Jul. 19, 2018.

The Seeds of War !

If we have physical sight and hearing these actions are plain to see and are in play with some level of urgency and radicalization. No one prepares for a war with uncommitted soldiers much less ill-prepared ones. The latter will be thrown out and left behind just as with the foolish bridesmaids were and because of their lack of planning and short-sightedness suffered their own self-inflicted folly. God is a just judge and will not allow His Throne to be subjected with entitlements, just because of ignorance or worst laziness. He will not compromise His integrity and Word. Absolutely not! If there was ever a time for the Body and church to get their act together it is now; for the hour is nigh. No need to panic if one is rightly dividing the Word but certainly be not fooled as to what the season is as stated, “learn this lesson from the fig tree” - Mk. 13:28-29. There are those who supplant Righteousness for the sake of good not realizing that they have volunteering aided and abetted the thief who desires what he has not earned. They have lowered God to their standard and reinvented Him in their carnality as stated, “They walked in their own counsel” – Ps. 81:12.  Everything that has brought us to this final war is not God’s doing but ours. It is as simple as planting corrupt seeds that result in a war of our own doing. It is the price of disobedience as started in Genesis which resulted in the curse perpetuating its rebellion with or without man’s participation. Yet, despite all of this; Jesus spoiled it as stated, “Having been made a curse for us” – Gal. 3:13. The unsaved continues in the curse because of their ignorance and many who having been justified by His Blood still enables the curse into war.

The Blood of Jesus is not only for Salvation but for authority over the curse. Because the seeds of the curse are still and have been producing ever since it was germinated by the sin of disobedience. Just like weeds; it will not completely die and disappear until it has been thoroughly eradicated from our fields of life, as stated; ‘that they may have life and have it more abundantly” - Jn. 10:10. These fields of life are everything in God’s will for us including; long life, peace, prosperity, joy, happiness and everything that is good and Righteous. Every field needs to be maintained so that our harvests are not subjected to the pestilence of the wars being fought on our behalf in Heavenly places. For without the rightful and consistent application of the Word; when we think we have peace in one of our fields; another field is being corrupted by the weeds of the curse; resulting in a roller coaster Earthly and Spiritual life. Wherever Jesus went; His fields blossomed until He volunteering abdicated His authority to be in obedience to the Father’s will. God required this of Him to strategically place Him so that God could once and for all proclaim that life would triumph over death in the very heart of darkness and take away its authority with the curse. In satan’s backyard! Now, that’s what is referred to as a surgical strike!

As Christians; it is our responsibility to administer God’s authority not only in Heavenly but also Earthly domains. Both are necessary in this war! And we have been complicit in the seeds of war! We cannot deny that as the Body of Christ; we know the face of evil and even though Jesus demonstrated; we often at times do not act as He did with authority and Righteousness. And just to be clear it is not as the world acts! Sure, many can claim that they have not been taught by those over them in the respective church denominations and ministries. But this is a weak foundation to stand on and is why so many are constantly bowled over by evil as stated, “ tossed about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive” – Eph. 4;14. In God’s Kingdom, there are no slaves but only heirs! An enslaved mind will not inherit the promises of the Kingdom as stated; “as long an heir acts like a child he is only a slave” – Gal. 4:1. There will be no weak christians allowed in Heaven. What! How can this be said? Not I but the Eternal One says it as stated, “as for the lukewarm I will spit them out of My mouth” – Rev. 3:16. Now; is God, the Father compassionate and merciful? Without this Grace; none of us could have hope! But Grace is only for a time; and especially as this age ends, the battle lines as not only drawn but deep trenches are being dug and walls are being built high. No one should want to be caught in “no man’s land”.

Having the man as the center of controversy among the Angels would certainly put some logic and understanding of everything and the major events that have occurred since Lucifer, now satan occupied this lifeless planet as stated, “I saw satan fall like lightning from Heaven” – Lk. 10:18. He, satan was here when God invaded his territory and created man. God could have set His new creation on an isolated planet to develop and position him to be His UFC fighter; ready to do battle directly against those who rebelled against Him. But showed that He is not fearful of His once glorious angelic musician as stated, “The workmanship of your tabrets and pipes was prepared in you in the day that you were created.” – Ez. 28:13; and would win with little or no show of His immense and great Power. The stage for centuries of a proxy war was set where evil or good influence would determine its outcome and the innocent, unaware and aware would suffer or benefit, respectively. God demonstrated and continued His will for another type of Kingdom citizen and as a cause of contention decided to stick the weak, ill-equipped and untested man in satan’s face and domain; not as a show of force but as a ‘mockery’ to satan’s subversion, as stated, “what is man that you (God) are mindful of him” - Ps. 8:4.

