Mar. 2, 2017.

The Heavens Declare !

God has opened the door for our transition from this physical world into His Spiritual Heavens. He is distance yet very near to us and He breaks and controls every universal rule that currently contains man and his ambitions to travel the stars. He gave us a beautiful garden which we destroyed, but provides unlimited access into the Heavens where it declares unfathomable beauty and majesty, and reveals His Power and His infinity. So much so that man has no choice but to admit they are just at the tip of a universal iceberg in the sea of space, of wonders, unexplained phenomena and revelations of our past, present, and future, and demonstrating God is eternal and is the Alpha and Omega, not contained by time or space. God is here but everywhere.

Most recently; space agencies have been very interested in Planet X; a celestial body that overshadows the size of Earth. This planet has intrigued so much media even from Christian sources as possible the reason for certain Biblical events such as Joshua's "sun standing still" - Jos. 10:13, which would visually happen if the Earth slowed in rotation due to Planet X's gravitation pull on the Earth; or even the three hour eclipse after Jesus' crucifixion, "it was about the sixth (noon) hour and darkness came over the land until the ninth (three pm.) hour" - Lk. 23:44; which could result by the sheer size of Planet X and its shadow on the Earth, producing a solar eclipse. The maximum time for a solar eclipse, when the moon is between the sun and the Earth is twelve minutes. These Biblical events all could rationally and scientifically be explained by the controlled movement of planets that coordinate their paths for spectacular Revelations of God's hand to reveal Himself by their impact on the Earth.

Whether or not space interests you, it is undeniable the final frontier for man to conquer and dominate. It is a daunting task and as a child, man may be heading into a direction that will ultimately bring several consequences for their impetuous approach. We are simply not ready as a species to enter and travel into space. Our basic engineering of spacecraft has not changed since rockets were conceived. Yet, God has demonstrated by His Power travel and otherworldly experiences have been employed throughout the Bible with such testimonies of Philip, “the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip,” - Acts 8:39. With Jesus, as Peter and others experienced, “And was transfigured (morph) before them” - Matt. 17:2. John’s Revelation, “On the Lord's Day, I was in the Spirit” - Rev.1:10. And Elijah's ascension, "Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven" - 2 Kg. 2:11.

Jesus makes the clear statement that “blessed are you that don’t see but believe” - Jn.20:29. For it is only by Faith do we please the Father - Heb. 11:6. God is all about demonstrating we can trust Him in all things and that being the eternal and vast reaching God; nothing is impossible for Him - Matt. 19:26. We cannot deny the fact, even though so many far-reaching technological breakthroughs have occurred within the last decade; that man still has no conclusive idea or fact of his genesis or even why he exists. Everything starts with a theory and by scientific methods of evaluations are solutions, knowledge, and secrets of life are revealed. Many of the solutions resulting from coincidences or a simple thought while driving home or visualized as a dream in the middle of the night.

We are connected to the Heavenly Realm, whether we acknowledge it or not. Can we really say that the man is really growing in intelligence as a creature of evolution? That somehow; we are nothing more than cells of chemistry, biology, and physiology; our line of evolution is exponential expanding and other similar creatures of this world are not. Evolution as a theory is linear and has no bias because it only depends on an action resulting in reactions as its cycle. So where are all these advances coming from? Well, the Heavens has and is declaring it constantly; the wonders of God creative hand. Think of it this way. The Earth is like the proverbial needle in a haystack from God’s perspective. While for man, we tend to think the Earth is the center of the universe. But science is quickly disproving this notion and with ever new discovery; the idea that a random “big bang” explosion is the genesis; comes under more scrutiny and makes it more difficult to ignore the plausible reason for the universe, earth and man’s existence to be a result of a supreme being; we call El Shaddai - “ The All Sufficient One”.

New space discoveries fill many gaps that Earthly reason fail to do and only fuel the imagination to want more. Just as we who now have seen God’s deep love manifested for us can only want more of Him and His Kingdom as we have been instructed, “to seek His Kingdom and all will be added onto you “ - Matt. 6:33. His Kingdom; all that the Heavens declare as we look up and see His Glory set in their firmament and is to come.

Flush it Out - Just look up!

