When Jesus told the people to “render to Caesar, Caesar’s and to God, God’s” - Mk. 12:17. He was not talking about taxes but used the coin as the metaphor to reveal a Revelation to distinguish between Caesar which is representative of the world and the Spirit of God. Jesus’ perspective is never about worldly concerns but only God’s; His will for His Kingdom and specifically us, His image. Jesus tells us, “we will have trouble but to be not dismayed for He has overcome the world” - Jn. 16:33. As the Body of Christ, especially those who have yet to receive the full Revelation of Christ’s Earthly mission tend to only focus on the troubles of the world and not Christ; including that we also have overcome the world of all its trials and tribulations. When we render; we are supporting, endorsing and making something to become a reality. We have placed it before us as a condition of our existence. 

Where is the dividing line between what is “Caesar’s” and what is God’s? Too often in church circles, there are polarities of involvement. The Christian has to be not of the world but also be in it. He, that is the Body has to strike a balance for secularism and Christianism. We cannot be so exposed to the world’s draw as well as be so Heavenly minded with no Earthly good. It would seem the Christian is to be double-minded in all his ways.

The world obviously wants a complete separation from God and His Kingdom. God is “The Great I Am” - Ex. 3:14; all powerful and yet He did not clear the “minefield” for us who have been called before the foundations of the world - Eph. 1:4. What was God’s mindset for all these challenges; after all, is He not the supplier of all our needs wanting to fulfill our every desire, both physically and spiritually? Where is God for the answers and directions we cry out for especially in this age when it is becoming harder to distinguish what belongs to “Caesar” and what belongs to God? It is easy to say all will be revealed and become clear when Christ returns. But this does very little to provide the definite major purpose of Genesis and the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Some have stated that God purposefully wanted Adam to fail so that Salvation’s mission could start with his fall. This could not be farther from the Truth. For this would paint God as mischievous and sadistic in His sovereignty, whereas God is love and Righteousness. God knows the heart of men but this does not prioritize His will but that by free will, man must choose what is in right standing with God. The “Tree of knowledge of good and evil” is a metaphor for the rendering of the world things. Whereby man chose self-knowledge over God’s guidance which is essentially pride; Lucifer’s prime sin and man’s root of all evil. Adam was rendering acknowledgment of satan by recognizing his direction rather than rendering; making a priority of God’s warning for Righteousness. Since then man has been acknowledging satan’s influence as active or deceived participants.

Jesus was telling us is to distinguish what is of the world and what is of Heaven; to recognize the difference so that our “eyes will be enlightened” and not become entangled and fooled by the “coin” of the world, which is a facade or false representative of the true authority; not a man (Caesar) but YHWH. Is it not interesting, although having the ability for legions of Angels at His disposal; Jesus is telling us to recognize satan’s illegitimate usurping of God’s creation and to give him his due. This is because Jesus only supported God’s strategy for defeating satan and not His own. He displayed trust in God’s ways of the Kingdom even though God was operating His will within a worldly control system. Jesus’ example is to work within the system leaving God to orchestrate the final results as demonstrated when Jesus told Peter to pay the tax by releasing his concerns to God’s Blessing as in fishing (casting your cares using Faith) and receiving the coins (the physical worldly need) for paying the tax from the fish caught saying, “But so that we may not offend them, go to the sea, cast a hook, and take the first fish you catch. When you open its mouth, you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for you and Me” - Matt. 17:27. Jesus’ Revelation here is that God has placed us in the world but not to be of it with our body, mind, and spirit. Notice, Jesus preempted Peter regarding paying the tax - Matt. 17:25. This was not because there was no money to pay the tax from their coffers for which Judas was collecting and maintaining. Jesus uses the opportunity to demonstrate “rendering to the world and to God as appropriate”; which opens up the Blessing to work for us. Also stating, “There is no authority except that which is from God” - Rm. 13:1. Part of God’s strategy is to fulfill His will within the world’s system as only He can.

