Many examples are given in the Bible that when men stand for Righteousness and the will of God; their enemies or evil men and spirits are either destroyed, become confused or have to vacate the area to be taken over by God’s people. These are fallen spirits that influence innocent, ignorant or rebellious people. Some places like Sodom and Gomorrah could not be reprieved from evil because there was no active Righteous person speaking to the mountain in Faith as Abraham stated to God; “Will you sweep away the Righteous with the wicked?” - Gen. 18:23. Abraham pleaded with God several times to spare the cities if there were found at least ten Righteous people, but none was found including Lot and his family. God could not appease Abraham’s good intentions because the key requirement was some level of Righteousness which was not displayed even after the cities destruction in Lot and his daughters who fathered the nation of the Moabites and Ammonites; both who became enemies of Israel.

It will be us who know Christ and His works that will be held accountable for the deterioration of our system of government and the freedoms paid in blood as stated; "When the Righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked rule, the people mourn: - Prob. 29:2. The Christian man or woman are not part-timers or temporary workers of Righteousness but are called to be in service to the mission of Christ. Some may say this is only saving others! Yet; a man saved who has debts, unable to feed his family and sustain stability are prime targets for satan’s deceptive ways against peace, health and prosperity; all things every person desires. The Christian should not be so narrow-minded as to miss the bigger picture and plans God has for His creation. The Gospel is not able to demonstrate multiplication like the feeding of the thousands which Jesus used to prove the working Power of Faith and action. For it was not sufficient to preach a good sermon but as critical to meet the basic needs of the people indicating God’s love and desire not only for spiritual Salvation but equally physical salvation. The feeding is not an afterthought. God gives all His Kingdom has to offer with a single caveat for His Blessings to manifest. And it is not Faith but action.

As stated; “You have Faith and I have deeds (action). Show me your Faith without deeds, and I will show you my Faith by my deeds.” - Jm. 2:18. We have been given the measure of Faith just as the very blood that flows through us. If not put into action it will clot and our bodies will die. The engine for this is the heart muscle but its fuel is desire. When each individual or family that went to hear Jesus preach they each had a genuine desire that fueled their action to overcome the doubts and the masses of the crowd to see and hear Him. They took action then by Faith they hoped for their expectations to be fulfilled. They wanted proof for their action and Faith. Godly expectations require the action of Faith as stated; “Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” - Heb. 11:1. It requires a premeditated thought of desire and a follow-through for the manifestation of its desire. It is a closed system that generates and produces; being and becoming self-sufficient. This combine if you will does not require God; for it works both for the saved and unsaved. It reflects God’s highest form of integrity and His undying unconditional love for all of His children; just like all the Earthly benefits.

Oct. 30, 2018.

Pumpkin seeds.

Astronomy is the science and study of Heavenly bodies. While Astrology is how these Heavenly bodies affect mankind. Most students of Halloween agree this is how Halloween was originated. The Druids observed at the beginning of the Fall season that the stars reached their highest point and were extremely bright. They also believed that this distinction marked a spiritual movement of life and death because the veil that separated them and was the thinnest at this particular time. This tradition was accepted by others pagans and sects that saw it as an opportunity to release evil spirits into the world to cause fear and terror; believing it to be the time for the dead to reign over those of life. Consider this; that Halloween signifies the start of a dark (Fall) season where life due to winter cannot produce life naturally and is observed by many who have rejected God. While the Passover signifies and starts of a new (Spring) season for those who choose God by covering their household with the Blood of the Lamb (Jesus) for a new life. The Passover and its practice came before the practice of Halloween. He, satan is nothing more than a thief and twister of God’s sovereignty.

