​1) Adam and Eve never challenged satan with their own voices even though they knew God created everything before them including themselves and that the only power they had to dominate was their voices, for as stated, “they were naked and not ashamed” - Gen. 2:25. They inspired author makes this point to indicate they were confident in how they were made, lacking nothing. Think of it! You are in a blossoming and flourishing garden with no tools but you are the caretaker of the life given to you and you do it by what you say to the variety of plant life around you. How much of us, in this world, take the time to speak to our plants with words of encouragement. The first man failed to speak with his divine authority.

2) When Jesus started His ministry, He never stopped speaking with His divine authority to the point He could not escape from those seeking Him for miracles. Jesus performed and completed the four Messianic miracles that the prophets spoke of and the Rabbi’s of the day were to be on the lookout for to confirm the true Messiah. The very Sanhedrin that was to welcome the Messiah became deceived by their voices or rather satan’s influence to seek to silence Jesus’ voice stating, “they took counsel together on how to put Him to death” - Jn. 11:53. In that age; the Jews were under occupation and had no authority to condemn anyone to death. This had to be authorized by Rome (satan’s seat), which was the world’s authority at that time. By inference, the Pharisees aided satan (Rome) to silence Jesus because they feared that He would silence their voices of status and authority stating, “men will believe on Him (Jesus, becoming the people’s leader/savior); and the Romans will take away our (Pharisees) place” - Jn. 48.

3) Ever since Jesus ascended it has been battles between those who speak the Word against those influenced to silence God’s voice expressed through Jesus’ followers. Today, it has climaxed with the law(s) that restrain or prohibit the Word; the voice of God and is compounded with technologies like the internet and social media. We are in the battle of voices, not only with the conflicting perspectives of good and evil but especially with the voices of confusion. This is the most damaging as many in the world neither have nor maintain a solid foundation of what is Righteous, often subjecting themselves to other voices of hearsay or carnal thinking. Most people rather listen and follow other’s who promote their biases when it comes to the Word and even what is right and wrong. They are committing the same mistake that Adam and Eve did by failing to rightly divide (comprehend) the Word that is God, for as stated, “The Word is God” - Jn. 1:1.

The objective of satan has not changed since he wanted to have God’s Throne. He wanted to have his voice equal or more dominant than God’s. He wanted all of creation to bow to his decrees. Is this not what is happening in the world. That over the period of decades, satan has been establishing his voice over that of God’s. He does this with his own minions who through subversion have gained prominence in key areas that are affected by the law. The law and not the Spirit of the law. For God has laws ordained with a Spirit of Grace. He, satan is using the law only by its letter and not by its Spirit of intent. This is why in the last days, “good will be called evil and evil called good” - Is. 5:20. For eons, Lucifer has observed God and that by His decreeing; by His voice are things done. But as an angel; he was not ordained to speak words backed with Spiritual Power. He has to deceive men, women and even children into using their voices for his purposes of destruction. Consider from Genesis to now, how Satan has tried and even succeeded in silencing the voices of God’s image.

Those Gentiles who became the early Christian church basically was given the same Covenant by a transition; a handing off from a Jew, who became the most prominent Judea-Christian of the age and is embodied in the Revelation of Saul who became Paul. Transitioning from outward to inward appearance not as the world sees, but as the Spirit of God sees. Paul who continued to display Jesus and in some cases, even more than Peter tells us, “For you are the Temple of the living God; as God has said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people” - 2 Cor. 6:16. This is the completion of the Covenant! A reflection of God’s triune relationship of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The ultimate symbiosis of the Spiritual Kingdom that was intended for this physical planet.

Now, why is this important to the Christians today? The fall of man can be pointed to one action that was done or not done depending on your perspective. Either way, it is the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. God’s prime representatives did not heed, listen to God’s voice but were fooled by satan’s words that were spoken and Adam and Eve did not raise their own voices against the voice of deception. They did not utilize the one thing that God demonstrated for creation and what they would use to expand Eden’s Glory and dominate the Earth. They did not make their voices be heard. Faith comes by hearing and by hearing in Faith is the assurance of things not seen. This crucial piece of God’s method for life got lost until Jesus' ministry and ever since then, its been a roller coaster of men not speaking Righteously before God and His Kingdom.

