1) Set a time and keep it. God wants this time to be special but also to be taken seriously. He is a God of order and we should be disciplined enough to respect and recognize this. He is not unreasonable to the time you set as long as you are Faithful to it, and so will He be. We are coming into His Throne Room and should not come unannounced or unexpected. Now to be clear God is available to us along as we make ourselves ready to come into His presence, but a set time builds anticipation and disciplines us to come into His presence with expectations.

2) Life happens, but it’s best to not bring the troubles of the world into His presence. Our actions, attitude, and disposition are one of knowing and expecting God to be above anything the world can throw at us. God is not insensitive but He is not our punching bag to relieve our stress on. The Exodus Jews paid a fatal price for laying all their “bricks” on God rather than exalting Him as their Salvation.

There is only one attitude or attribute that must be displayed whenever we seek His presence and that is trust. Without this, we tear down the very foundation of our relationship with God and should not be surprised despite all our efforts for His presence, it avails only nothingness. God knows your heart, fears, and anxieties but has commanded that these are to be put under our feet to open the way for Faith, Hope, and Love. All required to make, recognize and guarantee He is our only source. Without Faith there is no expectation; without Hope, no perseverance or patience and without Love, no surrendering of our mind and spirit. We come into His presence because we love Him and not the things He can do for us. To come into God’s presence, we must do it out of Love for Him, His Word and His Kingdom. We must not disrespect His Throne Room purposely but come into it knowing His Grace avails us His Righteous view of us with His Love, promises, and Word. For He is not alone when we seek His presence.

These considerations are certainly not the end all to anyone of the Faith to come into God’s presence and each Christian need to take the time and effort to personalize coming into His presence. It is a must for all of the body. For it is the foundation to a meaningful relationship with God. As we become disciplined, comfortable and committed to sowing a portion of our time to God for His presence, we will reap not only a satisfying fulfillment of Him but also with this personal relationship comes secular benefits. This is because from spending quality and not quantity time with God, we are more in tuned to His voice through the Holy Spirit, who by mandate provides counsel for us in this world guiding us, where we can receive the Blessing, in all the ways decreed and incorporated in peace and prosperity. To be in His presence only brings us closer to God, our Father for a relationship that reveals more deeper who God is and the destinies set for us before the foundations of the Earth. For God says, "I long to be Gracious to you, so wait (in His presence) on Him - Is. 30:18.

Flush it Out! - I will be a Father and them, my children.

God already knows what concerns we have but knows sharing is a part of developing a meaning relationship with each and everyone of His children. God implements the second goal of a good relationship; to have empathy for those who seek comfort, clarity, and considerations for what they are going through. He is well endowed for listening as long as we want to keep talking and expressing ourselves. This is a part of releasing our inhibitions so that we can build our relationship with God into a deeply meaningful experience. Often when words cannot be expressed, the spirit will utter groans and even a Spiritual language will be used to give voice to our inner concerns - Rm. 8:26. In His presence; we need to endeavor to leave out the carnal man and promote the spirit man, where we present ourselves to God on the higher Spiritual level. This is the foundation for Revelations. This is the main reason for coming into God’s presence; for in seeking His Throne Room do we learn to truly hear His voice; sense His presence and most critical to our Christian walk, receive directions and Revelations. We come boldly but not with a boastful, arrogant attitude; confident but not presumptuous; at peace and never fearful. We must prepare, set the ambiance and be attentive for His presence.

Spiritual Awakening

We don’t offload our concerns to God because it contradicts what He has ordained us to be. We are a divine spirit residing in a fleshy husk and Jesus gave back to us all rights, privilege, and nobility that was lost and for which satan seeks to deprive us of. We only come into His presence for three main reasons. To honor Him, with praise, worship, and thanksgiving; to receive wisdom, knowledge, and understanding on anything of concern to us and to revere Him as Abba and Sovereign. We don’t come into His presence with fear for needs and wants. This is the least reason for coming into His presence because it questions His Word and promises of meeting all our needs - Phil. 4:19. and granting our desires - Ps. 37:4. We can “remind” Him of our needs and desires, but never with a wrong attitude and heart. We don’t use fear or guilt to get God to move. God has allowed us the privilege not only for His Throne but for us to begin to fathom His very nature, actions and plans for us saying, "let us reason" - Is. 1:18. Which other god or deity gives such openness to their subjects. God allows this because He wants us to be sons and daughters and He, our Father.

