Jesus never censored but was open to anyone who challenged God’s Kingdom ways and precepts. He took the religious order to task not behind closed doors but in plain sight, in the public eyes and ears. He was not concerned with political correctness nor the embarrassment that would result from His tirade of those given headship over His sheep. Jesus made Himself vulnerable to those who would seek to use His ministry for personal and selfish gains. This approach resulted in the Pharisee and Scribes motive to censor Jesus’ person and ministry as stated, “And they asked him, saying, Is it lawful to heal on the sabbath days? that they might accuse him.” - Matt. 12:10. They often tried to ensnare Jesus with questions used to determine His position on issues of the day.

As the world comes to the end of this age, is the more satanic spirits will move and seek to influence any authority to censor what God gave as His first gift. Free will is a Righteous benefit and that is why satan seeks to contain it or to destroy it all together. For the Christian it is expressed ultimately with our love of God, Jesus and His Kingdom, including every principle that governs not only us but God Himself. This free will is directly connected to our opinions of everything that is included in His Kingdom, this world and especially His Word. God seeks relationships and this cannot be achieved without discourse and His Fruits of the Spirit. Now, to be clear; having an opinion is not the same as the de-edification of God. For what matters, is the free will decision after Truth has been presented by the Word, Holy Spirit and even a direct vocalization from God. Free will is contained within His option of choosing life or death.

This is really the Achilles heel of all church leaders and those who wield influence over their followers and is why God’s judgment on this role will be sterner for the men and women saved including for those in the secular world. The Truth has no bias and those having been given it still deciding to ignore or abandon it will face harsh consequences for their unrighteous decisions and authority. As authorities in their own right, their responsibility and grade of leadership are reflected in how well the people faired; not only in prosperity but also in the people’s empowerment as stated, "When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan" - Prob. 29:2. True leaders empower but poor and mediocre leaders really enslave their followers. The prime tool to help any worldly leader is censorship or otherwise referred politically as the “pulse (thoughts) of the people”. Whenever censoring is used with selfish motives, it produces subjugation and enslavement but when used to identify areas for potential grow from an unselfish motive produces stronger, balanced and fulfilled men and women, especially as led by the Spirit. Worldly censorship is a veil that hides the darkness lurking behind its facade of caring. Consider; God knows the heart and thoughts of evil men and yet often allows them to carry out these intentions which He then has to address for His Kingdom promises. God maintains His integrity and Word, even though men often threatens His plans as with Joseph saying, "what was meant for evil is used for good by God" - Gen. 50:20.

​No different than when one goes for an interview and questions are asked that seem to have no relationship to the position being offered. Most notable are psychological questions used to determine one’s thoughts on scenarios that may or may not affect their disposition to do the job or in the treatment of others. These questions are designed to identify whether or not you will be a fit for the company's stability, culture, and economic viability. This is censoring under the guise of determining your potential to address stress not for your sake but for the companies. The company is more interested in hiring people who will conform to their agenda and not empower you. This is protectionism and control by those holding positions of authority from a mindset of privilege, status, and position.

As Christians, we should not be surprised by the world’s goal to control the population’s future but we should not expect this from the church. Too often, especially today, the church readily adopts the approaches of the secular world with only meaningless benefits as would someone with a poverty mentality. Now, we are not talking about money which is included but more about the lack of Faith and Righteousness. For the church, God’s Word ought to be absolute and uncompromising as Jesus states, “Whosoever, therefore, shall confess Me (the Word) before men, him will I confess also before My Father which is in heaven; But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father which is in Heaven.” - Matt. 10:32. The Body has only one road map and that is God’s as put into practice by Jesus; our physical, mental and Spiritual example. This is why no Christian can claim ignorance when placed before the judgment seat. It is the individuals of the Body of Christ responsibility to rightly divide the Word, God’s Kingdom and His person. This includes the Spiritual gift of discernment. For Christians are not called to be “headless chickens” running around hoping to bump into Salvation, but as stated, “run the race/work out your Salvation” - 1 Cor. 9:24/Phil. 2:12. A race is a preset course that all the runners would have had to examine before starting the race towards the finish line and identify potential obstacles that would impede their quality of running. They would employ every sense and power at their disposal to overcome the lack of discipline, ignorance and mental fears that come with running their race. They ought not to be keen for others to determine their race.

