When the spirit and mind become corrupt; it is the body that suffers in physical ailments internally and externally and that is eventually destroyed or becomes mutated by foreign inputs from various chemical aliens to the natural immune system. It is not ironic as a distraction that the world is more concerned about the chemicals that destroy the climate rather than that of the body. It's a part of satan’s master plan to create illusions that distract from more critical issues like the killing of the very young, or the very old for physical longevity rather than spiritual eternity.

He, satan attacks by rearing his ugly head and just like the game the more and efficient the Christian is to whack those satanic spiritual demonic moles down back into their hell hole; is the more he will be able to stand against satan's insidiousness and be in Victory over the constant agitations for our attention where his goal is that we will miss or fail to face him allowing for other distractions that may leave many of us into a passive or fearful nature; rather than the attentiveness required to not only defeat and keep satan at bay but more importantly to build our spirit, mind, and body as the temple of God without no taintedness of unrighteousness and corruption internally and externally. We as the Body of Christ must never withdraw from the putting down and the defeat of evil spirits by always, constantly, and Righteously whack-a-mole them. 

Flush it Out - Take heed for the devil roams about to see whom he may devour! 

A dark spirit existed here before Eden as stated; “And the serpent was more cunning (devious)” - Gen. 3:1. When did God create that spirit of darkness? He did not, but the very essence of the Angelic Host is Spiritual, and proud disobedience clouds and corrupts that essence into a dark spirit of uncontrollable rebellion. It's like tainted water. No matter how much clear water is added it will always remain tainted and discolored or corrupted from its original state. Now the serpent was innocent to satan’s possession of it just like the donkey that spoke to balaam by the Spirit of God as stated; “the donkey spoke” - Num. 22:28. The Spirit of Light or for that matter; the spirit of darkness doesn't need Jesus Christ to operate within this Earth. The Light operates by the law of free will while the darkness by the law of rebellion. But by the Blood and authority of Jesus Christ; the Spirit of Light burns away the spirit of darkness just like ultraviolet light makes contaminated water pure from any harmful bacteria or viruses.

Jul. 15, 2020.

With hindsight, we can see God’s far-reaching hand through generations of the human race fooling satan with multiple possibilities that neither he nor his cohorts were able to control, predict, and supplant. God uses His law of free will to passively get our cooperation by different methods of motivation such as dreams, prophecy, and desires. While satan uses the lawlessness of rebellion, fear, and selfishness to coerce a man to do his will of destruction. God doesn’t Spiritually possess you to get His will done through you, unlike satan’s demonic spiritual influence which takes control of the body, mind, and suppresses your spirit. God wants thinking heirs and satan wants mindless slaves. As Paul states; “For to be carnally minded is death (satanic), but to be Spiritually minded is Life (Godly)" - Rm. 8:6. This can easily be stated as; “mindlessness leads to death and thinking leads to life”. 

Spiritual Awakening

If God is of the past, present, and future. Then it means He already knows the outcome of anything that is initiated from the past; plays out in the present with the results in the future. By this concept, it is not farfetched to see all of us as players in God’s strategic chess game against satan. So as an objective observer we may see several possibilities of selection where God uses His plays as well as His enemies to determine the desired outcome for His purpose. He is ultimately in control but by our decisions, we either make a beeline for His Blessing or go around mountains resulting in missing the Blessing or becoming feeble as Hope dwindles. 

​This is the evidence of both the Spirit of Light and the spirit of darkness operating. There are no real coincidences! A good comparison of spiritual influence that resulted in unrighteousness in one case as opposed to a Righteous outcome in another case is the birth of babies. Here lies a prime and strategic attack by satan and God using this same devious strategy outmaneuver satan for His purpose and our benefit, affirming God’s omnipotence over all things whether visible or invisible regardless of satan’s knowledge of God's plan as stated; “He will crush your head” - Gen. 3:15. God is so in control He forecasts His intentions to satan and will as stated; "God is Faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able (to withstand); but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that you may be able to bear it" - 1 Cor. 10:13. Did you receive that Revelation! The very temptation is the very thing for you to overcome it! How? Without the temptation of sin; Faith cannot come! Does that mean we ought to welcome temptations? Obviously; not! But as stated by Jesus; "(Father); I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one" - Jn. 17:15. We fulfill this covenant with God as Paul tells us; "Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day (time), and having done all, to stand (by Faith)" - Eph. 6:13.  

