3) Simon means “heard of God” and Peter means “rock”. Is it coincidental that he was the first called apostle and became one of the foundational pillar of the early church.
4) Saul means “asked for of God”; while Paul means “humble”. As a Pharisee, God called him and as a man of God, he remained a servant of God.

With all the different cultures exposing themselves to the world, it is easy to see why many would be interested in foreign traditions, cultures, and religions, asking is it "greener on the other side". This is the feeding ground for satanic influences. What the west has to grapple with which the east has, being a much older society is that tradition, culture, and religion are one’s faith in every aspect of life. The east cannot live, eat or even sleep without some form of spirituality involved. They have the method right but the source wrong. We must remember language using pictures, characters, and sand scripts have been and is still used today to some extent by many eastern nations. A “symbol” if you will have many meanings depending on the context. Nevertheless, all meanings have an association with that “symbol” and that “symbol” to a physical and or spiritual context. It's like the cross. For some, it’s crucifixion, suffering, pain and death. For others, it’s Salvation, Resurrection, and Life. The meaning is only pertinent in context as well as who take the meaning. Some of these “symbols/words” are never used by God because they are associated with darkness, evil, demonic powers and principalities. Paul says, “For we wrestle not against flesh but against principalities and powers (wicked ones)” - Eph. 6:12. When people use such symbols/words without understanding their root and connections, they are in effect connecting to these wicked ones.

So when we speak whatever language of taking pictures into our minds we are naming it as something that the spirit recognizes and acts upon. It is why “the eye is the lamp of the body” meaning whatever we see the brain records it and is a guide for us - Matt. 6:22. This is the same with hearing and essentially all our senses. It is why satan uses these as gateways into sin. He can only touch our spirit through the flesh. Christians must learn to have selective hearing and what things they see. How is that possible, in a world that bombards the senses 24/7 every day of the year? Even churches use this marketing technique. Jesus says, “My sheep knows Me and hear My voice and will not follow a stranger” - Jn. 10:4 and 14.

Spiritual Awakening

​Everyday satanic words have been put into the mainstream media and establishments including: 

1) Starbuck symbol is a mermaid named Melusine associated with hard work, myths, and sorrow.

2) Nike name is associated with a greek winged goddess of victory, especially for games.​

3) Lululemon Athletica uses the greek symbol “omega”. Yet nothing in the name and symbol is associated with the product for women clothing. The name itself is the combination of two names meaning "pearl" and "lover" respectively, while the symbol means the end. We could interpret it to mean "lust till death".

Joshua was a born leader for fighting but not for diplomacy. He was not a “Tony Robbins” kind of a guy who motivates you with psychology and self-help techniques. No, Joshua was a straight talker and had no hidden agenda in all he did. His words would have been clear, directional and with purpose. He had an acute perspective of the Spirit. He trained his body, mind and spirit to work in harmony with the Holy Spirit by the words he uttered as well as those he mediated, mumbled and churned on, day in and day out. He was like Jesus, thousands of years ahead of the virgin birth. Joshua is a prime example of words affecting the future.

Without words and a language mankind would stumble over itself into chaos and according to the bible, language existed before pictures were used to communicate. The first words used were for creation as uttered by God, “light be”. - Gen. 1:3. The real truth is that words paint a picture and those pictures formulate its intent. It's where the power of life and death emanates from and we are all consciously or subconsciously contributing to our future with the words that come out of our mouths, especially when strongly spoken from our hearts.

4) Recently but not new, the game “pokemon” meaning “pocket monster” combines names from different language roots, to describe the creatures used in the game. On the surface, it all looks innocent and childish but don’t be surprised some words and symbols are associated with darkness like the creature’s name “gengar” which is the short version to “doppelgänger” meaning apparition. The game is so popular that even adults are playing as much or more than kids. Also disturbing is people are naming their unborn children with these pokemon names.