The Romans did it and the world is doing it today. When Jesus was born, He was not born a Nazarene but grew as one due to the influence of the census that the Romans implemented as stated, “a census should be taken of the entire Roman world” - Lk. 2:1. This was when every man and woman had to return to their place of birth to be counted and accounted for. On the surface, it seems related to secular taxation but in the spirit, it was satan’s prince over Rome’s puppet insidiously looking to find and identify the Messiah; as stated, “the first census to take place while Quirinius was governor” - Lk. 2:2. This was no coincidence that this first census occurred just before Mary gave birth to Jesus.

Spiritual Awakening

​The key element here is through Christ and as outlined so wonderfully in Galatian 5 and 6; to seek after the Spirit and not after the flesh and to be a giver and not a taker. To censor is not for the men or women of God for with Christ all things are under His Grace and not under the law. For who really knows the full Righteousness of God’s Truth other than what is given plainly by the Word and by Spiritual Revelation. For the essence of God is love and not judgment as stated, “God is love” - 1 Jn. 4:8. So if God entertains ignorance, so that He may be revealed and who sees the heart, and is willing to exercise the Fruit of the Spirit not only for our sake but His, then who is man that he should censor those in the fellowship of Christ, and deny the Faith that is in Christ Jesus.

Flush it Out! - Censorship cuts off the discourse to wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

Through the ages, the church and those seeking to share the gospel have often limited the followers of the Faith in their personal empowerment to seek after the Kingdom which is God, and by legal means declared doctrines that have only created rifts and confusion within the Body of Christ. The result is multiple deviations of the one True Faith which is the Spirit of Christ. For without the Spirit; Christ the man avails and benefits no one, living or dead.

If they do not act like Jesus they are not of the Body of Christ. For as stated, “test every spirit” - 1 Jn. 4:1. Yes, by this the Body exposes themselves to those seeking to control but also it reveals the true intents and hidden agendas as stated, “Do not participate in the worthless and unproductive deeds of darkness, but instead expose them” - Eph. 5:11. Now, to be clear, the body must employ Spiritual wisdom, knowledge and understanding as the early Judeo-Christians to not only identify false prophets, evangelists, preachers, teachers, and pastors but more importantly do as Christ would in these circumstances and that is as stated, “I only do what pleases the Father” - Jn. 8:29. For we cannot fight this war with secular weapons but only use what we have inherited and that is the Spiritual weapons of our warfare. Jesus did it this way and so must the Body of Christ.

​In the world, there is the precise movement to censor not only the freedom of speech but even of thought. This is history repeating itself whenever a dictatorship is on the horizon. They do it by fear, destruction, and penal applications. For the world; it's just satan’s devices in action but for the church, it is denying God’s gift of free will which includes free thought. Now, to be clear this is not talking about allowing unrighteousness to permeate into the Body of Christ. God’s Word gives several statements regarding unrighteous doctrines and the responsibility to admonish and correct such heresies. But never at the expensive of censorship, where the door is closed or permanently shut and thus preventing any Grace or glimmer of Hope to shed light on the darkness. For as stated, “many will become cold in their love in the last days” - Matt. 24:12. They become cold because they have forsaken their first and second commandments; to love God and their neighbor as yourself, respectively. God equally loves and cares for those who by choice hate and despises Him and His Kingdom ways. So the Body ought to be as their Father is even to the point of death. We don’t shove Truth down an immature or lost person but as Paul’s attitude demonstrated stating, “I could not give you meat for you rather be on milk” - 1 Cor. 3:2. We can only share the Truth with our only legal and Spiritual document contained within the Word and only from its original script and Spirit and not its latest edition solely because of convenience and propaganda.

