3) Only man has the ability to dominate, manage, and protect every other life. He also can save one or destroy hundreds of lives. He has the ability to constantly improve his body, mind and spirit. Gen.1:26, "make man in our image, likeness"; 2Cor.3:18, "changed into the same image,..even as by the Spirit"

God made a family, starting with Adam and Eve instilling His precepts, providing all they needed to grow into His image, His way of doing things, His way of thinking and giving them a garden, to practice, to be competent before releasing them into the rest of the earth.  God was nurturing them to be good stewards of His Kingdom(s).  Fast forward to Revelation 21, the Bible tells us of a new Heaven, new Earth and the new Jerusalem where all will be in harmony. We all will be in His image and unified as His Trinity knowing as He, what is righteous and inherit all things, Rev.21:7. Now, to be clear, I am not a proponent that God will destroy old to continue His original intend on establishing a society that will be  righteous to His Glory; for He is the Alpha, Omega and the in between. He does not try a 'widget' to perfect a 'widget'; but with all things, has a divine process and purpose, He only knows; Is. 55:9, "My ways higher than your ways".  

Our DNA (make up), is the tell tale sign of who God is and His ways. Consider, that babies are born trusting, automatically yearn for comfort and without influence respond to good and do good.  And as we grow to full adults, we naturally want to do and give the best for our kids, even as non-believers. Luke 11:11-13, "who would give a snake instead of a fish to his son". 

There is one thing clearly demonstrated through the Bible and that is God looks to multiply His people, His Works and His Glory.  So from this we can reasonably expect His Glory to be fully global on every land, valley, peak and water; in and on the seas and oceans; in the atmosphere and throughout the universe. Where time and space is 'bent', 'curved' (as a string); interacting and intersecting with different positions (places) continuously. And where we, His expressed image are His stewarts, heirs, sons and daughters of His everlasting Kingdom.  The traditional thinking of travel, communication and experiences, societies will be replaced with a Heavenly one as Jacob saw Gen 28:12, "a ladder from Heaven to earth; and John taken to Heaven, Rev. 4:1, "Heaven door open an told to come up" and Philip translated, Acts 8:39, "Spirit caught away Philip".  His Kingdom is  marvelous, wonderous and glorious.

Can't wait to get to the end of the book and start new adventures with God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and His people.  

Flush it Out! - God is Eternal and we will be also with His Presence fulfilling not only His Will but also our desires as a Family would. Psalms 37:4.

When we do not lack, have no need, we want to share with others.  We have a natural need to expand our wealth; to enjoy personally, as well as revel in others who enjoy what we give. We cherish old and enjoy new things. God wants us happy, full of Joy recognizing He is the provider, builder and Spiritual leader to His Glory and Praise. No different, when others do not recognize our input into anything, creatively or through participation. Our organic, natural self is a hologram, a glimpse of who God is. As such we get a idea as to His perfect plan.


Throughout the Bible, whenever God's people took land, wealth and riches, God directed them to rid themselves of anything that was anti-God, especially to His ways. Num. 33:52, so as to prevent any confusion as to being His people for future generations. We see this starting with Abraham, continuing from the old to new testament. God's plan has always been for the ultimate intent, the final passover; from darkness to light and in the outcome of the final victory it will be no less.  To set apart for Himself one people to share all His Being with them. Eph. 2:15-16, " one new man from two".

Now, to be clear, the Bible does not tell us in detail, what our lives will be after God has reestablished His Kingdom,  but to understand, appreciate His plan and have an inclination we must have the "Mind of Christ". To do this, think of all we (scientist) know starting from the infinite, work backwards to the finite. Let's look at the big three.

1) The universe is expanding and scientist are unable to place all its wonders in a neatly set of rules and occurrences. They also recognize 'dimensions' seen and unseen and 'universe' time is not the same as 'earth' time. Ps.19: 1,"The heavens (universe) declare the glory of God; and the firmament (expansion) sheweth his handywork."

 2) The earth is the only natural, organic and resource that is tailor made for human beings. Without any technology, it produces and is harmonious with the universe, sustaining and growing life. Ever throw a seed (don't dig a hole) on good soil in perfect climatic conditions, it finds a way to grow. Gen.1:11, "earth bring forth...seed"

The Empowered Christian Faith

January 14, 2016

What Now - Victory Won !

Ever wondered what is the ultimate purpose of being a Christian, a child of God, an heir to His Kingdom. Why did He create man; have an earth and set up all these rules and commandments. The answers seem simple enough, yet most Christians struggle to sustain themselves on this journey, and still we struggle with the same fight, the same war and the same enemy. This is why we have to recognize the environment; we are living (passing through) in, so as to experience God's power, salvation and reasons for it all.