The Jews as the first and the gentiles the last. It is interesting that as the days draw to their appointed end, the Christians (past-gentiles) are today first in representing God because of the New Covenant and the Jews are last, stagnant in the Old Covenant. The Christians are the teachers of the Word to the world, including to the Jews; converting some into Messianic Jews as it was originally intended to be. When they became the chosen people; Jews were to set and spread the message of God’s Word, but got so caught up in being chosen and the law; they did not realize there was a bigger purpose than becoming a secluded and self-contained society. As with everything with God, there are many different perspectives based on its context, but all relates and is connected to the whole and is consistent, in that these perspectives always point to the Truth and to God having final authority over everything. God moves are never only about today but are effective towards a greater future plan. This is why, He can claim, “My thoughts are higher than yours” - Is. 55:8.

God knew what would happen to the Jews centuries before and why they had to and is to pay a price for being a chosen race. Now, Christians having been grafted into His promises, have and will also bear some burdens for this engrafting into His Faithfulness and God, “being a respecter of no one” - Acts 10:34; applies equally His person to both sets of peoples. The Messianic Jews and the Christians having been brought under one covenant are to Him, the heirs of His Kingdom, sharing a common blood through Jesus Christ. God is keeping His promise to Abraham to be the father of all nations but also to be God’s people. It is why, as Christians with the common course of blood we have every right to defend and fight for our Jewish family even though we are of two different Covenants at this time, but soon to be under one house of God. We ought to see whatever happens to the chosen people as an offense to ourselves, because no matter what we may think; they are the very reason why Christians have Salvation. We owe them a debt for being stubborn, strict and dedicated to God. For indeed, the world needed this kind of dedication despite the pain of death. We know of so many examples of this from the Old to New Testament and beyond. We can’t deny that the Jews have been steadfast despite all the tyranny they have undergone.

Remember, the Jews are exclusive, while the Christians are inclusive, just as Jesus exclusively came to the Jews and Paul, sent to preach a message of inclusivity to all those outside of the Old Covenant; with both now brought into the fold with the New Covenant. The former casted with laws to signify exclusivity and the latter by Grace to be inclusive. Both Covenants by God’s Righteousness and not out of His love. Some say, “for God so loved the world, he sent His only begotten Son” - Jn. 3:16. Consider this; love is a part of God’s Righteousness, which is embodied by the Word taking on flesh to demonstrate what is right before God’s eyes. When Jesus came, His prime message is about Righteousness and not love. By making Godly priorities with Righteousness as His standard; the act of love is automatically fulfilled, first to God and then to man. This is the first and second commandments in priority as God decrees. God is love, but His Righteousness is above His actions of love, mercy, and compassions. God loves all, but will not stop you from going to hell, because He must be in right standing with his own principles which is embodied in His Righteousness. Just like a judge, who has empathy with a crime of passion or need; has no choice but to uphold the integrity and principles of the law. So must God, to be worthy of His Throne. When we chose God, we have been placed to die not only for God but more so to ourselves as in, “you must die to live” - Lk. 9:23-24. Because now as with Jesus, we are considered as the beloved of God.

What is BDS; none other than to “Belittle Divine Separations”. Every man, woman or child bought by the Blood of Jesus and a promise is separated onto God by decrees, declarations, commandments and the spirit. When secular powers seek to amalgamate towns, cities, and countries under one central rule as with Babel, kingdoms, and dictatorships; its one sole purpose is to take away the divine right of separation. For the former is control, while the latter is free will; God’s first free gift to man. Is it not ironic, because having free will, Lucifer wants to take it from man; even though it was this very gift that gave him the choice to seek his own kingdom, and to chose death over life. With BDS, the aim is to cripple Israel’s ability for independence, to force them into submission to a worldly authority. Again the irony is these BDS movements are fighting for the same rights of independence, they want to take from Israel. This aim today is towards the nation of Israel, but eventually will broaden its scope to include Christianity, if not already. When Jesus went to the cross; He was hung as the King of Jews and belittled, but when He arose from the grave; He ascended as Savior and Lord over all the nations, granting them divine separation onto an everlasting Kingdom by choice. He, satan is still trying to achieve his kingdom by control and coercion. What was a symbol of fear, pain, and ridicule; is now the symbol for life, joy, and freedom. The cross is transformed from a rugged, worn and blood stained as sweat is to a body from exertion and stress to one of Love, Grace, Salvation, and rest. The former before Jesus and the latter after Jesus as when man fell from Grace and then was risen up by the same. What is one of satan’s tool to kill, steal and destroy; to condescend, belittle the Word of God which includes the acts of Faith, Trust, and Hope; all actions required to receive the benefits of being divinely separated unto God. With divine separation comes the fulfillment of God’s thoughts towards us for, “peace and prosperity”.

