​The first event is the coat of many colors! The one that was sacrificed was Joseph. Now Joseph was the eleventh son of Jacob but more significantly the first true son of his true love; Rachel, that gave birth even though she was barren for years. She gave birth by God’s will. Prior to Jacob’s gift to Joseph of the coat of many colors; He also established by God’s hand his wealth with the flocks and herds of many colors as stated, “all the speckled and spotted will be mine” - Gen. 30:25. Both these are a metaphor for the Kingdom of God of many nations and the least wanted or not admired by the world’s standard. God did not one day change His mind to add the Gentiles because the chosen people were disobedient. He intended it from the beginning. Joseph’s life is about favor, jealousy, and redemption. He is given a vision or rather purpose that would become his burden personally and externally for those who needs his mercy and compassion. Sold into slavery by his ignorant brothers who feared the loss of position, privilege, and inheritance. Joseph’s journey to become the sacrifice starts with the caravan that places him in the hands of the world (Egypt). From slave to servant and eventually governor at age thirty overseeing Pharaoh's, the world’s goods; so much so that only through Joseph can a man and his family survive or rather have Salvation. Joseph is the hope of Israel to make it through the famine of uncertainty as stated, “what you (the brothers) sought to be evil, God’s purpose was for good” - Gen. 50:20.

​These traditions and rituals, just like water, provide a temporary feeling of relief to our thirst for meaning and Revelation. But the new wine of Christ is never dull or tentative but empowering for the progressive Revelation of God; His Throne and our partaking of it. We; the Body are commanded to “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” - Matt. 6:33. The Kingdom and His Righteousness not only includes all the good carnal needs but more especially our spiritual needs, so that we will be whole, holistic as we were designed to be. For God has a desire for His Glory to be manifested in the physical. This is seen after the fall of man, in the tabernacle; when we went to Him; and with the Ark, when He journeyed with us and now; with and in us through Christ’s Blood as stated, “(You) are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you” - Cor. 3:16. The religious church keeps the traditions and without realizing it, contain the potential of the Spirit’s commission to course through man without constraints of rituals which is but labor for Righteousness even though by Christ’s obedience, we as stated, “might be made the Righteousness of God in Him” - 2 Cor. 5:21.

You see; history gives us the pattern or forecast for the future but is always hidden in its present and hindsight provides the evidence of it. To examine this as a Christian is to be knowledgeable of events that shaped the world, people, and governments. For the Christian has and ought to be the discerner and Revelator of all forms of Truth that God uses to control, direct and create the past, present, and future. For as God was in Jesus, the man; so is Christ in every follower of Jesus Christ; thereby linking us to all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that is of God. It was the man that formulated the Old and New Testament; curating history in sequence as past events but God is continuously establishing His Testimony not as a dead but a living, breathing and meaningful relationship of an eternal covenant between His omnipotent Throne and our royal priesthood that all men and women are called into to be prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and apostles; not as slaves but partakers with His Hope of Glory that is Jesus Christ.

It was the Romans that put Christ to death, not because of subversion to their world’s view as stated, “Then said Pilate to the chief priests and to the people, I find no fault in this man” - Lk. 23:4; but because of the traditions and rituals of the synagogue as maintained by the Pharisees and Scribes, despite having experienced all of the Messianic miracles. It was also the Romans who figuratively resurrected Christ if not only for political reasons establishing a church framed by a man with religious rituals and traditions by the then Emperor of Rome, Constantine. From his “church” came traditions and rituals fulfilling as the Bible states. “Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition” - Mk. 7:13.

The month of December held a special place in most of the world’s heart both for the secular but especially for the religions of the world; all for different reasons. There are at least fourteen celebrations in that month that peoples from pagans (unbelievers), Christians and Jews observe to fuel and support their beliefs, libations, and festivities. December was one of if not the busiest month and season for people to gather together in unison of purpose. It signifies the end and the beginning from its first to last day before the New Year. And just like most traditional observations; they come and go as quick as people rush to prepare for them and then focus on the realities of this world’s life. Most people do not realize there are intended connections between each observance and that these connect to provide a path towards Righteousness. This was and is still God's purpose!

