These type of things have become traditions; annual events that we participate and even revel in without any Spiritual reflection on how it reflects our Christian walk and make Christ’s Sacrifice a mockery for the world and to the very one’s we proclaim our Salvation to. Now, I do admit some traditions are useful for the body such as Thanksgiving, but most do not celebrate our freedom from slavery but rather enslave by means of ignorance, gaiety, and darkness. Some of these traditional observances were started with the right intent but have now been overshadowed by marketing, selfishness and total disrespect to the foundation of observing them in the first place. They have become higher and are esteemed by many within the body more than Christ and God. Now, I am not saying as Christians we are not to have fun even being jovial to each other and those outside the body. But surely, we can do this without graffiting the very wall of Righteousness. When one became saved; all old things passed away and everything new or rather was restored to us, is sanctified by the blood of the lamb. This Blood is Spiritual in nature and every time we take up carnality, we in effect alter the blood’s purity. For sure, forgiveness restores the Blood’s declaration, but this in of itself does not repeal the damage caused by our disobedience. The Blood is an anointing, meaning to set apart or distinguish from all others for a purpose or a standard. But by the mixing of the Faith with traditions including cultures, rituals, and laws of man; we restrain and weaken the Righteous effects of the Blood. This is why it is said, "Traditions nullify the word of God" - Mk. 7:13.

The world focuses on Halloween Day not as it was intended, but by the standard of worldly practices of indulging in self-centered activities that may homage not to “saints or holiness” but mostly different forms of darkness with the intent for and to create fear and confusion. Held at night, the icons mostly associated are a reflection and an ominous sign of darkness controlling the neighborhoods (lands) where the innocent, unaware and ignorant fall victim to the trick or treat “creatures” portrayed not only by children but even adults. These include bats, skeletons, ghosts, witches and the infamous Jack O’ Lantern, traditionally a carved pumpkin face representing dead spirits who would roam the earth at this time of year. Basically, anything or anyone which is associated with death, fear, and magic. This is the very opposite to what God has decreed and Jesus died for. To rid the world of darkness, mysticism and the occult, stating “no sorcery, witchcraft etc.  - Is. 8:19; Zec. 10:2 and Rev. 18:23. It is also interesting that despite the “innocence” of this day, that unscrupulous and deceptive practices are used to put many under bondage, anxiety, fear, and even death; prime directives of satan's works.

There was once a family who having a family celebration decided to roast a turkey. In addition, they invited a local authority to share in the meal. Everyone gathered at the table of the offering to receive their due for participating in this event. Upon seeing the sacrifice as it were; the local authority proclaimed, “what a beautiful presentation, but why is there two and not one presentation of the bird”. He, of course, trying to be polite, did not want to state the obvious as to why the turkey had been split into two unequal portions. Everyone else at the table, having never questioned this and not wanting to be disrespectful; deferred the question to the head of the meal. Now, with all eyes looking for an explanation; the head chef if you will, simply stated, “That’s how I was taught and it never occurred to me to ask why”. And with that, all partook of the meal. 

I am sure everyone has experienced this scenario at one time or another in the same or similar conditions. Of course, the reason for this is that having been invited or included to share or participate with others, it is never socially correct to “rock the boat” or display what may be construed to be “bad manners or taste” to the host. We tend to go along and accept things without first understanding and appreciating it and as Christians fail to question it and measure it to the standards of God, or rather the Righteousness of God. We put man’s feelings before God’s.

The practice of Halloween can never be considered something God ordained because at its core it is a distraction, facade and is an offense to His very employment of Jesus to rid us of any mixing of the Faith, especially when it is incorporated by the churches as something that is somehow innate to the body and displayed side by side with symbols of Christ and God’s sovereignty. This is one of the reasons why the Jews are blinded and the Gentiles were welcomed to stand for Righteousness and as Paul emphasized that the tradition of laws should have no power over those of Christ’s body - Gal. 2:19-21. Tradition is the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, and information for practice from one generation to another. The results of it are superstition, wives tales, and confusion which lead to every evil work.