Regardless of how these names or symbolism came into the society; they are used as instigators of satanic and dark works to distract people with status, vanity, exclusivity and collections. The use of symbols and especially words has always been connected spiritually to that unseen world where faith moves the invisible into a substance that interacts with us. We cannot escape the spirit world so we need to know how to operate it. For some and even Christians, because of lack of knowledge are perishing and leading others into perishing - Hos. 4:6. All knowledge is available but not everything learned is to be applied. We know animal sacrifice was used to appease God for sin and was good then, but not now because of the New Covenant. Yet, dark practices still use fresh blood to appease deities. How we use this knowledge with eyes wide open or closed does not affect or interfere with the results of using that knowledge. We can’t open a tap and not stop water from flowing out of it. We must be responsible with the knowledge gained especially in the use of words and phrases.

God spoke and formed and created the universe, the earth, and man. He, satan uttered words that “kicked him” out of Heaven saying, “I will exalt myself, making myself like the Most High” - Is. 14:14. Many do the same thing today for service or gain and it is very interesting that as this age comes to an end; it is words being uttered and displayed with all the available technologies by a global population that is instilling more fear, faster, constantly and more far-reaching than any other period in human history due to social media and the internet. The time is ripe for words to have their greatest effect on the world whether for life or death.

Flush it Out! - Watch your words.

As one of the twelve who spied out the promise land, and even though he saw the “giants”, he returned with a positive attitude of taking the land as promised by God. In the end, God heard the unbelieving Jews and condemn them to death in the wilderness, only Joshua and Caleb saw the promise land because their words, thoughts, and actions lined up and edified God’s intent. They had the acute perspective.

Words have three distinguish features and are expressed as a noun, a verb or an adjective. Each of these features gives the words spoken a specific life. These features are the most common used in a sentence for everyday use. Most Christian’s are under the impression that as God spoke, instantly things appeared. There is evidence for this but most things took the time to manifest and if we put it into perspective that one day for God is like a thousand years for the earth then we can appreciate time as multi-dimensional and not as crude as a twenty-four-hour day cycle. So when we say something, it may appear instantly or over time based on Faith and the Spiritual realm that operates to produce what we have spoken. Paul tells us, "by the power that works in us” - Col. 1:29. A common sentence used by many is, “I am just dying to get there in a hurry”. It has the three features but is really a board perspective. But if it is said, “I will be dead if I don’t get home by noon”, it becomes a very acute perspective. The more specific and precise our sentences are the more accurate the Spirit world looks to manifest it. Whenever God speaks, He uses the least amount of words but is very precise. God says, “you fool, this night you die” - Lk. 12:20. Peter led by the Holy Spirit confronted Ananias and Sapphira with their deception and both are slain dead in an instant - Acts 5:1-10.

When satan deceived Eve, he did not only lie but placed an innuendo into Eve’s mind with his words saying, “for you will be as god” - Gen. 3:5. He was really appealing to her ego to disobey God’s commandment. With a few well-placed words, satan in effect destroyed the garden. He still does that today. He, satan is the father of lies and by using words to appeal to our ego, pride, ambitions and ignorance have worked havoc with individuals, families, and friends resulting in disappointments, hurt, and pain at various levels. Even with Christians, he appeals to their godliness to do good, loves unconditional and shares equally. These are Godly characteristics but done without righteousness and the leading of the Holy Spirit can lead to waste, misdirection, and even stress. God did not intend that Christians carry burdens, especially for those who should carry their own. He, satan has even caused many to die sooner than they should have by getting to say and accept words like, "well my family has a history of cancer, so I probably will die of cancer". The words we speak and more importantly accept can uplift, encourage or hurt and kill even if we don’t mean it. Remember, if we hear something often enough from several people, by Faith, we start to accept it as Truth. The truth that at its root is a lie. Especially around secular people phases such as “you're stupid”; “you're so clumsy”; and “no one could love you”; go a long way to keeping many in bondage. I recently heard a story of a young lady dying because she took a casual comment of, “careful, you are looking fat and putting on weight”. She took that so deep into her heart, that for the rest of her life she did everything to keep slim to the point her body died from lack of proper nutrients. Not only the words but the thought has power.

The meaning of the word is critical especially today with information being shared in an instant with global television, constant media, and technologies. With every word comes a picture and with every picture a thought which affects what we focus on. God uses this for His purpose and satan, creator of nothing steals it for his own insidious plans. From the beginning, as man is partaking in God’s plans but lacks vision, God changes them starting with their names.

