Too many have yet to truly grasp this and to mature as that seed into that metaphoric tree that as stated; “becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches” - Matt. 13:32. Many inadvertently stump their own growth with religion, culture, traditions resulting with the mind of slaves rather than an adopted child tasked with the heritage of an eternal Kingdom as stated; “That the heir, as long as he is a child (in thinking and action), differs nothing from a servant, though he be lord (command) of all” - Gal. 4:6. We are to be exactly like Jesus and even more. God guarantees the Heavenly destination by the Blood of Jesus but the journey is determined by our actions in the spirit, mind, and body.

Once we were ignorant! But now by Godly Law, Love and Life we have been redeemed back into the Kingdom. As parents we unknowingly imitate God and often we are the child while our children are the adults. God has a way of turning what we consider to be our safeguards into perplexing yet simple solutions by the Law of Love so that the Life of the Kingdom may be received in abundance as stated; “God’s ways are higher than ours” - Is. 55:8. The more we try to control our environment and others by rules and regulations; by secular minded laws; the more our type of human love loses its desired results and before you know it; the life we want for our loved ones is gone or worst, lost forever to the grave. We just need to be as God, Our Father intended for us to be as stated; “The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God; and if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ” - Rm. 8:16-17.

Ever hear the ignorant or worst a person of the pulpit say, that we just don't know God and His ways are mysterious? This is nothing short of the devil and his insidious ways to keep God’s images in the dark and ineffective to do the Kingdom’s work. We are heirs of a Kingdom that is meant to dispel all darkness of the Earth; above and below its surface and not replace but restore it with the Light of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. This Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding is fundamental and foundational in becoming like Jesus with His mind for His Father’s will as stated; “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus (The Mind of Christ)” - Phil. 2:5. 

If you think this is too harsh or unattainable; then it is because the many rather stay weak than the few who want to be strong in the Lord as stated; “Many are called few are chosen” - Matt. 22:14. And just to be clear, it is not God who is choosing but by our daily decisions, we abate His reasons for the Law; His Love and Life that is freely given. God cannot contradict His future by compromising the present all the while having the past as a testimony for His will, purpose, and Kingdom. In many ways, the Bible today ought to be read back to front rather than chronologically like a literary piece with a plot that climaxes and then ends with everyone living happily ever after the hero rescues the oppressed. Our hero in Christ already came and unlike a story book or movie where the masses depend on a single hero to solve their problem; God planned it so that the masses would remove the darkness that plagues the societies as stated; “the Father who has qualified us (all) to be partakers of  (be involved in) the inheritance of the saints in the light” - Col. 1:12; and “Your (God’s) Kingdom come, your will be done in Earth, as it is in Heaven” - Matt. 6:10. The Earth is as much as Heaven is a part of our blessing from God. 

God’s end goal for the Age is to establish His Kingdom here on Earth as stated; “I saw a New Jerusalem” - Rev. 21:2. An embassy of sorts for God’s vast network within and across the Universe that is seen and unseen. Just as imitated by a king of the world, God seeks to expand His dominance where He desires. But why? If He is all-powerful why the mess of evil against good. Why the pain, the sufferings, the trials, and tribulations? It is because of the Law!

The Law paved the way, but it is Love that accomplished the sacrifice back into the Life ordained by God for our Sanctification and Holiness. There is no true Love without sacrifice and as stated; "Jesus fulfilled the law" - Matt. 5:17; or rather Jesus gave Life to the Law as stated; "For what the Law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending His own (obedient in Love) Son (so) that the Righteousness (compliance) of the Law might be fulfilled (seen) in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit (of God)" - Rm. 8:3. Without Righteous Love, the Righteous Law cannot prevail not only in its administration but in its purpose. For as stated; "To Love (honor, revere, obey) God above all (other considerations and debates)" - Mk. 22:37. The Body of Christ cannot expect to accomplish this if the considerations of this life take precedence over loving the Father by His terms and not ours. We cannot be compliant to just satisfy the Law in the body and mind, but by living in Godly Love in the spirit by the Spirit; we empower the Law to do what its purpose is. That is as stated; "Love your neighbor as yourself”; but what many miss is the caveat of this Law which is “And the second is like (mirror/same) unto it (the first)” - Matt. 22:39. The second is unfulfilled unless the first takes precedent (leads). For every temptation of lawlessness; there is an act of Love to overcome it and thus enables the Law. Whether by the Fruit of the Spirit or by dying to oneself; Godly Love defeats, sustains and matures the individual step by step into the image of Christ. But love by the world (which is twisted Love) is weak and unfruitful. To know the difference is to be the Light to the world and by application is to be the image of Christ. We only do this not by the body but by the mind and Spirit of Christ. Why? Because Jesus had the mind of the Father and we being branches of the same tree; ought to perpetuate that mind in all we do; producing the same kind of Righteousness into our children's children. 

