Yet in general, temperatures have been hotter after the ice age for longer periods, compared to today. Therefore man should have shed this thicker hair eons ago. In addition, outside of northern people on the European continent, most other cultures do not have the same thick body hair, even with the Eskimos who have lived in the Arctic as long as history records. What is obvious is that man has adapted to the climate where they lived for thousands of years, yet despite this, there is a general consistency across different cultures of different lands from their internal to external qualities. This is more a reflection of how marvelously the human body is created rather than evolutionary mechanics. The man is both consistent and inconsistent on every physical and mental capability, disproving any archaic notion of a lower and superior species, which again is another evolution theory that does not follow any rule for linear development.

The idea that man is nothing more than an organic matter placed on the earth by a far superior race of aliens has no real evidence other than the imagination of many who ironically look to the stars and universe for answers. Generally, these so called superior beings are considered the highest level of evolution which determined them to be smaller in a physical frame, with fewer fingers and toes; having a dull color and large heads, eyes with no need to speak, using telepathy to communicate. Many claim being abducted, experimented on and then returned with no apparent rhyme or reason for such incidents. One theory stating this superior race lost the ability to procreate and is using man to re-establish this function. If anything these abductions is a facade to the government testing of social experiments and plans, including the implanting of RFID chips. But consider this;

The evidence for evolution is clear and it does exist. We cannot deny that every form of life that struggles on this earth has some indication that there is evolution and through natural selection, only the adaptable creatures evolved to survive. We see this in how land and sea animals, including reptiles and plant life, have developed to have specialized, innate, offensive as well as defensive mechanisms internally and externally to their bodies to deal with the environments they live in. They can even be moved and adjust their qualities to similar settings of air, food, and water to survive and even reproduce. The life on this planet is generally adaptable for the most part and the Bible states, “after its kind” - Gen. 1:25, meaning it will propagate and which can include evolving into a similar form from an original pattern, usually to a higher state. The Bible doesn’t state duplicates or clones of its kind, but just that there will be a commonality from one generation to the next.

Also, if evolution is about a linear progress from one level to another, by its very algorithm there is a start to a finish. So if all life started with a single organism, then where did this organism or matter come from? Evolution by nature or scientific notion must have a genesis which is self-defeating because, for an evolution (higher state) logic, there must be devolution (lower state) logic. What does this all mean except that the world is searching for a rational reason to their existence. Yet, the story of creation has more physical evidence than any of these theories, with more archeological findings supporting the bible. The facts of history support Faith more than fiction and any notion that determines to make God non-existent. And yet, for all of the world's intellect they cannot come to the conclusion that by their strength they are unable to truly determine their future for peace, prosperity, and security. The Bible has provided history, vision, prophecy and warnings that whether one wants to admit it, we all have lived and experienced it with every generation that has preceded Genesis.

These inconsistencies still exist today where skeletons of the past and people today have varying heights, not in incremental differences but large gaps in measurements and extra toes and fingers. If evolution is about linear growth, then being taller, stronger and having more fingers and toes should be beneficial to humans. And if this is the case, then other aspects of determination should multiple, providing redundancies for the body, such as the number of arms, legs and even internal organs. These qualities that are seen randomly across the human race is more likely due to the DNA influence of the fallen angels in man as, "having twenty-four fingers and toes" - 1 Chron. 20:6. The man is the only creature that requires external clothing to aid his survival when compared to similar hominids. Some argue men had thicker body hair for lower temperatures, such as seen in apes and monkeys, starting in the ice age.

​​Oct. 19, 2016.


Evolution Debunked.

​The naysayers will argue this decision is purely non-scientific and is made up nonsense that has no connectivity or laws that support such a thesis. But it does, with Faith, being a substance that is immeasurable in quantity and quality, just the same as creation is. It is like space, we know it exists and what is seen, we call space, yet no one in the scientific world can truly quantify or determine its quality. It’s just space. Well; it's just Faith! The simplest definition of space is that it is a void of matter. It like saying, “you can hold air in your hands”; but as soon as you try to hold it, it escapes through the fingers. We just don’t know enough to be able to stand confidently. Even for the Christian, we have to admit that we have to go beyond Genesis to appreciate all the gaps in our knowledge of how we came to be. Most evolutionists start with the notion that everything started with the concept of the “big bang” theory. This is where through millennia substances in space, the void, caused an explosion resulting in matter forming the planets and life as we know it today. The chronological rules of logic, science and theories are not consistent to form a solid foundation for life as we know it. For as soon as it seems to be conclusive, then there are ad hocs that say otherwise. Anyone who has had to start and finish a project knows that they never run linear and one has to allow and be prepared to alter different directions with mitigations of quantities or qualities of force and effort. This is called measured control which requires creative thinking. With the big bang theory it relies on a linear control of equal effort, but with God, there is a creative effort with flexible control.

