Consider laws based on reactions:

Spiritual Laws are linked to as stated; “Life and death are in the power of the tongue” - Prob. 18:21. In other words, what we say produces Life or death for us and others. The essence here is as stated is; “Faith comes by hearing” - Rm. 10:17. So when we confess Life there is a reaction in the Spirit to produce all forms of Life and by confessions of death; by default the Spirit is unmoved thereby allowing the law of death to affect us. The more we hear our own words and those of others the more we believe and accept the words we hear. Even the secular world recognizes this stating; “The more a lie is told the more it becomes the truth”.

Scientific laws are those that govern forces of different substance or properties; such as gravity, or the conversion of a substance from one state to another because of internal or external forces. One action produces a reaction.

Relational laws are specific to different life forms and have more to do with the coexistence of two similar or opposites life forms. People are at the top of relational laws often manipulating this law for different desired results including love, hate, strife, and confusion. These relational laws include symbiosis and predatory actions for equal or selfish benefits and can be seen across the wide variety of plant, animal and all life forms. For every action taken by one life form; an intended or equal reaction is the result. This law was intended to be Spiritual but was twisted into carnal thinking. But with the Blood of Jesus has been redeemed only if Righteous actions are taken to initiate the Law of Grace.

These subservient laws were designed to be governed by the Law of Life which is proactive meaning regardless of the action taken; as the highest Law, it would seek to recover, ordain and order Life as defined by God’s Kingdom.

Sept. 17, 2018.

The Law !

To break this down, consider the following:

The Law of Life is God's promise of peace and prosperity. This is God’s end goal; which includes His Kingdom to be established here on Earth and to have a Righteous relationship with Him and others of His Kingdom. - Jer. 29:11. When the angels fell from Grace, they immediately received their sentence but when man fell; God immediately implemented the Law of Grace with the prophecy of Jesus and began to set apart and in motion a lineage and people for the Salvation of mankind. - Gen. 12:1.

This prophecy was and is applied by the Law of Two. Because when God declared it in Heaven; Jesus the Word affirmed it instantly and with His obedience to take on the flesh of man and to live a manly life in God's image and eye. - Jn. 1:14.

As children of God regardless of Adam’s fall and Jesus’ ascension; the Law of Sacrifice would be required as a key factor in receiving the benefits of the Law of Life. It is not an option! The Law of Sacrifice which includes our subjection of free will to God’s which means to implement and apply the Law of Love. For true love of God is only attained by true obedience to His will, Throne and Kingdom as stated; “For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners (onto death), so by the obedience of one shall many be made Righteous (onto Life). - Rm. 5:19.

God operates by the Law of His Kingdom and we ought to as He has established His presence through us here on Earth and will on other planets. The Law of Life has subservient laws such as Spiritual Laws, scientific laws, and relational laws. All these subservient laws operate by the rule of; “for every action, there is a reaction. But for the Law of Life; the rule is “proactive action”.

Both Life and death are environments that support the Blessing for Life and the curse for death, respectively. Why does the Law exist? Not only are they there to uphold God’s Kingdom; they are there to reveal and demonstrate not only God’s immutability but also His sovereignty of Grace. For without the Law and fallen man’s need of the law towards maturity in and by the Spirit; what justification would be required to maintain, uphold and implement the Kingdom of Life or for that matter, the kingdom of death by condemnation! This is captured in His eternal perspective of why creation in all its form, extents and possibilities exists and provides; to use the term; the “yin-yang” in this world. For being God; He has no need for lesser creatures with the innate and troublesome gift of free will. But by His Decree and framed by His Grace; this free will is the very reason for His construct of the Law and the resulting laws. Not to establish what is already a perfect Throne; but to affirm His sovereignty as the God of infinite time, space and the pillars of order and ordination that are the composite of it.

We as a race of divine creation are still young, undeveloped and immature to the timeline of God’s existence; the creation of the known and unknown universe for as stated, “A day in Heaven is like a thousand years on Earth” - 2 Pet. 3:8. This expanse of time, unfortunately, alludes to a very slippery grip for man; the world and all that is contained in its creation and genesis. A question as old as the first authentic society. Under the Law of Life exists mechanical directives that govern and direct pillars, the very fabric of the known and unknown; the seen and unseen composition of our time and dimension. These pillars primarily include Thrones, Principalities, Powers, and Dominions.

