What does it mean to be good as opposed to being Righteous? The simple answer is the former is mainly from a human’s perspective, while the latter from God’s perspective. In many cases, to be good is used not for God’s cause but for ours only. Ultimately, our action either by goodness or Righteousness will be determined by the result of it. Now, this may sound confusing for how can having the heart to do good, not be Righteous before God; and the Bible clearly talks about the benefits of doing good and how can one be Righteous if not being good. To administer Righteous goodness; one must have a Spiritual perspective and have Godly wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Jesus was not known for His good nature but by His Righteousness and in many cases He demonstrates the differences.

Jesus and Christians have one common denominator and that we are all the under dictates of God who by Righteousness have established His Throne and Kingdom and not by mere goodness. This is where many Christians have not come to realize they serve a Righteous and not just a good God. Righteousness comes before goodness. This is the same as God is unconditional in His love but by His Righteousness; is His love guided and in many cases restrained and controlled. God is principled in His actions and this is the level of spiritual perspective that Christians should seek to attain to. Some say, we can never attain God’s level, but they would be wrong. Having God’s Righteous mind is the very thing all of the Faith should be working towards for if we make a mockery of this, we have in effect divided Christ and the Victory He retrieved for us. Jesus, the Word became man and as man lived a life under the leading of the Holy Spirit and with every human fiber faced His destiny carved out for Him by God and did not fail even though He was only flesh and blood with the Spirit of God. This is the same for us!

The Bible clearly states that God is our supplier, providing every need - Phil. 4:19; and also He will raise us up out of the dung heap - Ps. 113:7; when we surrender all to Him and become His Righteousness, here on Earth. Now, some say, “the poor can’t help themselves”. Yet, history, especially within secular circles always point to those who overcame tremendous odds including poverty to become icons for many others to emulate and give hope of a better future. Now, I am sure there a few examples within these charities that have risen above their circumstances, but they would be the exception when it should be the norm for any Christian charitable organizations.

Our purpose is not for goodness but for Righteousness sake. For God’s prime directive to Jesus was not to feed the poor but to break sin and give His people power over the enemy so that they could become the Righteousness of God. This because by being the Righteousness of God puts one in a position to not only feed themselves but others as well. Many who are just good will never receive Salvation because being good is not a prerequisite to be saved and to inherit the Kingdom. But to be Righteous before God as part takers of His Kingdom automatically puts you in a position to do good because of the Blessing, which is the source to do good with a Righteous perspective.

The verse refers to “sons of God” and not of man. What Paul is alluding here is the Spiritual man of the Earth proclaiming God’s will of not just goodness but mainly Righteousness. That all men of the Faith operates as Jesus, the Son of God within the flesh state but with a Spiritual outlook empowered by the Holy Spirit. This is the mystery of the Blood, that when we wholeheartedly accept the Blood, receive and be led by the Holy Spirit, we are no longer operating as mere men but as Sons and Daughters of God; co-heirs of the Kingdom, having every ability that Jesus demonstrated.

The acts of goodness have achieved just that, a good act; but without the added value of Righteousness, it is like filling a basket with water; no matter how much we pour in, it will never fill and become whole. We must first ensure our foundation to attain a filled water basket is established before pouring the water in. Most Christians give to charities that serve the poor and help those in need and to be clear there is nothing wrong with this in itself, but how many of those being filled move from their fleshly fulfillment to grow into a Spiritual manifested son of God as Paul says, the Earth is in need of. As the saying goes, “it is better to teach a man how to fish than just give him a fish”. Many Christians may feel good about helping those by just giving “fish”, but isn’t this act just the same as putting on bonds of chains, because by perpetuating this goodness, we make them dependent on a man-made source, when in fact, we ought to be demonstrating dependence on God as their source. Isn’t the whole meaning behind both the feeding of the four and five thousand exactly this. In both events, Jesus first healed them before feeding them, which is Righteousness first and then goodness next, respectively. Jesus gave them food for the Spirit first which is eternal and then food for the body which is temporary. Jesus’ act of the multiplication is onto Righteousness, demonstrating God supplies your needs, not just to fill one’s stomach but also to provide an overflow, for the Blessing of others, which is demonstrated with several baskets left over in both feedings.

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We can never lower God’s standard, just so that it becomes comfortable, manageable and leaves us with a good feeling. We ought more to seek to do things with a Spiritual outlook and fulfill the great commission. The feeling of doing and achieving something good is mainly of a carnal level, but knowing that the saving of a soul brings another one of God’s lost child into the Kingdom is a Righteous cause that edifies the entire reason for Jesus’ Blood on the cross.

Many in the body say that the saving of souls is only by those of the pulpit. Yet, before anyone was recognized as an apostle, disciple of Jesus; they were all ordinary men and women who saw something and heard something Jesus said that resonated with them, causing them to go beyond what was their ordinary status. For Salvation is for and should be shared by all. This is the Anointing which has been available to all who profess Christ as Lord and rejects sin and darkness. The challenge lies in the Christian’s mind, which as the redeemed body of Christ ought to no longer lead with the mind but only by the Spirit. This is why most of the body is contended with just doing good and occasionally and inconsistently display random acts of Righteousness. Some say, but my Pastor doesn’t encourage us to do such things. Whereas many Pastor’s fail to elevate their congregation towards a higher Righteous action; he alone cannot be held accountable for what is essentially each individual’s responsibility.