True and Righteous Love does not whine! Because Godly Love's first act is sacrifice. The Father as stated; "Gave His only begotten Son" - Jn. 3:16. And Jesus as stated; "But made Himself of no reputation, and took upon Him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:" - Phil. 2:7. So ought all Christian men and women as stated; "(to) deny (them) self" - Lk. 9:23; and as revealed by the Parable of the rich man; who had everything the world offered failed to receive true Life in Jesus because he did not die authentically to his flesh, status, and possessions. Does this mean we are not to enjoy the good things of this world? God made flesh! So it is about how sin’s mind twists the flesh for satisfaction thereby marginalizing the spirit which holds more rewards than the flesh could do as stated: "For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is Life and peace" - Rm. 8:6. No good parent gives their child valued material things without first being satisfied that the maturity level is in place to the responsibility of such things as stated; “train up a child in the way they are to go” - Prov. 22:6. Jesus by today's standard would be considered a rich preacher having received monetary gains from His followers. And in many respects, He kept rich friends. Yet; for all these privileges and status He remained humble and detached from any trappings of this world. He was able to do this as a man regardless of having all the urges of the flesh because when our Love of God is ordered properly we remain disciplined, reverent and sacrifice short term gains for the long term benefits and eternal fulfillment. 

As stated; “God is Love” - 1 Jn. 4:8. He sent His Son to demonstrate this Love by example and sacrifice. Jesus does what the Father wants in spirit, mind and then the body. And because of this Love; we are to be as stated; “as sheep in the midst of wolves: be therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” - Matt. 10:16. He did not say we must be timid, useless or knowingly go to the slaughter. Why? Because true and Righteous Love stays focused on the mission either boldly or covertly. The mission is to fulfill the Father’s desire as stated; “that all men come to know the Truth (in God)” - 1 Tim. 2:4. We can only do that with the Father’s kind of Love. A Godly Love that has one purpose and that is to restore, give and sustain Life. The Life that was given to Adam and now the Body of Christ’s to live for; not for the church but for the world as stated by Jesus; “But if you (do the same that they do to you) what have you achieved; but to Love as God does; you will be as sons of the Most High” - Lk. 6:32-36.

The twisting of the Law by satan resulted in a corrupted body which clouds the mind and thereby suppresses the spirit in us but now has been restored by Jesus Christ where it is the Spirit of God that leads us by clarifying our minds so that our bodies conform ultimately to the Spirit of Righteousness. And as Paul says; “putting off the old (disobedient) man for the new (obedient) man (into the Righteousness of Christ)” - Eph. 4:22. Without the self-consciousness of repentance into restoration; there cannot be true Righteousness. It needs to be done not by regret but for the repurpose of all things that once held us in bondage to be repatriated into the likeness of Christ. This is why guilty acceptance of Jesus Christ very rarely is sustained because many fail to receive the purpose of Salvation which is to restore the image of God. This weak foundation result in roller coaster christians perpetuating the superficial tabernacle of prostration rather than the eternal Tabernacle of Righteousness in Jesus affirming as stated; “To do Righteousness and justice (God’s will) is more acceptable to the Lord (God) than sacrifice (temporal)” - Prov. 21:3. Jesus never guilt tripped anyone into repentance but only spoke the Truth in Love and then by the Spirit’s conviction; many sought Salvation receiving forgiveness. What matters to God is not quantity but quality of relationship. This cannot be achieved unless we know what is at stake which is not relief from sin but conviction of His Kingdom’s heritage. This is why God does not hit the reset button but long-suffers through the original intent of Fatherhood and heirship as stated; “For God so Loved the world (His creation), He sent His only (last) begotten (personal possession) that whosoever would believe (in Him) shall not die but have eternal Life (Salvation)” - Jn. 3:16. 

