Spiritual Awakening

There is no reference in the bible especially when Jesus was here that the church, the Christians should safeguard themselves under a grand roof until He returns. Jesus is very explicit, to spread the gospel, feed and love His sheep. His mandate and example were to set the captives free - Is. 61. Sure, we can say we are doing our part supporting the church in tithes and offerings, going to conferences and participating in ministries. These are all good. But the body was meant to be built from a personal perspective, of witnessing and being relatable with placing hands over each other, demonstrating compassion, having understanding, and giving encouragement for hope and pointing to something greater than ourselves. That greater something, being Jesus. As said by Luke, "the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few" - Lk. 10:2.

As this age is completes; look around at the growth of your church; at your own, and others growth. Is there milk to meat in the Word, Revelation and Testimonies of Victories. These are indications of the will of God or the lack of it. Christian's are saved by the blood of Jesus, but are we honoring His last command for the lost, confused and blinded world. Whether or not there is partaking in God’s divine plans, we have been made the righteousness of God by His will and our Faith - Rm. 3:22. But as Christian's, we hold that responsibility to be active and not just sitting on a bench waiting with our passport for Jesus' transportation of His bride. We should constantly look into the mirror and see God’s image clearer, more precise and empowered as Christ, being doers and not just hearers - Jm. 1:23. We are to judge ourselves (1 Corth.11:31), our walk and our spirit; striving towards the Kingdom and making it our place to administer its goals. We ought to keep our first loves before us all the time, meditating into their deepest meaning to Love, Honor God and your neighbor; not from the human perspective but from the perfect example of Jesus. The apostles could have chosen to ignore Jesus' call for righteous Salvation keeping their lives, possessions and families but instead, they avail themselves to be taught, to learn, to enquire of the Kingdom and eventually came to the revelation that, resistance is futile !

Flush it Out! - God’s plan is perfect, why fight it.

The message of Salvation has not changed since it was first preached, yet many just refuse to heed its warnings and promises. They believe by not accepting it, they automatically are excluded from it not realizing that with every denial, the truth continues and is constantly being revealed unconditionally, unbiased and steady in fulfilling God’s will. Without realizing it, they are active participants as any saved person in Christ. They see it on the news, hear it and even experience it but because of the rebellious nature are handed over to darkness. This also is God’s will and out of their control. - 1 Corth. 5:5. They have closed their spirit to the Spirit of God and cannot experience His compassionate call to change, reverse course before it’s too late.

Yes, in Jesus' ministry He spoke to multitudes of people but you must notice the real stories, insights and revelations are with the individuals and that’s where witnessing starts. Now, to be clear having hundreds of people accept Jesus at a rally is all good and every sociologist or marketer will say when there are high emotions with mass hysteria, people can be led into anything. What is also true of those hundreds of people, only a percentage will take the next step as baby Christians in Christ, as Jesus taught in the parable of the sower - Matt. 13. All is still to the Glory of God. It is the personal decision and commitment to receive Salvation that matters. When we are before God, He won’t be asking the name of your church, or what conference you went to but were you a righteous follower and doer of His Kingdom using our time, talent and means effectively as covered in the parable of the talents - Matt. 25:14-30.

God will not delay His plans for anyone to catch up and when this age is done there will not be any rewind or special concession for late bloomers. We see this with the Exodus Jews who refused to follow God's will by complaining and delay reaching the promise land. God's will required a new perspective that resulted in only two of this generation and the new generation to pass over into the promise land - Jos. 5:6. God’s will is absolute! Once Jesus completed the final part of redemption the clock started ticking down and up to the final minute anyone can repent, ask for forgiveness and be saved. For the Christians since Jesus' death to now - Alleluia! For those who died without Salvation and those still living in rebellion at the final call will be passed over into darkness permanently. The age of Grace will have been completed.

On the flip side to God’s Salvation plan is satan’s apprehension of God’s timeline of Grace winding down and is taking all measures to kill, steal and destroy; because he doesn’t have any control either. It is said, “Many are called, few are chosen” - Matt 22:14. Many think this means, God is selecting, but this would be contrary to His will, "for none should perish” - 2 Pet. 3:9. The former would not be God's will and His nature. As with a lot of the translations, the interpretation does not meet the original intent of the text and it should probably be read “many are chosen, few have selected”; meaning Salvation. This would be more in line with God’s will for man to come to Him by free will. God knows who will choose Him without hesitation, by tribulation or by their last breathe. This is why the story of the prodigal son is so precious across all generations and that the promise of redemption should never be forgotten or dismissed for those lost. It is also true that many will never accept Jesus as Lord and Savior; but as a farmer who plants, then looks to reap will always maximize his harvest even if some of the crops is partially damaged or bruised. He will only reject those that are unable to be saved, and cannot be enjoyed. For the saved are there for God’s pleasure as the Father is to His children - Ez. 37:27. The prodigal son made the decision to return to his father regardless of receiving any message or plea from his father to return home - Lk. 15:11-32. His resistance proved futile once he accepted his demised future and by changing his perspective on life and future was welcomed with open arms. Another reason to accept that God provides the fields and with our active involvement; a harvest is reaped; all the while God knows the number of baskets that will be filled. It is why God can boldly exclaim the number of Jews who will be saved in the book of Revelations - Rev. 7:4; and why Jesus hinted to the number by the left over baskets from feeding the four and five thousand which is the remnant of the seven churches and twelve Jewish tribes, respectively in Revelation. God is the alpha and the omega starting the beginning, controlling the middle towards an expected end - Rev. 1:8.

