July 15, 2016

The Heavenly Church.

8) Feelings will be a part of this new Heaven but will not be based on fear but on Love only - Ps. 36:9; "in your light, we see light". Our entire outlook will be as God sees it.

9) Physical constructs will be included such as buildings, amenities, and places but not as we know them to be here on earth - Jn. 14:22, Rev. 21 and 22.

10) The sequence of four seasons and light cycles will still be there but will not control the environment, but rather the environment will control the seasons and the light - Is. 60:19;     "No longer will you have the sun for light by day, nor for brightness will the moon give you light; but you will have the LORD for an everlasting light, and your God for your glory".

God is a visionary and is constantly planning and looking to the next stage of His expanding Kingdom, His Heavens, and the universe. The Word and the Holy Spirit are a part of these visions and the Angels are standing by to manifest His desires as Faith is called upon. What we know of God, is that He does not talk without actually doing - Gen. 1:3. God said; "let there be". The Earth and mankind are in His plans as well as the rest of the planets known and unknown to us. We know the universe is still expanding in ways science cannot explain. It is why God can state, “Before the foundation of the world, I knew you - Eph. 1:4. By this, we know God is a builder, considering every detail, orchestrating His plan.

God is practical and uses these opportunities with His image in a form that all of Heaven has never seen and empowers man with the very embodiment of God Himself. Man will become the closest reflection of God Himself, even equitable to the Word. God gives man full authority as if He were Himself present. Man will not only be God’s hands and feet but His voice. He will not only dominate but also be a visionary. Man was to be and will be the implementer of the physical manifestation of planetary Kingdoms around the universe. This was to have started with Adam, whose task was to subject satan and his fallen angels to his divine authority rendering the rebellion deceased before it could grow. By this, we know God is even-handed with His Power and conducts Himself with honor, generosity, and dignity.

1) Before the fall, God’s Kingdom was a thriving society with many moving parts including a theocracy form of government starting with God working its levels of authority through the Trinity and the different Angelic classes. This will continue with the new church with one more addition. The authority of the divine man. - Eph. 2:6; "seated with Christ in Heavenly realms".

2) God has His Throne and so will other thrones or rather seats of “The Throne” be established not only starting with the New Jerusalem but even with different Heavens and new worlds - 1 Corth. 6:2-3, "do you not know you will be judges".

The beginning isn’t when God divided the waters from the land nor when He created all creatures including Adam and the naming of all things. It begins just before the rebellion by Lucifer; his name meaning brightness. Lucifer was near to perfection and the image of God as an angel could get - Ez. 28:15. A beautiful creature that had privileges, held status, and sang beautiful melody onto “The Father” all day long - Ez. 28:13. The Heavenly church at that time was in perfect harmony with God, the Word, the Holy Spirit, and all the classes of Angels. Lucifer bought it down to the very things that separated man, even today; with envy, ego, and pride.

And just to put it in perspective, by the God who is merciful, compassionate, and patient, the idea that as soon as Lucifer stirred up things, was thrown down instantly does not match the God who can measure His tolerance for disobedience. No, God, as He is now, would have set the time for Lucifer to correct his actions and although it can be argued that forgiveness is only reserved for man, it cannot be denied that it is at the very Heart of God.

It is why Grace is available to us not as some new form of Godly attribute but as part of the very being of God. The notion of good and evil is evident in this realm and God is true to His nature of Righteousness and had to come to face to face with one of His own challenging all His precepts of a perfectly organized society of different like-minded beings. This was an attack on the very first Heavenly church. Of a creature, a part of God, disturbing the unity of the original Heavenly family. It is why God placed the Tree of Knowledge in the garden as a symbol reflective of His very Kingdom so that it can never be said, God is unjust. Nevertheless, God is swift in His decisions and actions, having no shadow or doubt in Himself.

I want to tell you that this original Heavenly church had its share of squabbles among its rank and it and the new Heavenly church was and will not be respectively, just Glorious orations of Praises, Worship, and parades of beings clothed in white, all moving, dancing and jumping from cloud to cloud in unison. On the contrary, that very picture by a much well-meaning theologist was incomplete and too surrealistic to be of any true foundation for all who look forward to seeing and enjoying the facets of Heaven. The very nature of God is not only about Vision but a real practical manifestation of it with components that is already reflected in the earthly church. God is order and order is God meaning He cannot do anything without a start, middle, and end. He is the ultimate planner, manager, and implementer. No one can compare to Him. This is why His sovereignty is indisputable.

