No man can be an island especially today as it is nothing more than basic mathematics that overwhelms us and makes us ineffective not only for Kingdom but for our families and church. God is the originator of networking. Through this form of partnership God has enabled His Kingdom to be established, grow and even dominate. Never mind the opposition, His will is always done in perfect timing, order, and manifestation. God is in control is the first thing that we have to conclude. As Christians, this is one of the truths of the Faith, that no matter what things look like, by Faith, we know God is orchestrating His end goal - the complete domination of the Heavens and Earth. We are at war!

Moses - Ex. 2:10, had it easy compared to some of his predecessors, growing up as Pharoah daughter’s child. But when the call of God is on your life, events mold and directs your righteous destiny. Moses had one main task to tell the reigning monarch “let my people go”. Are you kidding me, it’s tough enough to have a man of God today to convince politicians to do the right thing. Moses life is an indicator of God’s ability even when we don’t believe in oneself and look for every excuse not to walk in Faith. Ex. 4:11-12, “who made thee, I will be with you”.

All we have to do is to have a willing heart. God is sovereign and looks through the earth for someone to deny themselves and become a Kingdom doer. He is the perfect leader (boss) who will not forget all the sacrifices made for the flourishing of His Kingdom and love. The power of two is established through the bible and leaves a legacy of prosperity and life from Genesis to Revelations. Each of us can be an army of two when God is our source, commander, and strategist. Yes, we have to release our self to Him; to trust Him that He has our best interest at heart and that as “we delight in Him, He will give us the desires of our heart” - Ps. 37:4.

“I” - by Faith, am empowered to continue and accomplish all God has for us. Our lives today are not different from all these men and women who willing faced the impossible but with determination, Faith, tenacity, submission, obedience, love, conviction, resolution, truth and vision became Kingdom doers, because all abided in the Word and allowed God to lead.

God will take you as you are. None of these individuals was just born with natural abilities and for their specific purpose although it seems that way. We must remember the bible only records the most pertinent information that is used for the purposes of God. But as any true leader knows, there must be redundancies in your plans to achieve your goal. Now, I am not trying to pull God down but to show how thinking as leaders or followers, gives us insights into how God does things. Ultimately, God can out do all man can think or do because he controls and is the “author and finisher” of our lives, the earth and the heavens - Heb. 12:2. These individuals are known and have the recognition only because they said “yes” while others never got to first plate because they were too busy focusing on the small and short term and not the bigger and long term picture. Ultimately, God knows who will but wants us as wholehearted participants. When men and women buy into the bigger picture, they essentially become “first string” of the God team, where more is expected, and more is rewarded. We have that free will and God will honor our choice.

As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day or for that matter a year but was continuously built, destroyed and reconstructed to operate more efficiently and be more attractive. Our grow is the same with the correct attitude and actions. Our dedication is not an indication of manifestation. God’s purpose has a specific plan with timing as a main component for which we are not privy to because we would mess up His strategy. Sure, prophesy serves its purpose but timing to prophetic events is God’s doing not our innovations. So it is with our dedication. We are only to sow and contribute to every facet of His purpose for His perfect timing. Like any farmer will tell you, they can estimate time of harvest and only prepare for it for when it happens. Christians need to develop and sustain vision based on the Word, Spirit and God.

Flush it Out! - It only takes two to produce “life”.

Paul - Acts 9:4, previously known as Saul and who often refers to himself as an apostle, follower and bondservant of Jesus Christ. Paul is practical in his Faith, both physically and spiritually recognizing feeding each is a key to being a child and man of God. He guides himself by the Word, the life of Jesus and even the heart of God. Paul sets the standard for being a doer not by words but by example and that the message of Salvation is for all. Rom. 15:16, “that the gospel should be ministered to the gentiles”. For Paul, he saw no boundaries only opportunities.

Mary - Matt. 1:16, is without a doubt a keystone to God’s plans for mankind. Her decision to accept her role given the disadvantages that women of that time faced is a credit to her resolve and Faith to fulfill all God wanted her to do. In her life there are two climaxes that you could say is for all people. First, she experienced new life and then new death in Jesus’ life by the hand of God with the ultimate result into a resurrected life into the Kingdom of God. Just as we receive new life from Jesus and die to ourselves, we have the assurance of resurrection into Heaven. Luke 1:38, Mary states without hesitation, “I am the servant of the Lord”.

