This difference between good to Righteous acts is often the opposing contradictions between a person’s feelings and their spirit. We do good things because it feels right to do. But to do Righteous things is to support and stand for the justice of God’s Throne and Kingdom. The former act is very much like a slave’s mentality not knowing the ramifications of their shortsightedness but only wanting to bandage the hemorrhaging of pain. To be Righteous is to be an Heir of the Kingdom which is prolonging the vision of its very foundations and not to be swayed by individuals or short term issues but by the long term benefits for the generations to come. Righteous Faith is aligned with God's purpose and does not "backslide" despite feelings of what is seen or heard but as stated; "(This is) the confidence (assurance) that we have in Him (God), that, if we ask anything according to His will (Kingdom), He hears us; and if we know that He hears us (in Faith), whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions (substance) that we desired of him.

The Power of Christ that has always been available to man is too often misappropriated where it is wasted and works against the Kingdom’s purposes. Jesus reveals this efficiency of God’s Power throughout His ministry as stated; “Do you not know I must be about My Father’s business” - Lk. 2:49. It is not ironic, and Spiritual, and in practical terms that Jesus said this to His parents indicating Earthly concerns do not override Heaven’s and that the traditions of men, cultures, and peoples are not critical to please God. By having this mindset; it's a part of maturing as a Christian as stated by Paul stating; “Brothers, stop thinking like children (naive), (but) regarding evil (satan) be infants (unblamed), but in your thinking be mature (Righteous)" - 1 Cor. 14:20; and "For when for the time (by now) you ought to be teachers (the head), you have the need (necessity) that one teach you again (over) which are the first principles of the oracles of God; and (thus) become (irresponsible) such as having (the) need of milk (a parent), and not of strong meat (fortitude). 

The Power of Christ requires payment, but many in the Body either do not know this price or fail to pay it. As stated; “God is not mocked; what a man sows he reaps” - Gal. 6:7. Jesus paid this price even before becoming human as stated; “But made Himself of no reputation, and took upon Him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men” - Phil. 2:7. He held not onto HIs rights! He continued to pay this price in front of darkness by choosing to be in right standing before God and His Father right up to His last words affirming as stated; “For what does Righteousness have to do with unrighteousness” - 2 Cor. 6:14.  We see this same deep obedience for right standing by a mere man with the Apostle Paul frequently stating; “I am a slave to Christ (Word)” - Phile. 1:1. Next to Jesus; Paul is the most proficient expression of the Power of Christ which is ultimately the Father being revealed through him. 

Consider; if Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Life and Truth first; which is really a metaphor of submission by the fire. Here the fire refers to one’s testing of character which by God’s standard for His image would include integrity, boldness, and Righteousness. What would have been the result? The answer is not Salvation but Godly Heritage! They would experience just like Jesus the man; by the body, mind and spirit, the Power (Holy Fire) that supported, led and kept Him as He confronted the darkness of and in the world; enabling the Word to declare; “Till we all come in the unity of the Faith, and of the Knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ:” - Eph. 4:13. They would have the Righteous conviction as Heirs of God’s Kingdom, and be as stated; “The Head and not the tail” - Dt. 28:13. That Power we refer to is the Anointing but is really the Holy Spirit in all His eternity of the past, present and future acumen that transcends all other created forms and beings. Jesus reveals this in His life and demonstrations and makes the emphatic statement; “The Father in Me, He does the work” - Jn. 14:10. Isn’t this the most logical understanding of being God’s image? That as the ultimate creator of all life that God would be able to channel through His creations. But wait a minute! That would contradict why God was so angry and furious with the “Watchers” as they embolden themselves with the flesh of women as stated; “the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children” - Gen. 6:2; which is the illegal control by a spirit of a man or woman commonly called demonic possessions. What gives God this permission without circumventing His word and integrity? The very thing that allowed Adam and Eve to disobey God. Free Will! 

God requires our permission for His Power to manifest through and by us. Like a father guiding his child’s baseball or tennis swing with his firm hand and experience. This is unlike demonic possessions where not only one but several evil spirits can illegally dwell within the host’s body, mind, and constraint their innate spirit; just as with the man from the Gadarenes as stated; “My name is legion: for we are many.” - Mk. 5:9. By the world’s terminology, we refer to this as schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, or multi-personality disorder. No matter the name; the prime indicator is a sense of familiar spirits referred to in the Bible and the torment that is experienced internally and often has outward manifestations like the cutting of one’s own body. God partners with the man while the fallen spirits seek to control the man. So when Adam and Eve fell they took on the nature of rebellion, arrogance, and pride resulting in disadvantages with the father of it; satan. But when Jesus faced His temptations, the world, and satan; He took on the nature of obedience, humility, and long-suffering, and all the benefits of Righteousness from His Father. The same Father of Adam, Eve and the Body of Christ! 

With this submission which is sealed today eternally by Jesus’ Blood; we can walk in full authority over all and every form of evil just as Jesus did and Adam was supposed to. Unfortunately, for many of us we tend to identify more with Adam; the icon of Godly disobedience rather than with Jesus; the epitome of obedience. A simple choice by the action and Faith of free will that either keeps the man chained to the results of Adam’s disobedience or the heritage and inheritance of freedom wrought and won by Jesus the man. And yet; despite the curse, many before Jesus were able to operate with different levels of God’s Power (Anointing) that the Tree of Life and Truth would have given Adam and Eve.

Many in the Body reveal the Father through their ministry. But only in one or two aspects of this Power. Some say this is their calling which is encapsulated within the five-fold ministries. True but inaccurate or good but not Righteous. Where Adam failed Jesus succeeded. But Jesus is the Son of God some say becoming defensive. Yet; Paul did the same and in many respects more and greater than Jesus endorsing and fulfilling Jesus' words to his Christ-followers; “To do the same and greater things than I (Jesus) - Jn. 14:12. We do not have any excuse but only to change the man in the mirror.

Free will has been man’s Achilles heel for centuries and why not? The fallen angels who experienced God’s goodness and Glory still disobeyed Him. God stands by His integrity and plays the odds of His image's free will, all the while knowing their future and strategically implementing His final solution to replace, restrain and re-establish His desires and declarations for man. God plays to win just the same as a master chess player painstakingly positions His moves to lure and trap His enemy in a fight that they will ultimately lose. Did God sacrifice Eve and Adam in a long game of power struggles? No! Eve and Adam took by choice the shortcut for enlightenment which always extends the length of time to reach and receive the true nature of Life and Knowledge. In simple terms; having knowledge of something is not sufficient or more beneficial than experiencing the same in Life; which brings in focus the Truth of things. The best example is that of an academic education compared to the field of study or rather profession. In most cases; the education that one receives is not applied or cannot be applied in real-world scenarios where the stakes are higher and real compared to the safety of educational institutions.

Many in the Body debate God’s intention for this separation of Trees. Where some have even claimed God did it to tempt Eve, intending and wanting them to fall from Grace. But the more rational explanation is Spiritual; given God is a Spirit and not moved by carnal thinking. And as stated; “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand” - Mk. 3:24. There is no recorded Biblical story of God being fickle or a trickster; watching as His mere pawns stumble over His gimmicks. From the beginning God remains true to His nature with the characteristics of integrity and justice; as stated; “He (God) has placed His Word above His Name” - Ps. 138:2. Now; the body, mind, and spirit of a man was never intended to be subjected to satan or for that matter; Angels. To put it in perspective, consider any tool. If not used in its designed and effective method; the result of one’s work will not meet the desired expectations. Adam was given two tools for his and mankind’s benefit including to multiply, be fruitful (prosperous) and have dominion over every aspect of the world under the auspices of God’s standards contained in the Tree of Life and Knowledge, respectively. God showed him what he could accomplish with the created life in the Garden to the point He allowed Adam to name the animals, and birds of the air - Gen. 2:20. Adam was created a man but essentially had the mind of a spoilt child and failed in a simple test of obedience which is to have Faith in God’s will just as parents expect their children to. 

How many of us in hindsight regret not doing something or doing it a different way because the results of our original decision created more problems for us. If only we faced head-on the circumstances that we created which hinders our progress rather than taking the easier way out that ultimately takes us around a mountain of the same challenges. A man or woman of God is to face their problems directly as stated; “For the Lord God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded (confused) and therefore have I set my face like a flint (solid, enlightened), and I know that I shall not be ashamed.” - Is. 50:7. What happened ultimately was foreseen by God.

