Jesus makes the statement, “Are you not aware that I can call on My Father, and He will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?” - Matt. 26:53. This is before the crucifixion and is reflective of how Angels got involved in the Old Testament and how Jesus performed His miracles. Angels became involved prior to the cross through God but now with our complete redemption, we have direct access to the Angels, where Jesus predicts and qualify by this saying, “Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in My name” - Jn. 14:12. God has a perfect system for our Faith and His Kingdom. For Faith is, “the guarantee of things hoped for, yet not seen” - Heb. 11:1. Things used for this physical world manifesting from the Spiritual realm. This is the metaphor of an Angel; a Spiritual being able to manifest into the physical realm; bringing things into the world that exist in the Spiritual realm.

When Lucifer declared his rebellion against God; this started a war of opposition that has been playing out for thousands of years by our time, where Angels are transported from Heaven’s time into our reality to fight against him and his dominions, principalities, and powers. We are in an angelic war of Righteousness and unrighteousness where God’s image of Hope, Faith, and Love is set up to proclaim His sovereignty each and everytime these rebels directly and indirectly oppose it. This is why Paul states, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood; but spiritual wickedness in high (heavenly, supernatural) places” - Eph. 6:12. And why Jesus tells us, “whatever you bind (forbid, withhold) or loose (allow, declare); will be done in heaven” - Matt. 18:18. The heaven being referred here is not God’s Heaven but that heavenly seat of unrighteousness which is where spiritual wickedness exist. Literally; what Jesus is saying, is whatever has been stolen by satan; you have the power to loose (take) it from him by binding (restraining) him, as stated, “unless the strong man is bound, then you can plunder his house” - Matt. 12:29. This verse refers to anyone, good or evil because of the spirit and not of the flesh as stated by Jesus in a house divided. Often, God confuses (divides) the enemy for His will and so must we also; for by God’s methods are we within His Righteousness.

Angels once held a closer position to God but by His will is now subjected to God’s image of man. God has His own global agenda which is being duplicated by darkness and involves His Angels playing an intricate role alongside His other divine creation; man. In the garden, there is no mention of God’s Angels and only satan in the form of a serpent is factored into the first man’s demise. For in that instance of temptation, man should have employed his authority over the prime fallen angel. This would have set God’s will for how His Kingdom would function and by Jesus’ Blood has been corrected. Angels are to respond to the Righteous man or woman of God. Some in the Old Testament enjoyed Angels coming to their aid but because of the fall still had to maintain God as their conduit for Angelic help. When Israel was surrounded by their enemies and Elisha's servant exclaimed how dire the situation seems to be. Elisha promptly responds by saying, “Do not fear for those who are with us are more than those who are with them” - 2 Kg. 6:17. Once his (spiritual) eyes were opened, the hills were filled with horses and chariots of fire. These Angels engaged the enemy with Elisha’s prayer to God who appropriated his request. Later on, it is recorded, “That night the Angel of the Lord killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers” - 2 Kg. 19:35. The Bible paints vivid pictures across the ages of God’s Angels defeating His people’s enemies by not only killing but in some cases slaughtering them. This should leave no doubt to the Christian that God has no reservation to destroy His people’s enemies for their safety, security, and peace.

Jesus did several miracles before going to the cross and establishing the power of His Blood and His name granted above every other name by God. He did it as a man, Anointed and Righteous before God. Although there is no mention of Angels being engaged in producing these miracles; we must come to this conclusion based on previous examples from the Old Testament and the different roles between Angels and the Holy Spirit. Jesus clearly states, “I must go, so that the Helper (Advocate) can come” - Jn. 16:7. The Holy Spirit is our counselor for our body, mind, and spirit and is within the context of the Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit. These are more an indication of the qualities of God available to the Body of Christ. Available for prophesying, knowledge, and prayer. For “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know how we ought to pray, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groans too deep for words” - Rm. 8:26. This is the prime role of the Holy Spirit.

We will only see supernatural miracles in our lives once we begin the process of perfecting our Faith to declare God’s authority given to us. This Faith authority does not move His Holy Spirit but His Angels. It is the Holy Spirit that encourages and directs us to declare what we desire to the Angels of God. The ultimate desires of every Christian should be the will of God. Sorry to tell the religious minded but that will is “peace and prosperity” in all its possible manifestations. Now, the age we are in is the final offensive as prophecies are being fulfilled around the world. So never in the Christian’s history is it essential to have the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of Faith to utilize the Angels assigned to you. He, satan will not be attacking the lost but those who are Christians exercising their God given abilities. “Seeking those to devour” - 1 Pet. 5:8. To put it in perspective; a Christian who is immature has no threat to satan, but only those who are truly impacting the “Great Commission”; not with their lack, but with their Faith that provides not only needs but wants. What makes a mature Christian? They become more like Jesus in their body, mind, and spirit.

Jesus used His Angels constantly! Consider these examples and see God’s Angels act on Jesus’ behalf.

