January 18, 2017.

Oh, God !.

Doubt is a spiritual weapon used by evil spirits in high places and is the main weapon to attempt to destroy God’s plans and destinies for every man, woman, and child regardless of being born again. With doubt, many are kept trapped in bondage unable to receive the freedoms God guarantees and Jesus’ Blood covers - Lk. 4:18. For without doubt; Faith cannot be stopped, regardless of God’s will. Faith is a principle law of the Spirit realm to bring the unseen into this physical world and has no bias to who chooses to use it effectively. God had to intervene the unity of man’s Faith with different languages at the tower of Babel or else nothing could be withheld from them - Gen. 11:6. For the religious minded; it would seem God confused their single language and created doubt, resulting in the people dispersing aboard - Gen. 11:7; but you can’t confuse a single language for doubt. God did not instigate doubt as satan did with Eve in the garden, but by the creation of languages set the stage for the resulted doubt and confusion. God cannot use the vices of darkness for His end but orchestrates events, conditions, and scenarios knowing that the vices of darkness will take advantage of it to kill, steal and destroy with every given opportunity. God’s intent was not to scatter the population at the time for groups of peoples still spoke a common different new language; whereby these groups banded together as individual tribes. God’s creative solution was to break the Faith chain that the tower of Babel peoples unified for a sole purpose.

Abraham’s grave sin of taking his future into his own hands has brought us to today’s tribulation of thousands suffering at the enemy’s hand simply because God made His promise that the seed of Abraham by his wife would be the chosen people and not by his concubine. The outside birth child is crying for what he believed to his right also; that of being a true natural blood son of God which cannot be, because God cannot compromise His word, and the promise Abraham was given thousands of years ago. God is demonstrating His Word does not return to Him void and is maintaining His integrity towards His promises - Is. 55:11. No matter how much compassion God has for this dire result due to Abraham’s carnal mind; God decreed His will and allowed this soiled branch to still benefit from God benevolence with His promises even though it was not necessary and He knew satan would use this rift in Abraham’s family as the main stake and division with God’s chosen people; as we see today and coming to a critical point over Jerusalem - Gen. 21:17. God is demonstrating His heart and declaration for justice to be done for all who did not earn by birthright and lineage to be given an equitable share of His promises and His Kingdom. God is unable to alter His decrees but as the master planner and implementer makes a way for all outside this decree. He provided for all with the Blood of Jesus to be adopted and engraft into the main family tree of His Kingdom. God ways are constantly revealing His desire for all to belong in His family and be reconciled, so He can be their Father and they; His children - 2 Cor. 6:18.

God’s ways demand discipline because, without it, no stability will exist for success. Everything ventured and planned requires clear cut decisions and the application of disciplines to meet the desired outcome. Otherwise, only chaos and ultimately anarchy will result which is opposite to the building of anything. We can see the true result of the different languages at the tower of Babel. So should not the vision and purpose of a universal Kingdom be operated, populated and seeded with the strict adherence to Kingdom and Throne policies that demands compliance to the master planner’s decrees? Discipline is a mark of maturity and without it, anyone will sway and be subjected to any influence that is most popular at the time. God is not moved by the popular vote or by demands of carnal power or things that do not meet His criteria for His peace and prosperity. God is steadfast in staying the course of His Kingdom benefits for all those who sacrifice the flesh daily to be welcomed and be known as sons and daughters of His Kingdom. God is showing He is not obscure and distance to His Faithful who stand on His promises to be their God and who will provide everlasting joy and happiness for all eternity. God states vengeance is His and that those of His household will see their enemies and those who persecuted them receive a just reward for the inflictions against His anointed and sanctified - Heb. 10:30.

The key here is that Faith for unrighteousness will be met with Godly force as well as the same for Righteousness. The Christian should recognize this and even be willing observers and partakers of it. We must come to that higher perspective of God, whereby all world and local events are under God’s strategic influence and that one of the main purposes for the body of Christ is to supply and fuel the necessary Spiritual actions so that evil spiritual forces are hampered and binded from interfering with the divine plans of God - Matt. 16:19. What many Christians have to come to the knowledge and wisdom of is that prayer is given for the Spiritual manifestation of God’s Earthly will leading to and coinciding with His Kingdom goals and purposes; and not for personal bias or agendas. This perspective is connected with what is stated that good becomes evil and evil, good especially in the last age because people including some within the body are more focus on Earthly equality and equity rather than God’s eternal decrees for His and our Kingdom - Is. 5:20. The enemy has been able to effectively create this doubt in the Christian’s mandate thereby confusing many of the Faith to fight and settle for temporal carnal rewards; such as compromising a Spiritual decree for gender identity with the command of unconditional love; which is nothing more than using good for evil; and is an indicator of the great falling away. This would be a case for what is good but not Righteous. Doubt in all its form is anti-God and leads to disobedience, but sometimes can be used as a tool for the effective workings of Salvation. Paul indicates and states this when a brother who willing rejects God and is left to the devices of darkness, with the hope that after the flesh has suffered under the hands of satan; he will come to a place ready to surrender to the Spirit of God and receive Salvation - 1 Cor. 5:5. Many cases of former sinners lost in their rebellion demonstrate with enough time including prayer from loved ones the flesh can and is rescued from the bonds of darkness having not found any true and fulfilling satisfaction carnally, opens up naturally for a Spiritual edification of the soul with the message of Christ.