What is BDS; none other than the “Beloved Death Sentence” which is targeted to all those selected not by labor but by God’s Grace, Mercies and Compassion. With God’s magnanimity; satan has no competitive edge because his nature does not have the capacity for it. His very nature, started with iniquity being found in him, which is jealousy and is played out in those promoting BDS against the Jews, and will not be quelled no matter how much is gained from such hatred. Being a spiritual wickedness; it has nothing to do with the Jewish state but has everything to do with what God is using these people to represent which is God Himself. For in the Jewish nation of Israel exists those as in any other nation; evil and good men alike. The movement of BDS is directed at God through the Jewish people and will eventually include if not already, the Christian peoples of the world. BDS is and will be targeted to those who uphold God; His nature and His intentions, one of which is Covenant.

God never has a narrow vision and when Ishmael was born; God could have left his fate to the wilderness, but instead demonstrates His mercies and compassions by providing for him and speaking a full life into his future and descendants - Gen. 21:14-20. The pure line being kept with the birth of Issac; the Jews and His adopted heirs with Ishmael's descendants; the gentiles, which is anyone outside the chosen people including us; thousands of generations later, each developing their own interpretation of a god and faith. The gentiles representing all who are and that is external to God’s domain. Just as the Angel Michael is to God’s domain and Lucifer, external to that domain; the former in obedience and the latter by disobedience.

What is BDS; none other than “Break Destroy Sanitize” those who seek a higher purpose, believing in the goodness of God and eradicate God’s purity of His creation. He, satan has been doing this for centuries and still applies his vengeance to remove us from God, His pleasure, and joy that man brings including, Praise, Worship, and Thanksgiving. To tear down, mutate any relationship that was intended by the creation of the firmaments, animals, plants and that especially of man. He, satan can’t create but seeks to hi-jack God’s handiwork for his own devices. We see this with the fall of Adam, descending into a lower form of man, “to work the land”, rather than have the fruit of the garden. And with Abraham, although separated onto a different land, his descendants end up mixing and are influenced by outsiders of the Faith. This mixing of the blood is an abomination to God as is Faith is to fear. This mixing leads to slavery as in under the harsh whip of Pharaoh which eventually leads to another separation as in the Exodus. But the lasting effects of mixing are manifested in the wildness as those who were no longer clear or precise as to their Faith and call, rebels to the point God cannot use them in the promise land. What is satan’s goal but to break one’s Faith towards his, of fear. To destroy any and all Trust in God and His promises. And to sanitize, and sterilize the innate divinity of man from a spirit in a body with a mind and soul, removing any and all image of God inside him to a debased creature acting on animalistic instincts. We see this ultimately with manipulation and mutations of the DNA and genes of humans, where the very notion of other kinds of humans is supported by surgical or chemical regimens. This is transhumanism. The aim of satan is to corrupt, deface and reinvent God’s work of art expressed through the human. What do we do with these personal attacks? We never forget who’s we are and fight as Paul tells, “against spiritual wickedness in high places” - Eph. 2:2 and “to tear down, all things that exult against God” - 2 Corth. 10:4-5. We also love those who through blindest are carriers of such hate, for that is a devil’s device and should not be found in those of God’s Kingdom. For with hate comes strife which leads to confusion and conflicts, all included in satan’s works. We take the higher ground with the higher weapons of warfare; Prayer, Praise, Worship and Thanksgiving to the God who knew and knows that His people will be made to be persecuted for the name above all; the name of Jesus - Matt. 5:11.