This one act by Jesus set the course of belief by those lost to a world filled with religion, tradition, and unfulfillment as stated, “This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth His Glory” - Jn. 2:11. The metaphor inferred here is water is not of substantial fulfillment; being basically odorless, tasteless and is only temporary refreshing. But wine; a type of spirit as it were, affects the senses of the body, mind and even the spirit of man. Jesus uses a similar metaphor later in His ministry as stated, “And no one pours new wine into old wineskins..instead, new wine is poured into new wineskins” - Lk. 5:37. Paul affirms Jesus’ prime directive to renew the mind into the Spirit of a Righteous life under Christ’s dominion. The world’s way is the water in the stone waterpots; contained, stagnant and stale. But the converted water into wine; as in baptism becomes free of the world and its containment, to flow free affecting man into joy, releasing their inhibitions and fears to the influence of the Spirit; as stated, “the best wine” - Jn. 2:10. This lifelessness is in the six waterpots. Six of course being the number of the unspiritual and imperfect man or spirit.

Christ is not to be contained within the rituals of traditions whether by the world’s norms or by the church as practiced through the year. The Christian ought to live in the moment where Christ is seated; active, influential and alive! The days of months are not a point of observation but is all about celebration, good and Righteous will to all men as when wine is consumed and we can’t do that without removing and eliminating all the stress, politics and darkness that normally engross us without breaking down or controlling the devices of satan that separate us. The Christian must move as the Body of Christ with the goal of God’s Glory to be manifested. Every day of each month is special, for it provides for reflection, reviewing and closure as well as hope, vision, and Faith for the future for anyone who has any desire to live and fulfill a life of significance whether that is for self, family or purpose; but especially for Christ and His great commission.

Now, regardless of what the rest of the world does; it matters what we the Body of Christ do. Do we part take in the traditions and religion of all the months in a year, with all the festivities that come with it or do we observe with all Holiness and Sanctification of the recognition of Jesus Christ? Proponents of these traditions most certainly will endorse blindly following them just as if one changes their attire based on the season, occasion or task ahead of them. Too often, people are creatures of habit and norm without understanding, appreciating and recognizing the implications of time and especially for their soul. After all, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” - Mk. 8:36. Now, I enjoy a good celebration with good people especially when it includes good food and good wine. We know the Spirit endorsed partaking of this kind of drink for as stated, “When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not where it came from (but the servants who drew the water knew” - Jn. 2:9.

There are three major events that history records as the Testimony to God’s promise; “to be a Father and we His children” - 2 Cor. 6:18. Where the sacrifice of the one for the many holds true as God is Truth. Since Eden, the war in the Spirit has manifested in the physical where God’s will triumph every time despite the overwhelming odds against it and those, who are the vanguards of it. And as in history, today is no different as satan seeks to wipe away every and all Testimony God gives to remind us and put into practice His Covenant of promises. Remember, history is the pattern for future events and is why the Bible (God) states, “any altering of the Bible will result in judgment” - Rev. 22:18.

The second event is the Exodus! The one that was sacrificed was Moses. Moses is an adopted son and has privileges from Egypt (the world’s) hand and not God’s. His life is a reflection of most of those that seek the world’s approval, glory, and status. For his life starts with fear and is figuratively cast to the winds of chance by being placed in a basket on the Nile River, with the hope that the world will meet his needs and thereby save him from death. But God does not abandon all who seek to be Righteous and under His Covenant of promises will bring about Revelation and Salvation to guide the lost to His care. Moses did not know for a third of his life what it meant to be a child of God until that fateful day defended his fellow brother from the Egyptian's hand because inside him stirred God’s Righteousness. This single act starts his burden for the next third of his life in the wilderness where at the end of it; God is able to begin not only Moses' restoration but purpose because now he has recognized God. After the ten plagues; the Jews are released to begin their journey to the Promised Land. Moses life story is a metaphor for the consequences of doubt to Faith and back to doubt again; where we can see the promises of God by our physical sight but fail to receive it fully because of our spiritual and faithless disobedience. Moses becomes the lawgiver and dies at age, one hundred and twenty and is not allowed to enter the Promise land but hands over God’s Covenant promise to be fulfilled by Joshua.  

Spiritual Awakening

Jan. 10, 2018.

The Hope of Glory !

1) God’s Testimony to be our Father began taking shape with Joseph. Even though Ruben is Jacob’s firstborn child; it is Joseph that has his favor and is given the coat of many colors. Ruben represents carnal tradition and Joseph represents Spiritual providence.