But what makes God deserve such credit and why should we release all our inhibitions and make Him supreme in our lives? Is it only by fear of this supremacy are we brought to our knees knowing His ways will be Victorious even though the opposition has a valid reason for wanting to secede from the Throne and sovereignty of God and His Kingdom. Who among us has never desired to be self-made in the image of their own mind? All of these traits are a reflection of Lucifer’s bid for independence from God and is the prime reason evil spirits and fallen man long for this separation. We are all made in the image of God and it should not surprise us these desires exist in us and at times rear its ugly head in this world’s walk. God is the original independent thinker, creator, and self-made entity. We all have His DNA and this is where it can become frustrating for many in the world and even those of the Faith; for until the flesh is completely put down and the spirit rule; doubt will ever so often surface and challenge our Faith walk - Rm. 8:13-14.

All these characteristics are ordained by God, not for treachery and usurping but for the true reflection of the man, who is made in God’s image and should take his rightful place in God’s Kingdom as ambassadors and stewards of His person and character. We are to be independent but with God’s Kingdom mandate. This sounds contradictory as being an extension of God’s will and having independent thinking. But when you know God's plan, then having an independent attitude goes a long way to partakers in it and being mature to work with the master plan. A simple example is Jesus' last command to go preach the Word. We don't need permission for this and with every Righteous action towards this end places us under God's Spiritual influence to succeed at it. This is where childishness is to mature into childlikeness and where Faith truly manifests. Our role is ultimately administrators of God’s policies towards His creation especially to each other and the Spirits of His Kingdom. God is Spirit; man is flesh; Christ is the first successful Spirit-flesh kind of the Kingdom, but not the first. This is where Adam failed to fulfill his part in God’s purpose for the worlds such as the Earth and Jesus completed this requirement. For Adam was both flesh and Spirit, not needing a resurrection to defeat death, and was to be that Godly authority over all aspects of the Earth including fallen spirits, but chose to be childish rather than childlike with Faith, and allowed doubting to destroy the Spiritual connection that would destined him to be the expressed image of God in the world and as Jesus demonstrated. Adam’s actions pre-empted God’s will for him; his family, because of his doubt and lack of Faith resulting in disobedience and separation from God. The result of this disobedience did not deter God’s original will for mankind. When God immediately decreed the coming of Jesus to Adam and satan simultaneously; He was demonstrating and proving His commitment, purposes and vision do not change, despite setbacks, indicating He is unchangeable - Gen. 3:15. God is patient and long-suffering towards the man’s frame for failure and even lack of Faith in Him and yet does not suffer the innocent for man’s poor spiritual attributes but seeks to reconcile the results of man’s doubts and faithlessness.

The actions of God; a force that is undeniable; having no need for flesh and blood made the decision for such a creature; man. He did this not as a deity wanting slavery, oppressive worshippers or sadistic sacrifices; but to impart of Himself to another form of His image for partnership and to demonstrate His Fatherhood as someone who cares, desires and wants to make man His greatest creation to be the main recipient of His Kingdom of joy, peace and prosperity. No other god has given and shared any of their so-called kingdoms, but rather only seeks to subject their loyalist with vain rewards that rot and deteriorate, and neither elevates them into a higher entity that transcends beyond the flesh or to achieve more enlightenment that uplifts one to a higher spirit value and benefit that manifest and is reflective in the body, mind, and spirit.

We cannot deny our God’s love and vision for us on every level; first as the all encompassing eternal creator sovereign and secondly; as our Father, who desires a Righteous relationship with us, filled with intimacy and deep concerns. This Father God as many affectionate refers to Him is awesome, magnificent and splendid in all His ways who wows us with manifestations and demonstrations that are beyond our capabilities and drives our dreams to that very personable touch; willing and wanting to give us the desires of our heart for our personal enjoyment with or without His sharing and involvement. How then can we not exclaim, “Oh God! Mighty and wonderful are you".

