly but inwardly remains the same. This disproves Darwin theory of new species developing from old ones by natural selection but proves creation that no matter how the outside looks in man and animals there is a common and core substance that links that new species to the previous same species; which can be called of the same kind as stated; “All flesh is not the same flesh, but there is one flesh of mankind, another flesh of animals, another flesh of birds, and another of fish” - 1 Cor. 15:39. This is just like using flour combined with different but common ingredients to produce a variety of foods. All taste, look, and feel unique but share a similar foundation. All unique producing their kind. 

Creation was never intended to mix different kinds, like a chimera; but to have the ability to be grafted within the same kind of species, like a donkey. God forbade the infusion or mixing of mammals with animals or with plants. That is transmutation and transhumanism which is an abomination as stated; “There were giants in the Earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children” - Gen. 6:2. The offspring became physically and spiritually abominations by the mixing of two different types of lifeforms (kinds). The word abomination metaphorically means to offend the natural state of the senses or order and is spiritually anything that is anti-God that challenges as stated; “My Word does not return to Me void” - Is. 55:11. Another way to says this is; “My Word is final”. To be final as in no changes or modifications to the desire and creations of God. There is purity in God’s creations.

God is never chaotic! What we experience from our nearsightedness is not what God experiences from His Throne as stated; “The eyes of the LORD are in every place” - Prov. 15:3. He created man to solve His concerns and implement His plan as stated; “Now concerning brotherly Love, you have no need for anyone to write to you, for you yourselves have been taught by God to Love one another” - 1 Tess. 4:9. This Love is being stewards of God’s creation and purpose as stated; “(God) put him (man) into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it” - Gen. 2:15. God gave His Spirit-filled man His Garden of Delight or rather His Garden of man as stated; “The steps of a good (Righteous) man are ordered by the LORD, And He delights in his way” - Ps. 37:23. Every issue this life presents to us is not to be solved not by man's limited abilities but by God's far-reaching Hand. He has order in His Kingdom and has determined that this Earth and man should also have order. And when we follow His method we can solve our problems and for that matter prevent them as stated; "A man's heart devises his way: but the LORD directs his steps" - Prov. 16:9. He wants to be the God of miracles not only by His far-reaching and superior Hand but by our hand of Faith in Him. Therefore, the Law failed until Jesus Christ fulfilled the Law.

Jesus was talking to His disciples who were Faithful and yet incapable. The keyword is generations. Because we often cloud our Anointed spirit with traditions, carnal knowledge, culture including our feeble senses; resulting in making that demon a bigger mountain that it is, we hamper the Spirit. An example would be someone who professes to be a Christian family stating; “Jesus is my LORD, but my father and grandfather all died of cancer by age sixty, which is six months from now”. Their expectation is in the curse having more power over the circumstance rather than the Blood of Jesus. In these cases; It will only take a deep discipline dive into the Word with prayer and fasting to overcome our self-inflicted bondage. This is why the destruction of these impediment monoliths is required to rid any doubt of Salvation’s work to as stated; “crush satan under your feet” - Rm. 16:20. As an Asian child, it was normal for elders to associate my character with animals including the dragon to the point I started collecting symbols of them and even wearing a dragon chain on my person. I had to come to the point in my Christian walk where these symbols and traditions were completely removed from me. Today, I don’t even wear jewelry other than my covenant wedding ring. We should have inward Spiritual support with no outward unspiritual icons. 

God is Life! And He does not limit yours because of anything unrighteous as stated; “I (Jesus) have come that they may have Life and that they may have it more abundantly (fulfilling, overflowing, sustaining)” - Jn. 10:10. As Paul tells us; “Who shall separate us from the Love of Christ; (can) tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril, or sword?; (because) for Your (Jesus) sake (purpose) we are killed (attacked) all day long; (and) are accounted (identified) as sheep (innocent, pure, unblemished) for the slaughter (vitriol, destruction, persecution); (and) yet in all these things we are more than conquerors (triumphant, victorious, reinstated) through Him who loved us (before); (and) I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate (bias, tear, block) us from the Love of God which is (confirmed, justified, holistic) in Christ Jesus our Lord” - Rm. 8:35-39. God will do everything under His word to save, provide, and prosper us but just like in fishing; unless we bite, swallow, and are hooked by His rod of Righteousness; we will miss, be unfulfilled, and be hungry for anything to satisfy our emptiness as stated; “For He (God) satisfies (completes) the longing (searching) soul (mind), and fills the hungry soul with goodness (virtue, nobility, worthiness)” - Ps. 107:9.  

God is endless! And so are we! God cannot do anything that His Spirit is involved with that has an end. Even those who oppose Him will remain after the final battle as Jesus stated; “Depart from Me, you cursed (dead, unrighteous, corrupted), into the everlasting (continuous, perpetual, unquenchable) fire prepared for the devil and his (fallen) angels” - Matt. 25:40. This is why whenever the struggle intensifies; a reprieve or elimination of satan’s devices is to take your eyes from yourself and focus them on someone else or more Righteously, on the Word as stated; “For they are Life (redemption, restoration, resurrection) to those who find (possess, acquire, identify) them, and health (whole, sound, vigor) to all their flesh; and; “And (the Word) delivered them from their destructions (ruin, degeneration, desolation)” - Ps. 4:4, and Ps. 107:20, respectively. We are perfectly designed to find God and only must learn, practice, and apply what we have been given to acknowledge Him as stated; “This is the day the Lord has made” - Ps. 118:24. 

Flush it Out - He is I AM, who I AM! 

God is demanding! For His Throne and Kingdom because only by His Righteousness can we be Sanctified. When faced with challenges we often give an effort but do not sustain the effort. To stand on His promises by Faith regardless of our senses and knowledge reacting in fear. As stated; "This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting” - Mk. 9:29. This 'kind' is not indicating a more powerful demon than others but is the perception we have of it as stated; "we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight" - Num. 13:33. Confronting evil is a two-way street but having the heart of David rather than the fear of Goliath is critical to success. Jesus revealed to the disciples why they could not expel the deaf and dumb spirit saying; “You faithless generations” - Mk. 9:19. 

Mar. 15, 2021.

HE is!

We can never truly experience God without first respecting His Law which is Him. Also as stated; “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap” - Gal. 6:7. Faith is the Spiritual Law of respect! And Faith recognizes and rewards those who obey the Law! When we implement Heaven’s Law into our lives ignoring the pressures that the world places on us we make God Faithful to keep His promises to acknowledge as stated; “Well done, good and Faithful servant” - Matt. 25:21. God did not care about the amount of return on His investment but that there was a return determined by their Faith. For the one who had no faith to increase, God removed him from His presence. 

We all have the desire to create. It is the very lifeblood of God’s Spirit that flows and is saturated throughout our entire body, mind, and spirit. Some of us may not pick up a pencil, brush, or a tool to create but by our choices of color, texture, and design combinations; we are creating an image to be seen and experienced by others. It not that the purpose of creation? Now to be clear! Only we who are in His image have been given His imaginative creativity as it were, as opposed to other lower blood creations which have been given instinctive creativity. Both creativity abilities are innate and available to us. The main difference being the ability to think through the creative process as opposed to having the ability to react to the creative process to solve a problem. Only man has the ability for pro-action when faced with a threat while animals, only by the reaction.