As stated; “satan is the prince of the air” - Eph. 2:2; and; "The prince of the kingdom of Persia held back Michael” - Dan. 10:13. If there are governing rulers across this world occupying high places; seeking to influence this physical world and its inhabitants' outcome; then there are more so, appointed servants of God and His Throne set in Heavenly places to constraint, prevent and stop those rulers seeking their own deep and dark plan of self-redemption. These illegal occupations apply the law of death. They imitate God to bring judgment. When a pillar does not adhere to the directives of Life there is the automatic translation into the realm of death. This is how as stated, “evil was found in him (satan) - Ez. 28:15. Put it this way. Every life form that is of God’s image is connected to Him through and by that life force, we refer to as the Spirit. And by its connectivity it is as stated, “God knows our thoughts” - Ps. 139:2. So by free will, each of His images wields their own intents which either reflect or promotes God’s own intent or that of the individual’s image. It is like when as stated “we train up a child in the way they must go”; then by any inappropriate influence they deviate from our guide. Then we bring judgment because of behaviors that were not taught. In the case of fallen angels and man; this is anti-god because it is not in His will. The Angel classes are not ordained to hold seats of judgment; but to legally enforce the Law of Life and by default, the law of death.

Spiritual Awakening

This is the crux of the matter. For if we don’t practice the Law of Life; we are not worthy of God’s Kingdom or the Blood of Jesus. God gave us free will for that very issue. Not to cower in fear of Him but to stand boldly if we choose to defy Him. Why? Because He cannot give us one thing just to take it away to suit His perspective. God places as stated, “His Word above His name” - Ps. 138:2. God wants His person reflected in our actions, attitudes, and aptitudes; just like any father would want of his children, and is why as we would with disappointment it is stated, “being lukewarm I will spit you out” - Rev. 3:16. God wants nothing to do with those who do not even attempt to reflect His nature. This is why the Law of Grace is often applied to those outside the Faith because there is potential for redemption towards God’s will. Paul is this example. For the Law of Grace to be implemented; there must be Truth. Paul; who sought after Righteousness for all received Grace for his improper methods but in an irony, he had no choice but to pull back Grace from the person who having received Christ; rejected His Blood for the flesh. Paul states; “Deliver such a one unto satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the Day of the Lord Jesus” - 1 Cor. 5:5. In other words; maybe if this man feels death’s destruction (like terminal cancer) eventually he will return back to Life in Christ. How many people we know and heard of gave their life to Christ on their deathbed? We cannot constantly expect to receive Grace only to sin expecting it is our right to always have Grace available to us as stated; “God is not mocked” - Gal. 6:7. Every Law of Life includes and is governed by the Law of Love.

This Law of Love is not by our perception of it but by God’s as stated and affirmed by Jesus as the two greatest commandments. To love God with our whole body, (heart), mind and spirit and each other as we would want to be loved. If God’s foremost desire is that we love Him first above all. Then the second greatest commandment is indeed adjudicated by the first. In other words, we can only love God and others by His ways and not ours. Which means if we apply the Law of Love by His way; to God and our fellow man then the Law of Life has the opportunity to redeem those lost to the law of death; which also includes the Law of Grace, the Law of Two and the Law of Sacrifice.

Often, when the Body speaks of the Law there is controversy and confusion that surrounds these discussions. But for God it is clear, and as Jesus stated; “Do not think I have come to abolish the Law. I came to fulfill it” - Matt. 5:17. Most of us think He was referring to the laws in the Old Testament and is why today there is still raging discussions on them. For no mundane law could every fulfill God’s purpose of His creation and image as stated; “For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh. That the Righteousness of the Law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit” - Rm. 8:3-4. God started with the Law; the man by their unrighteous actions reduced it into the laws, and Jesus fulfilled and proved the Law. The Law of the Spirit! All the Law and laws are governed by the two prime tenets which are the Law of Life or the law of death; respectively. These apply in Heaven; the Earth and the Universe. Without the Law there would be no Faith, Hope, or Love; and by the law; there is only torment, hate, and death. This is why Jesus did not come for the law but for the Law; just as He came not for the flesh but for the spirit.

For Angels; there are no three strikes and you are out. This is because when you are the lynchpin to the order and implementation of God’s Kingdom; there cannot be any room for confusion or dissension. For the man; it is only the Grace ultimately paid for by the Blood of Jesus are we allowed to oppose and circumvent the Law of Life until other governing laws imputes the balance of redemption to conviction. Why are we allowed this Grace? When Adam and Eve fell; they not only were in disobedience but they were ignorant having not received from the Tree of Life or Truth; just like a child who is not told, not to touch the flame and does because the parents did not educate or demonstrate the results of this disobedience. As parents we sometimes test the child if by their free will, a part of the Law of Life; will obey our instructions by Faith rather than by fear, as stated; “The Lord tests the Righteous” - Ps. 11:5. Both up to this point were Righteous by God’s will but also childish and immature. God’s testing always comes with Grace. By this; the Law of Sacrifice was initiated at Genesis, that fulfilled and abated the legalities of the accuser.

