Spiritual Awakening

Just like Martha, too many only see what is their lot rather than what God has determined them to be as stated; “You are the salt (life) of the Earth: but if the salt has lost its flavor (purpose), can it be salted (living)”? After Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount comforts those searching for meaning and hope; He states what you should be. He acknowledges their lot but encourages them as stated; “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and Glorify your Father which is in Heaven. How can Jesus tell those downtrodden to shine their light to the world? What Jesus is expounding is that they already have what they and the world need. They have the light in them. The light or Spirit of Life that was as stated; “breathed into them” - Gen. 2:7. That this Spiritual light is what is needed to overcome their dilemmas. The Sermon on the Mount starts with the surrendered weakened disposition of one who inwardly acts with poor spirit (helpless), mourning (depression), meekness (submissiveness), hunger (wishing), and thirst (yearning); but then transforms into the outward pro-action of being merciful (gracious), pure in heart (honorable), peacemakers (spiritual), and persecuted (sacrificial). To “Seek the Kingdom” and be a doer so that Faith can be activated to reveal the Light in you for “all Righteous things to be manifested to you” - Matt. 6:33. As stated; “do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel (8-gallon container), but on a candlestick (high point); (for) it gives light unto all that are in the house” - Matt. 5:15. We have to light the candle for God’s flame to be revealed! 

When we are submitted to where the world has placed us; we miss all the beauty and wonders of the Word because our focus is inward rather than outward. Mary looked outward in a time when women were to be used and often not seen or even heard. Mary ignored the cultural norms, traditions and associated with the presence of men which was practically unheard of during this time. Jesus’ disciples were with Him because to be a single Jewish man in a house of only women would be controversial and hence why Martha was being a busy body. You see! Jesus unchained and enabled Mary to let go of what the world expected of her. She became free not only in the spirit and mind but also the body as stated; “sat at Jesus' feet” - Lk. 10:39. At that time only male students of teachers could sit at their feet but Jesus broke traditions and welcomed Mary and all peoples regardless of their traditional status to learn from Him.

The world will tell you that your natural disposition in life is what you are to be and where you fit in. That there are personality traits that chart your course for a life with limitations by the left, and right brain activity; or by being right or left-handed. All norms are determined by physical discourse of which all is learned from the day you are conceived in the womb. Nobody is born into a career! But what influences us becomes our life; whether by the parent’s or society's influence as stated; “train up a child in the way they should go” - Prov. 22:6. You are only right-handed because your parents put the spoon in that hand. It’s coincidental! Yet; if you lose your right hand; your left hand can be trained just like the right hand. It’s also true if you are ambidextrous but only focus on the left hand your right hand becomes weaker and loses its abilities. And would God design the human with such limitations? Is God right or left-handed? We are created in His image, likeness, or substance as stated; “As for God, His way is perfect” - Ps. 18:30. Not only His actions but the purposes of His creation; which is perfection by His standards. That we become His Righteousness. The right standards of His Glory of perfection! 

Mar. 01, 2021.

Don't be a Martha.

Many in the background continue the old traditional ways because they either remain in the dark by ignorance or rather want to stay in the dark. They welcome it as their only way to comfortably contribute to the church and its ministries. They reluctantly and to some extent refuse to let their light shine for others to notice. Some claim Jesus gave the structure of the church when He said; “You (Peter) have been given the Keys of the Kingdom and on this rock, I will build My church”. But the key for this is Peter’s insight by the Holy Spirit as stated; “for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father (Spirit)” - Matt. 16:17. The Anointing! Also, most biblical students cannot deny it was Paul who mostly laid the foundation of the church we know today. Was he given the Keys to the Kingdom? Others say; Peter was called to the Jews while Paul to the Gentiles. The reality of history shows that Paul was a Jew who also was a part of the Greeks and Romans. But this is not a critical issue, although it served him well during his ministry. The essence of the matter is he once was of these peoples; the Jews, Greeks, and Romans by tradition but by revelation, his true life in Christ was started. The same revelation Peter received. For when Paul experiences Jesus’ conviction he becomes a citizen of the one true Kingdom proclaiming; “For our citizenship is in Heaven” - Phil. 3:20. 

Letter to the Faithful!

This revelation of the identity of Christ’s Blood in you; not by secular citizenship with its limitations but by the Spiritual heirship of empowerment for which Paul states; “I can do all things through Christ (the Blood) in me” - Phil. 4:13. Which can be said; “Christ’s Spirit enables me to do all”. The same Spirit Christ used is available to us by the Holy Spirit of God. Therefore all who claim Jesus Christ must come to this revelation and as Paul states; “forgetting those things which are behind (past), and reaching forth (towards) unto those things which are before (established), (and) press (embrace) toward the mark (character) for the prize (reward) of the high (elevated) calling of God in Christ Jesus” - Phil. 3:13-14. We are to believe our image is founded in Christ and by Faith, demonstrate it because God declared this before the Earth was formed. 

