The object of fear is to enslave and what better way is to have people enslave themselves to issues that neither they can really control or make a difference. As humans, we like to know we have made a difference in something whether small or large. It’s in our DNA. The enemy knows this and seeks to occupy our time, efforts and resources for these type of goals; such as climate change, human rights and safety. Now, to be clear, I am not saying as responsible beings, we should not pay attention to issues of society. But, where do we stop? For Christians, this should be obvious for everything that is happening in the world is dependent on our sovereign God. Now consider that God is of life; isn’t it strange that God would use the death of animals, fishes and climate change to force people to come to Him. If anything these events is an indicator of man’s interference with the natural habitat towards a purpose for humanity’s outcry of something that drastically needs governance. If you want people to surrender their freedoms, then rally them around something that demands attention to the very need of life; like an ecosystem, the climate, and population. By creating mass fear of such losses, global people have no choice but to focus on these needs and thus not be concerned with a so-called “imaginative higher spiritual entity”. Of course, we should be concerned but not fanatical about things like politics, global warming and save the earth and its creatures. God has never destroyed the earth without ensuring life will thrive by natural means as was before and after the floods. The Christian has only two prime responsibilities, which includes first to walk as Christ walked and secondly to share the gospel and the walk of Christianity. This is why Christianity should not be considered a religion for the former is meant to free you while the latter is to enslave you. We can never forget, God’s first decree for man is free will.

This is why satan’s first goal is to create fear by any means available physically and spiritually. As his end draws near, satan is doing everything to create such fear that man will want to sue for peace and safety. It’s been his agenda from the time of the garden. This coupled with the fallen nature of man works in those pursuing satan’s original sin of ascending into god-like status. Sometimes referred to as the elite, these men and women seek one thing only and that is control. They may see things from a carnal perspective but in reality and spiritually they are really contending for God’s Kingdom and dominance. Of course, as Christians, we can never endorse such vanity because left in a man’s hand there will only be war and insecurity. The man’s peace and safety is by control, restrain and enslavement for the few who are narcissistic in their viewpoint. With God, there is freedom, equity and peace by His very Righteousness. Both ultimately requires the people to acknowledge and recognize the system of society that they choose or vote for.

It should not be surprising to what’s happening in the world, and even though we know these things must happen; many may find it hard to make sense of the rapid changes occurring and that as Christians we face. It has come as a shock for some in the church and maybe there is a feeling of surrealism and skepticism for these events. Is the world coming to an end and can we expect the Savior to suddenly appear to take His church away? No man can be precise to the chain of events that must manifest before Jesus calls His church home, and this may actually be causing grave concern for many within the church. Of course, the media and explosion of news from around the world through social sites like YouTube and others, only contribute to the stress from exposed and pending political and social conflicts from different areas of the globe. It is acceptable to have these concerns.

Spiritual Awakening

The global agenda is driven by fear and whereas there may be some foundation for these fears, it is never to be a concern for the Christians, especially when it begins to overshadow the mandate of being a Christian in the first place. It can be a challenge to discuss many of the issues with fellow Christians and putting things into a perspective that is not taken by an offense on things as some in the body may see as part of our responsibility is to save this, or save that; in the name of a better future and safeguarding the planet for the future generations. These types of organizations and grass-root movements should have little or no interest to the body of Christ. It is no doubt part of Adam’s responsibility was to care, manage and propagate all species of life and many feel this is also to be done today. There is one thing God taught and teaches is not to be fearful of anything or anyone other than Himself. Whenever we fear anything, not under His Righteousness; we place ourselves separated from Him, His Grace and especially His Principalities and Powers.

As Christians, we must come to the reality of the leaders we follow, endorsed or voted for. When Paul, began to recognize the growth of the early church, he took the time to paint a picture of an organization, exclaiming that these individuals were to meet criteria of honor, integrity, and service. He did this in an attempt to save guard the principles of Righteousness that ultimately should be revealed by these individuals. Yet, some churches or ministries today has done the very opposite to Paul’s advice by electing by popular vote or pastoral appointments. Even when these individuals have not demonstrated the true values of the Christian walk. They have done what the world does when electing governing individuals by special interest, lobbying and pay for play arrangements. We all know that we are all men and Christ Himself put His Right aside to demonstrate the Christ walk in all offices by the attitude and display of servitude. The world teaches a position to be served, while the Faith teaches service at any position.

Whatever system of government one prefers, as Christians, we have only one to follow and not vote on or demand because of claims of individual rights, freedoms, and personal beliefs. God does not reign by birthright or name as man does, but He by Righteousness. So every other form of government should be alien to the Christian. The Christian must settle this in his or her mind or else face inner conflict in their Christianity. As the saved, we are not blue, red, green, orange or any other color or stripe for that matter; other than having a citizenship with Righteousness rights, benefits and promises that guarantee us a Kingdom of equity. So what is there to fight, hope and die for; if not this Righteous Kingdom? To do this, Christians must recognize that they are passing through this world and any gain or loss is trivial to what will be gained or lost when God’s Kingdom is completely established. Where many recognize the man; the Christian must recognize the season.