We don’t need any special power other than the Spirit to know who is resisting the will of God. We see it in their attitudes, language, and lifestyles and for some of us can relate to it and even have empathy for them. We know that they are slowly but surely going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of darkness and eventually will be in so deep; they cannot be reached until they cry out for help. It is as if their spirit is making one last attempt at saving them before all is truly lost. Yet, the situation is not helpless as many believers think it is. For many of us, they slip away before we can muster the confidence to just say, “Hi”, much less to speak to the lost about God, Jesus, and Salvation. We, the Christians need to stop resisting God’s will for us.

God’s will for Christians is to be active partakers, not observers and if we allow righteousness, and the Holy Spirit to lead, influence and guide our decisions we would be bolder, confident and convicted to be true partakers, in the plan of Salvation. We would release all inhibitions of self, traditions, and culture and be ready to be used by the Holy Spirit to utter a seed to those needing Salvation and prepared for harvest by another person. Yes, it is true, people have free will to choose life or death, but it is also true that God will cause Salvation to “knock you down” because of the desires of our hearts. God did not allow tradition to contaminate His plans as Isaac unknowingly gave Jacob the blessing and later becomes Israel, fathering Joseph right up to Jesus' birth and lineage - Gen. 27-30. With Saul who became Paul, God looks not at the obvious things but the heart - Acts 9. In the first example, Jacob is prophesied to lead the nations; so God is fulfilling His plans - Gen. 25:23 and uses Jacob's mother's desire to take Isaac's blessing away from Esau. In Paul’s example, he is the petition because all Saul wanted was for God’s people to be righteous but could never accomplish this with the law. Remember, Saul would have heard of Jesus but was blinded by tradition and the law. God saw his zeal and took him in for His purpose with the blood of Jesus. I can just imagine that Paul when Saul probably said a prayer to the effect, “Lord, help me to make your people righteous”. The rest is history and revelation. What is being demonstrated here is; God is in control but because He wants us to be His children with wants, He molds our desires towards His plans. It is perfect examples of partaking, sharing in His divine plans. 

July 27, 2016.

Resistance is Futile !

No matter the culture or where we live every single person has had to come to terms regarding their future and how best to direct it. For some it’s “as it happens” while others plan, push and fight to get there. Regardless, many later after reaching their goals become reflective on its benefits and change direction towards another goal. This cycle can continue through their entire life. Others on their way find that life has diverted them into another direction that they and others least expect it and usually exclaim how much more satisfying their lives are now because of such changes. Very few can truly say that they started and finish with their goals and are content in it. This is because God is constantly guiding us into His will. A will that we are active, passive or reluctant participants in. It’s like being on a boat on the seas; we may be boating towards a specific point, but the waves gradually and even violently shift us a lot of times without us realizing it and controlling our destination.
Our life on its own is a maze of alternatives and possibilities presenting us with choices that are fruitful or disappointing. We are just, not in control. We can only plan and prepare for what comes before us whether or not we can handle it. It is why God reserves the right to order His creation. We see this in Genesis, where God starts with the environment to sustain life, then make plants/creatures and finally man. - Gen. 1. God did not make man first so as to ask his opinion or suggestions on creation.  For God, it’s not about reaching satisfaction, contentment or attainment. It's really about order, obedience and foremost creation. God is a Spirit but chooses to display His person through the physical nature of not only the four main elements of air, water, fire and earth but through organic substances like flesh and blood. His ultimate will is to merge both the Spiritual and physical realms respectively. We can only choose to partake in it or be left out of it. It’s like most things in life as improved technologies, processes and sciences become available; there are those that are quick to embrace these improved changes in their lives and then there are those who refuse and or eventually are forced into accepting it as part of their lives. People are the hardest to adapt to change and God does not care because He has a plan and it’s foremost His will - Jer.29:11.

Regardless of what we may think, there is no resistance to the ultimate will of God. We can only choose to be partakers or be left behind. As the only real source of control, God wields His purpose quietly or with pop and stance and all we really do is marvel at the results of it. We are helpless to direct and influence His grand design. God is in charge and resistance is futile.