​​Nov. 23, 2016.

In His Image.

Spiritual Awakening

When we typically think of one’s image, the world looks for a brand; a piece of merchandise to be put on display for others to aspire and copy. But with God’s image comes not only a reflection of His but a connection that is both symbiotic and yet unique. This means and indicates just how multi-faceted God is and that we as the body benefit from this in all our dimensional perspectives of doing the same things. It is why by Biblical Revelation several individuals can read the same Bible verse, have a different interpretation and yet be correct, just like a diamond with several facets belonging to the same whole. The truth of our image is both complex and simple at the same time.

The image that we inherited is mathematically sound and is borderless but with a single conclusion to its equation. That the origin of it is of a higher grade and substance that is yet to be cataloged, contained or even imagined. For it was by imagination that our image came about. That creative force that neither knows any boundaries nor has limitations. One can say, “it is by our image are we are imagined beyond all restrictions”. Just like God, we are designed to think, operate, and cast a vision of with our own devices. On its lowest form, we refer to it as free will and because it’s that low, we automatically restrain it by earthly restrictions. Yet, with God’s perspective, there are no restrictions; that with Faith, all things are possible. Consider, when this Godly image begins to take hold of “ordinary men and women”

1) It took Abraham 25 years to receive His promised child Issac. Considering he was the first to embrace something more than himself, it is understandable for the delay of God’s manifested promise, because his image did not allow him to receive the promise earlier. This is Vision.

2) Moses act of defending another is nothing short of Righteous Indignation to the oppression of others when there is no obvious difference. This grew into Moses becoming a freedom fighter with one of the greatest manifestation by parting the Red Sea as if to signify the ultimate freedom from tyranny. This is championing the cause of freedom from mental slavery.

3) David became known as “the man after God’s heart” and who despite age became an icon for those in fear against formidable odds especially with the defeat of giants in the land. This is defending and living the Faith.

4) Of all the women established by religion; Mary a novice is called to bear what can only be described as impossible and miraculous by man’s standards, but with humility of her spirit accepts the divine call. This is the benefit of Godly obedience.

5) Jesus not only embodied all the above and more traits that a true image of God is but by tenacity, determination and resolve He completed the God image, where Adam failed. This is Righteous authority.

Whenever by righteousness we take vision, freedom, Faith, obedience and authority; we reflect the Godly image that uplifts our imagination into a higher and unlimited revelation of whose we are and what we are capable of. The men who did this, not only challenged but broke the status quo leaving a legacy of Victories small and great, in the low and high places and caused mere men to be astonished, gasp and fear the very image that emanated from them as God’s men and women.

Flush it Out! - We are the seed of God that produces of its kind.

A man and a woman have a genesis and for some, there is a delusion that it is a lower instinctive creature. Yet, besides certain common details that neither determines uniqueness or a proprietary gain, there is practically no inference of a connection to any lower form of life. The reality of the science actually embraces the Spiritual existence of an ascended image. For the man has every supreme dominance over all by the mere simple ability to imagine. This is foremost the single attribute that places him in another set of rules and category and is why it is stated, "What is man that the Angels ponder at" - Heb. 2:6. The man is a separate species from all others that inhabit the Earth and is actually alien to it.

God is alien to the way of life in this world, for it depends on the physical and whereas God is Spirit has no need for interactions by the senses. Therefore all things made available to man and by Faith, are for him only. The man is of a first kind, special and different with abilities that make him operate in both worlds of the physical and of the Spirit, and being equally effective in both. The Bible has men of God like Enoch and Elijah who did not die but was translated into a place, sometimes referred to as paradise where they are in a presence of God but not in His Throne room; having not died and not sealed by Jesus’ Blood. Jesus became the first man to have been resurrected and is able to sit at God’s right hand and be in His Throne room. This is only by God’s Grace and Jesus’ complete obedience to be in God’s image, literally, His Kingdom. As the first of His kind will fill Heaven and the New Jerusalem. We cannot be in God's full presence unless we are completely of His image, coverted and sealed with the Blood of Jesus. This we see when Moses asked to see God’s face, but God knowing how powerful this effect would be only can show His back. As indicated all will be changed in an instant to in the presence of God - 1 Cor. 15:52.