Spiritual Awakening

What is the Righteous action that elevates above just goodness? It is essentially the gifts of the Spirit, and importantly it is the manifestation of God through the body and individuals. It is doing, speaking and acting as Jesus did while on Earth. But how can we do this as we are not Jesus? The very first things that all who have come to Christ is to realize they are no longer theirs to live as they want to. Now, there is a learning curve to the Christ life; but never the less this is what all in the body ought to do; otherwise we have left many of the Blood rights at the foot of the cross, which Jesus abandoned for a much better benefit beyond the grave. We have been made to live beyond the grave and the flesh.

To not recognize that Jesus operated in this Earth with the same constraints as we do is to have left the best parts of His Blood sacrifice still on the cross of Calvary. What does this have to do with being good as opposed to being Righteous? We are to be imitators of Christ who by flesh sacrifice put aside good for a higher call of Righteousness. God is not as concerned with our good deeds as the amount of Righteousness displayed in our daily walk; "I walk in the way of Righteousness" - Prob. 8:20. Being only good limits the works of Righteousness and the manifestations of God and the Holy Spirit. We don’t acknowledge the person who heals, prophesy, as a good but only as a Righteous person. Jesus was acknowledged as much and so should all who profess the Christian Faith. To be a Righteous and not just a good Christian.

The enemy wants us to be good; living, serving and having the perspective that we must attend to the physical needs of those in need. This is a classic deception that by convincing the body that in doing good, we are doing a Righteous and Spiritual thing. The enemy knows he cannot deny us the Blood, but if he keeps us distracted with a lower form of the Blood, many will not reach their full potential to be true ministers of the Blood; which all being saved have been called to be. He keeps many in their comfort zone with the act of doing good, conning them into thinking that’s their calling. Yet, other than Paul’s distinction of the “five fold ministry”; there is nothing in the Bible that dictates that individuals can only fill a certain role. In fact, the entire Bible teaches that the least, unnoticed and unmerited is often used by God for His Righteous cause and that with obedience, all is possible. Jesus was the “five-fold ministry” all rolled into a single person and so was the main apostles. Paul’s mission required more organization and responsibility in building the church across many different cultures and mindsets. Regardless of any of this, to do Righteousness is more beneficial than doing good and should never be constrained by carnal thinking.

Flush it Out! - We are made His Righteousness not just His good ones.

Many of the Faith tend to see Jesus as the Son of God is His ministry but the Bible clearly states He was only a man, Anointed with the Holy Spirit as His source. The importance to distinguish this is paramount in how as Christians we operate and accept the gifts of the Holy Spirit as well as our responsibility as the body of Christ. To be the body of Christ is to be an extension of the man Christ; before He ascended into Heaven and sits both as Son of God as well as Son of man at the right hand of the Father. The early apostles did this but through the world's early church, which controlled revelation of the Christ mission, believers became only followers, as a child being led, contained and not attaining the full birthright as a brought, born, free man of the Blood. This is why the Bible states, “creation waits in eager expectation of the sons of God” - Rm. 8:19. This was written by Paul years after Jesus ascended into Heaven and is addressed not only to those of that day but especially to us, in this day.

Dec. 07, 2016.

Good not God Enough !

As Christians, we ultimately have as our standard, God, and His Kingdom ways, yet many of the body falls short of attaining His standard measured by His Righteousness. Now, it is easy to conclude that as man we can never attain God’s level of “living” because of the sin nature. This would be a gross under estimation of the power that has been made available and given to us. For Christ won for us a Victory over death and its vices. Let’s be clear to be good is not Righteous enough especially when it is defined by the human standards of feelings and outlooks. The long-term results of goodness can never outweigh the eternal effects of Righteousness. To be good is the beginning onto the lasting of Righteousness. Now, some say God is good and it is meaning His Righteousness. This on the surface may sound right but is put into perspective by the Bible, saying "become for our wisdom from God, our Righteousness" - 1 Cor. 1:30.

When Christians do good, for the most part, there is nothing wrong with it and to do good is better than doing evil or worst, nothing at all. The Christian Walk is Faith in action and should not be limited to just doing good. When Jesus visited the Pharisee’s home for dinner and was anointed by the prostitute; many criticized her for using an expensive oil, which could have been sold and the money given to the poor; at which Jesus reproved them by saying, “the poor will always be with you, but by her act has she done more” - Mk. 14:7. In other words, this woman act of anointing was not just good but Righteous, resulting in Jesus acknowledging her and even stating her Righteous deed will be proclaimed all over the world in memory or her - Matt. 26:13. What may have seen trivial or good to some, was Righteous before God and has eternal significance because it was driven by the Spirit and not by the carnal mind.

Good deeds are temporal but Righteous ones are lasting and carry with it Spiritual benefits. Jesus also made the statement, “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word of God” - Matt. 4:4. This is like when we give food to the hungry but failing to empower them with the power of the Word is actually unrighteous because although we may have temporarily filled their stomachs, we left them in the slavery of their sins. Jesus not only acknowledged the prostitute act but forgave her of her sins to lift her up and free her from the bondage of sin - Lk. 7:47-50. Another example is when Jesus healed the man of his infirmity; He ends His act with not only a command but also a warning saying, “sin no more lest your infirmity comes back on you even worse than before” - Jn. 5:14. Jesus is not as concerned with the man’s joy as the man’s sin nature. This is Righteousness in action not by the Son of God but by a man being led by the Spirit of God.