The challenge is many of the Body are defining what it means to be a Christian. This especially has become very confusing in many churches because the governance is based on the man’s way and not of God’s. It is why God instructed the Jews not to have any king for a leader which resulted in Saul becoming the first king because as stated; “And he had a son, whose name was Saul, a choice (handsome) young man, and a goodly: and there was not among the children of Israel a more good person than he: from his shoulders and upward he was higher (taller) than any of the people” - 1 Sam. 9:2. He was chosen for how he would appear to others rather than his heart for God. We know how this ended and why eventually God Anointed and appointed David the next king as stated; “A man after mine own (God’s) heart” - 1 Sam. 13:14. We are not only to have the heart of God but also to demonstrate this as Jesus did stating; “(I came) not to do mine own will, but the will of Him (God) that sent me” - Jn. 6:38. We in the Body are all representatives of God’s will and Kingdom.

Then, why do many Christians do unrighteous things following the world’s way rather than Jesus’? They have forgotten or have not been led to appropriate God’s first command which is; “Have dominion (over every life)” - Gen. 1:28. Halloween is a form of life! A fallen spiritual life. Where I live as it is the season for this observance; many retailers are preparing for this and have advertised their wares with the caption “The (S)pirit of Halloween”. This marks and reflects exactly why evil forces in high places are trying to release their unrighteousness in various parts of the world; especially western societies as stated; “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against (evil) principalities, against (evil) powers, against the (unrighteous and evil) rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” - Eph. 6:12. Any unrighteous person in a position of authority whether government or corporation are pawns used by these evil spirits to establish sin and anti-god movements against God’s people and His will. This is seen with Daniel and Michael (Arch Angel) stating; “But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me” - Dan. 10:13. How can a physical king of Persia withstand the power of an Arch Angel? This prince is a fallen angel set over the kingdom of Persia. That fallen angel is still over Persia (Iran and other Middle Eastern countries) today.

Spiritual Awakening

What matters are desire, action, and foremost intent. This is God’s clearly defined state of operation embodied in Genesis and completed in Revelation. This Righteous intent or purpose is at the core of all forms of the Great Commission. That as stated; “And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, he hears us” - 1 Jn. 5:14. We who have accepted God and Jesus are called to take action and as stated; “God will repay each one according to his deeds.” - Rm. 2:6. It is not the unsaved that will stand before the Lord of Righteousness but the saved who answered His call for Righteousness as stated “That we may become the Righteousness of God” - 2 Cor.5:21. Without an action for Righteousness many invariable become as stated; “That evil and lazy steward” - Matt. 25:26.

God could have sat around and reveled in His demand for adoration, fear, and worship. But He is an action God; tireless and undaunted by the task of righting the lost. His Grace is not eternally patient as recorded through the Bible. But what is sure is as stated “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force" - Matt. 11:12. There is the Throne of God; His very Kingdom. But all other realms including the Universe and this planet are an extension of His Kingdom and there has been an occupying force embedded in it for thousands of years. And God will not stand for it and after Jesus successfully gained a monumental foothold it is now His army that needs to complete the original offense and free the land of the tyrannies that have plagued not only neighborhoods but households. God will use every available Spiritual and physical force to accomplish His will. His goal has never stopped to establish His Righteousness completely on the Earth. If the Body of Christ does not participate then we automatically become part of the problem rather than the solution. All because of pumpkin seeds!

Flush it Out - Plant Righteous seeds!

The practicing of the Halloween celebration over the centuries has produced a crop of unrighteousness in the hearts of the ignorant; the arrogant and those blinded by tradition, culture and good intentions. It originated from a Celtic pagan holiday called Samhain to observe the change in the season and more importantly to prepare for the dark season of winter. This pagan holiday is also observed by witches putting into practice magic, divination, and seances. Consider this! The Jews mark their observances on a lunar calendar; which can change from year to year; while the pagans are based a lot on the solar calendar as well as seasonal changes; with fixed dates. God said; “Let them be for signs” - Gen. 1:14.

To understand what God is saying is to accept that our immediate universe of the sun, moon, and planets all orbit around each other with varying patterns, unlike clockwork; and are not concentric but elliptical and based on several constraints, composition and gravity; rotate, move and traverse each other which produces different positions across the sky depending where you are standing on the Earth. This is why it is impossible to see the same perspective from different countries and locations. For example; some will see a full; while others a partial eclipse of the sun or Blood moon, respectively. This is like saying; if you are not in right standing with God; then you will only see and receive part of the sign. God by Faith determines the signs based on His timetable, season and purpose. While man just as with the Tower of Babel sets his timetable, season and purpose by ritualistic observances as in religion. This is why the Jews missed Christ!