When God started His plans to redeem us from one man’s treason to the man who would save us. His first act was to separate His seed that would produce many other seeds, starting with Abram - Gen. 12:1. Every time when it was ordained; God continued to separate. We see this with the great Exodus; the expelling of pagans from the Promised Land with Joshua and even with the birth of the Nation of Israel. Israel is known as that “fig tree” that all of the Faith ought to watch for God’s Glory to be revealed. No one can do an effective display without first purifying and setting apart the object of Glory. Consider this; why is Israel in a modern and eternal Salvation kept in separation, not to be mixed with the rest of the world as with the Christians. Sure, there are obvious answers, but God could have done the same wherever they are because they are a people and God’s Glory is not restricted by geography. It may have to do with the fact that all their history has been directly linked to the traditions that guide's them which has enslaved them for generations. As with many things, God uses the foolishness of man to make His will known in many spectacular ways. Often using this as a flame for man to be obedient to Him and to raise them to a higher Spiritual level - 1 Corth. 1:27-29. Christians have been set apart also but with the New Covenant as in a new birth and are themselves that example to the Jews who remain in the Old Covenant, but as with the Jews; if we abuse the Grace so freely given and do not heed why the Jews suffer so much and are blinded, we should not be surprised that by our own traditions we are enslaved and not able to receive and see the full Glory that is ours through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Flush it Out! - Traditions make annul God's will!

Traditionally a western observance has spread across the globe under the fog of the kids fun night out for candy with the pronouncement of “trick or treat” as a temptation for goodness or evil. It is very ironic that inadvertently; the kids are being taught by coercion; they can be rewarded with their want, and then we wonder why some kids threaten when they don't get what they want. This tradition sounds innocent enough on the surface, because who doesn’t want to part take in making kids happy and sharing a memorable experience with their loved ones. This is the facade of traditions such as Halloween, even to the point that many of the Faith make it a prime celebration even in the church with carved pumpkins of “Jack O’ Lantern” and other ghoulish representations. Halloween Day, October 31st was adopted and evolved from the Celtic (a pagan culture) observance by the church as All Saints or Hallow Eve Day which is a precursor to All Saints or All Hallow Day, November 1st. A day that the church sets aside to remember the dead who are “recognized” as saints. Consider the results of this tradition despite good but unrighteous thinking, especially after Jesus and His apostles clarified everything.

Spiritual Awakening

How can this be even though Jesus' Blood covers all sins? When God states, “He will visit the sins of the father upon their generations” - Deut. 5:9; it is not because He is some sadistic deity, but because He has to acknowledge His very own laws of sowing and reaping. It is only after Jesus’ ascension into Heaven that one can break these type of curses; not because the law has been changed or altered, but because wisdom, knowledge, and understanding have been re-established; not now being clouded by traditions or laws that put one into bondage in the first place. If in a culture, it is a tradition to sprinkle animal's blood to sanctify a household; this is a sin, but because out of respect for the older generation it is performed; the younger generation even though of the christian faith is now accountable for not breaking this curse. In effect, this younger generation has become accountable for two sins. First, putting idol worship higher than God and second allowing fear to replace Faith by being having political correctness and thus missing the opportunity to educate the older generation. God's people are dying, "because of the lack of knowledge, and by rejecting God's knowledge forgetting it; God says, so I will forget your children" - Hos. 4:6. God says no idols; that's what traditions and rituals lead to. We can't ask God for forgiveness, knowing very well that these traditions, rituals will be practiced again.

In Spiritual reality, no one now has any excuse to allow traditions to hold them ransom regardless of respect, social graces or political correctness. The curses of traditions, cultures, rituals and even good manners; all forms of a law have been broken and redeemed by the eternal and perpetual Blood of Jesus and Christians should not allow themselves to part-take in them. Some say, “How can good manners be considered a law and an offense to the Blood of Jesus”. Consider this, when Jesus entered and sat down with the Pharisee for a meal; He was in effect under the law as in under the roof of the standard of the law; the Pharisee. By tradition and good manners, He should have respected and operated under that law. Yet, He broke or rather overrode the law by “embarrassing or putting it in its place; the Pharisee, to a lower position to Him; the very Blood which is higher than any law; and in front of an audience; a proclamation for all men to observe. Jesus was stating that no law should be above or outrank the Redemption that was to come by Him; the Sacrifice that would earn Him the title above everything named, in and above the earth. - Phil. 2:9. Jesus was saying, “Think!” before you act.