John 2:1-11; Jesus produces wine for the wedding party from jars of water. These were not like a table pitcher used for lemonade but each jar contained at least 30 gallons each for a total of 180 gallons. That’s a lot of wine. Jesus gives instructions to fill the jars and then tell the servants to share with the wedding party. That’s it! He did not pray, or do anything that most Christians do to receive from God.

Luke 8:22-23; The disciples and a sleeping Jesus encounter a storm at sea. Jesus is awaken and rebukes the wind and raging waters. He basically told the storm to stop acting up by admonishing it. The only thing He did was to stand up in the rocking boat. The disciples were probably cowered in the boat and asked each other who is Jesus as He commands the winds and water.

Matt. 14:17-19; Jesus multiplies five loaves and two fishes to feed five thousand followers. The only thing Jesus did was to Bless it and then have the disciples distribute it. He did not hesitate or through a long intercession for God’s input. He never skipped a beat.

By examining Jesus’ life in the book of Matthew there is a careful designed divine plan where as an Anointed man He dominates both the flesh and spirit and utilizes every available force from Heaven including Angels. This is our rights as a believer of Him, God, and the Kingdom. Why did He not just tell us how we should use this power at the start of His ministry? God and Jesus with the Holy Spirit and the Angels of Heaven are primarily about action and demonstration, so that once the “proof is in the pudding” no one can deny His Words of power, which presents God’s first gift of free will of choice to use this power for the Kingdom; our Blessing and for others and ultimately the defeat (put down) of every evil that manifests in the flesh and physical world from the spiritual places.

The Bible only highlights certain Angels especially the Archangels such as Michael and Gabriel, mentioning them by name. This indicates there is a personal aspect to God’s Angels rather than a body of cyborgs waiting for a collective directive from God. It also indicates that Angels seem to have certain sensibilities as experienced by men and women of the Bible. The Archangel Gabriel expresses to Daniel empathy for being delayed in visiting him saying, “do not be afraid, but the prince of Persia delayed me” - Dan. 10:12. In fact, Daniel’s interaction with the Archangel is also physical as if he was speaking to someone of the flesh. The Archangels fill different roles such as leading a charge against fallen angels as with Michael who sustained the “prince of Persia” allowing Gabriel to reach Daniel. They are also divine messengers as with Gabriel who delivered the “Annunciation” to Mary. Depending on the source, several other Angels are mentioned filling different roles. It is concluded that there are at least 9 classes of Angels, including Seraphims, Cherubims, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels. They are numerous and will be at the final judgment of not only the fallen angels but also for man.

God’s Angels are depicted in different forms from Spiritual to physical beings where tradition depicts them with feathered wings, often with white robes and of the caucasian persuasion. It is more likely depending on who they are appearing to; their appearance will be similar to those who are visited. In a few cases, their appearance is explicit to signify for divinity and impact such as the Angel at Jesus’ open tomb. With Abraham and Lot, the Angels appearance are not described but it would be reasonable to see them with similar attire and features of people during that period. What is more critical is that we recognize the Angels that visit us. For it is stated, “by entertaining strangers we often entertain Angels” - Heb. 13:2. Angels have abilities that interact with this world as well as the Spiritual but they are prohibited from acting on their own cognizance. This seems to contradict God’s gift of free will to all His creatures but just as us, God wants His Angels to choose Him over satan and selfish ways. For by this obedience, God’s Kingdom operates supernaturally bringing to bear every Spiritual law that He is the administrator of.

Spiritual Awakening

They are essential to God’s Kingdom and to our Salvation, having played different roles as required establishing God’s purposes and plans for the final demise of satan. The Angels of Heaven are our Angels as protectors, messengers, and fighters against satan and his legions; the third of Heaven’s angels that fell with him, now evil spirits and demons of darkness. Angels have been with God since the beginning and have been intricate in His declarations for His will. God has established classes of Angels that were designed to work for us. We need them almost as much as we need the gift of Salvation; for without them, many of us would never yearn to be saved by the Blood of Jesus.

Angels are divine creations that transition from Spirits of light to physical Spirits that interact with our world, often at a personal level. It is said that every living person has an Angel assigned to them, but in reality, we have several available to us based on our Faith with the spoken Word. Often, and not given the credit, we tend to ignore their part in our daily lives especially when we experience a miracle that is not directly related to the gifts of the Spirit. These miracles are not necessary a major incident but are those so-called coincidences that we pay little or no attention to. Sometimes, we may face a physical challenge like having to stand up to another person who is twice the size and weight of you and without any logical reason that individual backs down. What really happened in the spirit world is that your Angel(s) stood ground against the evil spirit of the bully who threatens you. Sometimes these incidents have a deja-vu quality to them and we are unsure as to the sequence of events.