If the world is for evil then why do Christians pay more attention to it than the Word of God? Now, we are in the world but not of it! Most people work five to six days of the week with the seventh as a rest day. If we add up the number of hours labored in the world to the number spent in the Word, it's no wonder most Christians are struggling and are not receiving Heavenly Blessings that God promises and Jesus re-established in its entirety. Now, I am speaking of myself as to others. But this I know I must fill my mind and spirit with the Word and employ all that is made available to me in the Spirit to control my destiny. I must dominate!

​God tells Joshua to meditate on the Word and his way will be made prosperous or we can say successful - Jos. 1:8. Joshua reached the physical Promise land. The Psalmist states, “Blessed is he who does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly; but delights in the law of the Lord, for then he will prosper” - Ps. 1:1-3. That law like all others has a Spiritual purpose when put into action. In this case, by speaking. Jesus who is the Word in action not by strength, subterfuge or coercion tells us and states, “Abide in Me and I in you, of which no branch can bear fruit just as you can’t without Me” - Jn. 15:4. Another way to say this is, “Live in the Word and I will live in you and you will be successful”. By living in the Word, the Word becomes a part of us which is heard whenever we make our voices heard. This is what Jesus did to stay satan’s attempts to destroy Him by confronting every temptation with a Word from the Bible. If Jesus did it this way, who are we not to be imitators of Him and have the same assurance as He did to overcome the world, and satan.

Flush it Out - Speak Righteously for prosperous sake!

Consider that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand; therefore one that is unified will not only stand but accomplish great things. For God's strength lies in His voice and it should not be surprising that’s where our power also lies. God declares and so should we also declare. God infused His Power, Principles, and Glory in the saying of things which by our voices do we empower the Spirit to move. We are not spectators but partakers in God’s Glory, and it's high time that the Body gets up and move up to the higher things of God and His Kingdom. Now, if you have been engaged and have eyes to see and ears to hear. You must recognize things in this world are coming to a confrontation of good and evil. That the skirmishes are quickly turning into battles here and there, welling up to the war that was foretold centuries ago. Just like every good story or movie, we, in this age are experiencing this stage in real living color. Some have chosen to be depressed, while others are becoming excited over these turmoils.

Spiritual Awakening

There is nothing more important than for the Body of Christ to be involved in the Kingdom’s business. The business of Salvation! Now. I am not only talking about saving the sinner but also in the business of everyday life. My life, yours and that of the worlds. For as stated, “To be imitator’s of God” - Esp. 5:1-2. God is not a loner, having all the ability to be one and yet He chooses to have not only Angelic but mankind armies at His will, and for the separation and destruction of all things contrary to His sovereignty. God is at the head and we are to follow and mimic His ways and that of the Kingdom.

Contrary to the religious notion that God was punishing Adam and Eve by kicking them out of the Garden; miss the fundamental Truth of sin which is essentially disobedience to God’s directions. God had no choice but to have them leave the Garden before their corrupted spirit affected the purity of Eden. This is indicated by God placing Cherubims at its entrance surrounding it with protection as stated  “a flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of life” - Gen. 3:24. Eden is hidden from the world’s view for a purpose yet to be revealed.

