​1.God, Jesus (the Word), Holy Spirit. - The Vision
2.Man - The implementer
3.Woman - The supporter
4.Church - The body
5.Earth - The source
6.Angels - The providers
7.Tabernacle - The relationship place.

Do you see the cycle; the sowing and reaping; the harmony and divinity of God's plan.

This is the present order of things, because Jesus rectified Adam's disorder. It is only Adam who was instructed to take the leadership role and by proxy, Eve would be his aid; where both would carrying out God's direction as His stewards. The reason women have conflicting roles today is because man failed to keep the order ordained by God. If Adam had ensured God's commandment regarding the tree, and also did not part-take in the disobedience, man would have complete confidence and dominion over the earth and satan. This is why today, women have many men roles; because satan, has twisted things and compromised the ordained order of things.

Do you realize, in the Garden, what God gave to Adam would only bring prosperity, peace and harmony, as long as he was obedient to God and not take His relationship for granted; beginning with "the Genesis", wanting nothing, being obedient in all God has ordained and maintaining a righteous relationship with God. This was Adam’s prime mistake, not being obedient. When we follow the basic rules of obedience, as set by God, it will guide us in how we characterize ourselves to others, and it will not be compromised regardless of the environment. 

Consider these points of a Godly character; knowing everyone has personal considerations, but with the Spirit, prayer and patience, all can be made perfect, - Jm. 1:4.

● God cannot be honoured fully if we don’t honour our family members for the roles they have been given. God ordained man to lead, woman to support him. This does not, by any means, mean that a woman is not equal, and does not contribute equitably. Many men have to acknowledge that without their wife's support they would not succeed or even be led by God.
● Men are ordained as priest, servants, and as teachers/leaders, and his role is to be measured as appropriate to God, his family and church. Consistency must be his mantle in caring and loving, in these main roles.

February 25, 2016.

The More it Changes, the More it Stays the Same!

The Word says, where strife exists there will only be confusion and every evil work, - Jm. 3:16. One area where this can be vulnerable to many people, is the personality that we use. For many of us we have our different personality facades, which we put forward whenever we are faced with different challenges and/or different people. We have a different facade for different situations; home, work, church, etc. This becomes complicated when others are involved, especially our families. We justify it because we want to put our best foot forward to others and just assimilate into the group. Ultimately, this is us judging ourselves and not accepting who we are in Christ. For the body has many parts, uniquely designed for a specific role, but all working towards common goals and harmony.  Different social settings do tend to require a specific set of skills, where harmony is desired, but does not over-ride the prime directive or purpose of the group. For instance, in a place of work we wouldn’t act childish, as we would with our children; and we don’t become so professional in our homes to the point that our family begins to feel like they are our co-workers.  We need to demonstrate balance but more importantly character to achieve the desired results. We must not be as concerned with upsetting others when truth and quality is at stake. This is what we are to judge ourselves on,- 1 Corth. 11:31 in all our actions and attitudes.

Spiritual Awakening

A true character of Christianity is not to be upset by circumstances or others' evaluation of issues and our character; as Paul indicates in 1 Corth. 4, "my conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent"; and 1 Corth. 13:7, "love bears all things"; Jesus demonstrated this characteristic. I am not advocating anger or discord among Christians or their church. What's more at stake is unity, which is needed for the blessing to work. Where we look to find common ground and help each other in growth, - 1 Tess. 5:11-12, "build one another up". It is better to have open relationships as Christians, knowing what we see in each other, is a mirror to our own common short comings, forgetting the specifics, but rather help each other in those areas as directed by the bible, - 2 Tess. 3:15. Our attitude should be to help each other to the finish line. 

God clearly states, “He is not mocked” - Gal. 6:7. He sees the heart and knows when we are putting up a facade, and He knows the consistency of our character. God demands from the inside out not the other way.  