Yet; God refers to the Word and Holy Spirit often in the third person throughout the Bible as stated clearly in the beginning; “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters”; and spoke  “Let there be light: and there was light” - Gen. 1:2-3. Which can be interpreted as the Word went forth and light became. This last verse from the original structure of Hebrew would be more accurately stated as; “Light be!” A clear indication of an unknown substance appearing into its physical substance. And also as stated by John; “The Word was with God” - Jn. 1:1. This is where God’s Power is, by the Word that is spoken as stated; “So shall My Word be that goes forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it” - Is. 55:11. God is not only uttering His Word but also directing it for something specific. By this; we being made in His image ought to apply the same method. 

In the Garden, there are three clear pillars available to Adam. First, there is God; the creator of his life and everything before him. Secondly; The Tree of good and evil or we can say Knowledge and thirdly; The Tree of Life (Truth). Adam was presented with a utopia of benefits including wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Now, the infamous apple came from the Tree of Knowledge and the eating of it resulted in as stated; “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the Tree of Life and eat, and live forever” - Gen. 3:22. Clearly, God was concerned about this fruit and therefore barred Adam and Eve from eating it. But isn't this confusing? Why did God put the Tree of Knowledge and as stated; “eat every other but this tree” - Gen. 2:17. It’s like telling a child don’t touch which typically results in the child touching and wanting what they have been denied. Most religious mindsets interpret this as God tempting them but as parents we know by denying what the child desires; is really a lesson about obedience which when abided results in a reward. God’s children in the Garden chose disobedience resulting in punishment and as any good parent practices to guide the child into obedience resulting in maturity and responsibility.

​God created a new type of being in Adam so much so as stated; “The Angels ponder who is the man” - Ps. 8:4-6. They never saw a man before Adam and like all creatures there is curiosity. Adam is not an Angel kind but a man-kind. A species that the entire Hosts of Heaven could not comprehend because of man’s distinct difference of the flesh. Flesh that is in essence, weak and limited; compared to their form that can transform and transcend across physical and Spiritual barriers. Angels are the nearest creature kind to God’s very own make-up; not being equal but of His substance just as a man is. The makeup of the man from the Angel's perch would be seen as inferior, when compared to them. The man is essentially imprisoned by his inferior physical body, mind, and spirit; all of which needs to be fed. Yet, it was not by this inferior frame that the first man fell. He fell because he did not know and receive the Life or Truth that is in Jesus; the Word as stated; “I (Jesus/Word) am The Way, The Truth and The Life” - Jn. 14:6. Jump approximately four thousand years later and Jesus is as stated; “In Him (Jesus) is Life” - Jn. 1:4. 

Joshua and Jericho. Despite years of waiting and being surrounded by those who were faithless and political. Joshua faces and defeats the so called giants of Jericho and learns from Rahab as stated; “And as soon as we heard these things (of Israel’s miracles and victories), our hearts melted; neither did there remain any more courage in anyone because of you…” - Jos. 2:11.

Daniel and the Lions. The law of the land changed but Daniel’s reverence for God did not regardless of any fear placed on him with the lions as stated; “My God has sent his Angel, and has shut the lions' mouths, that they have not hurt me: forasmuch as before Him innocence (sinlessness) was found in me” - Dan. 6:22.

David and Goliath. David did not need man’s endorsement nor did he allow traditions, culture or status to determine his Righteousness, He just needed God! And because of this he is known as; “a man after God’s own heart” as reflected when faced with the giant Goliath as stated; “for who is this uncircumcised (outcast) Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God” - 1 Sam. 17:26.

Paul and Christ. In many ways, Paul was doing God’s work but only by his power. It is only when he receives Christ that the Power promised in the Garden comes to bear regardless of time, space and effort as stated; “Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them” - Acts 19:11. 

We cannot deny with the right action and Faith; the Anointing releases the Holy Spirit and a host of Angels to act on our behalf being supported by the omnipotence and immutability of God. All the individuals were flawed just like you and I and accomplished tremendous things for God, confirming as stated; “God is a respecter of no one” - Rm. 2:11. All it takes is the belief in the Word and the Faith to take action for what God has deemed to be Righteous before Him. Yet, what is Righteous is often confused and mixed with human nature rather than with the Spirit of God. Jesus made this clear as stated; “What gain is there to love those who love you” - Lk. 6:32-36; or “if a (father's) son asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent” - Matt. 7:9-11.  