John - Matt. 3:1, the Baptist as he was known is like that kid everyone considers to be odd because of how their outlook is. There is such an inner conviction that sometimes it can down right be annoying. Like a walking talking encyclopedia, I believe wherever John went he was avoided by those who knew him as a child, because he would only speak the truth with boldness and clarity, reproving us of who we are in God. We need men like him today. Not concern with political correctness or popularity, John only focused on bringing the Kingdom into the lives of those who were lost and Jesus who would free them. Matt. 11:7-11, is one of the few times Jesus takes the time to edify someone with phrases like, “more than a prophet”, “no one is greater”.

Joshua - Jos. 1:1, epitomized what God is looking for in men today. He first was a servant, then a warrior and lastly a leader. Joshua saw first hand what obedience and disobedience to God resulted in being close to Moses and first to enter the promise land twice. He knew what lack of Faith and double-mindedness resulted in not only personally but to a whole generation. For Joshua wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God as the only source spoke volumes in his life. He not only heard the promises but was one of the few who enjoyed it because he defined his manhood from God’s perspective. Jos. 1:6, “Be strong and of a good courage”.

David - Ruth 4:17, gives us one of the few stories of someone from a young age grows into the pinnacle of manhood from slaying a lion and bear to protect grazing sheep to a boy and king protecting the people (sheep) of God. David is known for being referred to by God, “a man after My own heart”. That says it all. What all men should be striving for. David lived for God and through his life even in failure he always returned to God for support, perspective and encouragement. David’s life and Victories is a prelude to what Jesus would be, Zech. 12:10, “the spirit of grace will be poured out, as they look upon me who have been pierced”.

May 27, 2016.

It only takes two.

Just in case some have forgotten, the war over good and evil continues and is ramping up to it’s inevitable end. Sure, Jesus won’t the Victory over death and re-established what Adam lost, but He left us with two main task. First to continue the saving of the lost and misguided and second to put once and for all, satan under His feet - verse. We need to get out of our stupor and wake up and smell the roses as they rot right under our noses. Many churches still only preach a message of love and although this is righteously correct, it was not the only message God, Jesus and the Apostles declared for the Kingdom to take hold on this earth.

He, satan is referred to as a roaming lion, toothless at that looking for someone to devour - 1 Pet. 5:8. Last, I checked, he has not stopped and is, even more, throwing it at us “in the face” as he tries to grab as many souls down with him. In desperation, satan is throwing the “kitchen sink” and then some on all mankind to steal, kill and destroy every promise God gave, Jesus proved and Christians are entitled to. He is like a fly that just won’t get out of your face. Have you noticed, if you don’t swat that “bugger”, it keeps coming back annoying you and looking to infest your food with vomit? We have to swat satan till he gets the message, just like Jesus did with the demon who feared Him - Lk. 4:34-35.

To be willing all it takes is heart to believe Him and His will. Consider the following who was willing and the result of it.

Spiritual Awakening

Abraham - Gen 12:1, had it good before God called him to be separated and become His seed to start a Nation. Despite any physical challenges,  Abraham had raw Faith to believe what would seem impossible at that time. Now the true family tree with Issac did not start till he was one hundred years old , but through perseverance and despite wrong choices, he eventually saw the manifestation of his confession. God said, “you are now Abraham, father of many nations” - Gen. 17:5.

Joseph - Gen. 30:24, is another example where God is keeping His promises made to Abraham. Here again, although man fails to honor their word and interferes, God keeps His. Joseph was not only the son of true love but through trails, heartbreaking perseverance and tenacity became “the man” in Egypt and saved his family and others from starvation. Despite all his ordeal and betrays, Joseph did not harden his heart, which allowed God to fulfill His purpose - Gen. 45:1-5, “he wept aloud, and God send me before you to preserve life”.

Noah - Gen 5:29, must have thought he was going crazy when God told him to build an ark for a worldwide deluge. Just imagine the looks he got from neighbors, naysayers, and even his family. This was not simple to organize; the harvesting and transportation of raw material with only eight people (assuming everyone else was too busy jeering and mocking him), animals and provisions for what could well have been known as a “1000 year storm”. Through Faith and Divine presence, he was sustained taking him around sixty years to complete the ark. Noah found Grace in the eyes of God - Gen. 6:8.

Daniel - Dan. 1:8, and his staunchness is how Christian’s should strive to be especially now in this world. The world needs to know all who profess to be a son or daughter of God and His Kingdom. When cutting off of heads was like drinking wine, Daniel led the way in standing ground not only for his Faith but as a symbol for God. It is said, “it takes only one man to straighten his spine for others to”. God used the circumstances to show Himself strong on behalf of Daniel and others only because Daniel put his full trust in Him and did not waver despite delays God eventually will answer.. Dan. 10:13, “the prince (of the world) delayed me, but your answer is”.