The Bible refers to Heaven as a Kingdom and John’s ability to describe it based on his own experience speaks only to his limited knowledge of what he was seeing in his vision. All his description is relatable and whether they are accurate is not the real concern more than he envisioned them to be real places. All the materials were known in his time and are very common today. But as technology increases and discoveries are made our library of elements would stretch the imaginations of the early church much less the apostles including John. Let’s face it, we don’t know much about our world, the universe, or for that matter the unseen aspects of it. We are totally in awe of all that is our God. So why should God give us a place, a Kingdom that we can go to and come from - Gen. 28:12.

God is foremost a leader and visionary and as such knowing all that we would have to deal with and overcome provides a “carrot” for us to hold onto and strive towards. He never gives a final destination and to think Heaven is the last stop along the line, speaks only to our limited knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the things of God. Our journey, as with any struggle, will have its disappointments, pain, and despair but with a picture of the ultimate reward of peace, rest and joy, we can face these adversities and travel the road towards this very end, our Heavenly reward. Why our struggle anyway; cause if God is all-powerful why doesn’t He just rid the world, His Kingdom, and the Heavens of the satanic evil; reset, and start fresh with new beginnings wiping away from memory all the crap, like when a disc is reformatted. It all starts with the beginning. Consider God’s Kingdom with Lucifer’s rebellion as a premise for the reinstated Heavenly church.

Spiritual Awakening

What does the beginning tell us as does the end of the book? God wants a family to share with; this is the Heavenly church. He has been giving us the foundations and manifestation of it through man's walk here on Earth as a prelude to what we will inherit. Jos. 21:45; "not one of the good promises God made failed, all were fulfilled". Interestingly, the chosen people being of twelve tribes received forty-eight cities which when combined is twelve. A reflection of the New Jerusalem with twelve as its foundation for size, area, and entrances. For the early and current church; Eph. 4. gives us our mandate, attitudes, and actions for the new Heavenly church; painting all in Christ; a society of goodwill, Righteousness, and divinity.

What are the clues that speak to the new Heavenly church? It is in the book of life, in the very nature of ourselves, and in the Spirit of God that dwells within us - 1 Corth. 3:16. It is not in our complete thinking, at least not yet. But if God is the standard of our measurement then it surely will be immeasurable in its scale; it will not be limited to any element, manufacturing, or forging technology; nor will it have limited use but be flexible to expand, contract, or even be transformable. We as the Heavenly church will have an insatiable purpose to want to forge ahead with the things of God being given the tools to do just that and have all seek with the unlimited imagination as God has. We will not be unaware of our actions nor be unable to give an opinion but with the enlightenment that He gives have His thoughts to be Righteous. Men, Women, and children will at once be together and then apart between places and will be unique in dress and personality clothed within the light of Glory as Adam was - Ps. 139:13; "you created my inmost being, knitting me together". There will be the House of God where we will see Him as He is and have His very nature be embodied in and all around us. It will be Glorious!

Flush it Out! - The Heavenly Church is mind, body, and Spirit.

God is an implementer, of His plans and will not be stopped regardless of any interference. It is why He can boldly proclaim, “I know the plans I have for you” - Jer. 29:11. So Lucifer causes a bit of instability within the Heavenly realm including inciting a third of the Angelic assembly to riot and demand equal billing. Like a child throwing a tantrum with his parents is how God sees Lucifer and the rebellious angels. Despite all this, God maintains composure and continues with His plans to establish a colony of self-images with one exception. He must first address His spoiled “child” with equity. By this, we know God is a problem solver; not a destroyer and is not rash.

God is a confronter
 and must deal with the anti-God movement and do it in such a way proving His magnanimous Heart and sovereignty without overpowering His creations. His plan for a family will be His authority for the rebellion. Lucifer, now satan, and his following are cast down to Earth only because God will not tolerate complaining on the threshold of His Kingdom. Like a rabid dog that has been kicked into the backyard and no longer allowed into the house; satan is sentenced to live out His days without the umbrella of God’s presence. God could have started mankind on any other planet but chose to place man where satan landed. To expose Himself, His Kingdom to a fresh and impartial court in the Garden - Gen. 2:17; "not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil for you shall surely die if you do". This is the very scenario that Lucifer faced when iniquity was found in him, but unlike God, satan tilts the scale to his way by cunning Adam and Eve. By this, we know God is noble, just, and magnificent.

3) There will be a new church established with the Body of Christ with levels of ministers, lay persons, and clergy. All will be in unison to the offices of Praises, Worship, and Thanksgiving. There will be no need for sacrifice - Heb. 10:10; "sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once and for all".

4)The Body of Christ which is the Heavenly church and society of God will not consist as it is now; but with the divine man, woman, and child in a different form of relationship to what is common here on Earth and includes the physical presence of all other Heavenly bodies - 1 Jn. 3:2; "for we will see Him as He is". To see God/Jesus is to see all that is embodied including the Holy Spirit and Angels.

5) Man will neither be of flesh nor spirit, but a newly divine creature having both conditions as Jesus has now - Rm. 8:28-30; "He (Jesus) will be firstborn of many (us, the divine man)".

6) Time as we know it will not be measured crudely as it is now but based on the place traveled in the space of time - Acts 8:39-40; "and the Spirit carried Philip away (instantly)".

7) The relationship of the new Heaven will be God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, then Man; and then the classes of Angels - 2 Corth. 6:18; "and I will be a Father to you, and you, my children". Only Jesus and man are given this parental relationship bonded in Blood and image.

The rest is history. We who will make up the final vision of and compliment the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and the assembly of Angelic classes is that Heavenly church. Destined to not only fulfill Jesus' work but continue God’s original plan for a family that is the closest relative to His person, thoughts, and image. We will be His Glory in an ever-expanding Glory. Many of His traits that are displayed as God addresses Lucifer’s rebellion are continuously shown through the Bible, especially with the major events that founded His chosen, the early church, and Christian people. God continues His planning, managing, and implementation during these times towards this Heavenly church.

God is a builder considering every detail. He does this by establishing the lineage that would eventually lead to Jesus and free His own from darkness starting with Noah - Gen. 6:18; "I will establish my covenant with you".

God is a problem solver and not a destroyer. Despite all of the appointed men including Abraham, Jacob, and David's foolish acts, God uses these failures towards His planned ends, thus continuing His ultimate goal of establishing "a people set apart for Himself” - Deut. 14:2; "I have chosen you".

God is noble, just, and magnificent. God does not orchestrate mistakes and does not discard what is precious to Him, the very blood of His first man, Adam, and all His descendants. By this, God puts in place the vehicle for redemption by the Blood sacrifice of His very own Son, the Word - Is. 53:10-12; "it pleased the LORD to bruise Him (Jesus); He has put Him to grief (and) made His soul an offering for sin".

God is even-handed and has honor, generosity, and dignity. Being all-knowing, God avails to man the ability to present their case to show Himself just with His actions. He does this with not only His chosen as in the case of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah - Gen. 18:23; "will you destroy the Righteous with the evil"; and with the church as in the case of the gentile woman who pleaded her case to Jesus - Matt. 15:25; "Lord, even the dogs eat the crumbs of your children"; and will with the Christians who are to face His judgment of their actions - Rm. 14:12; "we will give an account before God".

God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow - Heb. 13:8. The final Heavenly church will have that assurance that He will not change even after all the rebellion, sin, and redemption have long gone been forgotten. The new Heavenly church will enjoy God’s original plan, His current plan, and His future plans. The Heavenly church will be complete in being partakers of His divine nature - 2 Pet. 1:4; "partakers of the divine nature having escaped the world".

To paint this picture; consider these foundational aspects of God and His church.

​​​It is why, God made Faith the highest form of pleasing Him - Heb. 11:6. And why the anti-God is about defaming Faith with tangible substance. No matter how you take it, whether it is a religion of some form such as traditional, orthodox, fundamental or even atheist, agnostic and all others; each have a faith that frames, molds, and contains it. We can’t do without a faith. Faith is the very substance, and though it is unseen is required to live day by day. It is practically as important as air is. So how can the earthly church grow into the Heavenly church using the Faith we have been given? For that, we have to go back to the beginning and try to glean into God’s reasons for starting this “whole ball of wax”.

Does it make sense to do all we do? To be steadfast in Christ towards the promises of God, which includes a new Heaven and a new Earth - Rev. 21:1.The bible only gives vivid pictures of these and the New Jerusalem with all its physical elements of roads and structures, painting a picture of beauty, Glory and Royalty - Rev. 21:10-25. We all need that picture so as to push through the crap faced on Earth, and to be honest, the promises of such a paradise are inescapable. After all; who does not want a place where good will, peace and prosperity reigns, and where once and for all men, women and children have harmony. It is a compelling goal, when compared to the alternate of grinding of teeth, torment and unrest - Matt. 13:42. But where does the proof of such a place exist. Sure, we all profess Faith and comfort each other, and when you really get down to it, many who are seeking want tangible evidence that Heaven does truly exist. To say we are to have Faith is one thing but to be totally convicted of it is another. Since the fall; humanity has been struggling with Faith and even more in some cases as science pushes forward to explain miracles and the unexplained as nothing more than chemistry, physics and biology; and that the notion of a Righteous God and His perfect abode can seem to be fleeting with every anti-faith media publication. It's downright can be daunting!