Stature. The Godly call has very little to do with this as well as the effectiveness and success of ministries. Men of all size, frame, weight, features and positions are called to serve God. Some of the more notable men of God were short such as Paul. 1 Sam. 16 demonstrates how God looks at the heart and not their stature with David being chosen over all his brothers.

Charisma.Although it seems this is required most known men of God had little to none. They weren’t suave, sophisticated or great orators or socially adept. They only had the anointing that filled any missing gaps that the world looks for to become an audience. Moses had no presence and supposedly stuttered, yet became one of the standard for people to follow - Ex. 4:10.

Heritage.  Very few sons carry the torch of their anointed fathers and birthright does not guarantee God’s hand is on you. David’s sons are a good example of this, even with the exception of Solomon. Inherited history, property, and people can work against you because it is taken for granted and there is no practical experience for appreciation of how your heritage came about and the price that was paid - 1 Chron. 29.

All these low forms of attributes tend to cloud the source of man’s power and anointing. With a righteous attitude, man is able to rise above these and take his place in God’s will. With vision, commitment, objectivity, and principles as the bedrock to everything else including humility, teach-ability, prayer, the Word, and meditation; man is able to place himself as God’s very own righteous man able to overcome all, redeem all and stand for all that is God’s. Jesus being the standard.

At the end, Jesus displays His righteous attitude towards the Sanhedrin to the point of sounding sarcastic with His reply, “You have said so” at being asked if He was the Messiah - Matt. 26:63-64; and to Pilate's question, "are you the king of the jews" with His reply, "is that your question or someone's else" - Jn. 18:33-34. He did not quiver in His sandals at coming to face with a false authority, deity or god. Now, that is a righteous attitude.

With a righteous attitude towards all his offices, a man sets the example for others under his care and reach. He becomes the standard for others to emulate and grow into, not as followers but as other leaders. For real men, Godly men, only want to pull their share of the burden with other real and Godly men. Then and only then can we be a true man.

Flush it Out! - A true man is a righteous man.

Strength.This is the least requirement to be a Godly man. Most men used by God including Jesus would be termed a weakling by any society standard. Only one icon expressed physical strength which became his achilles heel and that is Samson because he put more faith in himself rather than God - Jud. 16.

Intellect. No example of this is ever used by God as necessary criteria for Godly manhood. In fact, whenever used by those with high offices it is completely disregarded by God. This is not referring to intelligence or skill where examples like Luke the apostle who was a doctor is given but rather the notion that one requires a high level of thinking and to be smart to be used by God. Ananias and his wife used their “smarts” and paid the ultimate price for deception. - Acts 5. Even good intentions marred with deceit will be met with a righteous attitude from God.

Wealth. Most men of God started from at least what we refer today as the working class and over time with God increased into great wealth and possessions. This does not mean very wealthy men can’t be used by God but rather is not the norm and as Solomon demonstrated even with great wisdom, men are still susceptible to sin with wealth contributing to their downfall - 1 Kings 11. When men earn their way there is a better understanding and appreciation for success and where the power comes from for it.

Now, there is evidence of men no longer taking the role of man and in many cases are confused as to what, where and how men ought to act. But for Christian men, there is no excuse for allowing such confusion. A man of God is a man of God. He ought not to be part-time, occasional or partial in administering his Godly office(s). Too many have taken another person's definition rather than what God clearly ordained and gave examples of. They have placed their Faith in other men rather than God. It is by Faith we accept things and not by knowledge. We know that all will have to answer at God’s judgement seat especially the man. I don’t think God is going to go through an entire tirade of wrongs, but may just ask a simple question and when faced with our own failures convict us. That question being, “Were you a righteous man?”. Sad to say many will be unable to stand to this question.

We all expect God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost to be infallible but God expects a man to be just as much. Jesus had that infallibility on earth as a man. The judgement seat does not affect Salvation but is about accountability. This is where Adam failed by redirecting blame rather than taking responsibility as a man should. When God placed Adam in the garden, he left him with specific instructions and responsibilities and with one word gave him his calling that is to dominate. To dominate means one has full responsibility for the outcome of any success or failure and requires full authority. It does not mean to abuse, demand, deceive or place one in a superior position. Adam did not only lose his authority but also his righteousness. Today, men have as much at stake, Therefore, we ought to fight for it. When we do this then we will be the righteous man God intends us to be. We ought to define manhood by God’s standards and examples and not by our own. Many think too much of their born abilities and inherited traits to set themselves as a man of God. These are only crutches used to define manhood and to exclude others.

man is a righteous man.

No man is perfect in his actions, thoughts or role but he ought to be in his attitude. This coupled with action is the only two things a man really controls. A man’s attitude has only one foundation and that is from God. Consider God's attitude and why it is also true for a man of God.

1) A man’s attitude must include vision. In whatever capacity the man serves, he must have a direction to steer towards. This vision could be directly from God and it could be a leader, servant of God, his family or a vocation. Without direction, there is no Faith or expectation. Without Faith, he cannot please God - Heb. 11:6. Consider this; God always places us where Faith is needed so that He can reveal Himself to us. The Exodus story is probably one of if not the best example of the purpose of vision.

