Jesus gave us no Parables of complete forgiveness of any and all unrepentant sin. He gave Parables of stewardship and the accountability of it. That's what has been given to us and if not employed for growth will result in it being taken away and given to those who will grow its value. And if you think its only about money; it's time to check from the chest and up. Money is the least of the benefits of belonging to Christ and His Father’s Kingdom! The Father sent Jesus because He places the highest value, not on things as stated; “moth and rust corrupts” - Matt. 6:19. But on the life He wants us to live. Is that so hard to understand and appreciate? Which parent of us rejoices when one of our child's life is lost to any form of death; especially to suicide? Do we believe and accept the Father's sorrow is any less than our own sorrow!

What is sorrowfully and lacking in many of these church leaders is the Faith required to be called a true Son or true Daughter of the Father. He made His Divine Son lower His status to demonstrate that any man or for that matter woman can overcome, triumph and defeat any and all evil; whether in physical or spiritual form; which can be said; any ailment seen or unseen. Which one of us has not experienced this type of fear personally or with loved ones? Jesus wept for Lazarus but He did not for Jairus’ daughter. Think about that! He did not weep for a child! Yet; in both cases, He was disappointed in the lack of Faith the relatives showed. Why did Jesus weep for Lazarus when He knew full well the raising of Lazarus was to fulfill one of the Messianic miracles? He wept because of the deep fellowship He had with Lazarus. Yet; He did not weep for Judas who He spent a longer time with. This is because without the Righteous relationship with the Father and Jesus; we should not expect the Power of the Word to sustain us through the trials and tribulations that the world is bent on giving. You can’t be an heir of the Kingdom if you do not at least try to live by its rules in this world.

Judas committed suicide even though forgiveness was available to him. Do we really believe God would allow any person that chooses to do this to have an entry in Heaven? The act of suicide is not the same as self sacrifice as some have proclaimed. That when a Christian person commits suicide; they still have Grace available to them after they are dead. This would be like a traditional church proclaiming purgatory; which has very little or no Biblical foundation. If this was so! Why do Paul and others encourage and implores the born again to as stated; “withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand"- Eph. 6:13. The only people that rose with Jesus’ resurrection are those who were Faithful before He came and dwelled among men. Don’t we know by now Salvation was made available to all who stood in Faith prior to Jesus and His Blood was to remove the curse brought on mankind by Adam’s treason giving all who accepts His Blood to be able to do the same; and is why He stated; “Greater will we do than He did” - Jn. 14:12.

Now; I am saddened at any loss of life by any method; especially when that person had so much to live for; but so disappointed that someone stated that the pastor who took his life by suicide is likened onto Samson who by virtue of bringing down the pillars committed suicide - Judges 16. And just like Samson should be acknowledged in the annals of Christian heroes. Really! The Body of Christ ought to raise the suicide pastor status because he was overcome by evil spirits set in high places. Wake up old man and be renewed as stated; “Have the mind of Christ” - Phil. 2:5. There is a difference between self-suicide and self-sacrifice!

Another pastor states; “Depression is a God-given emotional state that is meant to safeguard us emotionally the same way pain safeguards us physically”. Has this pastor not read about Jesus’ acts of healing both of the body and the spirit? And that many in this present time are thankful for their miraculous healing from cancer and other deliberating ailments. Do we really think Jesus did not feel greatly sadden in the Garden of Gethsemane and did not feel and endure the excruciating pain of His crucifixion! That these sources of death are from God? Why is it that many in the Body read the exclamations but never the sobering clarities of these stories that produce life by the Spirit. Jesus feeling depressed asked for “this cup to pass”; then He ends with; “Nevertheless your will not mine” - Matt. 26:39. On the cross He cries from His mind; “Why have you left Me” and then by the Spirit states; “Father into your hands, I commend My spirit” - Lk. 23:46. Do we not all have this from time to time with this life’s burdens and with Faithful words overcome and see Victory in our lives and family? I am sure just like me many of you have testimonies of standing on the word and winning over death. Where is the Spirit in some of these churches!