Since God's intent to defeat him; satan has moved to curtail, prevent and kill any possible avenue of Jesus' birth and return that promises and ensures his demise by applying devious and insidious plans to not only kill a single champion but to thwart and taint the Spiritual bloodline of the Body of Christ. The first dark spiritual influence and conceiving for a mutated birth is when the watcher Angels produced as stated; “giants in the land” - Gen. 6:4. God swiftly moved to eradicate this human mutated species and safeguard a remnant for the legitimate bloodline by separating and saving Noah. This bloodline is protected and secured for the ultimate Spiritual conception centuries later with the birth and death of Jesus as paid by Blood. Think of that. The entire community surrounding Noah was corrupt and debased and yet God is able to secure a Faithful man despite the tremendous peer pressure that he lived in affirming as stated; "As in the days of Noah" - Matt. 24.37; indicating those who remain Faithful will also be secured for the return of Jesus and His Heavenly Ark as stated; "Then we who are alive (in Christ) and remain (Faithful) shall be caught up (received) together with them (Angels) in the clouds (Ark) to meet the Lord in the air" - 1 Tess. 4:17. Without the Spirit of tenacity, many will not enter into the final Ark before God destroys the unrighteous with His flooding flames of justice. All the more Christain's need to heed the Parable of the five foolish and wise virgins respectively - Matt. 25. Five of which heeded the right Spirit to be prepared through the long night of Faith, Hope, and Love.

When Jesus was born of Mary it was by the Holy Spirit’s conception that He was conceived. Jesus was conceived on Earth not in Heaven as stated; “The Holy Spirit will come upon you (Mary), and the Power of the Highest will overshadow you; therefore, also, that Holy One (Jesus) who is to be born will be called the Son of God” - Lk. 1:35. After this event, did the Holy Spirit return to Heaven until His next summon by God to interact with the man? This would seem to be the case when Jesus was water baptized by John the Baptist as stated; “And the Spirit came upon Him like a dove” - Lk. 3:32. Yet, the Holy Spirit had to be with Jesus when at the coming of age He went into the Synagogue amazing the Rabbis as stated; “And all that heard Him (Jesus) were astonished at His understanding and answers” - Lk. 2:41. But some say; this was Jesus and He had special dispensation from God. A contradiction to Peter’s statement about God as stated; “God is a respecter of no man” - Acts 10:34. We must remember, Jesus was not a Spirit as in Heaven but was flesh on the Earth. God cannot expect us to do His will or for that matter stand in Faith as Jesus the man did without the same attributes given to Jesus by the Anointing. That Anointing is the Holy Spirit of God!  

The Holy Spirit demonstrated His presence before, during, and after the physical Life of Jesus. It was the Holy Spirit that led John to proclaim Jesus. And it was the Holy Spirit that led Philip to minister to the Ethiopian eunuch as stated; “led by the Spirit’ - Acts 8:29. Of course; we see the manifestation of the Holy Spirit especially in the Book of Acts. And there are more recordings of the Holy Spirit throughout the Bible before Jesus. And yet some Christians deny Him in their everyday life often saying and preaching God took back the Holy Spirit after Jesus ascended into Heaven. Regardless, there has been some form of spirit operating within the Earth before God created Eden and it continues to manifest whether for the benefit or detriment of mankind. How we recognize and acknowledge the type of spirit facilitates our very Righteousness or unrighteousness before God.