The Christian is not to be fooled or con into this “shadow government” but we must begin to understand and appreciate God’s strategic actions despite having His Throne challenged; the loss of the Garden and the advent of the Messiah’s appearance. As the saying goes, “do not judge (evaluate) unless you have walked in their shoes”. For without intimate knowledge, we can only speculate as to the why of things. Consider the major events that have brought us here and to this age. 

1) God knows the past, present, and future. So there is nothing that would surprise Him. This allows Him to prepare and order for what is about to happen. Remember, a Heavenly day is like a thousand years for us. God declares and things happen; namely the Universe including the planets.

2) God says, “He knows us before the foundations of the Earth” which would also indicate the Angels knew of us in this time frame. Just like the staff of any leadership, they are given a broad overview of things to come. This generates iniquity in Lucifer that results in him being cast out of Heaven. Lucifer, once the epitome of an Angelic Spirit becomes debased into his own pride and is described as a “little man”. As a fallen spirit, no longer able to reside in Heaven, ends up on Earth; a void of darkness.

3) God chooses creation on Earth establishing a foothold in Eden and places His image at the influence of His arch enemy; satan. God in some religious circles plants the “Tree of knowledge” as a temptation for His image and for satan to use to deceive them.

Many believe, especially from religious circles that Christ only came to save us from sin and to restore our divine relationship between our Heavenly Father and a long lost and disobedient prodigal world. Whereas these are obvious Truths, there is much more to God’s seemingly chaotic, randomized actions and plans. As the cliche states, “The beginning is always a good place to start” but for God and anyone into leadership; we must start at the end of things. There are many Biblical verses that still evades scholars as to their meanings and intentions. In Revelation after the New Jerusalem is established here on Earth; there are remnants of those outside God promises stating, “But outside are the dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie” - Rev. 22:15. You would think at the end of this journey that the Bible would end with a storybook line like, “And they lived happily ever after”. The Bible ends with a question mark as to who are these people outside the New Jerusalem when we would expect all remnants of the anti-christ rebellion to be completely vanquished so that only peace and good will to all men will be the status quo. The real point to this and throughout the Bible is God can never be “pigeon holed” by man’s and any Spiritual constructs. God plans are as fluid, flexible and pro-active as He is to the point we have to conclude that He and His plans are indivisible. So how can the Christian having been raised above sin and death not comprehend all that God is doing and what has this to do with “Caesar” and God’s things respectively? 

The end of the good book leaves us on the cusp of a new beginning where God is with those inside the New Jerusalem. A new society of Righteous people waiting for God to unfold His next set of thoughts for His Kingdom but included in this new vision is the old one from the beginning of the good book. God is foremost adamant in His will but like all successful leaders who are visionaries; they seek not a set of compliant followers but a set that willingly carry the load towards His vision. God wants partakers. Not just the odd, special and appointed person, but everyone that complete a Body for the future. The quest for partakers did not appear because Paul made the term popular among the church and it did not start with the first man. God is inclusive and only ask a surrender of free will for all who will buy into His vision. Now we must not lump God into what most define a leader by the world’s standards. Someone who motivates and manipulates their followers into becoming an extension of themselves and to always at the front of the line. Nor must we categorize God as a heavy-handed leader willing to just push aside those followers that can’t grasp, appreciate and see the benefits of His vision. God as any true leader displays three main characteristics including tolerance by His mercy and compassion; open communication by prayer and a willingness for your viewpoint by reasoning with Him - Is. 1:18. His tolerance is displayed by constantly trying to work with His creation; with prayer at any time for directions, clarity and problem solving; and He keeps His door open 24/7 for anything that we want to hash out with Him and is willing to consider our perspectives that may influence His decisions just as He did with Abraham regarding Sodom and Gomorra - Gen. 18:16-33.

This rest is history. These three major events have more questions than clarity; such as: 

a) When Lucifer rebelled, why didn’t God swiftly enforce His Kingdom by imprisoning all the disobedient angels?

b) Why did God, who is precise in His actions place or allow satan to inhabit the Earth where God was to create His image?

c) Why did God place the tree of knowledge and expose His image, allowing satan to deceive them.

