As societies formed, it became the norm to use words or names for identifying things and communicating. Other unique associations were added such as “the trade” you did and the village you were associated with. The name that was given, had a particular context as well as a family heritage that became a unique identification. This resulted in distinctions which eventually drew lines for sovereignty, rights, properties and social classes. This was manmade and was compounded after the man was scattered across the Earth from the Tower of Babel - Gen. 11:8. Especially today, the man is always looking for an identification and unfortunately, most are self-imposed because of the individual and group biases; often contradicting what is obvious and logical. Without realizing it, today’s man is repeating the same mistake that was made when it was attempted to build the Tower of Babel. This, so that man can define himself as a deity, in control and self-made; to be gods within their own rights and pleasures. This is the original sin by Lucifer.

1) Noah means to rest or be in comfort as not having any anxieties, fear or concerns. His name is a metaphor for the boat referred to as the ark that saved his family while at the time destroyed the abominations of the day. It was the shadow of what came when Israel established the Ark of the Covenant which was the shadow of Jesus, who is the Ark where our Salvation rest; is comforted by Him and is why the Book of Hebrews tells us to enter into rest - Heb. 4:3. Noah’s Ark represented God’s Salvation earned by Noah’s obedience to God’s command. The Covenant of the Ark contained the charter of obedience; that is the Ten Commandments and by obeying them God gives Salvation. Jesus, the Messiah (Anointed Savior) is the Ark of Salvation that will lead, carry out God’s promises of Salvation. Three Arks of Salvation administered by three entities; the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; the Holy Trinity; a number associated with completeness as in the perfect plan of Salvation.

a) God is perfect and does not speak unless He decrees. Another way of saying this is He is a being of few words because it’s where His Power lies. When He speaks it is precise and to the point. God cannot be faulted with wastefulness, unnecessary words or actions that do nothing but gives off “hot air”.

b) In all things, we judge by the expressions of our words, with a range of our five senses. In other words, we give power and support with our words that affect an outcome.

c) The Bible is the inspired Word of God and is considered authentic mainly by Faith with several realities supporting it. Therefore the Bible is considered Truth itself with God as the author, orchestrator and visionary of His Righteousness. So every word, name, and context by the inspired author of its books, some written thousands of years after the events happened; is with a purpose including the naming of men, women, and things. God judged man when they attempted to elevate themselves with the Tower of Babel by confusing their words - Gen. 11:7; and in Jesus’ judgment, it will be based on the idle words spoken - Matt. 13:36-37.

Jul. 12, 2017.

Name Power !

5) Job name means persecuted, hated or object of enmity and by some scholar’s; one who turns. All these are the characteristics of a man who uses unrighteous thinking and incurs their own troubles which are reflected in Job’s life. He eventually is Righteous in his thinking and actions and is so blessed by God and is recorded as dying with full days seeing onto four generations. We are all Job’s in one form or another and this is reflected in Paul’s life who with old thinking was self-righteous in punishing those breaking the law but by Revelation of Jesus became a blessing to countless generations who died in Christ, are living and are to be born. Paul’s name means small or little indicating our stature before God but his original name Saul means to ask or inquire. Both names are metaphors for how Job’s life is recorded and only with Faith was he and Paul able to overcome the ignorance that kept them and often us from God blessings. The name Saul is linked to when Israel ‘asked’ for a king but with unfaithfulness and when Saul before renamed Paul ‘inquired’ onto Righteousness but in Faith, which led or exposed him to Jesus. God answers but by our disposition do we reap the harvest of sour or sweet grapes.

Spiritual Awakening

Light can hear and so can most named objects or things! God makes the decree that “everything named is under the name of Jesus” - Phil. 2:9. So by inference; all names can be commanded by the authority of Jesus’ name and since we have been given the right to bind and loose “named things”; then this should be exercised as God and Jesus did. Jesus demonstrated this at the plea of His apostles when faced with the raging storm. Jesus says, “And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm” - Mk. 4:35-41. This is a narrative from a third party perspective but if we were there with the apostles, we would more likely hear Jesus say, “Now wind, stop it! and Sea, be still”. Both declarations indicating Jesus was looking at the raging winds and sea respectively. Wind and sea are names He spoke directly to and each having a level of authority behind their name. Now, when we hear the name wind, there is generally an image of turbulence automatically in our mind’s eye; and with the sea, we see waves. But by changing with a synonym, we receive a different image. Substitute wind with breeze and we see swaying trees and with sea use the word lake and we see calm or choppy waves. Both these synonym have similar indications of power and authority. The inspired author uses words or names to describe the threat of power resulting in fear even though the apostles were on the Sea of Galilee which is really a lake. This Spiritual Truth is linked to how we receive and accept by Faith the power of the name of things, which for Christian’s should ultimately be the name of Jesus, but more often, we place more power and authority from the world’s view of names.