Paul is not talking about Salvation which is already given and received. But he is speaking of the high call of heirship in God’s Kingdom on Earth; which is the stewardship. A Kingdom on Earth? This seems contradictory to Jesus’ statement; “I go to prepare a place (mansion) for you” - Jn. 14:2. Most Christians assume that He means in Heaven. But His words say differently stating; “that where I am (present), there you may be also;  and where I go you know, and the way you know” - Jn. 14:3. That we know where He is and the way to Him. Jesus is alluding to the Holy Spirit as our guide that will provide every knowledge required to know and follow the Word; that is Jesus Christ. That where Jesus is in and by the Spirit; is the Kingdom of God on Earth. A Righteous Spirit that is only available to the new living man and not the old dead man; affirming; “Therefore if any man be in Christ (body, mind, and spirit), he is a new creature (where) old things are passed away; (and) behold, all things are become new (original)” - 2 Cor. 5:17. You can’t live in the past ways of doing, thinking, and believe you are becoming as stated; “Christ in you, the Hope of Glory” - Col. 1:27. The very nature of Christianity is Spiritual with physical manifestations. As an example, if you speak of as stated; “By His stripes (inflictions) you were (are already) healed (whole)”; which is a Spiritual law; yet there is no Faith for the physical result. Then as stated; “you ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss (unrighteously), that you may spend (squander) it on your pleasures (gratifications)” - Jm. 4:3. Meaning you can’t expect to put a square block in a circular hole. And whatever as Christian you do must have a Righteous purpose. A citizen of Heaven does not concern themselves with the world’s focus but with God’s. 

We have to learn and apply God’s Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding in all things, especially with the Body of Christ. If as a Christian you are not embodiment with these things; you will not attain all that God has stated; “For I know the thoughts (plans) that I think toward you” - Jer. 29:11. These plans are justified by God’s statement; “For there is no respect of persons with God” - Rm. 2:11. Why some are behind the pulpit while others in front of it are because many in the church are still seeing themselves as natural and not as supernatural. In the same way as one who received the Gift of Salvation and yet remains carnal in all that they do. They did not as stated; “And do not be conformed to this world (by thinking), but be transformed (into Christ) by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will (Righteous) of God (for His image)” - Rm. 12:2. The Father sent His Son to set the example of what His children ought to be for His Glory which does not include timidity, weakness, and sheepishness. Jesus did not display these characteristics but only demonstrated confidence, astuteness, and courage.

We can’t complain about what we have or don’t have. And you can’t be satisfied with your old self when a more empowered one is right before your eyes as stated by Jesus; “Martha, Martha, you are worried (tormented) and troubled (uneasy) about many things, but one thing is needed (essential), and Mary has chosen (identified) that good part, which will not be taken away (denied) from her” - LK. 10:41-42. Martha complained to Jesus that she was in the back serving and wanted Him to instruct Mary to help her. Martha was applying tradition by providing for her guest and did not recognize or saw herself as deserving more. She displayed the classic exclamation from those of us who are poor in spirit and feel helpless with the circumstances we face stating; “why me”? But some say; “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” - Matt. 5:3.

Have you ever wondered why you are told that you play a certain role in the church? That there are those called to preach, while there are those called to serve? Yet, the ministry of Jesus doesn’t reflect this. Most Christians assume it was Paul who first definitively identified roles within the modern church which has been copied to today resulting in many unheard voices because those not in the front rows have not been given the opportunity or have been made to stay in their corner of the church. This was not Paul's intention because he was of the New Covenant. And the truth is he mirrored to an extent the Old Covenant priesthood for the Tabernacle; the church, because he was originally a Pharisee. 

The offices of the five-fold ministries can be found throughout the Old Testament and the old Tabernacle which has been torn down as stated; “But now (today) in Christ Jesus you who once were far off (separated) have been brought near by the Blood of Christ; (also) for He Himself is our peace, who has made both one (in harmony) and has broken down (dismantled) the middle wall of separation, (and) having abolished (eradicated) in His flesh the enmity (offense), that is, the law (toiling) of commandments contained in ordinances (rituals), so as to create (mirror) in (of) Himself one (a united) new man from the two (combined), thus making peace (contentment), and (so) that He might reconcile (harmonize) them both to God in one Body through (completed by) the Cross, thereby putting to death (end of) the enmity (sin)” - Eph. 2:13-16. The traditional church has used the priesthood and its offices to control the congregation and has been mimicked by other denominations throughout the world. We all were fallen! But now have been raised up by the Blood making us the Body of Christ that consists of many individuals that have either natural (given) talent as well as developed or rather, released by the Holy Spirit of God. Regardless; whatever place you hold within the church; don’t be a Martha!