If we are one personality type at home and a different one at church, who are we deceiving but ourselves and loved ones. What you do for your church/pastor, you must ask yourself, do you also do it for your home/family and even your workplace? We can’t have a different set of rules for each various setting. Since it is the mind of Christ that should be directing our efforts, we should consider some of the following as it pertains to home, church, and work:  

●The church is not before the family, neither women and children before man, or man before God and His Word. The church is not before the man and his household, because God's original plans did not include the need for this; as man would be His priest, teaching and serving by example for his family to follow. This would have been the nucleus of every family which would become the families of God, honouring and worshipping Him. The church itself is a tool to bring back the original ordained order and plan of God. Jesus provides that bridge.

Just think, with no original sin Adam and Eve would father generations of families not requiring any man-made institutions; each having their own Garden of Eden across the world. Everything would have its rightful place so that the Word of God functions. Whenever we circumvent the ordained order of things, they become complicated and create dissention among us; inciting rebellion and giving ground to satan. God's character is of order, peace, justice, and agape love.

By being consistent with the order of things including a righteous character with the appropriate respect and priority level, despite circumstances, peer pressure; we empower Faith in the Word and God. We must realize that we are equally responsible for keeping strife out of our family, the church, and the workplace. Where we go, our Christian character must go with us, as by the eyes of God, then we can enter into the rest and allow God to do what He’s does best, and that is to bless. We were partakers before the fall and are still partakers, today, in His divine plans.

Flush it Out! - Facades need constant window dressing, character does not.

● Are we transparent to others.
● Are we consistent in our responses.
● Are we giving of our time and talent equally.
● Are we measuring our love appropriately.

● Are we using our Faith equally.
● Are we living based on Godly principles.
● Are we bias in our outlook.

Character is the DNA of our very being. It defines who we are to those around us, and more so, it defines us as a Christian to God. Social graces and traditions can be deceptive if we allow it to overshadow our Christian character. By this, I mean everything we do and say should first come from a Christ-like perspective; by His way of dealing with things as it is required. Jesus addressed everything in the appropriate manner required, so that truth, freedom of the curse was expressed and achieved. Personal feelings of others was not His prime concern. We should not put up a facade to keep everyone happy, and have a sense of harmony for harmony sake. This can be inferred as being political correct, which should have no place among Christians and the church.

● Wives do not honour their husbands and God by caring, loving, and serving others if they don’t do the same for their husbands and family. They set the precedent for others, including children to follow. Women are not servants of men.

● Children learn by what they see, not what they're told. They have, without prejudice, a natural sense of fair play, but will not honour their father if their mother demonstrates disrespect to her husband, and the church.

The Empowered Christian Faith

We must understand that to be split in our character means to lead ourselves towards inconsistency, confusion, and evil. If we do not appreciate how spiritual unity works, then with all we try to do we will not achieve our desired results. Most often than not, some goals are met, but not at the level hoped for. God is a respecter of no one, - Acts 10:34, not because He can do that, but because His character and His Word prevents Him from being bias and unjust, - Heb. 6:10.

He is the God of justice and is even-handed in all His works. He also has set forth a structure of things to outline how the character should led. In the bible we see the following: 

 ● Before toiling (grinding away), was the Garden of Eden; all was provided - Ps. 127:2.
 ● Before sacrifice, was sin; where blood was required- Gen. 2:22.
 ● Before sin, was relationship between man and God - Gen. 3:8.
 ● Before woman, was man; she was a part of him - Gen. 2:22.
 ● Before man was the Word. God created by speaking - Gen. 1:3.
 ● Before the Word, was the Spirit hovering - Gen. 1:2
 ● Before the Spirit, was God - Rev. 13:8.

If all things were as God intended, there would be no need for Jesus to come to the earth. God’s original plan would facilitate a consistent character and our appreciation of the order of things; because we would know no disobedience, fear or any evil work, which leads to strife; because we would be complete in His image; with the correct order being: