God’s Glory has no bias and one cannot resist it when it is directed but by His Grace are we allowed to not accept it. We can see this when Jesus returns for the church stating, “all the tribes of the Earth will mourn, seeing Jesus coming in the clouds with power and Glory” - Matt. 24:30. At that time of day, because we see clouds which in that time period could not be seen at night; the Glory will be as bright if not brighter than the sun and those who did not accept Jesus as Lord and Savior will be distressed because in an instant they will realize what they have lost, but it will be too late. Just like being exposed to a nuclear blast; in that moment the sun will be outshined and there will nothing you can do to withstand its power and energy; its Glory. Isn't it ironic that even with such destructive power, we are in awe of its power and glory.

This we see especially when Jesus is to return, saying, “the Son of God will return with the Father’s Glory” - Matt. 16:27. The Glory that is seen or experienced points to the power of God. Now, to be clear, power is not defined with a single but with multiple perspectives. For God essentially is defined as a conscientious energy of a kind yet to be defined. And unlike air which is dependent on its shape by a container; energy is independent to form its own shape. This is why God appears in different forms of energy through the Bible which is essentially His Glory. For as stated, "and you shall see My back" - Ex. 33:23. God's entire being radiates the energy which is His Glory; especially when He faces you.

This power that is associated with His Glory or rather His authority is given to whoever He wants to. Glory, therefore, can be described with not only an external but also an internal quality and attribute that is reflective of God and His Kingdom. This we can extend to physical things such as the actual practical Word, and even objects. For if Glory is a reflection of God’s authority which is power then this power can reside in and be received through objects. Consider, Paul's handkerchief, and how people were healed by just touching it as stated, “that even the handkerchief and apron that Paul used healed the sick and casted out evil” - Acts 19:12. Here this power is doing two different things but is connected. The first is the casting out of evil and then the healing the damaged body that resulted from the sickness. God’s Glory is primarily a form of power that man has yet to completely understand or even breakdown. This Glory speaks of God’s sovereignty as well as the sanctification of people and things which wield God’s presence by proxy in stunning and overwhelming force.

Jun. 8, 2017.

The Glory of God !

The Glory of God is multi-dimensional used by God for various purposes and representations. It is as deep and mysterious as God is, and is only revealed by His will. The Glory is used both for practical and figurative explanations. Simply put; the Earth and the universe were created for God’s Glory and man was created for God’s Glory. Both for the same purpose. The former is obvious when taken in the context of the expansiveness, mysteries, and beauty that is beheld across the vastness of its plain. While the latter is an oxymoron. For how can a man, so frail, reflect the magnitude of God’s Glory and power? Yet, God choosing a man to be His highest representation of His Glory; is in keeping His pattern of using the least to show Himself strong and uncontained as stated, “God chooses the foolish and weak to confound the wise and mighty respectively” - 1 Cor. 1:27. God’s Glory, His power is restrained at least for now according to His plans and purposes.

He has restrained it because we, His Body of Christ have not fully matured to be worthy of its power. It's like a child who has been given a motorized toy car to drive around the neighborhood. At a slow speed and relative calm environment, he manages the toy car with little or no mishaps. But placed in a chaotic and challenging environment, control of the toy car can result in the injury of himself and others. Just the same as playing a first person shooter game on a console is not the same in real live combat. There are too many variables that will test the resolve and stability of the one with the power of control. Even Jesus; the Son of God as a man had limitations of this power. Jesus tells those against him, “Don’t you think, I can ask for and He (God) shall presently give me more than twelve legions of Angels”? - Matt. 26:53. Jesus is warning and affirming the power that backs Him up and its availability. Yet, for all this power and God’s Glory, Jesus was unable to convict those who knew Him best saying, “No prophet is accepted in his own country” - Lk. 4:24. Does this mean, God’s Glory is limited in power? Absolutely not! God wants His Glory to be accepted with the right heart of spirit. Because when it is accepted, then there are no restrictions on it. Remember, the Glory is a form of power that includes authority and influence at a higher Spiritual level. This must not be confused with Salvation which is a Spiritual gift; where the Glory is an attribute of accepting Salvation but requires a deeper Spiritual walk than just being saved. Simply put! Salvation opens the door for a relationship with God; with the Glory reflective of how deep one’s relationship is with Him.

As a form of a power like a sword, it can be sheathed or be used as God dictates. But more so, this Glory which is translated to us by the Spirit is in the hands of the Body of Christ. Now some may claim that this was possible only with Paul because of his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus which provided him with this type of power. Paul, then Saul experienced the Glory as stated, “suddenly a light from Heaven flashed around him” - Acts 9:3. Notice, it was around him and flashed. It would be like a sudden exposure of lightning around him. This type of Glory power dispersal also occurs with Jesus in a different form and less dramatic, but no less revealing. When the woman with the issue of blood touched His garment and Jesus knowing virtue (power) left Him, proclaimed, “who touch My garments”? - Mk. 5:30. Notice, she touched His garment, not His body and power left Him. Some say, but He is the Son of God and that is why that power resided in Him.

In the Old Testament, when Joshua was to take Jericho; God told him to have the Ark as part of the march procession. The Ark was critical to the walls collapsing and although not stated when the trumpets were blown I believe power emanated from the Ark and caused the destruction of the walls. The trumpets and shouting; other forms of energy focused the Ark's energy of Glory at the walls. The Ark of course held inside it the commandment tablets that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai which was sanctified for Holiness. The Ark contained these tablets and represented God’s authority as the symbol of God’s Glory and power and was often taken into battles. Just like a cup placed in a microwave, reflects the energy of the microwave with either boiling liquid or heat on the cup's surface.

In another incident; when David tried to relocate the Ark and the oxen stumbled; Uzza was struck dead by God because he touched the Ark. Not by the tablets in the Ark. Uzza was struck down because he was not sanctified as the priests were to touch anything of the Ark, including its surface. Remember, this power that reflects God's Glory is by extension the Ark. So it was as if Uzza, touched God; His presence; His face and therefore resulted in his death. To think God was being possessive like a spoiled child is religious thinking and this is why Moses was allowed to see God's Glory from His back, because essentially and metaphorically this would be as if the Glory was off at a distance reducing its effects. Just like when the sun is on the horizon; it is the farthest away from the point of viewing. Notice, God, shielded Moses as He passed him to the point of placing him in a chift of the rock - Ex. 33:22-23.

Spiritual Awakening

The Glory is as much about power as it is about reputation. Whenever God's people benefitted from their enemies wealth and especially their status, they in effect received their glory by gaining notoriety in the process as seen with Jacob who outgrew Laban in cattle, because of obeying God's quirky instructions - Gen. 31:1. In the case of the Christian, it is comprehending and appreciating the characteristics of God including His integrity, goodness and Fatherly love. All these traits and others are what we as the Body ought to work towards personally and for the outsiders to experience so that we become beacons of light for trust and credibility. Many non-believers are not impressed with how well a Christian can quote their Bible but more how convicted do we walk the talk. How well do we walk the Glory of God in our lives? When life is abundant it is easy to rejoice and be at peace but when tragedy hits, can we do the same. For the Word commands us to be the same regardless of our circumstances and as Paul states, “I know both how to be abased and how to abound” - Phil. 4:12. Consistency is a key factor in having the Glory of God in you.

The Glory of God is consistent with the person of God having the ability for display as well as the recognition of His sovereignty. We often see it as a blinding light as in a Heavenly force in a one-time event, but it is also in the smallest of details like in one’s fingerprints; unique in every way for every person on the Earth displaying a creative force that is undeniable. It is containable as well as uncontainable as the need requires and reveals a God who rather be a Father willing to share His Kingdom of Glory. Without the Glory of God, there would be only anarchy and chaos for by it is the Spirit able to orchestrate God’s will for peace and prosperity. The real Glory of God is eternal as in the treasures of your heart and not temporal with anything that rots over time. It is a part of the Revelation of the Word not for intellectualization but for the edification of the Body. For the strengthening and building of a deeper relationship with God. The Glory works for God’s exultations and to promote His Kingdom.

God not only reveals His Glory throughout history and today but He also sent His Glory in the man Jesus. Jesus is the epitome of God‘s Glory sent to and for a fallen world. And just as Jesus the Word was with God in the beginning - Jn. 1:1; so was and is His Glory here on Earth. For when you are a son or daughter of God, His Glory resides in you and is waiting to be shown to the world so that all of God’s Glory is rejoiced by the Heavenly host for the lost as they find their way to the light of Glory, forever enlighten as the New Jerusalem will be not needing any sun or the moon because the Glory of God will illuminate it.

Flush it Out! To God be the Glory.