 The Jews forgot the purpose why God provided commandments and instructions which were to observe, honor Him and reveal His Glory; and as stated; “Making the Word of God of none effect through your tradition” - Mk. 7:13. The Law did not fail the Jews! They failed the Law! This is why such traditional observances like Halloween is anti-god and will never fulfill its intended good. Because ultimately; man has placed more on the tradition and rituals with God’s creation rather than on the creator Himself. Thereby making it; a graven image for idolatry. Halloween, as observed by many of the world, seeks only to challenge and shake the very Throne of God

Seeds sowed with good intentions often produce unrighteous results. This is because they are ordained by a man and tends to be in relation to labor as determined by the season. Many in the Body are quick to say; “Bless you”; when someone sneezes from a cold rather than saying; “By Jesus’ stripes you were healed, receive and take your healing”. Jesus removed and gave us the authority over every form of the curse which includes sickness; and everything that is unrighteous. It is ironic that for many traditional western Christian observances; they were derived from pagan traditions and seasonal rituals. Halloween Day is no different and has not only lost its intended good but has become the gateway for many satanic, criminal and unrighteous acts. Halloween otherwise called All Hallow’s Eve or All Saints Day has become one of the more popular time with many households decorating their houses with images of fear. Fear, not Faith! It is truly sad that even so-called Christians do this, thinking its only traditional and a fun activity for kids to dress up in a variety of costumes reflecting evil, mischief, and fairytales; even notorious mass murderers. All things that Christians are called not to be a part of and as stated; “I call Heaven and Earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you Life and death, Blessing and cursing: therefore choose Life, that both you and your seed may live” - Deut. 30:19. God told us to choose Life!

Now is it coincident that this place he is making reference to sounds like New York the home and hub of the world’s largest stock exchange and is where the United Nations is located also; and that Washington D.C sits on a hill and is considered the seat of world power. The two places that have not only welcomed but given to be a spectacle to the world; the replica of the arch of baal. Of course, this reconstruction of the original is done and presented with good intentions for political appeasement but in the Spirit is nothing short of unrighteousness, evil and defiance to the God of ages. Countries like this may have a lot of good intentions but have certainly become a place of unrighteousness over the decades because the church has become more concerned with social appeasement than being the Righteousness of God. A country cannot be founded on Godly principles and remain in them if they are not enforced, practiced and supported by the very people who want their benefits. Unrighteousness and Righteousness can never abide together and will soon enough challenge each other in a head to head battle.

It starts with the boldness of either unrighteousness or Righteousness! This unrighteousness has become unreserved, flippant and disrespectful to even those who just want goodness in their immediate surroundings. But history records and demonstrates that whenever evil raises its ugly head it is prudent to stomp it out immediately. This is where the Christian church has failed and the individual’s rights have taken sovereignty over that of God’s. This is why as stated; “The creation waits in eager expectation for the revelation of the sons of God” - Rm. 8:19. But where are they?

Today, Christian churches are either quietly being dismantled or are more politically correct rather than being as stated; “The voice of him that shouts in the wilderness. Prepare you the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God” - Is. 40:3. They have been too busy gaining kudos from donors and congregants alike. If your church does not speak about sin, Jesus, and His return but only focuses on love, tiding, and charity; maybe it's time for a new and Righteous church. For the latter is good but falls short of being Righteous. How do we know this?

These princes have been placed all over the world in heads of governments and authorities. Some say; surely not North America where there are so many good people and good works. But not Righteous works! Recently; there was a significant indication that the spirit of unrighteousness is claiming its resurrection as the principal and power over North America by exposing its “gate” or portal into seats of world influence and world governance. For North America and by proxy this is New York and Washington D.C; respectively. This scepter if you will is iconic both as a symbol of authority and a practical gateway for its evil purpose. This symbol is the “arch of baal”.