Some have tried to justify that having depression is okay because other men of God experienced the same thing such as Elijah and David. This is not true! Every person is tempted to be lost into the abyss darkness of depression. It is a temptation! What some have failed to do citing these men of God as a justification for depression is not Rightly Dividing the Word. The prime example of this is with the Exodus Jews who complained so much that they fed their bodies, minds, and spirits into depression; which is why God was unable to take them into the Promise land. Depression is not the same as the act of complaining which every person on their journey of Salvation and for God has done at some point in time. Whether from the Old or New Testament; as humans we tend to complain to God about our circumstances. But the difference between those who come out of the darkness back into the light is that they turn to God and acknowledge who is the potter and who is the clay. Elijah and David did this! They surrendered their life and circumstances to God and as in the Old with those who reached the Promised Land and to Jesus in the New Covenant, respectively. We have a Covenant which only works when both parties adhere to the rules of engagement!

Having depression whether from mental disorders or feelings of obsessive saddest is by human reasoning and is not by the Spiritual advocate sent for our Christian walk through the maze and turbulence of this world. For everytime we deny the God kind of Faith; we succumb to satan’s lie that Jesus did not take back the authority Adam lost and ultimately allow fear and death to have its way by all forms of disease physically and mentally. In my family, someone had depression due to a mental disorder and was taking medication. But with prayer and standing on the Word; this person no longer needs medication and now has a better Christian walk. There are so much Victory testimonies of defeating death within the Body but only when by Faith we look to Jesus and His Blood to help us overcome and to force every evil spirit in high places including satan to as stated; “Roam about to see whom he can devour” - 1 Pet. 5:8. No Christian should be devoured by any fallen angel but as stated; “Be the light to the world” - Matt. 5:14; especially for those who are currently in darkness. This is Jesus’ legacy; the Apostles and should be ours; the Body of Christ!

Flush it Out - By the Word is Victory won!

Samson and many others who self-sacrificed are the types of Christian heroes that should be honored and recognized but not beyond the context of their works. For as Paul stated; “All have fallen short of the Glory” - Rm. 3:23. The act of the true self-sacrifice is born out of love for others and becomes Divine when it is done not for man but for God. This is the lesson of Samson; who was given supernatural strength not by his hair but by his Faith in God which he acknowledges at his demise stating; “O Lord God, remember me, I pray and strengthen me,” - Judges 16:28. When Samson recognized his hair was only flesh and with God all things are possible; he was able to destroy the enemy's temple. These should be our words whenever we face the enemy!

We all have to come to the understanding that we must self-sacrifice the carnality of the body, mind and even the spirit; so that we can live by the Anointing and Spirit available to us. We cannot and will be unable to justify the humanization of the Word. Because many before and after Jesus were able to overcome all evil spirits in high places because they did not allow mental fear of any kind to overcome their confession and Faith. Men like Daniel and others were thrown into the lion’s den - Dan. 6. Jesus relieved the man of Gerasenes who by today's standards had a mental disorder and who was able to break his chains, physically abuse himself because of demonic processions - Mk. 5. And Paul and John were able to overcome both physical and mental fear from their oppressors. They were born of the flesh and fell short of the Glory but had Victory only because they lived and kept their relationship with God by the Spirit and is why as stated; “we will take up deadly snakes; eat poison and not die” - Mk. 16:18. Because the Word is living through us and is not just knowledge for us to whimsically repeat when we want to sound holy as if by own efforts we can do that.

Others have stated that this pastor who committed suicide is in Heaven. Are we saying Judas is also in Heaven? But some say Judas betrayed Jesus by taking bribe money but this pastor did not betray Jesus nor take a bribe. This type of wrong thinking is why many in the Body are confused when it comes to the Faith and walking as a child of God. Judas did not take a bribe but solicited it as payment beforehand prior to revealing Jesus’ location for apprehension. The money is not the key issue but the betrayal of Faith and trust with Jesus is; and is why when He was being held stated, “You come out, as against a thief, with swords and staves when I was clearly unprotected daily” - Lk. 22:52. We all have betrayed Jesus’ trust and Faith in us not only by our words but especially by our actions. Because regardless of any evil thought; it becomes sin when we put action to them. And is why it is said; “Life and death are in the Power of the tongue” - Prob. 18:21. God knows what we face and is why He put this caveat of Grace in place to safeguard us from condemnation. For these evil thoughts are from satan and not from God. What are evil thoughts? Anything that does not produce Life as God ordained it and as He stated, “My thoughts towards you is for peace and prosperity” - Jer. 29:11. So we betray the Blood’s Victory everytime we allow evil thoughts to determine our actions like committing suicide.