Many scientists are trying to explain Biblical miracles as nothing more than a natural occurrence resulting from Earthly, planetary and universal movements of force, gravity, and mechanics. They try to bring God’s hand under their control. Yet, the true foundation of the Biblical miracles is not they happened by scientific natural phenomena, for God is not a wizard mixing up batches of miracle potions. They real testimony of miracles is in the timing of manifestation for when God’s people needed it and how all events prior to the miracles aligned for them at the appointed moment of time.

The Heavens declare so much reachable as well as unreachable things that captivate our attention that only with time will man begin to understand, appreciate and acknowledge the true miracle of the Heavens. That God being self-contained wants to share His Glory with man; another marvelous creation of His, for, “we are wonderfully made” - Ps. 139:14. Often, by ourselves on a cool night or through technology, we are compelled to look at the universe that at that moment signify signs, seasons and wonders of tidings that we experience as surreal and engages us in conversations and cannot deny just how awesome and mysterious our universe is just as our God. That He is everything!

Spiritual Awakening

I remember growing up on an island where flat top roofs were the norm for many houses and being on an island there were three things that one could not escape from, no matter which part of the island you lived. Often on a cool night, I would seek out of the house and retreat to the roof and have as my entertainment these three things that revealed so much under the clear moonlight. From my rooftop, I could never escape the beauty of the sea highlighted with moonlight and the hills that stood in majesty shadowing all; surrounding as guards, protecting its inhabitants. But the one thing that had no limitations and constantly provided food for thought and marvels; was the stars above that blanketed as far as I could see. It was and still are the Heavens declaring God and all His majesty. God knew man would need the universe with its planets and the stars to bring them to Him and He set them in place as key components in Genesis for signs and seasons - Gen. 1:14. The signs and seasons of His handiwork for mankind and His Throne.

There is so much stuff out there in the universe that scientist is “guesstimating” that there are at least one billion Earth type planets within this galaxy orbiting a similar yellow sun like we orbit. They surmise that they are within the habitable zone where water exists on their surfaces. These planets range in size to Earth or are many times its size. Speaking of planets; have you ever wondered why they are all spherical, yet different ages with different compositions, even though there is no friction in space. By virtue of the “big bang” theory, we should see different stages of a planet’s evolution from angular to the familiar spherical shape spinning in space and how come there is more than one sun. This demonstrates God’s unlimited Power and Glory.

The man is unable to define the universe as they try to catch up to it. It is generally accepted and confirmed with today’s technology that the universe is constantly expanding and therefore scientist is unable to find its edge or determine its perimeter and shape of it. So where does it expand to and how can a single explosion not run out of matter but seemly constantly be created producing other galaxies, planets and stars, so innumerable to count and record. It is stated a galaxy has 100 million stars or 10 to the power 7. Is that a coincidence that they use 10 the Biblical number of foundation and responsibility as well as 7, the perfection number; as if to conclude that a galaxy has a perfect foundation? Isn't that interesting! This demonstrates God cannot be contained whether physically, but especially Spiritually. He, God is beyond man’s grasp, unless He allows it by His Grace.

There is no such thing as a supermoon. This is where based on a season the moon is closer to the Earth because the moon’s orbit around the Earth is not circular but elliptical and provides a magnified view depending on its position along its path to the Earth. The moon being set in the Heaven’s to determine the time and as a sign of God’s plans for His people and the age’s period for prophetic Revelations. The blood moon’s timely occurrences have been used more than once to signify changes for Israel as well as the nations, including God’s plans. How could people of the Old Testament having no scientific data and technology to track not only the moon but the Earth and Sun to coordinate their perfect alignment that produces the reddish shadow that we commonly acknowledge as blood moons only seen at specific times of a year, in a sequence over several years? This demonstrates that God is active in man’s life, guiding him by signs, seasons and wonders that ultimately point to God as we are forced to look up onto the universe as our prophecies are being fulfilled from the past, present, and future. God is always leading us.

God’s Kingdom is lined with precious stones and is mined here on Earth, especially diamonds, where even satan was associated with it. Diamonds are significant within God’s realm as other stones and the universe has a planet that literally is a diamond. Discovered in the constellation Centaurus and surpasses all the karats that would be discovered in the world. A diamond is not only one of the hardest material but is also used to mold others. It is a thing of beauty and demonstrates multiple dimensions in it when light passes through it and reveals a color spectrum more than any rainbow. It's the closest representation of God by a material, demonstrating His majesty, strength, and abilities that no manmade product has been able to imitate. Yet, God in His wisdom gives us, the Body of Christ that invitation to be partakers of His Glory. To be part of all His creativity and wondrous works. God is indicating He is not some far away deity having pleasure in man's suffering but a Father sharing all He is and has with His children.