God declared openly to satan that He would take back what is His not with an overwhelming force of two-thirds Angelic force compared to satan’s one third, but with the least of His abilities in the flesh and blood of a mere man. A being compared to an Angel who has no presence or superpowers to speak of. That with this lowly creation; by God’s will; the Victory would be won time and time again against satan and his corrupted army of fallen angels. God did this so that there would be no question as to who should be given the Honor and Glory! Yet, this Victory would seem lost before it begun with the first man’s fall but in the Spirit it would signal the real Victory that would come centuries later, establishing once and for all; that by a son of man; God will have His Day and satan will now be eternally convicted and dishonored as a thief not only to the Heavenly Hosts but especially to his own corrupted ones of darkness as stated, “He made a public spectacle of them” – Col. 2:15.

We; the Body have been given the eternal and sustaining Victory by Jesus’ Blood and is forever a Declaration of Note; not subjected to anything Earthly or Heavenly bound. So how come we are still at war and not only that; we are losing ground daily as God’s time of Grace comes to its expected end. It is because satan still has evil partakers of his corruption. These evil partakers are not spiritual but Earthy and they are among us only because we the Body have not aggressively driven them out but have wrongly and unrighteously accommodated, and in some cases supported them in their evil. We; the Body are to blame more than satan because as stated, “when the wicked rule, the people groan” – Prob. 11:10. When the men and women of the Old Testament did nothing to challenge evil; they suffered captivity by their enemies. This is expected and has happened today because not only have we not taken up our divine right of authority in many cases; we have failed to remember history and therefore condemned to repeat it.

If you fear war it is because you have not truly received the Salvation that comes with Jesus Christ! How can this be said; for is not war a horrid and terrible thing? It sure is and anyone who has been in a war would not want to repeat its tragedies. Yet; God declared war once man disobeyed Him; for He knows as we should there is no other way to completely vanquish His and our enemies. Why did God allow and do this when it would have been easy to destroy satan and that band of rebel angels. Why didn’t He spare us these fears that come with trials and tribulations? Because God is a God of His word, and for Him, the lessons of life outweigh the need for quick solutions! Now; we can debate the different theologies of the where, when and how this has come about. But the one thing that is sure it would have to begin and end with a war of wars. A Heavenly war that is to be displayed on this Earthly domain.

Spiritual Awakening

No matter what we do to protect or hide ourselves; we ultimately will have to face the consequences of our war. First with ourselves and secondly with the enemy of light and Righteousness. The more one thinks like the world is the more the line of separation is drawn wider from the Glory reserved for the Holy and Sanctified. For this is what this war of wars is all about and why God in His wisdom deemed it to be fit from its inception at its start in His Throne room. That His vision of mankind came under duress by Lucifer and the other fallen angels as they raised their rebel flag against His for independence and pride of self-recognition. And with all deception seek to tear away from God as many who willing allow blindness to conscript themselves into the army of darkness as stated, “roams about seeking to devour someone” 1 Pet. 5:8. For if you are not for God; you are for the devil. And lest many think they are insulated by not choosing one side or the other; the choice is automatically made for you to be on the unrighteous side. For God demands a confession for His Son, but satan only need the man not to confess Jesus’ name. For it is the name above all else and signifies solidarity to the cause of Salvation and freedom.

It is the ultimate price of free will! When by a deliberate decision whether by Angel or man we challenge the very source of our existence. As some will say; it was a calculated risk by God who being of the past, present and future would determine its just outcome in favor of His Kingdom. If God knows the thoughts of men as stated, “You know my thoughts” - Ps. 139:2. Then we can be sure He knew Lucifer’s thoughts before he took action to try God’s Kingdom. Yet, God allowed Lucifer to commit his high treason. Why? Because God is all about the demonstration of His Glory! And what better way to show this if not by a war that would encompass His universal domain of His Spirit and the world. The world still belongs to God despite man’s dominion and destruction of it. It was created to be perfect but became corrupt when satan and his minions were tossed down to it having eternal spirits that have to be placed somewhere. We can almost say; their incarceration here on Earth was random for it could have been easily any planet in the universe. God wanted war and set the stage for it by putting both His contentions in the same ring called planet Earth. Many battles have been fought but we are on the verge of the greatest battle to end all wars.

Everyone on this planet must sense that a war is coming by what they see and hear especially on the news and from every corner of the internet. But what most do not see having only physical sight is the continuous battles that have been occurring in the Heavens since Lucifer challenged God’s Throne, as stated; “we wrestle not against flesh but spiritual wickedness in high places“  - Eph. 6:12. It is these battles that have brought us here and it will be in this realm that God will be proven Victorious. But why is the man involved when it was in the Highest Heaven that treason took place and only the Angel class existed with God; the Word and His Spirit. How is it as stated, “(We) have life and death in our tongue” – Prob. 18:21. Even though God has a supreme and superior army as manifested to Elisha’s servant, stating; “open his eyes Lord; and he saw horses and chariots of fire” – 2 Kg. 6:17. God is also able to use His Spirit to confuse the enemies of His image as stated, “and they found the Philistines in very great confusion; killing each other” – 1 Sam. 14:20. With all this ability, why is the man the center of all these battles in the arena of the princes of the air when he never existed before Lucifer’s rebellion?