Sept. 10, 2018.

Humanizing the Word.

The world seems to be winning the battle of the minds in and out of the church and with it comes confusion, dissension, and death. What has happened to many of these so-called church leaders that are quick to give the world’s view on certain life issues and where is the Faith to receive from the ultimate source of Truth as stated; “How be it when He, the Spirit of Truth, is come, He will guide you into all Truth” - Jn. 16:13. What is going on! It saddens me to hear and see of such things but the Spirit’s comfort of the season is; “The end is near”; and as stated; “Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the Faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils” - 1 Tim. 4:1. For this to happen; a key change will be to humanize the Word; as stated; "making the Word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down" - Mk. 7:13. By tradition; the man by his own thoughts and ways supplant God's so that it becomes common thinking with human expectations; thereby removing any aspect of the supernatural and miracles by the God.

While some in the East radicalize their word; many in the West have watered down the Word with human rational thinking. For rather than lead and encourage the Body as stated; “Take us your cross and follow Jesus” - Lk. 9:23. Which can be said; “Carry your burden and allow Jesus to lead you”. Then, and only then; will you see Victory over your burdens. They have become passive and lead their flocks to the slaughter of terror and hopelessness. Does this sound harsh and was not Jesus compassionate to those who were suffering? Yes! But His compassion differed from those outside to those inside the church and was often linked to the Faith of the individual seeking help with their burden. This is demonstrated with the Centurion - Matt. 8; and the Gentile woman - Matt. 15; who both were outside the Faith of Judaism and the birth of Christianity. He was not compassionate to those who knew Him and experienced God’s Power including the relatives of Lazarus - Jn. 11; and Jairus - Mk. 5; who despite confessing their Faith in Jesus and God; did not put it into action; whereby in both cases; He rebuked them. Although possible; God and Jesus do not want to do miracles out of “thin air” because it circumvents the primary exchange of Faith as stated; “With God, all things are possible” - Matt. 19:26; and “Without Faith, it is impossible to please God” - Heb. 11:6.

Faith is not about the desperate need of being rescued but is the sustaining and development of the relationship between someone and the Father. It is why He wants us as stated; “And because you are sons, God sent the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father. - Gal. 4:6. And as stated; “Without works; Faith is dead” - Jm. 2:14 and “I will show you my Faith by my works” - Jm. 2:18. Jesus clearly stated; “In this world, we will have troubles but do not fear; He has come them” - Jn. 16:33. If Jesus has overcome the world and its burdens; so have we! But some say; “You just don’t know what I am dealing with”! Really? Is one’s man burden heavier than another’s? Or is the weight of their burden determined by that man’s mind? This is why Paul's primarily prognosis to man’s burdens is to change how he thinks and acts regarding the burdens and life in general and as stated; “let us run with patience and perseverance the race that is set before us,” - Heb. 12:1. It is saying; “Fight the good fight of Faith” - 1 Tim. 6:12. This is the battle and the war satan and the world wages on us every day, hour and minute. The battle of the mind!

It is not my intent to be insensitive but in recent weeks, there have been several comments made by people of influence within the Body that is anti-god by every utterance that comes from their platform as stated, “For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh” - Rm. 8:5. By thinking and acting from the flesh’s point of view; many in the Body not only deny themselves the Word’s Power but have set about as stated, “They crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put Him to an open shame.” - Heb. 6:6. They have with good intentions; acted carnally minded and set ablaze their own convictions and those of their charge. There can only be one perspective on anything in and of this world, and that is God’s; which as stated; “The Word became flesh” - Jn. 1:14. Jesus may have been in the flesh but He acted only with God’s Spirit and not His own. For as stated; “For he who is not for Me is automatically against Me” - Matt. 12:30.

