Jesus’ last direction to make disciples of the nations is His mandate to continue His work and to fulfill God’s desire for His image purpose. To remove the enemy of the world in satan; his principalities, powers, and thrones; rulers over the governance of His people. To spread Salvation! Paul paints this work as a roman soldier ready to do battle with the putting on the Armor of God least of which as stated; “and having shod (support) your feet with the preparation (construct) of the Gospel of peace” - Eph. 6:15. Of all the Armor; Paul emphasizes the stewardship of the Word required to carry Salvation to the nations; while all the rest of the Armor is something you put on and take with you. It is in reference and connected to Jesus’ last act. You can’t spread Salvation if you are not as stated; “Be diligent (studious) to present yourself approved (endorsed) to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed (timid), rightly dividing (purposing) the word of Truth” - 2 Tim. 2:15. A soldier is a professional who is trained and knows how to use his equipment to fight his enemy not in defense but especially in the offense of his role. This is why many who share the Gospel are unable to present it effectively, efficiently, and educationally. Not everyone is ready to spread Salvation, but everyone is called to become a soldier of Christ. 

Feb. 8, 2021.

The Sinner, Salvation and Spirit.

The Gift of Salvation is not an ornament that is placed so we occasionally take notice of it and dust it off just to feel we have given some attention. We are not to be as stated; “For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror; for he observes himself, goes away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he was” - Jm. 1:23-24. In other words, if you only hear the word and do not take action, you will remain a fallen (natural) man rather than the risen man in Jesus Christ. Any significant gift received remains stagnant, or dead unless used either as the focus of display or for its practical use as designed. Salvation is that gift; to be the center of our hearts as well as to be used for its specific design. Salvation is the elixir of Life! A Life promised by God for His Kingdom and Spirit.

The Savior came to save the Sinner by His Salvation and to give the Spirit for their lives and others. That is what Salvation is. A revelation of sin, separation, and the severed relationship from the creator of our identity as stated; “can the clay question the potter what he is making?” - Is. 45:9. When as a Sinner, you receive by Faith the Gospel, the work of Salvation reveals the disconnects, losses, and lacks in your life by the Spirit to the image of God for correction, realignment, and realization of your being. A spirit hosted in a body for the Glory of God! This is why when the man only sees his natural self there is no change. But if he sees what God sees there is the image of Christ. A man or a woman for Salvation! 

Jesus’ last act and words reveal once being saved; one is to be a doer of the Word. Not in the repetition of the word from the Bible, only quoting from memory but to be a doer for the Word who is Christ, by practical and especially Spiritual actions. Jesus washed His disciples' feet. Why not lay hands on their heads for the Anointing? What is being conveyed other than being a servant to others who are unrecognized, ignorant, and poor in spirit; the natural man; is the purification of the work (feet) to be done for Salvation. That one must wash themselves and others (remove, cleanse, sanitize) the work of the Gospel from dirt, grime, and the sludge of sin (carnality) for Salvation purpose as stated; “How beautiful (Righteous) are the feet of them that preach the Gospel of peace (Salvation), and bring glad tidings of good things!” - Rm. 10:15. You are not to preach the acceptance of Salvation with the Grace of sinning. But only the complete rejection of a past sinful life into a restored, and renewed Life by the identity in Jesus Christ as stated; “So change the way you think and act, and turn to God to have your sins removed” - Acts 3:19. 

Now; will we sin after Salvation? Most definitely! The difference between the saved Sinner and the unsaved Sinner is the relationship of the Covenant with the Father. We have been given Jesus’ Blood as our covering from the angel of death just as the Jew’s first born were as stated; “the LORD will pass over the door, and will not suffer the destroyer to come in unto your houses to smite you” - Ex. 12:23. But to be sure if we abuse the Covenant there will be accountability. That's why it is in the doing and not the saying that matters. You can’t sin and not come before God humbly for His forgiveness. In the same way, you can’t call Jesus your Saviour and not your LORD. 

Sin prevents Salvation and disrupts the Spirit! The Spirit that is essential to convict the Sinner so that the Gift of Salvation is offered and received. This must not be confused with the ministering Angels as stated; “Are they not all ministering Spirits (Angels) sent forth to minister for those who will inherit Salvation?” - Heb. 1:14. There is one Holy Spirit and thousands of ministering Spiritual Angels. These ministering Spirits work in conjunction with the Salvation bearers by removing dark forces spirits from those who are to inherit Salvation by the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Just like the servant Elisha prayed for stating; “LORD, I pray, open his eyes that he may see (and) then the LORD opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw (and) behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha” - 2 Kg. 6:17. This very narrative can be considered of being not only a hearer but also a doer of the Word for the Sinner to receive Salvation from the Spirit of God. Many will receive Salvation, but few will keep it! 

Many misinterpret this verse as being unable to attain to His higher standards and that only the Son of God can do this. But Jesus the man did not attain this standard! Only Jesus the Anointed! Without the Anointing; Jesus remained a man and not the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Or rather Jesus Anointed (of God). Because it is the Anointing and by dying to self the Holy Spirit can use us for God’s Glory. To be perfect is not about not making mistakes by the flesh but by the humble obedience of the heart are we made Righteous for the Father to do His work through us as stated; “you are the temple of God” - 1 Cor. 3:16. For as stated; “For let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the LORD; (for) a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways - Jm. 1:7. 

A Sinner and for that matter, those in the church are either saved by Salvation with the Spirit as the guide, sounding board, and the revealer of God. There are no stages to repentance, renewal, and restoration. There is only Grace! Grace to become as God intended you to be as stated; “run with endurance the race that is set before us” - Heb. 12:1. Often; I think a church ought to be divided into three sets of congregations. The newborns. The immatures. And the mature Christians. Each group would be mentored as required to grow and mature into the use of the Word and Faith to fulfill as stated; “I Am Almighty God; walk before Me and be blameless (Righteous)” - Gen. 17:1. All in the world is intended to become the man (your name) Christ; and the woman (your name) Christ. To be the “Christ in you; the Hope of Glory” - Col. 1:27. 

Flush it Out! - A race is run continuously and in one direction.

Many are called, few are chosen! Many believe this means only certain people will be given Salvation. But contrary to that, is the very Spirit of Salvation, which is to be freely offered with equally, the freedom to refuse it. Jesus in the Parable of the Kingdom distinguishes who is called and why the few are chosen as opposed to who Salvation is freely given to. Jesus was sent to the House of Israel who has generally rejected His invitation unless they forego their traditions of blindly following the Laws. While the many who are called with few chosen are the gentiles who received an open invitation but some after accepting did not as stated; “Friend, how did you come in here without a wedding garment (therefore cast him out)” - Matt. 22:12-14. These were rejected from the many who received Salvation because they failed to convert into the Mind (garment) of Christ. Therefore, only a few of the many were chosen from the gentiles to stay and enjoy the wedding banquet. Taking Salvation is not enough without the garment; which is the Spirit of God.

God’s Spirit cannot abide with the incomplete man. This knowledge is riddled throughout the Bible despite the Anointing from God. The Anointing is in simple terms; the call, and inheritance on your life from God. Just as all parts of the body have their purpose so does all in the Body have their purpose by the Spirit of God. I love the analogy of God as the master chess player where all pieces work toward the defeat of the opposition queen; biblically the whore of Babylon - Rev. 17. Because once that queen is gone the king (dragon) is exposed even to the point of being checkmated by a pawn. This is possible especially when more prominent pieces like a knight or rook boxes in the opposition king for the pawn to slay it; even without your queen. So even those in support ministries can be used, equipped, and educated for the cause of Salvation including playing the role of preaching and convicting a Sinner. The Spirit is the Power; not the man. 

The Spirit of God is not biased to one’s status, ability, or stature. He gives the same Power to all men and women walking with the banner of Salvation for the Sinner. We see this with Jesus as many exclaimed stating; “they were astonished (about) where did this Man (Jesus) get this Wisdom and (able to do) these mighty works (exclaiming); is this not the carpenter’s son (and) His mother called Mary?” - Matt. 13:54. They used Jesus' background and lowly position as the criteria to believe Him. They judged the book by its cover rather than the evidence before them. What matters is not your history or those around you but the Spirit (garment) enclosing you to do Salvation works for the Sinner. Anyone in the Body can guide a Sinner to Jesus Christ’s Salvation. The key is your availability to, and the direction of the Spirit of God. I have heard of a Christian who on several occasions has been led by the Spirit to the Sinner who is about to die from their circumstances to offer them Salvation; with many facing their fatality accepting Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior. 