To repent is to return to an original status of being! Which is Righteousness! It's like driving the car and you realize the direction heading is wrong therefore a correction is made to get back on the right track to your pre-ordained destination. That destination is Righteousness! God emphasizes this by sending His Son who by His will makes a wrong direction by taking on sin so that He can fulfill the eternal unblemished Lamb’s Blood sacrifice but also repents to be restored to Righteousness as stated; "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit" - Luke 23:46. Jesus placed His very existence under God’s mercy. Jesus had to ask for forgiveness to receive resurrection as stated; “If we confess our sins, He is Faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. There is a big difference in forgiveness when you are caught in the act; than when you reveal the act of sin. In our case; the fallen sinful spirit of man yearns and cries out for mercy and compassion from the Spirit of God and by true repentance, surrenders and places judgment under the Hand of God for the hope of restoration back into Righteousness! This is why without receiving forgiveness the resulting consequences of our sin are not erased but by God’s Grace we are able to endure the Law’s accountability and the results of sinning. When Job sinned by fear and pride (Jb. 1:5), it resulted in deadly consequences by the Law but by Faith and God’s Grace, he is sustained by Love (Jb. 1:12-22); after which he repents (Jb. 42:1-6); receives forgiveness and is restored into Life by Righteousness (Jb. 42:12). You don’t really repent because you are found out to have sinned but because you hope for and want the restoration of the Light of Life which is found in Christ Jesus. The vain sinner does not seek Christ. It is only those who want a Life void of sin. It must be conscious, from the heart!

The abuse of the Law placed many of us into the bondage of chains. And that's religion! For what is religion? It is the deliberate conformity to rules, regulations, and rituals out of the fear of loss. But by Godly Love; there is a conviction of the heart in Faith of the Father’s sacrifice for His blinded, lost and ignorant child so that His Life may be received to its fullest purpose for all things that produce peace, prosperity and joy. This is the Father's will! To share His Kingdom with all who seek His heart to understand and appreciate His eternal purpose for the Law, Love and Life for the heirs of His Throne. 

There is only one Life and that is in the Father! Too many churches complicate the Holy Trinity and make it a stumbling block. Yet; the evidence through the Bible and man reveals all of God’s Divinity. This also goes for the Life ordained. We must stop bringing the Father down to our biased minds and rise up into His Spirit. For only by His Spirit; was Jesus resurrected. And the same is for all who have the Hope, Love, and Faith to be as stated; “caught up in the air” - 1 Tess. 4:17. We cannot on our own sprout wings into Eternity as stated; “lest any man boasts by works” - Eph. 2:8. God provided and gave Grace. But it is by our heart will we be welcomed by the Father. A heart for all things that the Father has a heart for. For without His heart; we cannot expect the Life predestined for the heirs of His Kingdom.

There is one Law that reflects the ultimate lawmaker and giver, and that is God. He and the Law are the same, tangible and intangible at the same time; just as stated; “And God visited Abram” - Gen. 18:1. God demonstrates that regardless of the Earth’s corruption; He is able to transcend the fallen corruption and consequences of disobedience that is rampant throughout the Earth. His very Being of Righteous Law overrides and overcomes the false and anarchy law of sin and death. This means and indicates He controls and one could almost say; “He is the Father of sin and death”. Wow! Some say that's sacrilegious and heresy! If that's your disposition then may I suggest that is wrongful thinking and lends to the notion that God is not in control nor is He the creator of all things. Let's hash it out as commanded and as stated; “iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” - Prov. 27:17. God made humans to want and need community, but a community cannot exist unless humans define and uphold what precepts will establish their community. In this case; the Body of Christ’s community is not the churches but the Kingdom of God. And no community muchless a Kingdom can exist or be sustained without the Law, Love and Life that is foundational to all that it entails and sustains its existence.