As a child and through my life many incidences seemed to have been “luck” but with the Word, I know they were my Angel(s) protecting me from harm and even fatality. Two such examples come to mind which could have resulted in my death. Around age twelve, the school I attended had a day trip into the hills of the country where we played in an area surrounded by boulders that inclined several feet upwards. Of course, being boys we could not resist but to climb these boulders higher and faster than the next guy. Before you knew it, we were at the highest point that overlooked where our buses and teachers were. Trying to get their attention I stood at the edge of a boulder and lost my balance and fell off landing some sixty feet below on another boulder. I don’t know how it happened but I landed on my left arm and in amazement suffered only a broken arm. No other injuries were sustained and only spent overnight in the hospital.

When good things happen; God’s Angels have moved and when bad things happen; spiritual wickedness have moved. We must use God’s Angels or lose them to apathy with our most effective weapon; our Words expressed with God’s will and perspective in prayer, declarations, and conversations. For all manner of Spirits are listening to enforce them and as it says, “For by your words will you be accquited and also condemned” - Matt. 12:36.

Flush it Out! - There is always a reaction to every action.

Another similar incident happened as a professional inspecting a building under construction. In this case, I went through a window opening without a safety helmet and hit the top of my head on the concrete beam; standing on the scaffolding; was immediately disoriented but somehow managed to find and lean up against the window’s jamb and not fall over the edge of the guardless scaffolding to reinforcement steel bars on the level below, which were pointed upwards and would impale myself. In both incidences, there are gaps in the sequence of events that I cannot recall. Falling off the boulder, I don’t know how my body twisted so I would land perfectly on my left arm and with the concrete beam; I don’t know how I was able to find the window’s jamb as it was a large opening. It is by Faith I know that Angel(s) guided my body in both cases. Many other testimonies by people indicate Angels are constantly appearing, guiding and interacting providing safety, provisions, and Revelations for not only the Body of Christ but also for those outside; supporting God’s will and His sovereignty stating, “He provides the sun and rain for the unrighteous and Righteous” - Matt. 5:45.

Angels fill a variety of roles that are not necessarily plain and often their input is substituted for with the Holy Spirit. Philip was told by God’s Angel to travel to Jerusalem to meet the Ethiopian eunuch, which the (Holy) Spirit directed him to a particular chariot and then, later on, he was transported to Azotus (Ashdod) by the “Spirit”. Here it is both the Holy Spirit and the Angelic Spirit guiding and transporting Philip, respectively. The Holy Spirit is not an Angelic Spirit but work together for God’s will and His people. The main distinction is the ability of manifestations, which Angels are able to do; including taking procession of the flesh. God’s Angels are obedient not to process a man’s spirit; unlike fallen angels who are demonic in their processions. This is a marked device of satan and Christian’s should not be confused or taken in when “someone” in the church proclaims an angel of God is using them and speaking through them. In the New Age philosophy, they would be referred to as “angelic humans”; a “spiritual mutant” between a man and an Angel. The keyword used for this abomination is the evolution of a man’s spirit. God will not violate His first gift to all His Spiritual creations and that is free will. This is why any form of slavery; spiritual, mental or religious deity laws are against God’s will. God also gave us His Spirit and not version 1.0 with regular updates with different versions. We are created in His perfect image, but as yet to embrace and apply all our gifts especially that of Spiritual prowess.

To put things in context; the man was created for dominion of all things except each other. He relinquished this authority to a fallen angel on an Earthly plain. This not only affected his spirit but also his body and mind. Jesus took back this authority with His Blood and name. Through the Old Testament, there are glimpses of this authority but it requires God’s direct input. In the New Testament and onwards until this age is complete; the saved Righteous Christian is able to operate “without God’s” direct input. Now, do we do away with God? Absolutely not! But God Himself has stated, “I will be their Father and them my sons and daughters” - 2 Cor. 6:18; and as Paul states, “co-heirs with Christ” - Rm. 8:17. Jesus today is not only the Word and flesh at the Father’s right-hand and the first of many who will reign with Him for God’s Kingdoms. Jesus is the embodiment of God for which by His Blood and God’s Grace has made us, “to sit in Heavenly places in Christ” - Eph. 2:6; and also, “we will judge angels” - 1 Cor. 6:3. God’s final plans will come full circle as was the intent with the first man. To do God’s will including commanding His Angels to kick satan’s and his fallen angel's butt. Unfortunately, as Paul states, “that the heir, as long as he is a child is no different than a slave” - Gal. 4:1. If the Christian does not mature, they will never have all that God has made available to them.

God is foremost just and “is a respecter of no man” - Acts 10:34. Salvation is the gift but the benefits of being an heir have to be earned. How often do we hear or read about the child of a wealthy or influential person lose it all or disgraces their family name. It is because they have not matured into the responsibilities that come from such nobility. The Christian is no different and with eternity of themselves and others at stake; God isn’t quick to release it all to them. One of the best things about God is His long-suffering with us to mature for His Kingdom and just in His rewards.

Mar. 25, 2017.

Use or Lose Them.