The Sinner is going to hell as stated; “He that believes on Him (Jesus) is not condemned, but he that believes not is condemned (sentenced) already (previously), because he has not believed (accepted) in the Name of the only begotten Son of God - Jn. 3:18. What this means is that those who do not receive the Gospel are sure to end up in hell; not even understanding the how, and why for this eternal separation from God and His Kingdom. Like a tidal wave, it will hit many and suddenly leave them in disbelief as to what just happened. These are those who did not hear the Word and in turn, rejected it! 

Spiritual Awakening

There are two types of Sinners! Those who remain in ignorance of not hearing about Salvation. And those who after hearing the Word closed the door to the Spirit of God. We by Faith believe that God in His mercy will give each human being of age at least once; the opportunity to hear the Word and reject it. But we must not confuse the Gospel being spoken, and the hearing of it. For many do not want to hear the Word! How often even among Christians the good news of Salvation’s gifts are spoken, and yet; many do not act on it because they did not receive what was spoken as stated; “Faith comes by hearing” - 2 Cor. 5:17. Having indifference is not an excuse for not accepting Salvation and its gifts.

The reality of God is that He will not beg any man to accept His Salvation and His Spirit even though He knows what waits for them in hell. He is utmost as stated; “My Word (integrity) is above My name” - Ps. 138:2. Another way to say this is; “I am good for My Word”. Just like many of us who value honor above expedience will not compromise our word to even those closest to our hearts. God is not interested in mediocrity! And so, must we be also. Jesus laid it out in the simplest metaphor stating; “I cannot do anything unless My Father shows Me” - Jn. 5:19. And if that was not clear enough He states unequivocally; “Be perfect as the Father” - Matt. 5:48. We are to be consistent in our walk as a Christ-follower. To be the Christ man as Jesus was the God-man to the world.  

It is often whimsical to see Christians who are dedicated to their careers with all the attributes required to succeed and yet; when it comes to eternal Salvation and the Spirit of God are unfocused, and undisciplined with it. What if God was like that? Do we believe He would accomplish His desire especially through Jesus? That He would have off days. We hold God to His high standards but give ourselves excuses when it justifies our lack of dedication as opposed to God’s and Jesus’. Sooner or later as a Christian the words; “make disciples of the nations (and those of it)” - Matt. 28:19; must come into the forefront of all we do in this world, no matter what part we are playing. We cannot believe it's only the pastor’s job to save people, and we are just required to and are comfortable in doing our little part.

It is easy to coerce the Sinner into taking Salvation just like a good salesman convinces many to buy items they don’t want or need. Many Christians use the hell of eternal damnation statement as the last chance to accept Salvation before the deal runs out. The limited offer strategy. This causes many to just repeat the Salvation prayer just to avoid the confrontation and uneasiness of the well-intentioned Evangelist; with most if not all later having buyer’s remorse. Consider; if you were encouraged to learn another language in your country with only your native language being required to live; how much effort would you make to learn the second language when no immediate penalty was enforced? It’s the same with the Sinner. He doesn’t know he is sinning with an eternal penalty that will be enforced only at his death. He has no evidence of it! And does not see the benefit of Salvation.  

We are to learn and imitate Jesus’ and His disciple’s ministry for the Sinner. But we must adjust our ministry to the culture of our place, time, and environment. As an example. You don’t tell a set of people, pork is ungodly when it's their main staple of food; especially when the word is clear: “for the Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but Righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” - Rm. 14:17. As ministers of Salvation, we may have empathy but we don’t compromise the Word. Today; many churches confuse empathy with compassion and mercy. Often; compromising God’s Word to show empathy to the Sinner by taking precedence over the Law. This Law for Salvation by the Spirit is Jesus Christ! The word is clear as to what is unrighteous or Righteous before God and if there's a conflict between the Old and the New Testament there is usually the justification for the transition. Ultimately; God is the instructor of those who desires His Kingdom!  