​Now, to put things in perspective. We are taught from an early childhood to respect and obey people and things that have been given names, titles carrying authority. A teacher’s authority is no different from a traffic stop light because most often we are compelled to obey these icons of authority. The concept of obeying appointed authority is not man-made but Godly as seen in Genesis and vagrant disobedience can be catastrophic, to say the least. The real issue is understanding and appreciating the integrity of words, names; especially their Spiritual implications and ramifications. Names and words have a purpose because God designed them to be the power behind the action of speaking them. It is a part of His divine plan to have us as active partakers in the Kingdom’s work. To not recognize this is to deny God’s ways of operating here on this Earth and probably in the Heavenlies. To be clear, God established this hierarchy but by satan’s influence; man has twisted it and has abused the responsibilities and integrity that comes from having such names and authority.

Now, many in this world and even within the church would be ready to throw stones at this concept because there is no recorded scientific knowledge supporting this. Yet, God clearly stated, “for the world’s wisdom is foolishness in God’s sight” - 1 Cor. 3:19 and as stated, “Even the stones will cry to him” - Lk. 19:40; indicating stones are able to respond to the sovereignty of God. We must learn to frame the Bible and the written Word in the context and over watch of a supreme source of enlightenment; of whom we refer to as God, and it all starts with the naming of things. The name Adam in its origin means red, to make or earthly. All attributes of the physical. With the name Job, it means an object of enmity or turning to God. Both aspects of Job’s story. Spiritually, the name Adam is a metaphor for carnal (lower) thinking and death returning to the dust; while Job is a metaphor for Faithful (higher) thinking. Adam represents the old way to Job; the new way of saving yourself by a relationship which is what Adam did not maintain; a covenant. Adam, the first man, and Job, the transition man, with Jesus the complete man, which is The Word. The Old Testament is filled with images of moving from darkness to the light and the New Testament filled with living in and with the light of God. The name old alluding to dead and rotting things while new; to life and flesh things. Consider other named things that convey God’s plans and purposes for Salvation.

The secular notion of naming is by description and random but by the Spirit it is by purpose, meaning and specific. Through the Bible, it is clear that when required God changes the name of individuals which provides vision as well as direction and purpose. This same framing for individual names is also used for objects. Consider the word “love”. For man, this has different types and is generally considered to be an expression of one’s feelings of true or deceptive love. For God, it has one definition linked directly with an action. It is unconditional, having the action of being non-judgmental. To paint a picture of this. It’s like when we sin and go to God who is all knowing, He doesn’t “roll His eyes” even those He knows by the next day we will do the same exact sin again. He maintains and is consistent in loving us and how He deals with us. When we say we have unconditional love for someone, we tend to “roll our eyes”; physically or mentally, based on the experience of the individual and having a sarcastic attitude; but the purpose and divinity of this kind of love require a complete non-judgmental response from the internal heart to the outside. We tend to fall short of God’s actual intent for our Christian walk. God ordained every name and word for a purpose and when we fail to recognize this we end up with unfruitfulness and essentially sin against God. God ordained the Word love for two prime purposes; first to Him and then to others, not just family. Both unconditional for Faith to work as stated, “Faith works by love” - Gal. 5:6. By not following the Spiritual connection of the word love we are twisting God’s way of His Kingdom. We cannot love objects like a car because by this twisting we allow sin like pride, lust, and envy to emerge. Only by God’s application of names and words do we fulfill His commandment that, “His Angels will be in charge (watch over) us” - Ps. 91:11-12.

​God is perfect and so are all His constructs of definition and subsequent actions. All of these are specifically designed with divine purpose and meaning. It is not coincidence that the Bible starts off with an act of naming and bring forth light into the world, saying, “Let there be light” and ends with respecting and not altering the words of the Bible, closing with an action, “Surely, I come quickly”. This is like merging the beginning and the end saying, “Light (God by Jesus) is coming suddenly” It was words spoken that made all we know today and it is by words spoken in Righteousness and Faith will we determine our present and future leaving a past of misery, regrets and loss of hope to one of overcoming, Victories, and empowerment for all to learn, so as to frame their own world as God ordained it to be. A tree producing fruit and shade even in a dry land.

Flush it Out! - Every word spoken will be judged as giving life or death.

A name not only has the power we associate with it but is essentially the potential of Faith and by communication as well as conviction do we empower it as well as ourselves. We may hear names or words with a physical body and mind but it the Spiritual connections that deliver to us their ramifications. What’s in a name or word other than the assurance of what is not seen. A conversation is a series of words with names; all having a place in an order, something’s out of sequence but all with a pre-defined meaning and purpose by Spiritual power and principles. We say, “He or She” which paints a specific image but with “They” the image becomes vague. It should not be surprising why the world is moving to this confusion in language and to reduce or eliminate the power of words. Also, this is why grammar and context are not essential to the Spiritual Power behind the word as with the original ancient languages; and compared to Western languages, especially English; they are more precise and direct to convey an understanding. Words form pictures in the human mind and are linked to the person’s spirit which is linked to the Spirit realm. God put in a safeguard to this link which is the governance of speaking and is why Paul says to, “Cast down every imagination that exalts itself against God” - 2 Cor. 10:5. Not by thoughts but by not speaking. For all thoughts are equal in domination but by speaking we establish a dominant thought because Faith comes by hearing. I sometimes cover my ears and speak which seems to concentrate the inner ear to hear, which order my thoughts. As a youth; I use to take the name Jesus in vain, especially when I got angry, disappointed or frustrated. I stumbled on a solution; probably by the guidance of the Spirit. First as a derivative of the name Jesus with ‘Geezum” and then eventually to a complete unassociated phase of ‘Big fat’. I trained my mouth to say this every time my mind was tempted to shout the name Jesus in vain. I not only casted down vain imaginations but reordered them.