God does everything with and in order. He uses the low and the high places for His purposes. This purpose has never stopped and will not stop even though man may claim peace and security. The season is what matters and not the events of the day or man’s plans for a better and equal future. This is contrary to God’s will and will not be permitted. If as Christians, we cry and moan over the loss of secular freedoms, rights and benefits, all in the name of bringing the world into harmony, we have not understood God’s Word or the very season we are in. No matter how much man will accomplish towards this basic need and want, it is only a false flag to lull society into accepting slavery. For there cannot be peace without war. Why can’t this be possible? Without one faith, one government, or one people; there is no peace and security. This utopia can never survive without conviction and a central deity of this world. This is satan’s plan, which as usual is copied from God. This is God’s world and we should not forget this.

If having to run a household or a business; there can only be one rule and that is the head. Another way to look at it is without our free compliance, we become a hindrance to the promises of the head to lead, fight and ultimately bring about peace and prosperity. We should not think about what is our best interest but only what is the Righteous thing to do for that situation. By this, we put God at His Word. Consider the proverbial story of the man crying out to God to be rescued because of flood waters around his home; and refuses help from a rescuer because he prayed for a miracle, having the desire and thinking this meant an angel would save him. Of course, he dies and asks God what happened? To which God said to him, “you did not heed My will, that your rescue was to be a testimony for the rescuer who needed a show of Faith to help him believe in Me to save his family who was in dire need of rescuing also; and by the way, they are standing next to you; so tell them why they are not with their family today”. At this, the man became embarrassed, red in the face and remained silent. Our actions produce selfishness or Godly results depending on how acute or wide our perspective or vision is. We can never see or comprehend all the moving parts that God uses to fulfill His will; that is for peace and prosperity.

As the church, do we just secure the hatches, bolt down the doors and wait to hear the final trumpet that ushers in our completed Salvation? After all shouldn’t we be more concerned about protecting ourselves and our loved ones from a world that is obviously going mad and quickly debasing itself; all in the name of individual rights. The Christian has the same needs and wants as anyone in the world for peace and safety, and if anything it is the most common thing among most people that live in the world. The message of the Bible has this as its core from the beginning to the very end. When God created the garden it was with the intent to provide a utopia for the first man and woman. At the very end of Revelation, this promise is again reiterated with the New Jerusalem. Yet, for all of God’s gifts; one of His prime ones is the very thing that will cause many to miss receiving and to enjoy the promise of peace and prosperity as God has stated. The choice for life or death by free will.

It was fear and the lack of trust that caused Eve and Adam to disobey God, and it is this same decision that has caused many to commit the same crime against God; but mostly against themselves. Many types of fear are now gripping the world and satan is revelling in it. He, satan knows the time is coming to an end. He is not blind and knows very well, God will always intervene when things have gone too far. He knows his war with God can never be won and only seek to keep as many unsaved people from God for all eternity. He knew it would be a man that would spoil his fun from the very beginning with Adam’s creation; and it would be a man also, to completely crumble his kingdom in the last days. These last days started when Jesus was born and ascended into Heaven; essentially giving satan and his works the final countdown to his fear mongering. There has never been, nor be a Global peace and safety experience no matter how much the politicians, social and wealthy proponents push for it. Any discussion around this subject is only a facade for control, which is essentially why man continues to rebel not only against God but any and all man-made authority. The human race can never achieve this idealism that so many fight, die, build and destroy for. Even without the consideration of an evil or a good spiritual force influencing events; a man by his own makeup ultimately leads to greed, egotism, and lust. The man can never do without a guiding and restraining force, because all the worldly man does is from a position of fear.

As God, it would not be impossible for Him to leave satan and all his abominations on this world and establish a Heavenly world Kingdom on another planet. This by politics would be acceptable. Yet, God says, He will retake this world and make His sovereignty on this planet and banish all evil doers. God is not interested in peace by compromise but only by demand and strength. This is why any leader or person who thinks compromise is best, will eventually have to deal with force to keep or restrain the results of such weakness. If anything, the season is at its peak based on world events and prophesies fulfilled and is coming to its planned end and nothing will be able to change, alter or destroy it.

As Jesus taught that in prayer to God it is His will to be done on earth and not that of individuals, groups or organizations. This automatically tells us we ought not to have a bias when it comes to governance. For do we truly think we can prevent God’s will by our prayers? Some say we can petition God to change His mind. There is truth in this but with limitations. For God has a main responsibility to those who by promise suffer persecution for the Faith, and will not delay any more than necessary their Heavenly promises. Christians need to accept that their will was surrendered when taking the Blood for their Salvation and that any prayer must be in line with God’s will. For we do know His will and cannot be ignorant of it, for by this we deny Him as our God, provider, and protector.

The world is dying and even though we have ties to it; cherish memories of it and dreams to fulfill in it. None of these should even be compared or measured to what God has in store for His church. For He promises a Glorified church with all Righteousness. We as the Faithful should be preparing for this and put our house in order and not as those who knowing their master was absent, sought to revel in all lusts, irreverence, and debasement. For what the world focuses on will be an indication of the season and just as a thief waits for the absent owner, because his gaze is elsewhere, so will God send Jesus when man or for that matter satan least expects it.

Flush it Out! - God is on the move.

Nov. 18, 2016.

As Darkness Falls.