Recently, an article was published that stated “Women must be kept in their place and be quiet in church”. Of course, biblical verses were quoted to support this. Now, this article for me was downright ridiculous and it's author is in a dark place for such notions do not follow the pattern of God’s sovereignty and yet his credentials are “DD” - Doctor of Divinity”. What the heck is that? His article unfounded in the Bible, especially with so many examples of God placing and using women in key roles is nothing more than censorship to control and segregate the Body; a device of satan. Unfortunately, many ignorant Christians will fall prey to such deceptions because they give more credence to a man rather than the Word and God. Yet, the Word gives clear direction on seeking the Kingdom saying, “The Holy Spirit will guide you in all Truths” - Jn.16:13. There is a right way to discourse disagreements regarding the Word and that is with the Fruit of the Spirit, for every aspect of the Bible especially the original words is divinely inspired just as the events are which archaeologists are now more than ever confirming their authenticity, proving the Bible. The rule of thumb as ordained by the Word is to mediate; ask and it will be given as long as it is for God’s Truth and Kingdom as stated, “But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even, the deep things of God” - 1 Cor. 2:10 and “this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask any thing according to His will, He hears us” - 1 Jn. 5:14. God’s will is deep relationships which mean an open door policy. Censorship closes the door for relationships.

Jesus may have been the lamb to the slaughter but He definitely was not a weakling nor a push over by those He came in contact with. Jesus often applied Righteous indignation to those who offended God’s Kingdom and as His Christians; the Body ought to do the same when inspired by the Holy Spirit. He hated evil in all its form and the bullies who sought to instill fear in others. We, the Body are not self-righteous but as stated, “have become the Righteousness of God, through Christ Jesus” - 2 Cor. 5:21.

God never pre-judges anyone but allows people to volunteer what is of value to them. We know this because when God and His angels visited Abraham they were on their way to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. God entertained Abraham’s request to save the city based on the number of good men - Gen. 18:23-32. God also states, “Let us reason” - Is. 1:18. And even though, He is the final authority over the Earth and in Heaven, God allows all His of his image to determine their future even if it disappoints and separates them from Him. God is not into censorship for it is a form of enslavement, especially when done with ulterior and wrong motives. This is no different than when an adult tells a child based on their current acumen; they won’t amount to anything other than a demeaning life. The use of censorship pre-judges what is obvious without any possibilities. Its use is not surprising when used by the world, but when it comes from those who profess to be representing God and His Kingdom; we have to question if these perspectives are really God’s work or that of the world and man’s.

When God decreed saying (Eve’s seed), “it shall bruise your (satan's) head” - Gen. 3:15; satan has been on a mission to destroy or control Jesus. After all satan, then Lucifer knew Jesus, the Word and as then knew He would be his Lord and destruction. This was and is the real purpose of a census or a censorship. Both are used as a means to determine information and its dissemination for control, subjugation, and destruction. A census does it by law and a censorship does it by the means of feedback once information is accumulated. Both go hand in hand for imposing control. The governing bodies; those at the top of any social community, would manipulate this information to promote their political agenda on the masses not only through taxation but also through laws, decrees and punitive action to direct one’s future. Sure, we can provide the supposition that a census helps the government to account for population growth and demographics but where does it truly benefit the people? The use of censorship just like a census is a mechanism for control and with today’s technology is a formidable weapon for subjugation.

In World War 2; when Germany occupied territory, one of the first thing was to conduct a census for censoring. The occupying army would present this as a facade of protection, security, and provision. But in reality, they were looking to identify, arrest and incarcerate possible threats to their authority. This method was also mainly used to identify the Jews for Hitler’s, “Final Solution” commonly known as the Holocaust.

As in Jesus’ day, a census is used to control finances, philosophies, and religions. This information is accumulated to determine one main thing and that is one’s politics and the potential threat to the ruling body and aristocrats. It is a means to enforce power and gain knowledge of the thoughts of the people. At its heart; it is worldly and demonic. Jesus was known as a Nazarene as stated, “Jesus the Nazarene” - Mk. 14:67. This was due to the fact that Joseph returned from Egypt and settled in Nazareth. This was because king Herod issued a mandate to murder all the male children under the age of two. Jesus was born in Bethlehem and His record of birth would have been in the halls of the then governing body and is why the ruling monarch, king Herod sought to find Him not to worship Him but through satanic influence to murder Him. To destroy the Son of God. For as stated, “When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled” - Matt. 2:3.

Now, the use of a census and censorship in that day was not as efficient as today, for all information would have been hand written and to identify Jesus’ through His lineage would have taken days if not months. This information would be critical to be compared to what was written in the Old Testament and foretold by the prophets. A key prophecy is found in Micah, stating, “But Bethlehem, from you, shall come a ruler who will shepherd My people Israel” - Mi. 5:2. God is forecasting a threat to a future ruling body over the Jews. So for Herod, this would be a personal threat to his kingship but in the Spirit, it would be the start of satan’s demise. He, satan knows the scriptures better than any man but has not been given Revelation or discernment of it, so he basically takes any significant birth as an act to murder all new born male babies. For him, it's a crap shoot of hitting and missing. He has been doing this since the Garden working through men to murder Israel’s saviors and leaders in Moses, Joseph, and Jesus.