2) God’s Testimony to fulfill His Covenant promises starts by sending His favored Son, Jesus; to inherit the world’s followers of His Kingdom. Jesus’ is not descended through Joseph; the ideal lineage but through a fallen man. This man is Judah and it is only by God's Grace. It was Judah who pushed the idea of selling Joseph for money as stated, “let’s sell him to those Ishmaelite traders.” - Gen. 37:27. Sounds familiar? Judas, the fallen apostle; one of the twelve sold out Jesus for money just as Judah; one of the twelve brothers/tribes did to Joseph into the hands of the world/Egypt; just as Judas with Jesus into the hands of the Pharisees and the world/Rome. The name Judas is from the name Judah.

3) Joseph is the foreshadowing of Jesus and they both were given a similar burden to carry and fulfill. Joseph to save nations on the precipice of death by starvation and Jesus to save a dying world from eternal death by offering Salvation just as Joseph offered grain. Both come into their ministry at age thirty. Both Joseph and Jesus display similar gifts, including prophecy.

​The third event is the Messiah! The one that was sacrificed was Jesus. Jesus is the fulfillment of the Spiritual Covenant promise and just like Joshua who fulfilled the physical Covenant promise; completes the journey in this world from the fear of darkness to the crossing over to the Faith of God’s light. Jesus had it all! A place on God’s Throne; esteemed in Glory next to God and having ownership of all God surveys by being the very Word of God’s sovereignty. Jesus puts aside His Glory to become the eternal sacrifice that would enable all who chooses to receive retro-actively their inheritance not by effort but by Grace. Jesus’ burden starts on the very animal of burden; a donkey and culminates on the cross, only to restart and begin with His resurrection. Jesus’ sacrifice is not only physical but Spiritual but through trust and having Faith goes to the grave in the flesh with His spirit and is resurrected by the Power of God to become the Hope of Glory for all of the Body of Christ. His life is the manifestation of God’s Glory in practical terms both physically and spiritually because He as a man embodied without fear, the Faith to confront the world. He was betrayed into sacrifice by the very establishment or we can say, family that was to uphold His purpose because of their jealousy, potential loss of position, privilege, and inheritance as stated, “it is better than one is sacrificed for the many” - Jn. 11:50.

These three events are connected but unlike traditions and rituals that follow steps to control; they reveal God's marvellous ability to fulfill His promises and determine His will despite any manmade or fallen spirit interference. God is the master chess player! Consider that despite thousands of years just how much the events have in common and are not only Spiritual but also physically connected and that by Faith and the Word; the Body of Christ future is bright and pre-determined to fulfill God's goal for us of peace and a prosperous, fulfilled end.

​4) Judah betrayed Joseph for carnal reasons and suffers from personal family tragedies which are linked to his unacceptance of Joseph’s call and Anointing based on Joseph’s dreams. An entire chapter is dedicated to Judah’s personal life. Yet, despite his crime; it is Judah who plays a prominent role in reuniting Joseph with his father and saves the nation of Israel by becoming surety for his brother Benjamin - Gen. 44:18-33.

5) The life of Moses comes between Joseph and Jesus and reveals the consequences of disbelief by God’s judgment of the wilderness and not attaining the full promises just as the Jew wandered and Moses saw but was not allowed to enter the Promised Land. Disobedience is anti-God not only in disbelief but also leads to confusion, fear, and strife which prevent or incompletes God’s promises to us. Prevents as the original Exodus Jews from reaching the Promise land. Incompletes the promise as with Moses seeing but not attaining and enjoying all God is trying to give us. Moses obeyed God but also did not carry out the specific directions he was given as with striking the rock for water - Num. 20:8-12.

Joseph’s life and purpose is God’s promise in practical manifestation. That God’s plan for you has an expected end for Righteousness; to be the head and not the tail and to operate in this world for God’s Glory.

Moses life and purpose is God’s requirement that we do our part. Not to conform God’s way into our comfort zone but to be precise as He is detailed. For God’s miracles are not only in the timing but is specific to people, place, and events.

Jesus’ life and purpose is God’s promise in Spiritual manifestation. It is the completion of the circle from Adam given the Spirit of God to a fallen man taking and receiving this same Spirit under the authority of Jesus’ Blood and by Grace.

What do these stories have to do with traditions and rituals? When we dare to step outside the norm and look at God; the Word; Jesus and every significant and specific detail that make up not only the good but also the Righteous Bible then Revelations flow linking and demonstrating our God of the past, present, and future whose desire is for us to live each day of the year in His Godly Faithfulness. So that; the Body of Christ is new wine flowing; shedding the dead things, as the Spirit of God influences for God's manifested Glory as Jesus taught us to pray, "Your Kingdom come".

Flush it out! - Heb. 4:12.