God gave us each a single spirit, mind, and tongue so that the Great Commission and Salvation ought to remain in focus at all times being fed and supported by every other internal and external attribute. All of which ought to work together to produce a walking, talking, and action-filled man or woman that is led by the Spirit, evaluating with the mind and fulfilling with the body. This was Jesus’ regiment in His daily life. He spent time in the spirit, perceived with His mind, and demonstrated God’s Glory in the body. The opposite of what the antichrist, satan does; which is to attack the body, stress the mind and corrupt the spirit into unfaithfulness for his glorification and mandate of killing, stealing, and destroying.

It is purposeful that God’s free will allows us to use our minds to not only determine but examine and conclude good and bad. But satan uses enslavement threats that force us to shut down our cognitive thinking, replacing it with submissiveness to an authority that claims to want what's best for us. To make us mindless! We see this very prevalent in the world today by their governance as well as by their politics. Why? Because demonic princes are appointed to influence the world and government policies as stated; “The prince of Persia delayed Me” - Dan. 10:13. and for satan; what he sees and fears is the Spiritual potential of a Christian; which is the Spirit of Christ. An agent of Godly Righteousness and a direct undermining of his dubious plans. 

This is why satan more often than not uses broad attacks on the Christian. He does not use the ninja precision method of assassinations but uses the random terrorist method of destructive chaos. His goal is terror by fear and intimidation. The fear of the loss of life, inadequate finances, insecurity and loss of recognition are all orchestrated almost at the same time as bombs steadily dropped that deteriorate any defenses against these losses draining the hope of peace and prosperity; so that the mentality of taking now or lose forever drives many into destructive thoughts and actions. This is why God gave us many pairs of organs like the eyes, ears, hands, and feet but only a single brain, heart, and tongue. These single items work in conjunction as a Spiritual singularity as in unity by the spirit, mind, and body. The harassment by the spirit of darkness is like the whack-a-mole game where the mole appears randomly in an attempt to engage and keep you distracted to deal with one issue after the other all the while seeking to frustrate and undermine your well being in Christ as you go on the defense to the possibility of another facade sets of problems. By being physical with our senses in dealing with that mole of lowly spirit; we miss the confidence of denying him; satan, by looking up to our very solution in Christ Jesus as stated; "Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust (failures) of the flesh" - Gal. 5:16. By doing this we are able to whack that satanic spiritual mole with Spiritual intuitiveness and discernment to win the Victory over him; affirming Jesus' encouragement and assurance to us as stated; "These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I (My Name) have overcome the world - Jn. 16:33. 

Christians are not designed to fight only in the Spirit and not only in the flesh but as one unit operating on all fronts that satan attacks. For regardless of; “we wrestle against evil spirits and not flesh and blood” - Eph. 6:12; there is a corresponding manifestation for every Spiritual defense or offense, that manifests in the flesh; then the mind, and finally the spirit. This is why satan’s prime strategy is the destruction of the original human body. And why he wants to ultimately possess the body by any demonic or rather corrupted means. The very opposite of how God operates. He; satan, operates by the seen; feelings world so that the core; your spirit, eventually becomes helpless and paralyzed, succumbing to fear which is the doorway to darkness and death.

The Christian must learn to stop being narrow-minded and develop the ability to multi-task both in the spiritual and physical platforms. For what sense is it to be super spiritual and yet suffer from physical issues like cancer. I often preach that as a Christian we must close all and any possible opening that satan may try to use to stop your presence in your places of influence. We must not only know but be aware of satan’s devices by seeking and receiving the Spirit of discernment. This Spirit is critical as the age comes to its end and more things we relied on and took for granted begin to collapse or is rapidly changed around us alluding to; “For the falling away must take place before the antichrist is revealed” - 2 Tess 2:3. You don't fall away when things are good but when your world becomes disillusioned. 

Now some say; the saved will be gone before this happens. Yet, this falling away is current now with many in the church reinterpreting the Word according to their carnality and devious spirits. The Bible also often foreshadows future climatic events with similar and smaller versions of it as a warning and examples of the destruction and judgment for not making Righteous decisions affirming as stated; “The LORD is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” - 2 Pet. 3:9. 