Spiritual Awakening

What is BDS,  but satan himself with all his destructive ways including that of deceptions, injustice and political correctness that clouds the true issues and seek to denigrate God’s people into ridicule, marginalization and to be seen as sub-human for mockery, persecution, having no rights; to be used and abused towards fatal ends. Whenever man has allowed such tyranny to breed and grow, only sickness, disease, and death are the results of it. God is not as concerned that some chose death over life, the darkness over the light; but when there is no decision as in being lukewarm, then He is Righteous in His cause to cast off those who thinks it’s best to be neutral to save their own, but by decree have been condemned with those of darkness - Rev. 3:16. What is BDS, but “Betrayal, Dissension and Sin to all that God is and has ordained; what Jesus sacrificed for; and the life of the Word such as, “And I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse” - Gen. 12:3.

​​Flush it Out! - Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, may they prosper who love you. - Ps. 122:6.

The war continues with the Jews as with the Christians and now more than ever we see a solidarity between the two Faiths, just like a coin having two distinct sides but a common source and core, sharing every experience wherever the coin is. This war against us is nothing more than attacking our Faith and belief in a True God and His Faithfulness and at this genesis of it all, is a hatred for God’s sovereignty as when Lucifer, “desired to exalt himself as God” - Is. 14:13. Can’t get to God directly? do the next best thing, attempt to destroy His works and Glory as in the chosen people and Jesus Christ. Do what has been done since the start of the gathering of God’s people; Boycott, Divest, and Sanction.

Commonly referred to BDS today, the actions of many who are either uninformed, ignorant or unjust; wanting to destroy the nation of Israel because of religious, political or ideological stands; are no different to those who for the same reasons, sought to destroy the early Jews of the Old Testament. We know regardless of physical scenarios to this attempt, it is all spiritual in nature, starting in the garden. Could it be that satan knew of God’s plans to start a nation that would be separated unto Him? He, satan has always been watching what God was up to and as a previous court Angel - Ez. 28:14; he may have had insight to God’s plans to create man - Eph. 1:4. He, satan may not have known the full details of God’s plans, but knew it centered around man and ultimately the chosen people. What may have started in the garden began to take shape with Issac and Ishmael even though with separate destinies, but with God as a common denominator. The brothers, one of spiritual blood; Issac by Faith, would eventually become in conflict with the other, Ishmael of adoption by the flesh. Just as Jesus, spiritually of God and Lucifer, in the image of God. Consider this, that God being Spirit as Lucifer is a spirit and being spiritual in substance; there cannot be a destruction or death of the same. So what is essential a spiritual contention is now being played out with the creation of flesh in a great war to test God’s sovereignty and satan’s tyranny towards the same. For no spirit ceases to exist, whether it is of God’s Heavenly Kingdom, or satan’s wicked spirits and the spirit of man. What is prepared and exists for spirits, is the Kingdom of Light for those who chose life and a prison of darkness for those who chose death. 

Oct. 5, 2016.



The war has never ended for the Jews. From the moment they were chosen, satan started to annihilate them. They didn’t ask to be chosen but kind of ended up that way without even a debate or a referendum. Of course, all this has to do with when Abram was called by God to start a nation that would be separated onto Him as an example to the world - Gen. 12. We first see them truly forming as a nation when Moses told Pharaoh to release them so that they could go away and practice as God wants them to. God’s appointed Moses strikes down an Egyptian which was a foretelling of God putting down and overwhelming Pharaoh's company resulting in the Exodus and of course end time prophecy. Now, when the people of Israel was chosen it was not based on their merit but simply because God was keeping His Word to Abraham and for His plans - Jos. 21:43-45. Abram’s family woes are prophetic, having produced two heirs; the first, Ishmael from fear and a self-reliant ignorance; laboring to achieve God’s promises and the second, Issac, from a promise and Faithfulness to rest in God’s word and sovereignty. This is also the foretelling of the gentiles having access for the redemption of sin and ultimately Salvation equal and with equity to that of the Jews. God is fulfilling the Words; “the first will be last and the last, first” - Matt. 20:1-16. Because the Jews were and are still blinded by their laws; this opened up for others to come to and be used by God to be the carriers of the Faith, not only to the world but also to the Jews. The Christians have propagated the message of redemption the farthest and into more territory with more diverse peoples than any Rabbi could attempt to. This is because the Jews have missed the reason for being chosen.