Have you ever wondered what does it mean to be created in the image of God - Gen. 1:27. It is exactly as the Bible states. This is why Adam; the first edition of this image could commune with God and had the Godly abilities of creation by Faith. Like a mold that is used to make several copies of the same item over and over so was the intention of God to make copies of Himself through Adam and Eve. By the world standard, copying focuses on mainly outward appearances of the image. Eventually, as manufacturers realized that people had different taste; they adjusted their product to have "options" so that people could have a sense of individuality. Was God’s plan and purpose to give His creation individual choices to define an image for themselves? To a certain extent, this is clear as Adam was given certain freedoms to define his world but only as long as he and Eve stayed within the parameters God gave them. As long as they did not abuse this privilege.

So what is the image of God we are to be to this world? Ultimately, we are to be to this world, the expressed representation of Jesus with the Holy Spirit. Not as the world makes copies but by the Spiritual image that defines, makes up and is the manifested attributes of God. This is clearly written in the Bible and as Jesus demonstrated during his time here saying, “I only do as God instructs me to do and say” - Jn. 5:19, 30. Adam did not lose an arm or leg. He lost the spirit, image of God and Jesus restored it back to us. Just as Adam started the task but did not finish it, we who have been renewed by receiving back the Spirit and image of God are now to continue to finish the task originally given. To do this we are to walk as God would, as Jesus taught and reminded us to do and it is by works and Faith is one justified - Jm. 2:24. In other words; one can’t have all the faith and don’t do works. The bible clearly states what steps we are to take.

No matter how you look at it, we are in His family by accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior and just like a physically family, some members chose to take on the culture, mind and perspective of the father and in turn by perpetuating this are rewarded more because of their desires to delight in Him - Ps. 37:4. For those who like the idea of belonging to this family and having the name only will only see a limited benefit whereby the reward is measured by what one puts in. This only reflects how God is a respecter of no one and is balance and just when He shares His Kingdom - Act. 10:34. How we perceive this image and relationship with God is the restraining factor that hinders our effectiveness not only in our but other lives as well.

Jump 2000 years later, after the fall and man's journey to present day. The purpose and plan of the Garden of Eden are being continued and fulfilled and as Christians, we are still called to be the expressed image of God through His beloved Son; our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. There are few who have grasped this and actually put into practice this declaration. Jesus clearly stated why He had to come, what He was to accomplish, and how we are to continue until He returns. So our part is simple enough, and it's no different than when two persons start a task together, one has to leave and the other continues the job. Unfortunately, what more invariably happens is that when one of the two leaves; rather than continue the task most of us will decide to sit around until the other returns, thinking the task cannot be completed with just a single person. We tend to have a wait and see attitude, rather than taking the initiative.

Why is this and what causes humans, even Christians to wait for things to happen rather than take the initiative to move forward with purpose. It is all linked to a self-image. Who do we see ourselves as determines the purpose and actions we take. Back to Eden, the first thing God gave Adam to do was to take responsibility of naming all the animals - Gen. 2:20. This was in keeping with His instructions of multiplying and taking dominion of the earth and its resources. God was getting Adam to take the initiative and reinforce his image of a creative force. This is what Jesus also did prior to and in His ministry. To have initiative. God wants us to be creators of our surroundings, taking dominion and by this, we Glorify Him as imitators of Him, as heirs of His Throne. This was lost when Adam and Eve listened to the wrong source and believed the lies and doubted who God said they were. They became as many are still today; suspicious and faithless to a Righteous God and His Word. He, satan effectively taught man to doubt and be in fear. We see this throughout every generation, where someone is deceiving others into being less than they have the ability and called to be.

Yet, the Bible paint pictures that sometimes are difficult to comprehend or even imagine. This is where, by the carnal mind many subject themselves to a mental oppression, while others break themselves from Earth’s gravity onto a force not limited by earthly conventions and open up magnificent and wonderful things. By our very own existence and make up; it speaks to just how awesome a greater power exists and operates; rather than a random series of events that happen to give us life. Our image indicates a creative force at work. Science is slowly but surely coming to the realization that we are more that the summation of chemical and molecules interacting with each other. That where science cannot venture lies the explanation to more questions than answers can be supplied. It is as God stated, “to use the foolishness of man to show Himself and His Glory to all” - 1 Cor. 1:27. We are wonderfully made and because of conventions we miss the best parts of our creation.