All three emphasize in progress, the purpose between God; His Spirit and mankind. Where we are invited by Grace to be a contributor to God’s Kingdom work. Yet today, as many in the past who heard God, saw Jesus and was taught by Paul; still remain on the bench fearing being called onto the playing field. Often being a pillar of salt rather than the seasoning the Earth. Often keeping themselves in distractions with parades of hoopla. If there was a time to become active; the time is now. To renew not only for a revival but to take the Faith to new heights that will blow over the enemy and all his operatives, just like when one is blinded by the sun. It all starts with wanting to make our voices heard. Not only by the world but more so by the Spirit of God. We have to be not just as active as the enemy but more proactive than they are. They use man-made technology which we can use but also we have at our disposal things that will not be compromised like the Angels of God’s Kingdom. We are called to be the voice of God, the same as Jesus. A voice out of the wilderness preaching the Good News, healing the sick and setting the captives free.

The task of the Christian was pre-ordained from creation week when in six days God provided all that we would need and on the seventh day for our observation of His majesty. God did not rest as we by tradition rest on a Sunday, preparing for the following week's labor. No, God rest was for His enjoyment of our partaking in His works for our benefit and His Kingdom business on Earth as stated, “take dominion” - Gen. 1:26. Now, which of you having built a business or some other project to its fulfillment, turn around after giving it to your children, tell them, “tear it down and start from scratch”. Would you not more say, “Enjoy the fruits of my labor and expand it in the way it was done”. In other words, take procession, take dominion. God paved the way as stated to, “enter into the rest” - Heb. 4:3. Labor and tools only came about after the fall; with the first man and woman commanded to leave the Garden as a result of their sin of disobedience. This was to protect the Garden.

God set it up so mankind would have a choice. A choice! This indicates there are no bench warmers! And God makes it clear; He will not have anything to do with those who try to be smart and be politically correct by trying to stay in the middle ground of this epic war - Rev. 3:16. Here’s a fun fact or God’s divinity at work. John 3:16 tells us, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Is that just a coincidence to Revelation 3:16, that states, “For being lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spit you out”. Is God sticking it to those who do not have the courage and fortitude to choose? And in turn, reject the Truth and mocks Jesus' love for the Father and His sacrifice for our Salvation? The more we rightly divide the Word; is the more we are empowered to declare all manner of God’s Glory and get involved with the Kingdom’s work. The world has their agenda, but God’s will triumph over it just as in all the so called defenseless battles of the Old Testament. God has integrity and the world does not!

In all of these battles, the people participated in the promises God gave to be His people and He, their God as stated, “And they shall be my people, and I will be their God” - Jer. 32:38. But did you notice, there is a condition for this; stating, “And I will give them one heart, and one way, that they may fear me forever, for the good of them, and of their children after them” - Jer. 32:39. They had to be in unity; follow one clear path and honor Him. This is the Covenant! God did not change in regards to His Covenant; man did! God had a verbal agreement that the Jews broke by not adhering to the heart and Spirit of the Covenant. So God did the only things any King would do. He sent His only Son. Jesus stated, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill it” - Matt. 5:17. You only send your best representative because your subjects have missed the whole point of the Kingdom’s relationship. It is as if the King came to his subjects in person, for a face to face meeting. Jesus reiterates God’s Covenant by saying, “If you had known Me, you should have known My Father also: and from henceforth you know him, and have seen Him” - Jn. 14:7. Jesus basically was telling the Jews that they have no excuse regarding the promises of God, His Father, for their troubles. They had to remember and put into practice the conditions of becoming God’s people and He, their God. Of course, God knew that pride, fear, and ignorance would blind them and foretold that He would work through another set of people; the Gentiles to accomplish what is needed for the Kingdom’s work.

Jul. 19, 2017.

Your Voice Matters.

There is only one way to drown out and defeat the power of the enemy’s voices and that is by making your own heard. For Faith is in the hearing of your own voice. Anyone facing challenging odds as with those in the sporting arena know that discipline, strength, skill, and desire alone is not sufficient to win. They know they have to speak themselves into winning. Every athlete has an Achilles heel. Something that they have to reinforce, protect and strengthen so that it does not become the reason or a hindrance to winning. For the Christian, this is our conviction of using the Word to overcome all that satan throws at us. This could be finances, health, image or any other weapon used to steal, kill and destroy our divine inheritances.