Spiritual Awakening

Apr. 25, 2020.

The Law, Love, and Life in Christ.

God's Kingdom is governed by Spiritual Laws; and it is the same that should happen on the Earth. That Spiritual Law administered not by man’s imaginative tinkering, but through His Spiritual image in a man and a woman. For we; the Body of Christ, are the only conduit for that Law, Love and Life to flow and become established in this world, redeeming what satan corrupted with the purpose to return back into His desire for His Righteous presence. Without the implementation of the Law; man having lost his birthright would not be able to be redeemed. For being unruly by the chaos orchestrated by satan; the man had to be guided back into discipline, reverence, and sacrifice. Without these attributes; redemption would be unable to be offered and received. For this is only possible with humility and cannot be demanded as stated; “By humility and the fear (reverence) of the Lord are riches, and honour, and (the) Life” - Prov. 22:4. Man's redemption was completed by Jesus arising out of the grave not by His will but by the Father's. It is the Father who redeemed us and not Jesus! But by Jesus' undying obedience to the Father's will; His sacrifice became unblemished; thereby allowing a 'first-fruit' offering to the Father as God to accept the payment for all of humanity fallen and rebellious mankind's past, present and future sins with the caveat of contrition.

Before there was no need for the commandments! But by transgressions, the Law given by God was needed to be established because the Love for the Father was lost after the fall having been mired into the flesh of carnality. And by this, the Father’s Blessings were restricted because the Light of His presence was diminished by man’s embracement of darkness and its unrighteous works. The Law is more than the Ten Commandments. Its purpose was to expose the darkness's insidious will of blindness, thereby allowing the glimmer of light to penetrate the facades of fear and unfaithfulness back into the journey of restoration. For keeping the Law was not to be out of fear but out of reverence in all its application to learn, apply and sustain the Love required for Faith to work as stated; “Without Faith, it is impossible to please (Love) God” - Heb. 11:6. 

And without Love, the Law has no advantage for its purpose as stated; “but Faith working through Love” - Gal. 5:6. Which is Life as designed by God. And as stated; “by one man’s disobedience, death reigned but by another man’s obedience, Life is restored” - Rm. 5:19. Jesus did not obey out of fear but out of Love for the Father, His will and Kingdom. Not by a man’s notion of love but by God’s definition and application of Love. He maintained this Love through all trials, tribulations, accusations and even death. Love gave; Love sacrificed; and Life resulted as stated; “all things work together for good to them that Love God” - Rm. 8:28. It is inevitable and assured that when we Love the Father as Jesus did; He is not only obligated but more pleased and must give us the Life in Him just as He did for Jesus. He gives us agape unconditional Love! In turn, we must give unconditional Faith with no expectations. For in denying everything this life offers is to raise us up to the Life not only in, but with Christ Jesus as stated; “and (God) raised us up together, and made us sit together in the Heavenly places in (and with) Christ Jesus” - Eph. 2:6. 

This is the Life Eve, and then Adam threw away and which Esau did also for the immediate satisfaction and pleasure of the flesh; thereby abdicating their given birthright for a heritage of peace, prosperity, and dominion. Jesus gave His flesh for the Kingdom and in doing so paved the way for all who would use His name in Righteous sacrifice and authority. For what the secular law could not do; God’s Law powered by Love did to pave the way for the restored Life pre-established and has enthroned us as the heirs of His Kingdom. God does not do anything short term but with long term goals. And having a Father's perspective wants His sons and daughters to benefit from His Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding so that they may have a fulfilled Life as stated; "when asked for a fish which father would give his child a snake: - Lk. 11:11. It is not God's will for a generation of curses but a prosperous generation. God is a giving Father but He rules as any sovereign to ensure His legacy is not corrupted and wasted on rebellion and anarchy. Anything else would be irresponsible. 

Ever wondered why the Bible records such punitive actions by God especially in the Old Testament and yet seems to avoid it in the New Testament? The difference is the status and receiving of His call. In most cases in the Old Testament; His people acted on God’s direction out of compulsion and fear; by servitude. While in the New Testament; by Jesus’ example and especially after Pentecost; His people acted out of Love and Faith; by servanthood. Just as a child would demonstrate the difference as they grow into maturity; the true and Righteous servanthood is really heirship of not occupying but owning the land bestowed to them by their King, Father, and Sovereign.