Spiritual Awakening

What is satan’s goal? To destroy the very foundation that Christ won for us and took back from him. This is control and by whose authority do we operate and live by. His brings death and by Jesus’ brings life. Now; I have heard some stupid words coming out of so-called men of God and it makes me disappointed that they would humanize the Word to justify their flesh rather than state our minds and the spirits responsibility planted in all of us from day one. To choose the Tree of Life and not the Tree of Knowledge. For without the Tree of Life; which is Jesus; having the Tree of Knowledge of itself only brings the influence of fear; which is satan’s primary weapon and strategy. To attack our mind’s with the fear of loss, health, and safety.

Jesus cannot say; “I have come so that you may have life and have it more abundantly” - Jn. 10:10. And then in the same breathe endorse suicide! That would indicate Jesus and God are just making a mockery of their own works and our efforts. And are we really saying that this pastor could not see more in his life with his church; his family and with God. The Truth of the matter is; he sadly became blinded and obsessed with his personal issues and by feelings of depression came to the conclusion his life and those of others were not valued more than the taking of his life by suicide. I weep for his and family lost but not for the actions taken. For it matters not the circumstances we face as leaders in the church or the Body but what do we do everyday for life in and through Christ.

The act of self-suicide by the taking of your own life and not including the lives of others is a selfish act; sad to say. Because it is born from the seed of pride which is anti-god as much as you can become. Because it professes that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit cannot deliver on the promises of life as outlined - Deut. 30. It's a cowards way out and will leave a legacy of darkness in generations to come if not covered by the Blood. Unfortunately, it gives others permission to do the same when the things of this life become too hard regardless of mental disorders; because it came from the pulpit. This is why elevating any Sanctified man or woman is inappropriate and an unsound Christian walk. Our only elevated man is Jesus Christ!

One of the big thing that’s on most people minds, especially in the West is mental disorder. Well; if this is not an attack on the mind; I don’t know what is! Several incidents involving individuals decisions that not only impact their personal lives but the lives of many innocent people often young children and adults have been attributed solely to mental illness or mental disorders. Often, we are left with troubling thoughts and puzzlement as to how could such bloodshed result in lives being lost and who is to be blamed for causing this. The world feeds on this type of tragedy crying out for more potent drugs and the censorship of possible felons to safeguard and protect those of us unaffected by this so-called natural occurrence. Much to my chagrin; the very foundation that the Body looks to is also endorsing this world’s view while at the same time putting Christ in a box of humanization. Christ may have died in the flesh but He rules and lives by the Spirit! What is our excuse? For is not our confession to be; “The same Power that rose Christ from the dead now lives in me” - Eph. 1:19.

Paul tells us; “For if you live according to the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live” - Rm. 8:13. Many have succumbed to their mental disorder which as a Christian should be recognized as nothing more than spiritual harassment from satan and evil spirits set in high places - Eph. 6:12. Some of the more disturbing deaths that have been blamed on mental disorder are with children as young as nine years old; mass killings by young adults as well as suicides by known celebrities and no less; a pastor of a large church. These types of mental disorder have also been credit to those who have abused their position of influence for sex from those they mentor including from the world’s and church’s platforms. Whatever happened to the reality of sin which has been replaced by the imaginary culprit of mental disorders. He; satan by the world’s complicity is removing the fact of sin and demonic influence destabilizing and removing the unseen spiritual battle waging for the souls of mankind.

It's okay for the world to attempt to remove Biblical mores; for that's what they do. But when the man of the cloth does it; it is to the shame of the Body. Why? Because many who sit and stand at these leaders gestures have not truly received all of Christ including the authority given to each one to uphold God’s Kingdom and Throne as Jesus did; not realizing as stated; “we all will come face to face at the judgment seat of Christ” - 2 Cor. 5:10. This is for Christians and not the unsaved!