Jesus’ crucifixion not only initiated the mandate of the Great Commission but the foreshadow of the falling away from the Salvation of the Cross. When Jesus was put on the Cross the other two things that had significant note other than the Cross is the falling away of those within His church as only John the Apostle and few of the women exposed themselves directly to the Romans (world) as His followers. Where were they icons of His ministry like Peter, Phillip, and the brothers Zebedee; the sons of thunder. The other note is the least expected to come to Christ can be gleaned from the Roman centurion; representing the world states; “Indeed this is the Son of God” - Matt. 27:54. A private acknowledgment and confession for Salvation. That before Jesus ascends after His return; there is Grace for anyone to confess He is Lord and Savior and be saved. These two incidents were worthy of being inspired by the Holy Spirit to be recorded as having significance for the Body of Christ and those outside it. To bear witness for God's justice. That when the pressure of spiritual demonic influences attempts to overwhelm one's world; it is by the heart many will reveal their virtue to the Faith of Christ.

Sooner or later everyone comes across this game whether at arcades or even the movie theater. Whack-a-mole is a game of intense concentration with muscular spasms as you try to whack the mole with a plastic bat as it appears by popping its head above the different holes. If you are not attentive, prudent, and swift; the mole disappears beneath the hole only to appear in another hole. The game can be frustrating as well as hypnotic, but ultimately if you don’t consistently whack the mole; you will not win the game. This world is such a game and when not played with the required acumen; you are bound to be on the losing side as it’s ultimate goal is to mock, tease and give false hopes that draw you into the deep dark holes of despair, desperation and in differences. It is the work of the spirit!

“How be it when the Spirit comes to teach us all Truth” - Jn. 16:13. We are told when Jesus left us He did it so that the Holy Spirit would become available not only for our needs but more importantly to be our guide in this world of contradictions. This statement is true but is often misinterpreted by religion. Did Paul and others get it wrong for Jesus stated; “But when the Helper comes, whom I shall send to you from the Father, the Spirit of Truth who proceeds from the Father, He will testify of Me” - Jn. 15:26. There is a misunderstanding of God’s purpose for the Spirit and this often leads to debates that distort the Truth and separate many in the Body of Christ. There is one Spirit of God that has never left us since man fell but has remained in the shadows as it were; waiting for us to call on Him for our benefit and that of God’s will. This Holy Spirit does not have a free will because it is nothing short of God's will, purpose, and desire for all of His children.

God gave men free will just like all His creation of His image including Angels. It was by this free will that as stated; “the sons of God (rebellious angels) lusted after women” - Gen. 6:2. This lust resulted from the temptation of the dark spirit of chaos. Did you notice that these watchful Angels were subjected to fleshly temptation while in the presence of the prince of the air; Lucifer. And that they chose disobedience over obedience to the will of God. That spirit that was birthed by Lucifer as he succumbed to jealousy, envy, and pride while in the presence of the Spirit of obedience. These two Spirits compete constantly for our endorsement of their influences. The one we listen to determines whether we ascend into Godly Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding or descend into foolishness, ignorance, and mindlessness. This is what God meant as stated; “Choose Life (Me) or death (satan)” - Deut. 30:15. 

No matter your disposition of whether you believe that the Holy Spirit is active here on Earth; there is enough evidence that many people take action based on the invisible voices that influence them. How does Faith come? By the hearing! This is why seeing sin is a temptation but the action in temptation is sin. Often; I am exposed to a visual temptation but by the Spirit, my mind automatically shuts my eyes until the temptation has passed thus preventing any thought of the sin. This starts with a conscious effort and then becomes automatic and is maintained with reinforcement and practice. God by extension is through the Holy Spirit and the main difference between His Spirit and that of the dark spirit is permission, which either by passive or forced permission of cooperation or coercion, respectively. God cannot give you free will and then to accomplish His will, force you to accept His purpose. This is another misunderstanding of God’s intervention in the affairs of men.