When we come into God’s presence; Jesus is also there to welcome us and to represent us. Jesus has been constantly at God’s right hand since His resurrection and waiting for the Faithful to seek God’s input into their lives. When on Earth and during His ministry; Jesus sought God’s input constantly, especially in the morning. He came into God’s presence for the very same opportunity that we have been given. This is part of the Christian walk, standing on the Word, being made Righteous and sealed with the Blood. Everything God did for Jesus, He is ready to do for us. On a personal note, whenever I read the gospels and Jesus’ ministry; it helps to place oneself as a bystander listening, hearing and seeing all that God through Jesus did and accomplish. To be immersed in His ministry. This is what we need to work on. To be immersed in His presence and do as Jesus states, “to abide in God” - Jn. 15:4. Jesus is not sitting around waiting for the Father to give the command to retrieve the bride from the darkness that is coming on the Earth. Jesus is our advocate to all that we present to God, as long as it is within the will of God. We can’t come into His presence sinning and expect Jesus to urge God to help us to sin. Unlike the world’s “blinded justice”; Jesus has His eyes fully opened; first to the will of the Father and secondly; our will. As mentioned, we have to surrender to God and His will in His presence. This is because we have no ground to negotiate with God and His will for us. By obedience, God is pleased and when this ideal relationship exists, then God is moved to fulfill His promises for peace and prosperity in small, large and unexpected ways that ultimately brings us deep joy and in turn give Him the Glory He deserves.

Jesus taught us to pray, meditate and spend time with God. So He knows why it is important for us to spend time one on one with God. He can relate to our uttering's, especially when it comes from deep within our spirit and heart. He gave us this foundation when He in the Gethsemane Gardens went into deep prayer to the point, “His sweat became Blood” - Lk. 22:44. Yet, even as the Son, surrendered saying, “your will, not mine” - Lk. 22:42. The religious minded may make this a painful and excruciating experience, but the result for Jesus’ obedience is God’s Faithfulness to never take for granted what we give up to receive the greater things He has for us now and to come; saying, “the things laid up for the faithful” - 1 Cor. 2:9. Jesus advocates on our behalf as our Savior, teacher and ultimately priest. As our Savior, He advocates for our prayers for the promises of Salvation. As a teacher, He enforces the Word that we stand on our behalf. As a priest, He is the perpetual sacrifice that appeases God. It is why in God’s presence we put things in perspective of the Word and in Jesus’ name.

To receive the full benefit of spending time in God’s presence requires that we don’t take it for granted. This means we must plan for it, treat it as we would any critical essential appointment and come to share who we are and share in who God is. Some considerations to come into His presence.

Every member of the body is unique in some way, shape or form. So to duplicate someone’s method of coming into His presence is both uneventful and boring and disappointing to God. Now, to be clear if someone’s method works for you, then, by all means, use it. The point is that every single human on this planet although resembling its kind has something that is unique to the individual not only physically but also in the mind and spirit. God is a creative being that created a single mold that produces perpetual differences in each offspring. So when we imitate Him by creativity, it is one of the greatest gesture and acclamation we can give Him. The method we adopt or use must be done with sincerity, innocence, and precision.

In His presence is never about randomness or slap-dashed, but orchestrated with purpose. We must be careful not to step into His Throne Room without sincerity and not to do it out of guilt. The heart, body, mind and spirit must all be settled, focused and in tuned for His presence. To be innocent is not about naivety or childishness, but rather childlikeness and Righteousness before Him. There must be no hidden motives or agendas. The use of precision is not so much about following preset steps and doing a task list but is about knowing, presenting and discussing the reasons for coming into His presence in the first place. We have been made Righteous in Christ Jesus and should not only act accordingly but know the Word. God will not waste His time to be your psychiatrist so that you can use this precious time to figure out who you are and focus on any so called short comings. God says, “For we are wonderfully made”, and it is how we should see and accept ourselves - Ps. 139:14.