This Law of Sacrifice is not only about Jesus the unblemished lamb but in addition to this; He put aside His rightful place on God’s Throne to lower Himself and subject His Glory by taking on the sins of the world. These sins which are fathered by one main sin. That of disobedience to God’s will. By the Law of Sacrifice, He put aside His innate right of free will having rightful heirship to the Kingdom of Light to become a man in complete and reverence obedience to the Father’s vision; as stated; “that all men may come to know the Father” - 1 Tim. 2:4. By rebellion whether in Heaven or on the Earth; the law of death which includes curses begins to take hold on anyone in disobedience to God; either fallen angels or fallen man which results in the inevitable decay of all the flesh, mind and eventually the spirit. The Law of Sacrifice is symbiotic with Grace in all its faculties while the law of death results in doubt, confusion, strife and separation from God. Jesus is not the perfect man because He is the Son of God but is because He maintained His reverent obedience to the Father’s will even onto the pain of His flesh, mind, and spirit and ultimately physical death. Jesus by proxy took our place for separation from God into the dark, deep and devious pit of hell. Yet, in all that; He upheld the one thing that Lucifer, Adam and so many failed at; even today in the church. Jesus, by Faith not only on the cross but daily as stated; “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit” - Lk. 23:46. Jesus stayed true to the Law of Sacrifice.

It was this Law, God sought to establish in the Garden by placing the two trees of which He forbade Adam and Eve not to partake of the Tree of Knowledge. For when they took of this tree; they annexed God’s Tree of Truth. For without the Truth being paramount in our lives; then having all the knowledge in Heaven and on the Earth is as stated: “(We are) a ringing gong or a clanging cymbal.” - 1 Cor. 13:1. The Tree of Truth is what ought to be our first love as in the first commandment; to not only honor and reverence God but is also to sustain us in the Light of the Law of Life. It can be said; “The Law without the Truth is unrighteous and unjust”. Is this not what the enemy has done to the judicial system? Where often; the truth takes a backseat to doubt, circumstantial evidence and character assignations.

This is why the Bible establishes the Law of Two. Where two are required to confirm, balance and establish something; whether Heavenly or Earthly. The two trees in the Garden which allude to the choice of Life or death and leads to the two Covenants; Old and New. Whereby knowledge of the law as in the Old Covenant does not bring you to Salvation but with Truth as in Christ; Salvation is assured. The Old must grow and mature so that the New can fulfill God’s Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. There are the two witnesses of Heaven and the Earth of the choice for Life or death as stated; “I call Heaven and Earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you Life and death” - Deut. 30:19. The two witnesses that is to return to Earth to herald the second coming of Christ and the pending judgment of the Earth’s inhabitants as stated; “And I will appoint my two witnesses” - Rev. 11:3. And finally the two witnesses of God and Jesus. God who established the Law and Jesus who by His perfected obedience to this Law is the final seat of judgment and intercession to give sentence. From the Law of Two precedes the Law of Practice or Action.

Consider why this is so:

God’s Throne is the Life of Light and because of the action of pride through Lucifer and other fallen angels; the Law of Life did not react by starting a war within its boundaries but by proactive action initiated a future war to take place on Earth and in the lower Heavens. In other words, God made a plan for acknowledgment and a measured response rather than destruction; because of anger against His own creation. This redemptive plan did not start with the creation of the Garden; but with Lucifer and the fallen angels being exiled to the Earth. Why? Because the Law of Life uses a proactive action which requires forward thinking, planning and action. God did not reactively think of redemption after dealing with the rebellion but by His immutability and omnipotence purposefully sent them to the Earth so that He could start mankind to become His champions of His Kingdom. God sends the rebellious angels to Earth where He intends to authorize the man to enforce the Law of Life - Lk. 10:18.

The Law of Life proactive action continues and is demonstrated in the Garden after the fall with words to produce Faith in the hearing of the generations that would follow the first man and woman that a Savior would come as stated, “He will crush the serpent’s head” - Gen. 3:15.

The Savior Jesus acted not by any reaction to protect, save and isolate Himself but by proactive action confronted, clarified and corrected unrighteousness for the Righteous Relational Law required for the Law of Life to produce Light in those enslaved as stated; “To set the captives free” - Is. 61:1. And; “In Him was Life (God)” - Jn. 1:4. And; “For who finds me, finds Life (God)” - Prob. 8:35. It is why Jesus is referred to as the perfect son; not because of His words or miracles but because of His relationship with the Father who is manifested through Him with every situation or circumstance He came across. Notice; Jesus did not go looking for a fight but because of His relationship with the Father; the law of death sought to and attempted to destroy this relationship which is based on trust and Faith; by using subversion, fear and ultimately the crucifixion. This relationship was broken by fear with Adam and Eve which Jesus redeemed as the same form of a man paying the price of subjection to the law of death for three years. We see this with the actions of the Pharisees and Scribes who because of pride rejected the Truth that Jesus represented as stated; “The stone rejected by the builders has become the cornerstone” - Matt. 21:42.