1) Abram means “exalted father” but Abraham “father of the nations” God changes the purpose from single to multitudes. So each time Abraham heard his name it was being reinforced as to his purpose and destiny as a picture in his mind, thoughts, and focus.
2) Jacob means “supplanter” and that’s what he did by taking away Esau’s blessing. His new name, Israel means “may God prevail, preserve, contends”. All three can be related to the chosen people and the nation of Israel.

​​It's that acute perspective to have a narrow vision in everything we take and do as believers in Christ. We must train our bodies, minds and spirits to heed to the Holy Spirit, the Word, and God so that we become just like Christ saying, doing and acting as He did because the Father dwelt in Him. Jesus says, “I only do and say what My Father tells Me” - Jn. 5:19 and Jn. 12:49.

Many are deceiving themselves with the things of the world. Of enjoying what the world offers while holding onto and claiming the Grace of God as insurance. Yet, Paul exclaims, “don’t be unequally yoked with darkness and what has light to do with darkness” - 1 Corth. 6:14. As Christians, we cannot accept the world things because as Jesus stated, “I have come with a sword to separate” - Matt. 10:34. Christians at times fail to recognize satan’s deceptions because they get caught up in the “marketing” just as Eve did. He, satan sold Eve stolen goods with promises and glitter and because “it was a delight in her eye, to make her wiser” she bought his story lock, stock, and barrel to her's, Adam’s and mankind detriment. - Gen. 3:6. Just like a fast talking salesman. Here’s a tip for our daily life; if it sounds too good or has no conditions - proceed with extreme caution before signing the bottom line. Take your time, if it is of God it will fall into your laps without stress or anxieties.

July 2016.

Name It !

As James says, the tongue is like the rudder of a large ship, directing it's every course towards something or endlessly into the seas, confusing us as to our destiny - Jm. 3:4. What he is really implying is that the words that the tongue speaks have power over life or death, poverty or prosperity, strife or peace. He tells us to take control of it or else it will control us. It is ironic that such a small muscle like the Achilles can cripple us to the point our lives have been inhibited with little or no benefit to others or ourselves. James may have been looking at things from a purely practical view and with the knowledge of the day missed it altogether where our power truly resides not in the tongue but with every word. For we not only say but also hear and see words.

A man whether from Adam to Jesus to today is made up of a body, mind, and a spirit. The Spirit as we know it is sent by God to aid, guide and comfort us and as we open ourselves to Him; He dwells with and in us as God’s presence. This same Holy Spirit was in Adam and because there was purity and holiness, the Anointing is expressed as a glow that surrounded his body. This same Spirit and Anointing dwelt on and in Jesus as well as most of the apostles, especially Peter, Paul, and John. Think of it this way. A man’s outlook on life is limited with his body, mind and spirit having a board perspective but with the Holy Spirit, his perspective is more acute to the things of God. If his perspective is more acute, so will be his attitude, actions and most significantly his words. Yes, his words, because they breathe life or death into the substance of Faith producing and manifesting all that is good or evil. When the perspective is board, it's like shooting buck shots hoping to hit a target.

God used words to create life and satan used them to deceive. What is clear is that regardless of how well we are endowed with the Holy Spirit and even the Anointing we are subjected to words regardless of their source. This is why Jesus was a man with the same qualities that we have today and why we today have every ability that Jesus demonstrated. Because essentially it's all starts with the words. It is all in the words that we accept or reject in our minds that affect our future, present, and even our past. It is why Paul says, “forgetting the past and focusing on the future” - Phil. 3:13. This is because words can keep us repeating past mistakes as well as keeping our minds, bodies, and spirit there. The same goes for the present and future. Does this mean we are not spiritually inclined and that we have no supernatural powers? On the contrary, it is exactly why we are Spiritual and have supernatural powers as Jesus and others, and why God chooses the weak to demonstrate how strong he is and the uneducated to confound the intellects of this world. God has given us a level playing field for all mankind, rich or poor by the words that occupy our time and efforts. It is why, He tells Joshua a soldier, trained to take orders and to slash Israel’s enemies to meditate on His words day and night - Jos. 1:8.