"And lead them by a pillar of a cloud" - Ex. 13:21.  If you ever consider this wording it would seem to contradict itself for a cloud is not usually or rarely ever seen as a pillar form. The pillar traditionally has always been vertical, while clouds are more horizontal. Also, pillars are solid, structural members, while clouds are light and wispy. The significance of this contradiction is that it was a marvellous thing that the Jews saw and it captivated their attention. It's more of a metaphor that at that time they were unable to describe completely and accurately. No different today as scientist discover and example nebulae which in Latin means cloud and has intrigued curiosity, captivating world attention. Now, I am not saying the pillar of cloud was a nebula but as man reaches for the stars; it is ironic that the same type of cloud, the nebula grabs their attention. Space is filled with them where they contain elements of the Earth as well as unknown ones. They stir the imagination by their composition, shape, and colors, even displaying images that man can relate to. But most of all, they provide man with a deep sense of amazement, of longing for answers with hours of conversations, debate, and satisfaction. The nebulae demonstrate who God is, being a deep mystery, yet relatable and connectivity that at once is substantial and fleeting. We are in awe of the nebulae as we are of God.

I often miss my flat roof top that allowed me to gaze into the Heavens, trying to see something that connects my spirit with His Spirit or just to enjoy the universe’s majesty and vastness and become humbled by it. Whether it's my imagination or some image that reside in my memory, I often experience a vivid image of that piece of Heaven I saw from my rooftop, but it's different. I have a sense of being on top of a plateau high above everything else; where nothing can distract me from the Heavenly display, where it is pitch dark and only stars can be seen slowly spinning on the universe’s turntable. The hills are no longer surrounding but like citadels, towering above the plateau as I face them, and they are majestic; four of them it seems, framing the universe and its wonders. I am at the center of it all but my focus is drawn to the Heavens, where God resides and declares His Glory; as if I am in the Throne room before God. I am alone, but God is with me.

As man improves his technology to peer into the vastness of the universe and use supercomputing to determine mass, distance, and compositions of interests; God Words are quickly becoming undeniable established for the age that we are in and the unfolding of His declarations for the Earth and His Kingdom to be completely revealed. The signs and seasons are being revealed in so much succession that man cannot help but look up and begin to wonder and marvel at all the significance of these signs and wonders. Most notable in recent years is the blood moons; alignment of planets and the ominous passing of comets, and fallen meteors. It is as if the Heavens are making such a display to get our attention to look up and be ready for “your redemption draws near” - Lk. 21:28. God is making such a “display of fireworks”; that we cannot be surprised when He makes His ultimately move to take back completely His creation that satan by futility tries to hold onto. It is interesting to see and hear of reports that secular man and those oppose to God’s will are preparing for something big that will change life as we know it to be. Many are stockpiling resources; building underground and establishing facilities in hills and caves around the world; all with the expectation of something disastrous; fulfilling prophesy - Hos. 10:8; Is. 2:19. Yet, for the Body of Christ, we are and should be jumping for joy as God’s promises are being fulfilled and with great expectation; we are that generation to see the return of Christ for His bride.

As of today, there are several wonders that the Heaven’s declare to be the creative work of an intelligent being. One who provides signs and wonders that reveal unknown as well as known entities that man can relate to. All of which only stimulates man into wanting to seek more and fuel his imagination of what else can be discovered as space probes are sent further and further to the undefined edge of space. Consider some of these discoveries by several space agencies and see how deep and wonderful is God and His abilities; as the Heavens declare His Glory for all to see.

How much, of the Body of Christ, can truly claim to have had a personal encounter with God, the Father on a very intimate level? I heard from some in the Body of their personal experience that has brought them comfort, peace, and Revelation for their life and those they care for. I myself have had personal encounters but at times they seem so uneventful compared to other stories. But you know what; it really does not matter in the big scheme of things. For we just need to look up and the Heavens declare Him; our eternal God.