The world has promoted two main theories regarding man’s existence. The first is a lower organism evolved into a medium; then higher being as we are today. The other is a superior alien race who has placed us on the Earth waiting for us to evolve to a higher state before revealing themselves as our overseers and ultimately, our masters. Both have unsubstantiated evidence, yet many have bought into and accepted these tales with little or no credibility of the sources. With the evolution theory supposedly, we came from apes walking hunched and then miraculously upright. Of course, this is supported by circumstantial discoveries of other humanoids of similar skeleton structure and facial features. Now, it is not hard to see why such evidence is compelling and because it is physical and dated to be ancient, it is difficult to refute. What may be a reasonable indicator of why these similar skeletons exist is, "and the sons of God took women" - Gen. 6:2. This we can see when the seed of animals is mixed with humans or vice versa; a mutated creature is produced having characteristics of both human and animals. Consider that most traditional depiction of demons is expressed as both human and animal parts, could be the reason for these humanoid skeletons. The discovery of these skeletons has not proven to be consistent with a linear development; a fundamental that evolution requires.

1) As a superior race, with advanced technology for space travel, wouldn’t having big eyes indicate that the environment they lived in was with low or non-existent natural light, just like nocturnal animals as marsupials needing big eyes to see in low light conditions. An advanced society surely would be able to either make their environment reflect natural bright light or surgically improve their eyesight, even humans have achieved this. In addition, if telepathy is their prime tool, then there would be no need for eyes as they would be able to see with the mind or some other organ like bats with their sonar.
2) Many times when describing these aliens they are drawn with very skinny arms and legs, indicating because they have telepathic powers, these limbs naturally lost ability and muscles. If this is the case shouldn’t they be shorter and maybe have no fingers or toes; considering if with telepathy they can move large inanimate objects; they would have no problem moving their light weight bodies by hovering and control any tool requiring fingers.

​The man is a part of this evolution but is not involved in it! The Bible states, “In My Image” and to have “dominion over other life” - Gen. 1:26. In my image is not referring to physical but Spiritual DNA, as in when God breathe into man - Gen. 2:7. There is a distinct separation from the lower to the higher form of life, for God did not breathe into animals, fish or plants. The man does not need evolved adaptations of internal and external qualities to settle in different environments and is the only species that can dominate any environment He chooses to live work or play in; not from an evolved organ but by his thinking and creativity. Having strength alone for dominion is not the only precursor but also thought, planning and coordination; all of which is generally not limited to a sole person much less an entire race or culture. If anything, these qualities separate man from any other form of life. The man is the only creature that can choose to work in teams or not for living, either on the whim or based on the conditions of the partnership. Other life forms have only instinct based on their genetic makeup.

There is no real proof that man evolved from a single organism, even for similar life forms and we have achieved our current pinnacle over millions of centuries of growth and development. There is scientific data that support that man and certain other animals and mammals share similar DNA, but this in itself does not support any solid foundation of evolution from a single source. All creatures breathe air in some form and require a transportation system which is blood to feed the husk called a body. This husk for all life has similar constructs; like a body, mechanics and a central brain. You can argue the fact that all bodily life form go back to the dust because ultimately we consist of base chemicals that are manifested into different substances or forms. Having common base chemicals is not sufficient to say, man is nothing more than an evolved animal, broken off from a prime line of creatures due to some random event. When compared; animals and plant life evolved both internally and externally naturally; but man is unable to do this, as his basic make us has not changed at least over the last six thousand years, much less over so-called billions of years. This speaks to the separation of the lower carnal creatures to the higher spiritual man on earth. There are those who speculate and written a thesis after thesis to support their theories. But that just the synopsis; that with enough imagination any thesis can form a basis for the possibility of reality. The point is we just have not been able to concretely discover how life was formed and developed in so many different ways and species.