2) A man’s attitude must include commitment. It does not matter how good you are in leading, serving or planning, failure will inevitably occur. In university, there was a professor teaching on the critical nature of time management and after drilling into us “control”, he deflates his whole course with one word, “ad hoc”. Simply put unplanned proponents that affect any planned event or scenarios. Commitment is measured by our word and not our failures. Paul and Peter are known for spreading the gospel across most of asia and having the keys of the Kingdom respectively. They could not have done this if they allowed failure or satan to disrupt their commitment. This is why God tells Paul His Grace is sufficient for him even though Paul complains about a persistent trial - 2 Corth. 12:8-9.

3) A man’s attitude must be objective. Without this, he will be lost in his own or others narrow mindedness. With objectivity, his decisions will maintain and have integrity and longevity. Jesus was sent to Israel but even He could not avoid the gentile's woman clarity to His purpose to heal - Matt. 15:21-28.

4) A man’s attitude must be principled as the guiding force for righteousness supporting the foundation for all the scenarios he faces. Even though God favored the Jews, because of His principles, He made them the leading and worst example of His principles for others to learn from, using terms like, “hypocrites” - Matt. 23. When you have knowledge of Godly principles and not follow them, in effect you are showing disrespect to God and become bias in your actions. This is why Peter can say without a doubt the God is a respecter of no man, because of His principles - Acts 10:34. 

The man is a tree for all who require him to be sturdy, steadfast and unwavering regardless of changes that surround and affect him. Jesus, Paul, and others were such a man. The only thing that supports the man in his prime endeavors is truth. A man must learn the righteous truth of his purpose, character and abilities. Only God can give him these things. Men have been on this earth at least for six thousand years and what matters is the real truth of man has not been altered, mutated or changed in any significant way despite secularism, but has been covered in facades to hide and weigh down man’s true creation. You can’t remove what's been programmed into you by outside influences. The man needs to get to the heart of things and not accept every worldly propaganda spurted out by the world.

Nothing defines men more than the attitude that they display, whether in the house, on the job or among others. If it is firm, confident and assuring we have more opportunities presented to us, but if it is demeaning, shaky or indecisive we contribute to the problems we face. There is only one type of attitude that reflects a true man and that is a Godly attitude. Throughout the bible, there are several stories that lend to this notion that a true man, a man of God is about a righteous attitude to the things of God, the world and everything else in between these two.

The man’s attitude will determine the outcome of his life, the life of his family and the impact he leaves the world after his death. Which true man among many does not want to be recognized for his contribution to others and things; and which family, brother or sister do not want a worthy man to be remembered with. A righteous attitude in a man is made in the image of God, and not only by birthright but also by title (son of God), nobility (an eternal Kingdom) and race (a seat with the most high God and His Son, Jesus). .

Whether a man chooses to remain celibate in the service of God’s will or by his own will, marry, run a business or establish himself in any other vocation, the Godly man has to have a righteous attitude that leads to righteous actions. In many cases, even though, he rather be celibate for service, God intervenes with a direction that is unexpected. We often cannot fully appreciate these changes in our lives until years later and only through consistency, commitment and clarity our eyes are enlightened. God is in charge and that's the biggest attitude any Godly man should have.

The correct attitude and a leadership role go hand in hand. They are synonymous with each other and cannot be separated. There is no example from the bible that a man appointed by God did not have or grew into the right attitude for leadership. In fact, whenever a man with the leader’s office displayed the wrong attitude, God steps in to correct him or worst replaces him. At his whining, Moses is encouraged and told that he will carry his appointed office as God intends - Ex. 4:10-12. In the case of David, he is removed from office for abusing and creating mistrust to his office after purposefully ensuring the death of Uriah - 2 Sam. 12.  God displays the righteous attitude all men of God need. Paul who was least expected to champion Jesus’ cause is known for his attitude in administering the Word works. Today, many men fail in three basic attitudes when dealing with each other, the orld and the Word.

Spiritual Awakening

June 15, 2016.

A True Man.

a) 1 Tim. 4:12-16. - Paul encourages Timothy not take any “lip” from those who would judge based on outward things to the point he directs him to display his righteous attitude and stand for his appointed office.

b) Gal. 2:11-14 and Acts 15:38-39. - Paul is uncompromising with Peter and Barnabas on two different occasions regarding the law and Mark, the disciple who deserted them respectively. Paul, the outsider shows that God is not concern with outwardness and also that character is important in the service of the Word. It takes a righteous attitude to challenge any dogma of the Faith.

c) 2 Corth. 11. - Paul asserts his call regardless of past history, naysayers, and makes no bones about his future role for Christ. On several letters referring to his call as the “bondservant” of Christ. When we know who and whom we are then righteous attitude overtake us and we are not daunted by opposition to our birthrights or purpose.

Jesus has always been looked to as a reflection of what a true man of God is to be. Yet, in God’s wisdom, Jesus did not encompass all that a man in this world has the ability and availability to be. Jesus was indeed a leader, servant, and a teacher and exemplifies what all men who want to be “true-blue” should strive to be. We have been given a broad stroke as it were to the offices of men and with actual scenarios, see how Jesus set an example of administering these offices. But a man can be more, even though Paul states his preference to be single-minded to the things of God saying, “Now to the unmarried and widows I say this: It is good for them to remain unmarried, as I am” - 1 Corth. 7:8. For God there is no preference but only purpose, so long as the man serves Him. Even prophets married and had families. God even used marriage as a metaphor of Israel’s faithlessness and how it deeply hurt Him as it hurt the prophet Hosea, but with a righteous attitude, Hosea accepted this and dealt with it appropriately. God by His righteous attitude dealt a blow to Israel for their unrighteousness by giving them an attitude adjustment - Hosea.