The Father desires a personal relationship with each and everyone of His image. A concept and feat that boggles the mind as most of us can barely maintain a constant amicable relationship with just one person much less several. Yet, this personal relation is unique in its entire context. There will be common ground but your considerations make that one on one time, special, private and fulfilling. Euphoria can be attained with time, effort and as inhibitions are released. We cannot use this type of personal time for complaining, for this sours our Kingdom relationship just like any carnal one. Personal relationships are to be used for building upon already laid foundations of love, respect, and understandings. It should never be abused for any reason because it requires trust at every level which has to be earned and maintained. The taking for granted of this prime principle will only hinder the result and how deep the personal relationship will go. In simple terms; personal relationships can be seen as an onion that requires peeling away of outer layers before achieving the core and the Revelation of it.

We must realize God although the highest Spirit has brought His person down to ours so that He can build us up into His. He is applying the first goal of any good relationship and that is to remove any obvious barrier that the seed of relationships require to have the advantage to grow and thrive. This is Grace and should never be abused. If we abuse this Grace and go into His Throne Room with disrespect, why would it surprise you that anything after that becomes nothing more than a waste of time, meaningless words, and breath. In His presence should be treated with reverence, humility, and patience. Reverence, because He has opened up His very nature for sharing. Humility for He is the creator, ordains and completes. This is not about groveling or not accepting the Grace of our birthright but having a deep respect for His very person and character. We need patience and can never rush whenever we are in a personal time for His presence, for often we feel pressured to make the time effective by our efforts, but the true value we will receive from being in His presence is that “still small voice” - 1 Kg. 19:12;  that inner voice in our heart. In reality, we bring nothing to the table that grabs His attention or surprises Him.

So often we don’t take advantage of the Grace that gives us access to the Throne room of God as it is stated, “Come boldly into the Throne Room” - Heb. 4:16. We can have an audience with God not only as Sovereign but as our Father. A special dispensation for all who clamor for more than serving a higher authority for which God has given us an open door anytime we desire to. There are conditions of course to this. Because of wrong thinking and teachings, we miss the opportunity to develop what can only become a wonderful and meaningful experience when done with the right heart and composure. He is first a Father, then a Sovereign with an Almighty and Powerful hand for all those He loves and for those who love Him. Isn’t that what most of the Faithful desire; to have all the benefits of Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge supported by compassion that comes to our aid not only with mercy but also with force against those who would seek to hurt us, God, our Father is the defender of the weak, despaired and downtrodden, “For God fights for you” - Ex. 14:14.

5) Lastly, but not least in spending time in God’s presence is to “perfect” our peace to be able to hear God’s Spirit speaking to us. We must incorporate a time of silence for it is at this time God will reveal a scripture passage, or a direction and even leave us with a feeling of peace about things that is of concern to us.

February 2, 2017.

In His Presence.

3) We must not be flippant with the time we have set to come into His presence including the time prior to it. To part-take in the world and then come into His presence like switching cable channels is completely inappropriate for we must prepare the body, mind, and spirit with reverence. As an example, if we have on our mind the football game that was just watched, then our time with God will be hindered by secular thoughts and even imaginations.

4) Many Christians prepare by reading or meditating the Word prior to entering the Throne Room, often incorporating this as a part of their time in His presence. Appropriate music certainly helps and sets the tone for a meaningful experience with God. Caution must be exercised with music as they are words to a melody which imprints on the mind and spirit more easily than hearing the Word. We must exercise prudence as some Christian music actually retards the growth of the spirit. As an example, a song that contradicts the Victory that Jesus gave us with words like, “we are just sinners of the old rugged cross". Such words may give one the disposition of being unworthy to be in God’s presence as is reflective of Paul’s words, “even though an heir, will remain a slave because of wrongful thinking” - Gal. 4:1.