3) The most obvious inconsistency with having a superior alien race overseeing our progress and appearing, disappearing at will to tease our curiosity is that having evolved beyond emotions and sentimentality, they would not see the benefit of slowly showing themselves with clues, crop circles or abductions leaving partial truths or evidence of their existence. It is more likely that as a superior race with advanced technology, they would reveal themselves as a superior race being very logical, overwhelming the human race with their presence, technology, and thinking; not caring about the world’s super powers, world politics, and social stability. They would enslave or aid us and certainly stop us from destroying ourselves with GMO’s; weapons of mass destruction and preserve life to advance us to a higher thinking of humanity. They would do an intervention to protect their investment.
4) Last but not least, is that if an alien race exists because man is unable to determine, measure or rationalize our own existence; and coming from another galaxy by space travel; then it is not unreasonable to think that there must be other equally superior alien races that would also reveal themselves to us and be in competition with each other to take over the Earth and its resources.

The evidence of real aliens is at least fleeting, yet the reality of a UFO (unidentified flying object) is not far-fetched; as early as World War 2; Germany experimented with saucer shape vehicles for flight and war. This war’s history records most of the German intellects, scientist and engineers were “rescued” by the allies and used to develop our most current technology and social experiments that deals with renewable energy, extreme fast transportation, delivery systems, including time travel as well as programs for human evolutions, social control, and transhumanism. The idealism of self-determination, started by satan, with Adam’s naivety has continued and pushed by many supporting these ideologies, even though Biblical knowledge and prophecies continues to become a reality day by day. What is a better conclusion for aliens is that the Bible makes reference to Angelic manifestations, and images, which by insidious deceptions give rise to fear of UFO and aliens; and interesting, could explain the disappearance of millions at the rapture.

Spiritual Awakening

​For all the increase in information and knowledge, coupled with the advancement of technology; man has not really evolved and elevated into a higher being, but in fact has more reverted and de-evolved to a lower thinking being with irrational and animalistic actions. The human race is more lustful, selfish and violent overall as a so-called evolved intelligent being, yet the animals remain constant with no change. The Bible predicted these changes for better or worst thousands of years ago by different generations that had no physical connection.

Many look to frame our world with science and technology in a feeble attempt to ascend themselves into a god-like position of status. The very same thing that satan tried to do when God placed him outside of the Kingdom, condemned to darkness, the pit of hell and total alienation from God and His Glory. The Bible speaks of aliens as “outside”, where man seeks to include these ignorant theories as part of the reality of being human, looking to the universe for answers with rockets, satellites, and probes, yet the Bible speaks tremendously about the planets, stars, and constellations about man’s birth, longevity, and future, providing not only visions but proof of the reality of a creative force that orchestrates the entire universe as we know it for life on this planet, called earth. The world is willing to go to great lengths to promote any concept of man’s beginnings and destinies, other than what the Bible simply and clearly states. They spend billions of dollars to find answers in space, thinking this is higher thinking where on Earth exist many worthwhile causes that have more benefit to mankind right now at this time. If anything this again proves the irony of the evolution theory; that eventually, carnality's highest growth will eventually devolve into the lowest characteristic of man that is vain purposes, narcissism, and greed. It is as if satan failing to achieve his throne in the Kingdom of God; still attempts to do it through man, who being deceived reaches for the Heavens by space exploration. As Christians it matters not the details of creation as more the evidence of good and evil; for if the pattern of evolution is to hold, then as animals are instinctive to kill to survive, then should a man be. Yet, history records many who faced with saving themselves, chose to give their life so that others may live; an indication of a higher spirit or giving, grace and love. Sounds like a pattern from an example that man inherited from the ultimate sacrifice; Jesus Christ.

Flush it Out! - The Word of God is good today as it was 6000 years ago.

Now, as Christians, we have biased our belief in an eternal and creative God who created all life including that of man. We have the story of Genesis, meaning the beginning. This if anything is the only solid theory of life, that a benevolent God in His wisdom wanted a family and thus set out the firmaments and formed man out of the dust, breathing into his life as we know it. We can do this because it is supported not only by archaeological findings but also and more importantly with Faith. By Faith, we are able to give Genesis the life of Truth and with Faith, we are able to give the perspective that supports our vision of Salvation. Human life is both predictable as well as unpredictable, so much so that every scientific study of humans always have that percentage that don’t comply with the very statistics that try to show we are nothing more than a chemical reaction to external environments; like we can “love to hate” or we can “hate to love”. Animals do not demonstrate this unique trait.