The Son of God never used coercion to the Sinner for Salvation but left their spirit to the Spirit of God. Jesus scattered seeds of Salvation knowing that many Sinners would never receive it despite the Spirit of God. The Spirit of Salvation! As an Evangelist; you can offer Salvation to an individual as well as to a crowd. That is what Jesus did especially with the latter group. Jesus played the odds just like a disciplined and matured farmer does. True Salvation does not come from our body, mind, and spirit. It comes from the Spirit of Salvation. Jesus may have spread Righteousness by the Spirit but it’s the unrighteousness of the world that needs to be overcome to allow Salvation’s good works to be heeded by the Sinner. Consider; Jesus is the Son of God and has the authentic Spirit of God; yet Jesus is recorded as stated; “did not baptize” - Jn. 4:2.

Letter to the Faithful!

Now; don’t be upset! Although water baptism is an important symbolic work it is not as critical and essential to one’s Salvation as the Spirit’s conviction. Jesus demonstrates this on the Cross stating; “today you (the good thief) will be with Me in Paradise” - Lk.23:43. Jesus could not do water baptism nor could He offer Salvation as we traditionally know. But by the good thief’s words and his spiritual conviction; Salvation by the Spirit enabled him to be saved from hell as stated; “LORD, remember me when You come into Your Kingdom” - Lk. 23:42; and Jesus’ reply; “Assuredly, today you will be with Me in Paradise” - Lk. 23:43. The good thief did not confess the Sinner’s prayer but by his humble attitude, and actions demonstrated remorse for his sins and crimes; an outward show; so that Jesus was able to give him Salvation by the Spirit. Many will be in Heaven regardless of water baptism because their inner man sees themselves as a Sinner needing Salvation by the Spirit. 

God sees the heart! And that’s all that matters. For many having spoken the words of Salvation; acknowledging the Spirit; remain Sinners, because their hearts are not convicted. We often refer to them as backsliders. With God’s expectations there is no such thing as a backslider but only an immature Christian who refuses the meat of the Word and chooses to remain on milk. Too often the church uses the fallen nature as an excuse for not taking up the Cross of Christ to be the light to the world. Has anyone experienced a half-lit flame? So how can we who claim to be the Body of Christ be half lit? We cannot use the world’s systems and standards as the guide for our Christian walk. We can only use God’s!  

None of it matters without the Grace of God as stated; “For sin shall not have dominion over you; for you are not under the law, but under Grace” - Rm. 6:14. If you act with the mind of a servant and not with the Mind of Christ (an heir); Grace will not do you any good. For Grace requires the heart of humility! And that’s why the Sinner who only recites words of Salvation without the Spirit of reconciliation will more than likely remain a backslider, struggle with the Faith, or worst abandon their restoration into the Kingdom of God. They would be those who proverbially did not as stated; “build their house on the rock” - Matt. 7:24.

The numbers don’t lie! Out of one hundred members in a church; only twenty are probably acting with the Mind of Christ in their actions and words. Many are called and few are chosen. If you don’t purposely abide in Christ. How can you expect Him to engraft and sustain you into His vine? As stated; “all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory” - Rm. 3:23. It doesn’t say; “all remain in sin”. To think we are fallen and can never be Glorious by Christ is like saying Christ has no effect or there is no resolution by His crucifixion and to make Him a hypocrite when He declares as stated; “Be perfect as the Father” - Matt. 5:48.

Jesus told us as stated; “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he (from the world) cannot enter the Kingdom of God'' - Jn. 3:5. So why isn’t Jesus demonstrated to baptize the Sinner? Because Salvation is a Spiritual rebirth and not a carnal one as John the Baptist states; “I indeed baptize you with (natural) water unto (towards) repentance, but He (Jesus) who is coming after me is mightier than I, (and) He will baptize you with the (supernatural) Holy Spirit and (His) Fire “ - Matt. 3:11. The act of baptism is an act of remorse. An outward show. It’s the first step to Salvation. While the conviction by the Spirit of the Sinner’s spirit into repentance is an inward rejection of spiritual death and the renewal into Spiritual Life, affirming to choose Life or death this day, which is witnessed. Not the witness of your peers! The only witness that matters is the Spiritual Hosts as stated; “And if anyone’s name was not found (witness) written in the Book of Life, he was thrown into the lake of fire” - Rev. 20:15. The Fire that John refers to is the Spirit’s work to cleanse all things in the body, mind, and spirit that is anti-Christ as stated; “He (by the Spirit) leads me in the paths of Righteousness” - Ps. 23:3.