Ignorance is not a foundation to stand on! For God ensures that His wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of all that is seen and not seen are for all to acquire and by free will choose as stated, “I call Heaven and Earth to witness against you to choose life (Me) or death (satan) – Deut. 30:19. The man may have been created with a feeble outer shell but there is no doubt there is an inner strength of Spirit that can rise up when faced with overwhelming and often impossible situations. Even the secular world acknowledges this. God told us it would be by signs in the Heavens that would signify His moves towards Final Victory and they are undeniable to have produced results that affect everyone on this planet.

War is upon us and even the blind and deaf knows that it is coming! Never in the history of civilization has so many changes occurring at home and across nations impacts the peoples of the world without direct proximity required. The man, satan and those in power are establishing God’s need for radical impact so that His strategy for ultimate peace and prosperity comes full circle and is fulfilled with the return of the Lion of Judah. Was this not already done at another time? Whenever man deems God unnecessary especially with world consensus; God puts His scepter down to vanquish those in opposition to His Throne and Kingdom. The modern Tower of Babel is at its peak of organized dissension from God’s declarations and just as before when He stated, “Come; let us go down” – Gen. 11:7; He will disperse and scatter those with evil hearts into chaos and confusion. God destroyed the Tower of Babel at its peak because of man’s unrighteousness and so will Jesus do the same when this current day Babel reaches its peak of self-actualization and denial of God; saying as previously stated, “let us build for ourselves a city with a tower that reaches to the Heavens, that we may make a name for ourselves” – Gen. 11:4. Sounds just like what Lucifer said just before God threw him out of Heaven into disarray.

Everything now is being driven in the direction of denying a need for a loving God; who is a Father to the lost and broken hearted as stated, “Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.” - Dan. 12:4; “And man will become lovers of themselves” - 2 Tim. 3:2. All this to deny the identity in His image! Social Media has been one of the main culprits in all its forms. Where all who are blinded into its worldliness seek only after their own pride, indulgences, and adorations. It has been and is the ultimate tool of deceit by satan to fool many into rebellion against God for their own idolization; including separation from the issues of life into the deep and turmoil dark wells of death. Where man becomes the center of attention and not God. Yet, even the secular world is becoming more and more concerned with the impact it is having on individuals and groups of people and that the alarms were late as many having come to the realization of being unfulfilled; determine that only in death will there be peace. There can only be one ego above all in God; for as stated; “Who created the Heavens and stretched them out, and spread out the Earth and its offspring, and gives breath to the people on it, and the Spirit to those who walk in it” - Is. 42:5.

If you are part of the Body of Christ; then you must partake in it with Christ as the only head of it. Just like a UFC fighter we have been endowed by God with the gifts and fruit of the Spirit to be flexible, diverse and accomplished to face this world’s challenges and win. We have been given the handbook; that is the Word to use for training, support and strategy as stated, “to spoil (take) his goods (processions) unless he binds him first” – Mk. 3:27. For until all in the Body not only take up their armor but more so use it having no doubt; the ground that Christ won and paid for will be filled and saturated more with the blood of the innocent and lost. We have been given a better and full filled covenant and ought to take our lead from those who overcame themselves and accomplished many impossible things. For we are at war! It is time to get over the fear and take up the Faith! And as Paul states, “having done all; stand!” – Eph. 6:13. For this is the only way will the church face what is to come and overcome to the end, the harvest from our seeds of war!

Flush it Out – With Christ; all things are possible!

As stated; “I knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb and set you apart” – Jer. 1:5. And also; “He predestined us before the foundations of the world” – Eph. 1:4. These passages speak to God’s presence across time and space where He knows (of history) the end before it begins and the middle is nothing more than the present endorsing and full filling both the beginnings and ends of it. This is for all mankind as stated, “God is a respecter of no one” - Rm. 2:11. The idea of man was probably known prior to Lucifer’s usurping and man could have been the main contention that drove his desire as stated, “I will raise my throne above God” – Is. 14:13. This contention would seem to be the point of dissension among those of the Angel class that by free will not only envied but also rejected God’s plans to make mere mortals His adopted sons and daughters; to rule not only this Earth’s Kingdom but others across the vastness and boundless universe. To think these angels just one day decided to rebel because of a single archangel would be too simplistic especially in the context of knowing and seeing God’s omnipotence. It would be just plain stupid on their part to go to war with a superior God who created them.