The Glory is self-correcting and revealing; as many have sought to gain selfishly from its manifestations. When Simon who was a sorcerer was baptized and “wondered and beholding” the miracles by the apostles, he tried to purchase this power and was rebuked for as stated, “for thine heart is not right in the sight of God” and “thou art in the gall of bitterness and in the bond of iniquity” - Acts 8:13-23. Simon was just baptized and received Jesus (the Glory) as Lord and Savior, but did not turn from his previous life of self-promoting, which is why he envied those who were displaying God’s Glory and therefore could not receive the Glory in spirit and by the Spirit but tried to gain it with a carnal mindset. The Bible doesn’t tell us what happened to Simon but indicates he did not really have a Revelation of the Blood of Jesus, because, after his offense, Philip told him to ask for forgiveness of the heart but he replied to Philip asking, “Pray ye to the Lord for me” - Acts. 8:22-24. Part of receiving Salvation is taking personal responsibility to grow up in that Salvation. The Glory of God is part and parcel the Spirit of God for both the edification of God first and of the Body. Without the right spirit, the Glory does not operate or benefit those who try to abuse it.

God’s Glory is not about ridiculing or demeaning others so that He can stand above them while they cower at His feet in fear. It is about uplifting people who want to be uplifted first in spirit, then mind and body. This is to oppose what sin’s purpose is. To eradicate any indicator of God’s Glory in man. What is that Glory in a man? That man was and is created in God’s image. God and His Glory are indistinguishable, so it is rightly concluded that being made in His image; the Glory of God becomes a key factor in man’s make-up. When the first Adam disobeyed, the Glory was removed or rather departed from the spirit of man; but when by obedience the second Adam restored or rather paved the way for the Glory to return to man.

Can we then say, God’s Glory is His overwhelming goodness that is so overpowering that the sin state would not to be able to withstand it? This encounter with Moses seems to contract God's visit with Abraham - Gen. 18:1. Here God is in the form of a man but seems to be recognized by Abraham; face to face, with no blinding Glory (power), but will be displayed later with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, which God was to destroy after He departed from Abraham. Both these men; Abraham and Moses were of the fallen state at the time of their encounter. It is as if God can put aside His Glory to retrieve it when required for specific purposes.

What can we say about the Glory of God? What is it really? The Bible uses this expression of God in so many different ways that it is difficult to pin it down to one or two clear definitions. Words like eminence and honor leave us with impressions of royalty, stature and well, Glory. The closest any man has gotten to this Glory is Moses when He asked God to show His face, instead, he showed His Glory saying, “let my goodness pass, and you will see my Glory but not my face” -  Ex. 34:33-34. From the narrative, Moses asked to see God’s Glory and not His face. Yet, the way God responded to Him regarding His face, goodness, and Glory; it would seem all three are synonymous. For we cannot distinguish God’s face, goodness, and Glory. And to see His Glorious face would have meant death. As if a power glowed from it.

But how can this be when Jesus revealed God’s Glory as a man before being resurrected from the grave? The Glory of God that is revealed by man is by the same Spirit that created the world prior to the fall. That Spirit has never left the Earth but was masked by satan’s deception on man which made men operate out of guilt, pride, and disobedience. This is fear. All these are attributes that the Glory by the Spirit cannot operate in. With a few exceptions like the early prophets; all men operated in the sin condition of fear. Some prophets were able to reveal God’s Glory such as when Elisa asked God to open his servant spiritual eyes to see the army of Angels that surrounded Israel’s enemies on the hill top - 2 Kg. 6:17. Jesus was able to do the same not only because of His obedience but also His conviction of who He is and whom He belongs to. Jesus accepted completely He was created in and for the purpose of God’s image which is the Glory of God.

What is the Glory of God? It can be as simple to be God’s representative wherever we are. In this time on Earth and in the future other planets. God states, “I choose you in Me before the foundations of the world” - Eph. 1:4. we are chosen “in Him”. If in Him, then in His Glory which is a part of His makeup; His being. And as Paul also states, “that He (God) may make known the riches of His Glory on the vessels of mercy, which He pre-prepared for Glory” - Rm. 9:23. Another way to say this is, “God wants to show us the many aspects of Himself because of His mercy, compassion for those called to Him”. God wants to reveal His Glory so that we are His Glory for His Glory. Everything prior to the world’s creation was and is an extension of God’s Glory. For His power for creativity and the eminence, honor and of His Glory. But this can only happen by our free will of obedience. God wants a Father’s relationship but He does this by sovereignty. And when we get this correct, then His powers of Glory is in our lives. We partake in His Glory when we work towards His Glory. As the saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all ships”. God shares the limelight as we recognize and acknowledge His power for Glory. Just like being satisfied by a good meal, we have to give credit to the chef.