The arch of baal represented many secular distinctions such as the gateway to financial prosperity for which the city Palmyra was known for where the arch was erected. But what it signifies more; is that by world standards and man’s control will there be wealth and power. With its gateway of the arch, it signifies that one must go through this edifice in order to achieve these physical rewards. To deny your heritage and be converted by the physical evidence of worldly prosperity and traditions. It is really about spiritual sacrifice onto satan for physical gain and is why earlier Jews sacrificed and worshipped this idol baal for material things. This is why by man’s blinded thinking especially in North America there are many unrighteous acts because there is not a single source of reference for how to live, think and take action. There may be a Righteous man as a country's leader but by their constitution or charter many areas of governance and corporations are directed and led by unrighteous men whose only work is to gain financial and worldly benefits for control; a prime indicator of pride; Lucifer's grave sin that created the turmoil we are in today.

God said to enter into His rest by relying and depending on His sovereignty stating; “For I know the plans that I have for you declares the Lord; plans for welfare (provision) and not for calamity (but peace) to give you a future and a hope (prosperity)” - Jer. 29:11. While satan’s goal as stated is to; “steal, kill and destroy” - Jn. 10:10. He, satan is trying to take back what Jesus took from him on the Cross, as stated; “It is finished” - Jn. 19:28-30. He seeks to replace the Cross with his arch attempting to make him the sovereign of this world as stated; “For you have said in your heart, I will ascend into Heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north” - Is. 14:13. Consider this and is this pure coincidence!

1) “I (satan) will ascend into Heaven” - How can satan ascend into Heaven where God by His immutability and omnipotence has banned and exiled him for all eternity. This is an allegory indicating his goal is to make a kingdom that surpasses Heaven.

2) “I will exalt my throne above the stars of God” - The stars of God are in reference to His angelic host; His Principals, Powers, Thrones and Dominions. He, satan wants to be revered by his peer, especially those who did not side with him in the rebellion.

3) “I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the side of the north” - A mount is a high place not just physical but political; and of the congregation is a reference to a spectacle of people who are in awe of the one on the high place; the mount. This is nothing short of a powerful seat of authority which is in the side of the north or rather; the north side.

Not only is the prime example with Jesus but He pointed to a greater one as stated; “Verily I say to you. Among them that are born of women there has not risen a greater (person) than John the Baptist; but he that is least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than he (John)” - Matt. 11:11. Jesus is making two key points of those who are considered Righteous and spreads the Gospel. The first is to be like John the Baptist; fearless, unapologetic and uncompromising with the message on sin, Salvation, and Christ. The second is to have the attitude and attributes of the least which includes humility, servitude, and loyalty. By the second key; these individuals rely on His Word, His Grace and His Blood. All necessities required for Faith to work as stated; “For verily I say to you, If you have Faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain; remove to another place, and it shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible unto you” - Matt. 17:20. With Faith; all Righteousness is possible even in the face of overwhelming odds.

The Walls of Jericho were a mountain of impregnability that tumbled because Joshua listened, obeyed and put into action God’s instructions. A skeptic may say it was by the vibrations of the army marching around the walls including the intense blowing of the trumpets and shouting that’s why the walls came down. But what they have missed because of their blindness is that in the seven days no action was taken by those within the walls to stop this seemingly weak attack by Israel’s army till it was too late and they became terrified and was overrun when the walls came down as stated; “When the trumpets sounded, the army shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the men gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so everyone charged straight in, and they took the city” - Jos. 5:13.

Another example of an overwhelming and enormous mountain that was discussed is when Israel was faced with an attack from a larger, better equipped and stronger enemy’s army that had surrounded them and fear began to set in. Rather than trying to escape; the man of God stood in Faith as his servant was in fear stating; “Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them; O Lord; please open his eyes that he may see” -  2 Kg. 6:16-17. Elisha not only strengthens his servant but told God what to do with Israel's enemies as stated; “Please strike these people with blindness.” So He (God) struck them with blindness, according to the word of Elisha” - 2 Kg. 6:18. After which they were led away and eventually dispersed.