It takes time, effort and dedication to achieve as Jesus and Paul did. Yes; we must put in the effort not only for good but Righteous works. To put it in perspective the more we work hard at attaining Righteousness by the world’s standards of quantity over quality the longer it will or will never be achieved as stated; “By the measure you give it will be measured back to you” - Lk. 6:8. It does not take what the world uses for qualifications including things as age, status or academic acumen. It only takes three things! The first is revealed with David as stated; “A man after My own heart” - Acts 13:22. The second is revealed as stated; “Delight in the Lord (God) and He will give the desires of your heart” - Ps. 37:4. The third is revealed by Mary and probably the most critical is as stated; “Let it be done to me” - Lk. 1:38. This is the only thing that matters as stated; “Faith only pleases God” - Heb. 11:6. When all three are combined; many Righteous things have been accomplished by man and for God. Making the Power of Christ accomplish its Righteous expectations as stated; “The same Power that rose (manifested) Christ from the grave (dead) works (flows) in you” - Rm. 8:11. 

We cannot deny its Power! A Power not only reserved for God but His Heirs as well as stated; “We have been raised with Christ into Heavenly places” - Eph. 2:6. Just as princes are welcomed in a king's seat of judgment; so are we. But only when we receive it by Jesus Christ’s examples given to us over His three years of Earthly ministry so that as stated; “we may become the Righteousness (images) of God” - 2 Cor. 5:21. 

Flush it Out - The mind of Christ is God manifested to the world!

Adam; the first man was made perfect just like Jesus! Then, why did Adam fall and Jesus did not? This is because Adam did not abide in the Tree of Life (Truth) or we can say; The Tree of the Word - Gen. 2:9. Jesus abided in Himself; The Word of God! Does this sound confusing? Only when we do not acknowledge the Bible. As stated; “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” - Jn. 1:14. The Word, which is Jesus, abided within God’s Throne and is part of the Holy Trinity. Now, many still are finding this hard to comprehend and even refuse the theology that there are three distinct entities that make up God.

There are good and then there are Righteous choices and decisions with the former oftentimes being the easier of the two. That’s a tip for living in this world where often good choices are like building on the sand compared to Righteous decisions on solid rock which will weather the storms of darkness better. Good choices tend to have some form of fear (compliance, timidity, political correctness) while Righteous choices, the Spirit of Faith as stated; “We walk by Faith and not by sight (fear)” - 2 Cor. 5:7.

Spiritual Awakening

Throughout the Bible, many examples of men and women demonstrate this partnership, where without the mortals of this world; God would be unable to perform supernatural miracles as an indictment against satan’s feeble throne. As stated; “The Faith of a mustard seed is all that is required” - Matt. 17:20. Consider the miracles when the Righteous man partners with God.

​Abraham and Isaac. Known as the father of Faith, Abraham ultimately demonstrates his surrender to God by his willingness to sacrifice Isaac, a foreshadow of Jesus, the sacrificial lamb for man’s restoration as stated; “and Abraham went and took the ram, and offered him up for a burnt offering in the stead of his son” - Gen. 22:13.

Mar. 23, 2020.

Jesus the Power in you. 

God never told Adam he could not eat of the Tree of Life. Of course, we know the story that is repeated throughout human history ever since Eve and Adam broke God’s commandment; not in ignorance but in defiance. Too often, we want what we have been warned against or denied because by the mind we naturally covet another’s possession, especially the things we have not earned and in effect by pride attempt to do as satan did as stated; "I will exalt my throne above the stars of God" - Is. 14:13; which can be said; "I will defy God's order of things". God's order is; we must know the Truth (Jesus- The Tree of Life) so that we can earn and wield His ways (Knowledge - The Tree of good and evil). We can't fully be His image in this world until Jesus commands all aspects of our lives; thus affirming as stated; "Have the mind of Christ" - 1 Cor. 2:16; which can be stated as; “act like Jesus Christ”!