God is a leader and develops His plans based on the major definite purpose He wants. What is His end goal? This end goal is to the problem that manifested itself at the beginning of this entire roller coaster; rebellion and disobedience. Now, if you think it is not our place to ask God what and why He did what He did to bring about Salvation to the world; this would be a religious notion for throughout the Old Testament, there is constant dialogue between God and many of His chosen people. The book of Job demonstrates just how much His overseeing and amenable disposition is with those who see Him as their source. A source of not only needs and wants but more so of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding often revealing God’s thinking and everlasting love of His Word, Kingdom, and image. God is the master chess player; a genius at strategy and holistic in His approach that benefits His character, Kingdom and all those who are obedient to Him. As a leader, God is always looking for opportunities to empower by uplifting with the method of teaching personal responsibility. For until His subjects are able to stand on their own on His immovable principles for peace, prosperity, security and life; they will fall for anything. God’s desire has always been for sons and daughters; heirs to His Kingdom. This is impossible with Angels and their creation was a prelude to His image; the Body of Christ. 

God’s acceptance for these heirs is the world stage for it could not occur in Heaven’s Throne, the foundation of His Righteousness could not be subjected to the turmoil of choice. God is not a dictator but wants to be chosen and honored because of His first gift to all; that is free will. As parents, we are disdained when our children give us lip service and don’t apply corresponding actions to their word. Invariably, we want to correct our child not for our pride but for their sake and futures; often implementing scenarios that require them to take personal responsibility for good or bad outcomes. God is no different in this regard. This is the parable and reality of “Rendering to Caesar and to God”. For the more, we render (recognize) Caesar, the world; is the more we separate from God in choosing death and not life.

God like every leader knows when it comes to ambitious visions it's best to reveal it in stages. What is clear, Heaven is a form of society and man’s creation is also another. Yet, for all of God’s sovereign qualities, He chose not to restrain both societies to have the ability for reformation. The pinnacle of this reformation for both societies is the reality of the Spiritual flesh that now defines Jesus as the God-man seated at the right-hand of the Father. Why allow this change to what should have been a Heavenly utopia of the Father; the Word; the Spirit and His Angels? God is only demonstrating that a true leader is never satisfied with their accomplishments and status quo. If God is not progressing then it’s as if He has become stunted and stagnated, just as we would be. For as stated, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him” - 1 Cor. 2:9. God constantly moves the goal post for His will and our benefit and is long suffering for His eternal plans, constantly revealing and demonstrating His major definite purpose of “And I will be your Father, and you will be my sons and daughters” - 2 Cor. 6:18. We can never define this relationship from our perspective for as stated, “My thoughts are higher than man’s” - Is. 55:9. We can never “box” God into our limited understanding of life, death, Heaven and the Universe. When God says “I Am” as told to Moses, it is not only referring to a singular superior unshakable entity. It is really referring to a plural of the very being of God. All creation known and unknown; seen and unseen is synonymous with “The Great I Am” for everything that has matter whether physically or Spiritually is of God. The real question is, “What is God”? For He is! God transcend time, Spirit and matter addressing His cause as required like water that is either fluid, vapor or ice; becoming flexible to adjust to challenges; overshadowing man’s ambitions and becoming formidable as an immovable force. It is just too difficult, complex and impossible to break down God into neat little statements. God has appeared as a physical man - Gen. 18:1; a burning bush - Ex. 3:3-4, in Spirit - Ex. 33:18 and in the Word - Jn. 14:9. God is a “substance” yet to be defined but exists right in front of us by our senses and spirit. We can only describe God with astonishment, amazement, and awe.