​Adam was given God’s breath that is His Spirit and there is no mention of physical aspects including that of Eve’s attributes. This is not by mistake but by divine authorship. Although earth is physical and man is given physical capabilities, this was never the intent to be a true reflection or application of our image. In all the examples provided by the Bible; only one icon, Samson is every described with physical strength used for God’s purpose. Yet, the moral of the story is not to depend on one's physicality but God’s Spirit; His image. The Bible points to the Spirit as the key to man’s defence and offense to his trials, tribulations, and enemies. We were meant to be a Spiritual being operating on a physical plain. God’s strong men were all of a lesser physical form compared to those who opposed His sovereignty and will. To be clear others did have a strong form but were broken by God to open the way for the Spirit to work God’s will for them and His people. The strength will fail but the Spirit keeps getting stronger, bolder and more confidence with revelation. Living in a world that demands physical recognition can be a challenge but in surrendering in Faith reflects another reality of our Godly image. Both are not disconnected.

1) Acknowledge whose we are - Gal. 3:29.

2) Choose life - Deut. 30:19.

3) Speak and walk by Faith - 2 Cor. 4:13.

4) Meditate on the Word and command His Angels - Ps. 1:2-3.

5) Stay away from darkness and evil - 1 Tess. 5:22.

6) Do good and love always - 1 Cor. 13:7.

Acknowledge whose we are. The Earth and Universe demonstrate more than just a random evolution but a creative force able to order things in perfect timing. Something has to exist before the foundations as we know and see them. This can only be a dependent force we acknowledge as God and by His image, there is only one interpretation and that is we all are part of His family meaning my last name is God's. My culture, heritage, perspective is all established by His will and DNA.

Choose life. Within our own family, there are those who have rejected the culture, heritage, and perspective of previous generations. Who give into their fleshly desires and who also have not accepted who and why they are. Like a father knowing from experience advising a child of the consequences of certain actions, God knows the results of pursuing the flesh and therefore encourages His children by free choice to accept life and all its benefits.

Speak and walk by Faith. As there are night and day, the sun and moon, these and words of Faith are connected. By expressing our words we automatically begin to walk in Faith as to the desired outcome and intent of speaking words. God framed the world by speaking, declaring and by Faith He expects them to manifest His purpose for nothing He declares returns to Him void or unaccomplished. So as His image, imitators of Him, we are to do the same.

Meditate on the word and command His Angels. The more we come to the realization that we are that expressed image of God and have every benefit of this, the more our expectation grows which places a demand on His Angels to produce what we desire. Now, to be sure we are part takers of His plan and not the author of it, therefore just like a good plot we play our part to achieve God’s purpose for our lives which as he stated is peace and prosperity knowing and assured that we are rewarded for obedience to His will.

Stay away from darkness and evil. If you have ever been under time constraints or have too many things to do at the same time, then you know it becomes difficult to complete what you set out to do without some form of compromise. It is not others (darkness) that prevent us from achieving all God has for us but rather ourselves are the main culprits as we like Jesus must keep in focus of our purpose, being and goals. Also, God’s integrity demands that “we walk the straight line” because good and evil cannot be mixed. The means never justify the results.

Do good and love always. Being a good administrator of God's guidelines is not sufficient if we do things out of a poor attitude and doing them mechanically rather than with heart. Righteous love is the safeguard against being robotic and not appreciating all we are asked to do and bear. God's laws of success and Blessings are perfect and have a built in check and balance system, so not to be abuse
d by the mockery of it.

Besides its history, practical and Spiritual characteristics; the Bible brings with it the impossibility of future knowledge by any intellects standard. Most notably are events that shape the world and the actual phenomenon of good versus evil. This speaks to our image of being unlimited, transcendental and far-reaching just as the universe is. That there is more beyond the mundane earthbound life with all its ups and downs and it brings with it a higher exhilaration than we could ever receive here. The Bible has fuelled those looking for rejection of their divine image with descriptions that would lead one to think extraterrestrial beings with pulsating and colorful UFOs (unidentified flying objects) - Ez. 1. Isn’t it interesting those men who profess other alien creatures and crafts; only can envision them in a similar image as they are and have?