Jesus took so long to appear physically that when He did and satan had the opportunity to tempt Him; his confidence was so unsure he states, “If you be the Son of God” - Matt. 4:6. The other notable difference at this time is Jesus is not only a grown man but is fully and completely Anointed, meaning He would not be fooled, or fear any form of authority operating on the Earth, for which satan was the foremost spiritual and legal authority at this time. He, satan is really a bully and this is ingrain in censorships; and satan was censoring Jesus for control and ultimate destruction as we can glean from the three statements made; all with the intent of submission to satan’s rule and authority. All three temptations are really about pride. Pride of the flesh and self-reliance as stated, “turn these stones into bread” - Lk. 4:3. Pride of power and ego as stated, “All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them” - Lk. 4:6. Pride of arrogance and unteachability as stated, “If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down” - Lk. 4:9. Pride is encapsulated in the censoring of others and is presented as an authoritative body knowing what’s best as it identifies what has value to you, whether physically, mentally or Spiritually. Ultimately, censoring is presented as a benefit but insidiously it is designed to determine a weakness, attitude or attribute that can be exploited or denied. A census or censorships are not Righteous before God.

Sept. 13, 2017.

Censorship !

​Today, that medium is global through medias of all varieties and reach. No time in history, has it become so important that the gospel and all its key Truths be clearly defined and presented, unadulterated by man’s theologies. The Word is simple and pure and should not be complicated by man’s constructs of control under the ideology of protectionism which is the world’s one world direction. This is satan’s agenda and not God’s. God does not fear man’s ideas, synopses, and logic of His Kingdom. So why should we who profess His Kingdom! Do we not trust in God’s fair judgment of our intentions and mistakes in understanding all He has given us in the Word? For if we are honest with our ignorance, then will He not be in His judgment? Now, some may be quick to respond with the statement, “to change the Word is heresy”; which is true but what we are talking about is the approach of the Father to His children. Saul, of all men who used the law for God’s Truth, was unrighteous because his faith and works were not in love but in the censorship of those whom he sought to punish and enslave, which failed to win them to Righteousness by the law. But as Paul, he convicted these same he lost by fulfilling the law as Jesus did, and won them to the Spirit of Christ and Righteousness by the Grace of God. For as stated, “what the law could not do, God sending His Son could” - Rm. 8:3. We cannot bully people with the law by force and threats but with Christ's Spirit we do as God’s ordained saying, “today, is presented life or death; chose” - Deut. 30:19. If that was not enough; God presented this same choice at the crucifixion; where Jesus is between the thieves. Jesus did not apply censorship of them by their words but with Grace welcomed the remorse thief into paradise, based on his statement indicating his choice, “Jesus, remember (consider, reflect, reminisce) me when You come into Your kingdom!” - Lk. 23:42. This is the same as “God knows our frame (or heart)” - Ps. 103:14. Consider this! Jesus accepts and welcomed the repentant thief before He was physically in the Kingdom. A metaphor of God’s heart of openness for all those lost in ignorance, blinded by sin and unrighteousness.

If a so called leader of God is unwilling to apply the Fruits of the Spirit, then they are not of God’s Kingdom nor are they led by the Holy Spirit. They are wolves in sheep's clothing, and in this last age when information and Truth are often in conflict and can be overwhelming especially with social media platforms; the Body cannot just take the word of someone with thousands of followers or likes and a well-done multimedia presentation. For just as the Truth can be twisted with how it is presented so can the fake credibility of these so called church and evangelical leaders. The Body needs to be in the know and not take anyone’s word just because the facades presented looks credible. We must discern by their fruit, actions, and fallacies. Their use of censorship is one of the main tools we can use to identify those who only seek self-edification and personal followers. Who build themselves up for idol worship. The other lack of Righteousness is that they become offended when others challenge their doctrine, often preventing dialogue or blocking and eliminating one's profile; censoring with a fatal intent.