​How then can such an entity choose not to control His Kingdom both in Heaven and here on Earth? God like true leaders, is foremost a creator and does not revel in destruction, wanting to build up rather than tear down. This includes physical structures but especially the things closest to the core (heart) of His person; His will for His Kingdom and specifically us, His image. God’s seemly weak governance is His strongest asset and is keeping in with His long-term vision of removing any dissension from His Kingdom that opposes His vision and having a people who have no reservations about His utopia of free will Righteousness. This is no different than a world leader shuffling His cabinet to ease the progress of their plans. God is in total control of every facet of His sovereignty and is not liberal to leave His vision to any special interest. The vision is His and so is all the Heavenly and Worldly resources under His direction and control. Any true leader knows this is necessary if they are determined to accomplish their goals.

As this age climaxes, the question of paying tribute by acknowledgment and appeasement to the world as opposed to God is very critical as stated, “what has light (good) to do with darkness ( evil)” - 2 Cor. 6:14. For the lines of distinction is becoming more blurred and disappointment mounts to see many churches give more credit to the world on issues such as sexuality and defining God and His Righteousness by their flesh. Has it been noticed that the world; satan, is bolder today than in previous generations. Would this have to do and be as simple because man is rendering more recognition to satan and the world? Yet, despite sidelining God; Salvation’s mission continues and succeeds towards His end goal for a New Jerusalem filled with and govern by Righteous people who learned personal responsibility by being doers and not just hearers including following Jesus’ example for the body, mind, and spirit. Those outside this New Jerusalem is most likely another metaphor or marker of God’s determined will to have a people set aside for His Kingdom promises just like the many metaphors of the Passover and as stated, “You are to be Holy to Me, for I the LORD am Holy; and I have set you apart from the peoples to be mine” - Lev. 20:26. 

Rendering to “Caesar” or God is about worshipping and submitting oneself to a throne. With the throne of “Caesar” that is satan’s; it is under duress, fear and the pain of death. With God’s; it's under free will, love and the joy of life. Both these thrones operate under principalities and powers. The world’s by killing, stealing and destroying and God’s by the fruit and gifts of the Spirit. By rendering; you are choosing to pay homage to an authority that you recognize to have dominion over you. No longer should anyone who is under the Blood be subjected to coercion by the world or any device of satan for as stated, “we are aware of satan’s device” - 2 Cor. 2:11. The Blood is not only about Salvation but also equally important; authority and responsibility. This is what satan took from Adam and what Rome overshadowed the Jews with, as did every other worldly oppressor did throughout the Old Testament and is what the current world system is doing. The Blood on its own did not restore this divine authority but along with the Faithful obedience by Jesus was God’s given authority over the world enforced. God’s authority over the world is for all those in the Body of Christ because they render, recognize and acknowledge Him and do not compromise, weaken or dilute what is His; with God’s declarations and system to override the world’s. We give to the world what is theirs because God uses it for His will and will eventually have no need or use for it and because we are in but not of the world. 

Flush it Out! - Find the Kingdom before becoming lost to the world. 

Spiritual Awakening

The first thing about the New Jerusalem is that God is our leader and will not be unavailable but He will be hands on with His people. He will not be declaring and shouting commands but will be advising, clarifying and even debating His will and vision. He demonstrated this with Adam and although not clear probably did the same with His Heavenly host of Angel's. God is transparent and is not insecure with His agenda. The Bible doesn’t start with God but with humanity as the highlight of creation but we have to conclude prior to “light be” there was an organized Kingdom of the Spirit kind. In this Kingdom, we know Lucifer; a leading angel had enough boldness and for that matter, dissension to challenge God’s authority. We also must recognize the Angels are given free will just as us as demonstrated with a third rebelling and the angelic watchers “desiring women on the Earth” - Gen. 6:2. With the few Biblical verses regarding man and Angels such as “He knew us before the foundations of the Earth” - Rm. 8:29 and “what is a man that you are mindful of him” - Ps. 8:4; are indicators that prior to Genesis the concept of a man was a heated topic in Heaven even prior to Lucifer’s fall. God did not just wake up one day and proclaimed creation as we know it.

May 3, 2017.

Render to Caesar and to God.