As the heir of an indestructible Kingdom; its Law, Love, and Life are treasures that ought to be written upon one’s heart; sealed with the Blood of brotherhood in Christ. And the more we embrace these buttresses that uphold His Throne is the more we become free and unshackled by man’s traditions, cultures, and rituals affirming Jesus’ reason and purpose in fulfilling the Law, Love, and Life as a man not as God who is not only given free will but abides with God’s Spirit as stated; “The Spirit of the Lord (God) is upon Me; because He has Anointed Me to preach (as a teacher) the gospel to the poor (hopeless); He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted (in servanthood); to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty (as a priest) those who are oppressed (by darkness)”- Lk. 4:18. For He has given me the Law, Love and Life of His Kingdom to do so. 

Flush it Out - Give me not death but the Law, Love, and Life in Christ Jesus.

God’s Love is not weak nor is the Life He gives. Too often the person behind the pulpit only speaks to God’s Love and not the Life. That the Body is to suffer for Jesus rather than live and have the Life He had and is promised to us as stated; “I (Jesus) have come so that they may have Life and have it more abundantly” - Jn. 10:10. Now; to be clear! Monetary gains are a part of this Godly Life but it is the lowest form. The abundant Life Jesus refers to is more about the Spirit of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding that only comes from God and as stated; “How to be it the Spirit comes to reveal all Truths” - Jn. 16:13. It is about the value we place on all that is given to us. The Life that is ours is in the roles of Priesthood, Teacher, and Servanthood. 

The Life of the priest is about bridging the gap between the body, mind, and spirit to the Kingdom and Throne of God. It is not about sin! Sin hinders this bridge. In the beginning, as stated; “God breathed His Spirit into man” - Gen. 2:7. And man became alive! Without the connection of man’s spirit to God’s Spirit, there is no true and Righteous Life. God provided for this “Tabernacle” if you will with the Tree of Life. This Tree was provided before Adam and Eve sinned! When did Jesus’ official life start? His real mission started after baptism as stated; “the Holy Spirit descended on Him” - Lk. 3:22. An indication of the restored “Tabernacle” or Life between a man or a woman and God. For the Holy Spirit was always present waiting for individuals to bridge the gap for God’s Spirit to be in their life throughout this world. This is recorded in the lives of the prophets and others before Jesus received the Holy Spirit. To be clear; water baptism is an outward show of conformity but receiving God’s Spirit by the Anointing is an inward conviction of heirship. Those as God’s heirs we are commissioned to practice, defend and set His Law, Love and Life for a dying world and the firmaments currently under siege.

 All under the Spirit of God and the Blood of Jesus are teachers. Because ignorance reigned in many; God had to appoint those charged with teaching His people the Life of the Kingdom. And to be clear; these men and women received the Anointing (commission) because they walked in Righteousness despite being surrounded by sin and darkness. Jesus lived the Life that Adam was to; by accessing that Tree of Knowledge in the Righteous way and as stated; “I (Jesus) do nothing without the Father” - JN. 5:19. Jesus made it a necessity and habit of abiding in the Father’s Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding as stated; “He (Jesus) often withdrew into prayer” - Lk. 5:16. And by His constant abiding; the Spirit provided Him with every word, action, and attitude of operating as a candle to the world. The office of the teacher is to not only perpetuate the pillars of God’s Kingdom but to mentor the church into becoming as stated; “the Righteousness of God” - 2 Cor. 5:21. To be alive by Jesus in the Father’s Life of an heir. Which is to propagate His Kingdom’s sovereignty into all the lands, cities and households of the world. The church cannot do that and be effective without living the Life that is embodied in God, the Father. And just like a kingdom that stagnates; so do the images of God that have no direction, goal or vision to accomplish something of nobility and impactful. The very nature of His image is to overcome and triumph so that all who are ignorant, blind and poor in spirit will come to know that the Life of His Kingdom is as stated; “more than food and drink (basics)” - Rm. 14:17. It can take only a person to plant seeds in the field but it always takes many hands to harvest the field.