Flush it Out! - Even the rocks cry out in Praise of God’s Glory.

Many times we begin to wonder if the God of Israel hears us and if He even cares as equally for those of the Christian Faith. If the God of the universe is as magnanimous as we have been led to believe. Did you know this is not unusual and in many cases, it is encouraged? Encouraged to question and even doubt the God of Abraham? Yes! The manifestation of doubt is a by-product of the fall of man and you can even see this with the iniquity that was found in Lucifer. The flesh by its own devices can lead to the discovery of God and build one’s Faith in His promises. God can use anything of the flesh to draw you to the point where you become receptive to the message and promises of Salvation, including doubt. God says, “let us reason together” - Is. 1:18. This invitation is only given because one has questions and concerns; for which God is patient and willing to provide perspectives and answers to remove doubt from your daily Faith walk.

Spiritual Awakening

Now the difference between doubt and Faith lies in childishness and the mature Christian walk requiring childlikeness. What is Faith but to believe only in what has been said to you; the unseen and the integrity of those who has asked for your trust. Many have had more Faith in men and women from the political sphere with their promises of better financial, health and security benefits. Then why should it be more difficult to believe in God and His promises? Many Church abiding Christians are guilty of giving more credence to their political affiliates than to their unchanging God. When the flesh rules then doubt reigns.

Isn’t ironic the “father of Faith” demonstrated a higher level of doubt than the first man, Adam. They both heard the audible voice and Spirit of God and yet chose to listen to another source leading to doubting God and His Word. With Adam, he did not earn the act of Faith or had to defend Faith; so when doubt came he did not know how to combat it. He essentially reacted as a child would being persuaded that God was withholding a better deal from him. Abraham on the other hand ventured into unknown territory requiring enormous Faith but despite this experience, was led to doubt God’s promises for a nation from his seed and set apart for God’s purposes and Blessings. Of course; doubt showed its ugly head several times after these irrevocable events and even in Jesus’ day; even though He was the physical manifestation of God, did not quell or eliminate the flesh’s corruption to doubt. To be clear, doubt is of the world but the sin is the act of accepting a narrative other than God’s Word. As James says, “ask in Faith without doubting; for if by doubt one cannot expect to receive anything from God” - Jm. 1:6.

God is not absent-minded and ignorant to what is being asked of His to be Kingdom partakers and Christ imitators in this world. In fact, God has given all authority to the body of Christ to put down any dark opposition to His Kingdom promises and will. He has done this by declaring the Blood and name of Jesus above anything named which is all and any form of creation; including stating that as the body we will do the same and even greater things than Jesus did - Jn. 14:12. God has equipped His to fight the good fight and to establish His Kingdom’s will here on Earth as in Heaven. God is demonstrating His confidence and desire for His children to be Kingdom administrators and not just slaves subservient to it. He has not only framed what His Kingdom is and should be reflective of; He has given us, the body a voice in its design and establishment. For if we delight in God, He will give the desires of our hearts - Ps. 37:4.

Despite any doubt in the world; God maintains His attitude and vision of His purpose and our place in it. The action of doubt only affects us, who have not come to that full confidence of the Word, and are not proactive to eliminate and destroy any and all action of darkness to derail God’s promise of peace and prosperity in this age and day. God remains the same before the foundations of this world and is still the same today and will be tomorrow. This should be our confidence which is God does not change, alter or amend His person or His plans. Doubt should have no place for us who profess Jesus is our Lord and Saviour because He is God manifested in the flesh; leaving His Throne to be that sacrifice and symbol of His deep and wide love for His very images here on Earth and seeks to provide for us a Kingdom of light.

God spoke and it manifested. This method of creation is ours and it is why as the body we will be responsible for every misspoken word - Matt. 12:36. God has stated ask for forgiveness for any sin and He will wipe that offense from the book of life. Yet, states that all will be under the seat of judgment only for unconfessed sins and words not in line, but works against the Kingdom’s will - Mal. 3:13-15. God made the man in control of all other creatures providing him with imagination, organization, and inspiration; all qualities of a higher life form and akin to Himself as the universe’s sovereign where man is that sovereign over this Earth and all future planets and their resources. God is the master planner and seeks those who will buy into His vision of His Kingdom to become not only partakers but also sons and daughters who will have an active role in the rule of His Kingdoms to come; to be organized, exceed current imaginations and be an inspiration for all future generations to come. God is never stagnant or compromises His purpose or goals for His Throne, Kingdom, and His highest creation and family in mankind.