The English language is the most complex as well as the most imprecise, but this does not mean the English Bible translations are not authentic, but as a student of the Word; it is best to render meaning from the original languages used. As an example, the English translation tends to use the word “God” as synonymous to refer to God. Yet, the Jews and the Hebrew language has no word for this English word which came originally from the German language. All the names or titles used by the Jews to acknowledge God is associated with an aspect of His divinity, such as “Jehovah Rapha” meaning “The Lord heals”. Many of the western church would consider this to indicate “God heals my aliment” such as physical pain, but within the Hebrew context it is more holistic and would include spirit and soul. As Christians, we are required to “seek the Kingdom”; thinking it refers to a physical domain or the ways of the Kingdom, which is all true, but for the Jewish mind, it is more about God and His character. Why? Because God is not compartmentalized and is not separate from His Kingdom or anything else. God doesn’t go to and leave from His Kingdom. Where God is; His Kingdom is with Him. God is whole with everything He has created, decreed and ordained. The language God and Adam spoke is divine, inseparable from Him and His very person and we are just as inseparable from Him. When God created Adam, there was no need for a physical language, as He could effectively communicate with the mind and spirit. Yet, by design, this was done. The Bible teaches us to pray and meditate with most western thought to do it quietly and in the mind. Yet, for the Jews, they speak, mumble and even loudly speak their prayers and meditations. Some say, there are no differences and God knows the thoughts we have. Yet, it is by divine design to have vocalization, which is how Faith comes - Rm. 10:17. This is opposed to the faith that comes by hearing the world word’s which leads to faithlessness, fear, and death. The very words of our own device and the very Words of the Gospel, all produce Faith which is a Spiritual law of how as Christians we ordain things and receive them into reality. All from the single naming of things, combined into a language, resulting in communication and comprehension by the body, mind, and spirit. Our Faith comes by hearing and our actions and expectations are a result of what we hear.

The unfortunate thing about naming, words, and context is that it has been construed into a twisted form by carnal constructs rather than God’s. Consider the following:

But what’s in a name? In some cases, it is used not only to identify things for social needs but also for the authority behind it. A word used for a name or title carries with it not only recognition but also the power of vision; like; “Doctor”, “Jesus”, “Caregiver” or “leader” with many other distinctions used for different offices. God also has several titles or names. In a name or title comes attributes, principles and a platform. God’s very first act for the earth was to name a substance called light. This He continued but what is more significant than the naming of things, is the command of it. This same “light” was called to appear as stated, ‘Let there be light” - Gen. 1:3. This is the standard English translation but from the original language, would read as “Light Be”! or “Light come forth”!. When taken from this perspective; God is commanding the elements of light to appear as we know it today.

2) Abram means father indicating one while Abraham means father of nations indicating multitudes. This implies the Spiritual law of a single seed producing a harvest of seeds by the action of Faith, which is what Abraham is called and known for; The Father of Faith. We plant a seed not knowing what happens underground (in the unseen) and by Faith we expect it to manifest. For Faith is the assurance of what is not seen.

3) Moses means drawn from the water which is linked to when as a baby, he was pulled out of the Nile and is reflected in God saving His people by drawing them out of the waters of the Red Sea from Pharaoh’s armies. Both a vision of Salvation by the baptism of water and the Spirit; when you are pulled out, away from darkness, slavery and the laws of the flesh. When Jesus was baptized by John it probably was not a dip as some pastors do, but I believe not only as a full body submerged dunk, John held Jesus under the water until Jesus pushed himself up out of the water and grasped for fresh air, entering into the rest of the Anointing a John witnessed. The same way a new born takes their first breathe of air; resurrecting from a womb of watery darkness into a new and different life filled with light. This is also a reference to when Mary had her immaculate conception when the Spirit of God; the Light entered into her dark womb and out came (birthed) Jesus; the Messiah; which is a shadow of Jesus entering the darkness of hell but with God’s Light came out of it; the fulfillment of Salvation.

4) Joshua was chosen to take the Exodus survivors into the Promise land and his name means YHWH saves. He is given one clear instruction from God to, “to obey, keep and practice the law (what has been written)” and God will make his way prosperous. This is the reality of Jesus who saves and by keeping the Word, we are guaranteed God’s full extent of His Salvation now and for all eternity which is the Heavenly Promise land. The name Joshua is really Yeshua which in English is the name, Jesus. From the old into the new; Joshua /Jesus leads the new generation/born people with commandments and laws established across the river/torrents of the world by God’s hand/Grace into safety/rest of the promise land/Heavenly places.