This mixing becomes compounded especially when it is with the darkness of death. Just as dirt and water produce impurity and cloudiness, so does death and life. Now, some claim, “it’s under control” and “after all, it’s only one day”. This is the problem with that kind of thinking, everything of this world is based on its seed which is one’s words and actions and usually does not reveal its harvest till sometime later, especially in those who without knowledge suffer because of it. We are admonished to watch our words because by them we will be judged - Matt. 12:36 and will be accounted for everything done whether good or bad - 2 Corth. 5:10. These erroneous traditions result in what the Bible refers to as the generational curse , where God accounts the father's sins on future generations- Jer. 32:18.; even if oe has received Salvation.

1) When the early church was faced with hundreds of pagan traditions, cultures, and rituals; rather than separating the foundation of Christ; they made a political decision to mix the two hoping for transition and reinforced the church’s proclamations. Yet, God in all His acts commands and demonstrates the separation of those of His Kingdom from those of darkness, threatening and admonishing the mixing of both; as simply put by Paul as, “what does light have to do with darkness” - 2 Corth. 6:14.

2) The word Hallow has it’s obvious connection to when Jesus taught us how to pray to God saying, “Hallowed be thy Name”, acknowledging God’s Holiness, Sacredness and our reverence to Him and as displayed by Moses when God told him, “remove your sandals for where you stand is Holy (Hallow) ground” - Ex. 3:5. The devil has so much irreverence for this honoring of God that songs have been song to mock and redirect this form of worship to himself. Yet, God’s command clearly states, “no other gods or things made higher than God” - Ex. 20:3.

3) As a coin, if you will; with on one side is All Hallow Eve (Oct. 31st) and All Saints Day (Nov. 1st) on the other side is just typical of church traditions trying to transition and blend the carnal mind into the spiritual mind. Yet, God never encouraged this gradual “step into” His Kingdom but commanded the complete change, switch from darkness to the light, saying "chose life or death" - Deut. 30:19. He even frowns on the indecision to choose which we want as stated, "I will spit you out of my mouth: - Rev. 3:16. This is also evident on the cross when Jesus having compassion tells the remorseful thief, “this day you are in paradise” - Lk. 23:43; but completely ignores the other thief who is just plain ignorant. This tradition inadvertently makes a mockery of Jesus’ Sacrifice by trying to state that Oct 31st; is “the holy/sacred eve” before Nov. 1st; “the saved/separated on to God, day”. Of ourselves, we cannot make or transition from our “holiness” to a “righteous” state before God by our own power. We cannot earn Salvation but is given freely and we are made the Righteousness of God, only by His will and not ours. Also, under this tradition, and some denominational doctrines only certain individuals are labeled or esteemed as saints. Yet, the Bible and God does not raise us up because of works but by humility and obedience to God’s Anointing, declaring all are saints under the blood of Jesus - 1 Corth. 1:2.

4) The practice of tradition usually fails because its underlining intent is overshadowed by its surface benefit. The tradition theology generally has no Biblical foundation, especially for Spiritual attributes. We can view tradition as a standard to live by. This would be the same as when God created the world with all its “living traditions or standards” that function on a set of parameters of cycles, having no cognition. Yet, when God created man, His pattern was different compared to all the other created things; for man is the only creature that employs cognitive reasoning rather than instinctive reactions. We think, therefore we are. Another way of saying this is, “we become what we see ourselves as”. As sons and daughters of God’s Kingdom, we are heirs. But by traditions, we are insane; which is doing the same things over and over again, expecting a different result.

Oct. 26, 2016.


The Mix up of things.

When we don’t put the right kind of thinking which is an ordination for Righteousness to our decisions, we make the working of the Holy Spirit, our counsel of no effect, because we put the carnal mind first before the spirit that dwells within us. We invert God’s design which is a metaphor for the anti-God nature of satan. God made flesh first and then gave life by the Spirit; meaning the flesh is to be ordered by the Spirit. He, satan twisted this in Eve’s crime, when she “seeing that the fruit was delightful” - Gen. 3:6; used her carnal mind first as opposed allowing her decision to be led by the Spirit. She made her decision by the flesh. When the laws and traditions were established by the Jews it was meant to discipline and lead them into a higher reverence to God and His will, but were twisted and became opposite to its intent by the darkness within the carnal mind. So rather than bring them closer, it actually drove and separated them from God. This is why Jesus stated, “I did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it” - Matt. 5:17; which can be said, “To complete it”; meaning to "make it whole or to satisfy it"; because the Jews did not utilize it as it was intended. This separation from God is the same with the tradition of Halloween day, which are actually several days from preparation to completion.