The Law of Life comes with Grace as the foundation for repentance, renewal, and retribution. For unless the first two are put into action; the latter automatically is initiated. Not for punitive intent but for judgment and justice. Both are of the same coin and cannot be separated. We often conflict God’s mercy and compassion with His judgment and justice. But they are clearly distinguished in the Bible. God ordained men to initiate the Law of Life but through anti-god influences put into; often ignorantly and immaturely; the law of death; which all Angels, including fallen ones, enforce based on their class to bring about life or death. They are bearers and carriers of man’s words and is usually manifested by direction, common thinking or coincidences of life.     

The Law of Life is for life! But does not supersede the construct that it operates in. This is the eternal and universal occurrence of force. So by their very nature of disposition; these fallen ones become slaves to the law of death having no Grace for their prodigal waywardness. They were given the high office of obedience for the Law of Life and having disowned their privilege cast themselves into the abyss of darkness; away from the eternal Light that God’s Throne provides. These are not men; where blood flows through their bodies but were once creatures of light; requiring that Spiritual Light Force to embody and flow through them. But having abandoned the Law of Life, and the Light; they can no longer be sustained because of their pride and rebellion that now engulfs their very nature into a void of darkness. The Law for Angels is different from the Law for men.

There is one supreme Lawgiver and He is God! And as a branch of God’s image; Angels are governed by different rules to the branch of men. This is like God’s judgment on those who having been given the Grace for leadership; flaunt it; becoming irresponsible and subverting God’s will for their own. The metaphor is; “The sheep need the shepherd and the shepherd need the stars to guide him and thereby the flock into the green pastures”. Angels are like stars and when a star does not guide or illuminate; what use does it provide; except to become a black hole of darkness. The Angels are appointed to uphold God’s very sovereignty across the Universe; in the seen and unseen; above and beneath. The fallen angels not only were forced to withdraw from the Light of Life but know that their inevitable end will be the dark pit of hell. The higher platform given to an Angel as well as to man; the more is required for the love and obedience to the Law of Life.

All the Laws under the Law of Life are for God’s Glory but some have been corrupted or rather assimilated by corruption into the law of death. This is because they are received and applied unrighteously. Take the Law of Love. Originally, this was designed for a Spiritual and carnal love. But by the world’s standard now; is applied by all forms of life in many unconventional and twisted ways; even in the churches. That is because as stated; “My people die because of lack of knowledge” - Jb. 36:12.

Without the Law of Life’s wisdom, knowledge, and understanding many; abuse, disrespect, and cohort every Law God has established for our benefit. They legalize and enslave the Law rather than apply the heart of it. This corruption is no longer because of satan and in fact, was never really because satan had to convince and deceive Adam and Eve to circumvent the Law of Life; setting off a chain reaction into the law of death. The only talent satan has is being a persuasive salesman, but it is we who buy into his sales pitch often trading precious stones for glimmering plastic. We have allowed satan to break the Law of Ordination because of walking in the flesh rather as designed; walking in and by the Spirit.

The Law of Ordination is God’s order of all life and things; seen and unseen. For which as stated, “A Kingdom divided against itself cannot stand” - Mk. 3:24. There is only one Throne and that is God’s. There is only one authority and application of that Throne as it is through the Word as stated, “God said” - Gen. 1:3. There is only one counselor of that Throne who is the Holy Spirit and there is only one method that the Throne orchestrates and initiates; which is the Angels. Man’s purpose and for that matter, Christian men is to establish God’s Kingdom on Earth a stated; “Your Kingdom come, your will be established on Earth as in Heaven” - Matt. 6:10. Our purpose is not to eternally sing with the Heavenly Host is perpetual adoration of God but to live because of the dictates of the Law of Life in and for the Light; to demonstrate what is good and Righteous before God, His Throne and Kingdom as stated; “For the Glory of God lightens it” - Rev. 21:23. When we truly accept we are made in God’s image and have His Spirit residing in us. Then all the Law God has set in place provides a more Righteous perspective on how we operate through our flesh for the Kingdom’s purpose of peace and prosperity. And that by the Blood of Jesus; the eternal covenant between us and God is set and is a witness for all who choose Life and to those who choose death; to establish and acknowledge in reverence; the Law.

Flush it Out  - God is our Law!