It is said some are Anointed, and supposedly the rest of us are what? Unanointed? This again is not reflected throughout the Bible and in Jesus’ ministry. A ministry that fulfilled the Law! The reason in the Old Testament there was such a distinct hierarchy was because God had to use fallen men to establish His works. Because their animal sacrifice could never satisfy what pure Blood could by Jesus Christ. It was only a shadow of what is to be! Martha was living with this pure sacrifice that would fulfill its purpose on the Cross. Jesus could only be pure as His Blood was by being Righteous. Now; many outnumber those in the front and are organized, learned, and sacrificial working together for those that speak to the congregation. They often receive little or no recognition and remain in the shadows while making the church function at all levels. They are the backbone of the church! 

​​It's easy to preach once you believe it necessary! That you are given a platform whether one is capable of standing on it is determined by what you believe. By what you believe, not by Faith; is your calling! It takes Faith to walk out what you believe as stated; “Take up your cross and follow Me” - LK. 9:23. Jesus’ statement presumes you believe in His Salvation, but it takes Faith to live it. You see most churches or for that matter pastors are dictating by the Old Testament structure of the old Tabernacle. But by the new Tabernacle that is not to be done by submissiveness but by the New Covenant or rather fulfilled Covenant founded and executed by Jesus Christ who is the eternal and final Tabernacle that God ordained. He is the first and last sacrifice; the Tabernacle that ultimately satisfies God for the restoration of man into His Kingdom as stated; “In the beginning was the Word and was with God”; and “My Word does not return to Me void (unfulfilled)” - Jn. 1:1, and Is. 55:11. This new and original structure of the church; the Body of Christ is as stated by Jesus; “I can do nothing without My Father first showing (revealing) to Me” - Jn. 5:19. Jesus is speaking about the Anointing’s work! That is the Spirit’s activation of man for God’s work and purpose. The Anointing that you believe is available to you by free will to be the clay in the potter’s hand. Well; all the potter’s clay starts as a lump and is made into something of use and beauty. It’s never just one thing but two as Paul stated; “He might reconcile (bond) them both to God”. That all we do with Christ is for God’s Glory!

God’s first request for redemption for the fallen man is for change. This is what He directed Abram to do. To change the influence of the environment he lived in. To have Faith in His guidance to bring him into Promise Land of right standing with God. This is where Martha failed. She inwardly saw her limited worth in her ability for hospitality staying in the shadows and background as her platform for Righteousness ignoring as stated; “not by works (toiling) of Righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of (by) the Holy Spirit, (of) whom He (God) poured out on us abundantly (profusely) through Jesus Christ our Savior, (so) that having been justified by His Grace we should become Heirs (beneficiaries) according to the Hope of Eternal Life (Kingdom) (for) this is a Faithful saying, and these things I want you to affirm (justify) constantly, that those who have believed in God should be careful (conscientious) to maintain good works” - Tit. 3:5-8. That good works should never supersede Righteous works!

We cannot earn Salvation and for that matter retain it if we only focus on doing good works done by our skills or efforts. But by the Righteous desire for the Work of Salvation and the Word are we elevated into the Righteousness of God. This does not mean we don’t support the pastor and other ministries. What it means is not to enslave oneself to a place where your light is limited or does not shine. But by being upwardly mobile in your thinking, actions, and by allowing the Holy Spirit and to some extent, academic aptitude transforms you and your ministry (light) which every Christian has for the Body of Christ, but more importantly for God. To not only let your light shine but to draw each other and the lost to your house (temple) and Truth of Jesus’ Salvation and Grace by the resolution and determination to be the spirit of Christ in this world. 

Wherever you were when you received Salvation is the base point to where you stand today in your body, mind, and spirit. Can those who knew you before see changes in your attitude, aptitude, and actions? Do they see a new person in Christ Jesus? And it's not about good social graces but Righteousness of unfettered stewardship in all things that pertain to your person, the church, and the world. For to change from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly is never easy and requires time and effort. And once a butterfly; its wonderment is revealed and enjoyed wherever it goes. To be not conformed but transformed into an imitator of Christ; just as a disciple does by discipline to effectually change into the master who for us is Jesus Christ, and have the words as stated; “This is My beloved (heir), in whom I am well pleased” - Matt. 3:16. 

Flush it Out! - All things are possible with God.