Every type of Law has two opposing forces. Simply put; a positive and negative force. That is; everything physically seen through and measurable by science. Then if for the seen then surely for the unseen. There is Spiritual Life and there is spiritual death. Both are caused by Laws connected to another eternal Law of “what you sow you reap” - Gal. 6:7. And all adjudicated by the maker, defender and prosecutor of it; who is God. Remember we have said, God is the Law and the Law is God; and as stated; “For without God nothing can exist'' - Jn. 1:3; and “with God, all is possible” - Matt. 19:26; and also “All is made for God even evil” - Is. 45:7. There is no limitation to God, His Law and the purpose of His Kingdom. Ultimately, His reason for our creation is as stated; “iniquity was found in you (Lucifer) - Ez. 28:15. How is this possible when he was in God’s Glory daily? It indicates there is a corrupt seed in the presence of God that has the possibility to germinate into the evil above all evils. That is the one evil that God cannot tolerate whether in Heaven or on the Earth. This prime evil is vain pride which is idolatry at its highest form and from which all other sins are produced from. God makes it clear that none of His creation can do without His influence and Law. He, Lucifer became corrupted by his God-given free will and so did the fallen one-third of the Angelic Host. They chose sin which is simply disobedience to God’s will. This is why God’s Law, Love and Life are meant to be simple, pure and uncomplicated. 

The Law is meant to train, constraint and prevent our disobedience so that by obedience to Him; His Love would be revealed to us as stated; “Delight (which is not about conformity but conviction) in God and He will give us the desire (which is not about pleasure but joy) of our hearts” - Ps. 37:4. This is the Spiritual Law! And which speaks of redemption, respect and ultimately reward. And we, just as God do not like to be taken advantage of as stated; “God is not mocked” - Gal. 6:7. In the same way we make our own laws, rules within our families, because we know without them; our love for them will be of no avail when our loved ones struggle, suffer and even die because they have not grown up to be productive people and have value to themselves and others. There is a direct correlation with the lack of parenting or rather laws resulting in troubled kids. And any good parent does not punish their child because of ignorance but by disobedience there is accountability. That's God’s will in a nutshell. For what is freely given must have more disciplined accountability because it is not earned. The man was given free will which he abused; now Grace is freely given for which he remains accountable.  

God ultimately demonstrates His Love for us for a Righteous Life by giving of Himself with His Word; Jesus. This Love must be sacrificial by anyone who wants their offspring to be safe, secure and with benefits. This is what genuine Love does. It sacrifices knowing there is the possibility of hurt, disappointment and long-suffering. But never at the destruction of the main reason for the sacrifice in the first place. Which for God is self Love or rather His Kingdom; with the intent for us is to appreciate, understand and recognize this sacrifice of Jesus for our life by representing Him in all mannerisms, thinking, and action. God could have demanded His Love by our submissiveness but He is just in all that He does and so He justifies His will with our free will to reject Him. This ultimate agape Love that exposes everyone to the law of disobedience that only seeks and results in rebellion, chaos and finally anarchy. This is why satan is referred to as the father of sin. A corrupted seed that has no choice but to produce after its kind based on the Law of seed, time and harvest. But by another seed of obedience and by His first Love to the Father and sacrificial Love for His fellowmen; Jesus through time produces a harvest of like-kind, called the sheep as stated; “My sheep know My voice and not that of a stranger” - Jn. 10:27; and as stated; “that He (Jesus) might be the firstborn among many brethren” - Rm. 8:29.

There is no true Life in Righteousness without the heart of sacrifice. A willing heart for servanthood and not servitude. The former in humility and Faith; while the latter in fear and subjection. True servants of God’s Kingdom as stated; “seek the Kingdom (God)” - Matt. 6:33. For any work done without God’s purpose of Kingship and stamp of approval is nothing short of selfish pride and temptations into sin, disobedience, and darkness. How do we know what God's will is? To be that servant of God’s will and heart is in loving Him by first receiving His revelations of His meaning and application of His Godly Love; which is the Life in Him as stated; “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth” - 2 Tim. 2:15.